Wednesday, June 20th


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Podcasts plug it doesn't next game. Sure. I your damn problem what is it 7665000. 9167665000. Seat to get healthy and put you in the right direction. And do got an update on some been well gonna find that lives have no idea yesterday were doing what you're damn problem remember we were talking when Jan. Just one hit me hit me pretty hard on the in the story background Jan now. Got into where their dad they've had a bad rule it had a bad relationship pretty much his childhood GAAP and she said he's been drinking. And they got into an argument how long ago at the table he remembered. When they got into the argument the other things that are oh so before you sizzling eight months they've gone eight months without without talking to each other OK since they had the argument and she had. Reached out to him as she wanted to try and kind of fix things for Father's Day. Well I Jin is on the line again and Lara give me a thumbs up means that she's had her dad is going to be a maligned two today so the source B interest in radio let's move. A high let's go talk to Jay junior back of this today. All day until. Which had a recap of people that may have missed part of the story yesterday in your dad had a bad relations has talent correct. You know that's straight see how a lot of problems when it's alcohol and not taking ownership for his actions and blaming us. Are being difficult. And just not being there for me not raising me not. Not just to not being a president he presents even when he was president. And we try to patch things up on Father's Day and millions of screaming at each other in a restaurant and I left. Well we left off the yesterday you said that you were going to. Send your data Texans TV good to talk to them did you guys have talked a little while here on the program and we wanna try to help you may be even going to do that counselor we were talking with doctor Armando. You know that. It yeah well Larry give me a thumbs up he's he's there yet you said yes. I'd figured out his name is I'm in America and data and images themselves. Hi Jim. Jeremy your daughters on the line I don't know how much you guys talked and had Texas yesterday but again as we DJ can hear your dad. Yeah. Okay. I guess Jim and how does that that's a question do you want a rewarding relationship to read to repair. All the damage has been done through the years for the UTO. Well I yeah I mean I certainly want try. Just wanted to say that I'm so sorry. You always say that you see that every time. And we topic and you hack on at the end of about how it was my fault or mom's fault someone else's fault. Well I mean I'm tired of it I'm part of your arteries I don't believe they are our anymore. Oh. I am I wanna prove it to you OK just. I guess what that did that thought every bit of blame me to go on me because. When I'm not all of it was my fault. See that's the problem right there are Jim. You know maybe some things weren't your fault but you can't if you gonna apologize and apologize sincerely apologize. For what you did to her and why she's so upset not about the things that this some of those things might not have been your fault but I'm gonna have to say based on what she said and what I can tell. A lot of it was your fault. And you got a little bit of a drinking problem clearly in that's your fault. I think that if you're if you're gonna apologize to your daughter man if he got to be sincere about inoperable but. I have. A grand am doesn't sound like I did it again okay. I'm really sorry for everything about what might they went through. What did the drinking. You're yelling. Rouge what made. You willing everywhere that I don't know we've been able to control the alcoholism. It wasn't by choice. If it wasn't all my fault. Try to go to the meeting. And I still have to go at them and just been keep on track. Jim not every bad choice you know with a 100%. Punitive but shortage you know. I I get that OK I know that alcoholism isn't something that you woke up and you're like who I've watched it I decked. OK aren't I know you've been fighting it that whole time and like fat. That is great that you been trying but like it just hurt that you blame on. Like oh where the one that flag you'd agree were the ones but the bottling your hand we don't do that and I it's not fair. To put out on it's not they are down and it. Right I don't want you want to buy you why you hate you just kick. Overs alcohol wipes do you. I'm trying very Q it. I know. Well sweetie I apologize but all my heart. I have heard that you feel like I didn't love you I love you more than anything. And anyone in this entire world and I will prove it to you. You don't would you be willing to go to. It's family therapy it's I know you're still going to rehab for a would you be willing to go to the other step. Yes absolutely they are going and begin that we need you know days for me but. We need we need help you know the entire fame. I truly thank you both love each other are really do it in hearing the words you guys sleep at each other sometime this horrible and that's like England doctor Armando sitting down with him he works for the people families relationships husbands wives. My knees are very successful he's been on this program several times I really feel like if you two could sit down. It could put you in a direction that could change your life. Well. Signed me up a met Larry I appreciate that this is very important. So I'll do it for. Months. There it is that's that's that's a start. It's two to try to work out in its doors this relationship be in fruitful. Yeah I wanna if anyone else at least try one more time it. Setter right. But it have to be. To have either therapy and you have to stop drinking. Yes. Agreed. I'll think that you are giving up and makes me why. Can't we we learned this from doctor Armando you won't see you unless you do stop drinking because some. Because if you're addicted to that he can't help you so he did say the idea that you work on that first before you jump in the family therapy no official Saudi hosts. All right so let's put you both back on hold Lara gonna take your information again what she's got she got the numbers but. Somehow he coordinated and try to get to double doctor Armando or another doctor okay. Certainly definitely keep an eye. All right thanks that's tough moment. It is actually tougher and stuff like that so she called mad they called back with the problem and hello due to DA if we hear racketeer and figure out they've had a a real true relationship to they've never had all feel great about it. I told her I felt great about it's I feel I feel good about what just happened. I feel good about them being the green together to take that step to go to to go see doctor Armando or any therapist and because that's what means that that's what this family needs it. It just a little lie as to how much she really does one make Gilbert the fact the he came on the radio to doctor and talk with us about it to make mistakes in the east union mediator that's exactly what. A therapist does it away their mediator you know they work for these problems and exactly that and are tough kid I can't imagine not have a relation might might I daughter you know but yeah I mean there I don't know. Through a tough tough stuff there all right oh. I was heavy pan am yeah. Let's go back to ditch it in a.