Friday, February 16th


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Podcast plug Gibson's next game you should pilots if we get help somebody I would feel the line he's got a problem Steve what is your damn problem. Yeah. Well my girlfriend had spent a lot of money on. And she had split up what you learn after you know Valentine's Day all I ON I'm sorry I'm in the lab do. So OK first question is how much issue and seen how much did you spend on her. Font hit the grappling dinner and you know I look at your restaurant that was I don't know quarter but the biggest thing was like that necklace I got her repellent thing. But she kind of thought. Saying don't rule. Little if any signs that you can adopt the day after. Oh I mean she didn't tell me it's yeah they got sick to see how you guys together. I hear happily together. Yeah. I would go get that necklace magma Amanda I'd like 600 dollars include. You can use that on the next year you date your shoulder I don't know may have missed it won't know the problem and I know she obviously don't you know what's that what's the question you're asking for a us. Well but do you hear redhead though Mike you know I just spent all the money in college. And I met a necklace but I. It. Contained. Right left leg and did everything you just let go over the net closes on the you can actually get back I would go again. I'm I as much as I eat and when I would say nod to I wanna say not stupid that's so much money she dumped you right after you David Stewart look dude I think stroke asked this but the did you. Honestly had. Think about it did you have any idea that maybe there might be something wrong in the relationship and maybe you spent that much money opened that have been fixed the issue. Not that I can be goes I mean. I looked determined how H I mean I'm in Lubbock so you know I mean. I was I want happen so I'm Barbara. There would you be honest so if if she get if you approach you go all right I've been thinking I made a bug irrational decision would you take Iraq. And we got to accept. I mean I'd be open to a yacht okay. If bird. Do you if you go to heard you say give me back what I bought you for Valentine's Day your calls next door completely imagined it's never gonna happen so we're going to be fix our guys are done. I'll Lara it's got to come our producer Blair console and the fact that she would even consider keeping the necklace after she breaks up would you like right after Valentine's Day is just messed up. IA actually had to break up with the dude I was dating like two days before Valentine's Day and divorce and I was so mean for about honestly I didn't want him to buy me a gift is an hour after we know. Get back and that's that's not cool like she she needs to get it back. On the console lady's point viewers there I saw them doing the smartest things over there are saying. He's okay I'm telling you my final decision you party paid towards you bought it was a gift it terrorists. I'll see what happens that's my thoughts no man's quest for Becky you're gonna you would single can request the necklace back OK okay is she she's obviously you guys put together she's been moving out right about now correct. Actually should she get herself together with amounts to an all bird known. Well I have now while woods I would lay center attacks and lighthouse the packing LA and bowel by the way if you believe that necklace I gave you that B Greg and I spent a lot of money on that that's. Assuming you for sure know that this is never going to be again. When you're gonna end that relationship personally I think you should try and doctors say ask find out what went wrong and maybe you guys can patch things up. Died I mean how I promise you sound like a bad. There's no doubt the most like on his I very much like to know this is very important do you have the receipt. Okay here's did you guys get the money back better and go ahead and also day that Steve wants. Well I'm glad I heard a little laughter and the nostalgia brutal breakout above. I guess you got us a little split here I'd say no matter why it's just just give it or lose against I say talk I say try to maybe talk torrents if you didn't you figure out what went wrong and see if there's a way to fix it. Yeah I don't know coming and god I really feel bad but my would you say what do you think he should go for the if she says no I'm done is completely Judy Mikey he's. Let's back I thought I did I don't wanna say yeah blight but it's bliss just. Really sole reason they yeah maybe he should get his his necklace back that's a lot of money I look at it takes over here this was as a female get the necklace back now I'm OK oh all right there you go all right you might hit it again remember the door could be closed for good if your whole month ain't gonna hope when you think there's some way to repair his relationship. So talk to her if the hatred by the end of that conversation you know as I happened did that damn necklace back. Cool it wanted to know would you off by the act that they don't play I'll pull it triggered he'd be out wanna find out what's going on non -- go crazy let me talk at all yesterday you know she's sort of drop that bomb had. You know I stayed out she's I don't know just. We just saw the same time I guess we don't I you don't you read it is this Steve maybe maybe she broke up but you've because she was expecting a ring and not a necklace. It's full com. A year and a half is a year to have money I don't. Our parent I'm gonna go ahead say that might be it maybe maybe bring that up I mean even think about pasty bodies he Nolan and his career say she's got a comic charisma you are talking normal and you'll expert Steve can hear you what do you say. All at an. A partner who want to shoot very that I should get the greenback back proper etiquette why does she think she can keep an act. Yeah that's good that's good person thank you meanwhile. I know that that was that there was an etiquette pay. A special Connecticut then all right tell them what she said see it okay proposal it. Well see we wish you the best a lucky guy and heard our inside their cell I don't know yet always here follow what does not goes into the look pretty damn problem okay. How old ward guy's gonna probably wanna go to the super shorthand let's do that John what's your damn problem. He has personal on the show so you want to. Kind of go and see what you guys think about this issue is Paramount for my best friend. As you sir about a month ago we had Mulder. And that night we he goes out good hits include got pulled over by the cocked gonna find out his license plates were expired. And he is wounded you know get registration. Can't be in the picture ticket for no big deal but when he asked for his lucrative insurance you can produce it. It didn't happen to have an on and and the guy told them all that's even worse because now I get you know convince a judge they have insurance. You know but you didn't have it on the low. We went home that night and went home and everything come to find out. Actually winning the happening was. He had an older car and his insurance was covering that old car. But he never got to moved over to a newer car. And he had been driving for May be several months without insurance on this new car and he told me he was into supermarkets they get it. But you know this is some. Serious stuff that you mention what basically. Well I was talking on a couple days ago and not some companies are doing and he hasn't done a single thing. With that he's been kind of just driving this whole time. Without insurance and you know just because so apparently just fortunate to be haven't been you get time off. Yes the job done what in this area what's the question. My question you guys is is there any suggestions you mentioned to me like anything else I can maybe do other than just. Straight continue to support them. And urgent to get distance and terror both of them. They got in my motto humvee in the room here but that's his damn problems. They get a division I that's exactly what I thought hey look if he doesn't want your take Kara that's all on him okay because it mean if he's a I thought to himself got 37 as a friend reviewers didn't just continue breaking the law and driver are on the way asserts I mean what do you what do you what do you say to him. And and and I highly recommend don't get a car then because he need to get pulled over something and they're gonna take his car way you gotta be stranded he's gonna end up getting arrested you're gonna be stuck. Yeah that's why you support him drive everywhere and Johnny knows. Consequences for driver in the way he's driving down the road no insurance not a none of the registration and that problem it's his problem but Mikey good point don't don't get the vehicle within and he needs to be out the day tomorrow until he's like the rest of us how can get together Matt. You can if you do get hurt somebody and then you're gonna screw somebody's life over and three year old life over dude have you if you got to pay for type medical bills. Hi Nikki did you did have insurance yeah I wouldn't have to be taken care your bills yeah that's that's his damn problem John that you don't make it your problem you have money. Church and I guess OK thing then and it wasn't thankfully and I guess. You blog about my return and a Dr. Phil yeah you can't do who has. But I heard. A little rough sometimes I just some people I know make mistakes and some people just continually made he had not mistakes on purpose and you can help you can't fix what other people are continuously doing now you can pay this guy's gonna continue to drive about coming out of let's just sounds like. He's got to get your life together sounds like a whole lot of other things happen there yet.