Wednesday, July 11th


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The DM pocket fast and can object that didn't show host. The birdie three of Texan we Texans something and I think number it was like maybe a month ago we did that what if game all yeah that was fun. Yeah so we said what are. I guess is what they wanted to when he gave you the what if game again which not only game of the segment we tried once or whatever yeah I liked it but they said issued what if you Lara got married. Rule. Your eyes got big gala what what if that was literally just takes it and that's. That's not good. I don't like the dominant one of the family who would be the dominant one of that household where the past the gap and say Blair I'd say Lara to. I think Ian would try in the look on his face it's obviously he disagrees with those because he's making them face real sleaze is had a stroke in the mustang thanks he he. Is he will try to be the leader in the family but it's not gonna happen later existing stronger person. If we had to get married I would fake my death and starting left in Switzerland how. Yeah I knew what she wants now. Tony it was over the lines of what if either one dog throughout their 7665009167665000. Or Texas 62515. What if you got one I got some of these it's like a weird one what is it our eyes to what is animals into what is inside of fur with animals were covered in. I eyelashes. Well all over the body that would be creepy. Peacefully did you still wanna pet them and you Heidi right now and I'll always fine. Wow pay to what did you do what if I don't I didn't know where you come up with that. All right until lines open 7665000. That those of what is out there and he got when he. You know what if instead of women than men had a babies mean. Well that'll be coming your birthday I would say. No more people. I think men are well done I think men are a bunch of babies and we have a hard time with all that pain but I've seen that you could you could use. There's like a thing that you can Wear that supposedly imitates the labor pains that a woman goes through. And do it's can experience that. Yeah there's going to be a whole lot of C section scars and all I'm saying do you have to be crazy if if if if somebody had all of those and we used we try to yeah when to do that. Now. I would I would see I would for sure I have three kids is the least I can do is is at least try to see what it feels like to build at least those labor pain. Actors to make it and maybe for the man is very easy I don't know it is fun fast dads is a toss some you know that led to the birth part terrifying. Yeah EU to have sex and you got a designated driver for nine months. Let you got what if yeah what are people's names we're just different frequencies. Of fart noises. I'm content we wanted to. It. Our religion you say it took sadly for the architects wanted to get 7665000. Part of the want therefore I Texas shoot 6515 he said. What if when we die we come to. As an alien that was just smoked. Saliva or something whoa. That's. Oh you Tomas this is salvia. Maybe so so basically if you die you do it why go to singer you die. And then when you wake up you're actually an alien and in your whole human experience was just a trip off saga all cares if this has saliva of a part I've I've I've seen Blake means like that before where. The downside that's the only Mormon should think I think things are what if you die when you wake up it's actually just realize your whole life was a dream that would be really really crazy I newsroom now. Stephen you gotta what if it's. It is an act of what you headed to start all your life. Does not plan to start new life and when the lottery I'm done with this place. If I am out I fantasize about it all the time just might get my stroke goodbye Mikey I hated you both and I never liked you. I'm a Shelly you gotta wonder if I had an apple and a car Harry goes telling how you doing what we assume. I'll thank you. My what did it would kick in stop complaining and acting like a baby. Then he wouldn't have anything to say ever. And I'd be crazy wouldn't be on the Canada and it's exactly right exactly what if you only was actually competently probably all be talking like you. That's terrible just terrible awful susser accents god who eat eat eat eat eat eat it think it. Likely to call Phil did you get is an important. The main thing he did. No let up I'd love it that's why do it. He does Al thank you weren't an amount we appreciate now we have to deal with a few welcome. Today by Powell one of Rhonda life. I am a life and what do you had. And on any human baby. What if women had animals said the babies literate. He. Just beyond that would be in some way will be between animals and have humans. Actually that would be very weird Al be strange. Think my restraint is animals being covered my glasses and suffer in instead of a gender reveal is the species reveal. Itself. And thorough in what you want AF. I. Think he's got a lot of confronting us. What is your keys got locked in in the house that just happened yeah comes only through that right now passionate collector he's in your house. I don't know I don't like. They would our guys what are you knew the world was ending talks. Little messy that's a good one yeah I would it for me. I would immediately just wanna be with my with my kids and I assault claim that in in probably predictable but that's to me now to the right answer because I thought the same thing like my dollar Summers in for about immediately get on a plane today wouldn't care just get on the plane have to get back. Mean yeah. Once that. But you might constitute one of those in the world and I would go to get a flight would go to make the driving this could be had a lucky so far man. My do we get a flight somebody takes it in putted Mikey and Ian were roommates forever followed that I would hate that you would love it to zero had to deal with him in half and let me stop quote are you kidding. It doesn't deal with me I gotta yeah there's no deal I will be honest here on it it's really not a bad the roommate I know because they never