Friday, August 17th


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But can see that game show you jump in the field. The other question. This is upon read it today what's the strangest most disgusting thing you've ever seen happen at a hotel room. And a lot of these people who only got some of their quotes. The work of that industry but maybe you visit hotel Nikko cross on the nasty. What is your 7665009167665000. Let don't let code word again now because what is product. Yes product thanks products for the through entity more pre shot 2000 bunkers heroes Monday. A look at Chris drove quake I crystal what is the most disgusting thing you've ever seen in my hotel room. We'll mighty disgusting to some people bought that at a buddy we decided that. You know there's probably backed her years and our party years he battled a great idea to travel about 365. Miles with a bat in the body care. Ended up. Yeah pulled out. Why does he have a bag of body hair. I think he wanted to be clean shaven you know many of them don't doubt it I wanted to do a nice that you just decided to bring it along you don't like it like luggage. Yeah that's that's the thing is I don't I don't. Question why he saved himself why was it why did he bring it on tore global even worse why did he save hits like YC a vital GI's it just goes it's who you know I don't save don't save my body hair it's weird. I I honestly think it was further reaction of you know about. A few years deep in the hotel room all the sadness that becomes available body. Listen that's a good honestly though discoveries of remain this. Yeah. Notice that this does not need to drink if that is the ideas he's coming up with after a couple of rounds and finally done dumb things. But not like that I think it's funny same pace you don't see as you know you never know at least some light sweet little tubes everywhere you. Okay but the nagging doubts and that's important whatever but I don't elbows feet. I Chris say they cue that phone call. Strangers where to things you've ever Xena hotel rooms and your on what's up. Yeah I was given a joke about it chairman readying and done we sure the motel about 10 o'clock. And we go to bed and there's a big pool of blood on the total. Who it's. And early eighties sit over all the guy attitude pull less money all you'd think you might want to change a total before we. Junior yeah. Noah and it's a very slim that you did available if it was terrible its. Stake you what is it that that that out. It was the status of the we read may be amounted to go about the comfort durst how they never change around hotel rooms unless you specifically asked. Right don't trust the comfort they wash him maybe once a month if that don't just just throw in there with gloves intake the comforter off the bed. And then beard whatever additional plus I think. Don't any of us do that in Chicago I doubt I'd like to believe that the sharing grand hotel downtown Chicago has claim comfort is so don't mess with me the okay forty dollar a night rooms I like to think they they wash of yeah I hope so. But we travel with a comforter that's pretty even stuff that they don't go on to San my brain light because I I I I don't like you. I'm like this the motel six all right as the Sheraton grand I'm sure they wash these things out so blocked. Alana I don't know. This is the best 665000. Strangest things you've ever found our most disgusting thing give her found a hotel rooms artifacts they're coming into our read some of these and and I mean I've seen a bunch of stuff but there is just talk about blood this first right here don't tell Long Beach blood in the bathtub. That sounds crazy about her reflection yeah exactly or like somebody got their very skinny bridge down left and in a tub vice. Does that to people do feel like we always hear those. The easy to be Hillary's I've been in a hotel where you walk in and there's this is gigantic staying in the hotel motel let's be clear here. Mean there's just this gigantic WTF staying in the middle of floor like one in advance. Is that right there where that come from it seriously. But let's talk to Becky hi Becky. Why. Are you. I'm Ariel. No one's fantastic that you would see in hotel room. Well when ice forming out marry her young. Oh you're not it's if he is seems clear is that word that. She now. Actually hit it right 33 anniversary. Oh wow these resolutions. Hill and I want him to sort mature listeners you know thank you that he. Not to close soon. Be the first thing we and I got a great hotel that we got a. And in out we got just as she struggles antibody that I don't wanna route you know whatever part that says they have out of the sheets everything. After Larry I have got to get in the shower I got a shower got out I went rabbit chow hall. And it was so cute when it's like oh my god I realized that somebody did and there and they didn't like clean it up afterwards. The Republicans my life list you laid in that bed and you even gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking that it was that occurs it is not that hard to get sand out of bed okay. To say and meg did you know. I'll. Bet you would you do front desk. I don't remember what we did it was so long ago and hopefully get. Probably only got cleaned house or something I don't know. You're you're way better person me Becky K you know like he was at that place on fire overthrow that's ultimately the front that's got to want done and what does this tell us what it's it's yeah. Not for me okay what's the strangest those discussing figure found little hotel room. Well I am and Martina. He called down from their homes that aren't that many can act. We're like they're not like they're not even be here so they really can do about it. How to keep scared to go out very well interpreted trying to figure that date. We finally content on our engineers did go out there might kill bit. They eighteen. How cute he got the underground he like okay. I shot the document are and they shut blanket extra blanket and it dorsett that they could get on. I'll keep and we go to America and you just behind. Immediately OK and he got ended up I definitely. Any parent pension. I'll. Okay it's. Hard to keep up and I hear you. Hey hilariously big key auto ready for the workers and the hotel industry says apparently some bachelor party sports teams and cycle past. Think it's funniest thing in a room as a group for a weekend. And continually to number two rule into the same on flush toilet for multiple days is this thing. Now me just blank on toppled Blake. It turns out that putting that immediately underwater is a good way to keep smelled out you can imagine how awful this issues. I don't think this is the thing. I'm this is gross. Written. Programs are honored you all else through like regale takes resolve Kenny wife's home so many hotels and motels there's one race here in Roseville not gonna say the name is and are currently opposite is as I worked. At this motel in Roseville and one night we went and clean and they checked the bed in the end it was the bed was covered in bright red blood has so much blood. That's on sale requires so many. Bloody things happening. In motels and hotels idol now thrown fewer people okay. Jones was the most disgusting strangest thing you've ever witnessed and hotel. Well I hear okay. So. Putt about twenty years ago as an EMT and we gut call to. A hotel that guy who claim that he was vomiting when we got up to the room door to door. Did open the door and they were like. On their screens. Throughout the living area. And he had some kind of bowl he was eating from we assume was the person you called he said it was me. And so we asked what are we seeing what was going on and and he was actually eating his own chief sees us. Screwing it up. We have taken you guys are the emergency room. He. We got all of the meta. The doctor later found he was only I don't know what kind of drug but he was higher quality big zoos and you know about it yeah. You don't immediately to fight a drug that is so we can pass that on don't do this drug yeah. Or do drugs. While. Can do to make some that's the strange join wow that's so that. Can I does that make you never ordered a hotel all these like I was I can read all these text messages through there so bad people find use condoms and needles and so many things simple and nasty at the look at the calls to needles blood blood cracked five. Are there I do it again digital he's.