Wednesday, August 15th


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Learn the game and bluntness. And and Jim no doubt. I'm Melissa today right good to all of these 49 inexplicable. Things everyone does like we do we get wet while we do these things we're all guilty like Osama licks lips you you you catch yourself licking your lips had. He guilty I know I do that because I've I've thought about that before. Are so here's a couple of these unintentionally. Talking to someone. And that has an accident and then you seemed to. Manage their accent exactly yeah not purposely it just happens. Yeah I think so I am for sure especially in light of I watch too much verse television. Speaks posts through the eyes sort of got. Now why is I was well sort of construction job I don't alive who's armory is not my pandora set to light Kat Williams and Eddie Griffin it was a black comics on day I came home I spoke to bad of so dumb guy that I gave you have a lot of I DR Phil have panicky. Or it may be irrational packing your groceries that you are moving too slow. And maybe like the worst group free packer ever now. Most comfortable doing that for me though you have but some talk like I look at the self check out new that I start to your old self conscious like I'm taking a suicide didn't ally your voice there hammy but you -- the same way when you're at the reddish or they give you back what to change any. Called me up he gives hope to change we have we all ages you guys just got away I try unhappily at the social put most of reality that cat. I'll watch something light hearted after a scary film and then stop yourself. From getting nightmares by a you know. By watching the noise like when I was younger united for sure did that yet I knew that kid. Say no thank you to the offer and drink it there realizing you're you're thirsty. But there is yes he did his eyes Housley has an injury you really Picasso dry heat. When I dehydrated like a technical thing that you offer to episode you look at the tissue after Bonior now's not really. I do I know idol I don't look at the tissue I look at the toilet paper. I don't do that either I look in the toy fits. That's another on the list and if you do you do your business he left Agassi which you've that I do every never seems sometimes with the could you take a look at that the paper that whatever I don't do that I do just to nature's. If you gotta make sure they got everything I think you can do that without having a look at why don't think so I DO. Yes can you feel it's a yeah but I wanna make sure everything's in you're the guy the all stars what might have a wiping problem so how I. I always like I have my ass crack users you've said it many times I'm a wider problems and find out how do I they want to twice have had to go back. Every man has done that in every woman is on that NBC had a bonus they wiping pride no mimic real look at him what master. I don't know that and I'm saying. That's a good. Soccer if the problem could take care of that but I do look mega little paper players. I can't say I've never done sure I get done. And we'll hopefully you don't have to multiple best I do you don't like he didn't get appointed I would beat Oklahoma you seem like just relax. Every day we have to talk about it every freaking out of this idea and gonna happen and it's avoid Michelle Obama. You that your foot of pics of it up off the floor you do god damn lazy and oh yeah definitely more people are not just convince myself I don't need it. Or that morning not really. They're gonna fall prey and then replies sorry that you call of his busy because busy not answering your phone calls like that mixed absolutely. I never wanna pick up the phone. Now Helm now ignored a text message for days and replied oh yeah Agee. Yeah sorry. I'm just saying this I do that would take so I do that with FaceBook messages I do know and everything's there. Throughout this when these are things that we all we probably we all do what the remote rough the batteries or have blown inside is something to make it work better I liked Irma. Court T stupid machine W works I think it does this does work these smacked the computer sometimes that works you honestly I don't think of the really brought the batteries if you oh yeah take on dude I'm linked to the batteries because I feel like if you give you'll be wet maybe there glued the wet miserable help the end zone. Connectors of the I don't know what my stowed Brey thinks of blood Diaz hasn't taken nine volt battery have done that since I was a kid I still do they got an award he. If there's other ways to do you bet that. Yeah I've put it it's not big gaps because whenever like a server comes over the hotly and like careful thought the first thing you do is touch yes I have to imagine and yeah never lets not colosio about it. Yeah. Or toward the remote at an angle all above your head to improve the connection. Oh yeah absolutely I definitely held up you know you gotta go Lion King on that sometimes. I've really tried you walk past someone and then had to keep up and kind of uncomfortable. Fast pace is so he wouldn't crossed paths again and its effects. That's funny well researched a conversation your head and that's still probably never have. We asked absolutely. Reassert a conversation in Europe rehearsal rehearsal kayak I can't weighty say this to make is this is exactly what Imus say you in the news Denver San never do that bastard. Thomas W only seventeen dollars now I don't know what. How much better after your work in June player on their gonna leave and use that word really stretch as much as possible to get some things that he wouldn't have to move from the social to the bad. Are remote moved from the sofa or the beds are you stretched out as what they're trying to sell we had a I think I've done that to the point where would have been way easier from my fantastic and about the better off accounts you'll get that thing. Like you stretch of two point real pull a muscle. I can't people public doing this on donate a break after this one pertaining to be looking at something really important on your phone MacKenzie you're by yourself in a public place to fill super. You know popular to hit from donating I had done we. Got knocked out salting adds look at people I'm like I don't think they're really talking anybody. Yeah I do with a foals a year and I think they're just looking like there toward loses don't want to have Larry Grayson did you do that. No idea I know I've done that but what about when he tried to closure fur traders slowly enough to catch what it looks like with Opel item. Now has done that now that's another on the list of us feel refrigerators and about the ticket to an insulator yeah. Tablets I think that's of that and that's that's in an adult things like maybe there's something that I miss you. If I just. If we're just elevate her by just lower my head too that the bottom George elevation. Than many LC something that's like hidden treasure every bridge or treating an app now where there's a camera in your fridge eat them the draft to see what's in your friend yeah they have Smart for urges aria. Crazy live down for it she might meter yeah.