see him. Yeah well I love. My life let's point out a couple of things though you've said multiple times that he doesn't do his laundry is a room stinks and it doesn't help out around the house also mean that's a bad roommate. No the only they're big. I don't want he's got why I was so marble player somebody that understood trash and eight and even now. You put you bastard out washing your FA and dishes in the sink so I thought the trashing up after so let's all. I would like to point out I don't helper on the house because I don't use any of how these speed of the news too much. I use them I use a bathroom in my bedroom that is Judy good in the bathroom we don't know why he you know you can you let game we told you play in the bathroom. No you don't get the filter the Mikey no. If that nasty because he's got that you know my daughter's console him like this your bathroom just keep it clean out of go to it he got that did the mullis get. What a recall of the black stuff around. He plays the game when he goes to the bathroom he tries to is it pressure depth to knock it off some pressure washing. I was discussing your disgusting no I'm not you should just clean your freaking toilet you did you do. Can the fund John yeah. Let's go back ever you. Yeah that I doubt it moved airline safety arise any guys that's working poor little Tyler I don't think this is funny. Yeah and it got away if even more the shock collar every single day and there was capital listeners is that on itself. You're fired you're fired Billy you're hired. Hey hey I didn't try and got hired by you guys are wallets. It's proven that an outlook complain Mikey will either make that I think it might have John deer. Oh it on this. He actually make that that he'd probably do something better July 2 should be really rid the so that's a good point yeah thank you that's a great idea though let's go to. He's here. I don't. Either. That's what's. What do you want. I think what are we gonna win it totally walked everywhere we can already be out we'd be healthy country that we would go out here you all of these country. No you owe me a much pollution that may node and probably well a lot of other modular trash still we will parcel post Russell's father rode him but still would be enough. You'd be a much better place I think. Yeah thank you I think people would walk more just in general be healthy. Movie world but I live lot longer to. Nicole hi. Hey. What what your what if little else thank somebody just text that in two. Like you know associate you do to purge which is what is so its existence I fully understand the purges this one day year. Everybody that there's no laws right cracked it in light hair yeah yes that's exactly what the purges well then there'd be a lot of people killed in a lot of thanks rob then. Guess I and I think that's complete insanity I don't know that that would that is that this is a terrorist it's a statement transfers to the movies yeah yeah yeah oh. I'm so happy ass and mouse yeah I'd probably wouldn't leave his own terms and you try to kill me. Yeah I think that takes her call let's go to rule Adrian high. Hey how about how those guys put on them. Well what if you had treated fuel for the rest your lie no real reason clean wouldn't it be awesome and you would stay. I'd definitely go on a lot more trips gear ups would be amazing god that was that was a real thing. Not but I wish she also I would sell my free gas to other people who don't have it Max what's your what if. They would if there is a bit off of the office but. That you dead instead I think you've been picked and being Mike Scott no doubt. We think we've been trying to make that happen as early as easy a time to do that Max it's a great idea it I think as credit. My number three high. Ideal place. All thanks and yeah that's that's not supposed to bringing in Max loves you and is fine. Yeah now I would you do that knowledge to it I love it remind you know there are. And he doesn't and it turned out there and it still not doing it distill it a joint command. That was the little guy go do bits he'll be Matthews and that's his bitch easily just said I'm nobody's etched in my classes this year there's cracks in the Selby yeah. There Adobe isn't on the cal soon enough and you can maybe grab me and ask grandma daddy and you should text house is 65 and finally get the links and make your phone video is so lovely and let me explain you eons Ashlee writing your face that's pretty much for the counties so for you that be wonderful thing. Also from Lindsay. I know you thought Mara who worked up the whole time what is happening he wants to grab plea or caveats to play grab ass with him through this. And an. IMAX RK he's a wise you know here I don't know gives knowing you Monica hi what if. What is the only way Ian could be quite bad. And a little that would suck you at work here. Term it can be sure how he often think. Monica bitch that Timothy high. Hey I want it is that match I guess anybody just keep your number and but he. Why is he takes it yet are we look at a Republican give mr. Obama produce sixty MacKey his phone number dollars in free Indiana Mexican texting and who knows I don't know okay there equate dog she's there is not starting out I don't even millions phone number I haven't. If you gotta yeah there's a reason I don't watch it can and cannot change my number again they killed. I don't even now thanks to pay somebody takes and this is kind of a good one I know it's that's another cheesy one but well if there was one super Ari could I will be. We talk about this before I think it's I would fly the F fly will be critical are visible. Yeah and his what you do a lot of things from visible when Jim generally jumper. Is basically done the due due to teleport. Anywhere he wanted a late late show quantum leap kind of yet but he teleport anywhere in the world anytime for any reason is this just I don't know I'm just trying to down are you calling. He's just a term called me on how we doing all I assure you radio broadcasting and he's phone number 85062853. Zero. You got nine to figure out there. Today opens.