Thursday, July 19th


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The DM I get asked to do podcasts that didn't show. You're. He did not call 7665000. Get a few calls holes freedom of their. What we think if he's in our culture and sunscreen called today's the other intern for his name things into. I don't know Osman sponsor program I was could call Matt I think that. I learned that Matt. Is that Matt I don't know I think there is an errant little I don't keep work in the film Twilight Zone on all right take a look at this you keep publisher of the way anytime. Whether it's about your problems or you have a comment. TV ads at KR HQ dot net again TBS act KR excuse dot net this Friday airman read an email it's really it's really really serious I got a really full. My heart goes out this guy buried deep aren't. Tonight a damn problem my wife is losing her grip on reality. She thinks people are watching her through the television and phones. She thinks someone is coming in our home and changing or altering her clothes. She's always say out loud you guys stuck. To the phone not they would at least you stuck with a radio talk into it back. That ratio is total ignorance contour right now. Or I am coming for you guys. I tried so hard to show her that he's just not happening. Or that the amount of money required to undertake this project would reach into the millions of dollars. And that we're not that important. But she is convinced that there's a whole network of people working against here monotony. Oh god I was really hoping that her minute plaza was to blame for psychological problems this has been have been for the last two years. This got progressively worse to bad for the guy I mean if a bad for her to. How much fuel might go to the doctor. And get help I'm worried about her safety as well as my old. We have been together for sixteen and a half years longtime love somebody. At the end of next January. When we married for four years. Now I love my wife very much and watching her suffer like this is very painful that he gives us his phone number which came out. Please any advice you have. Form he will be helpful thank you guys. While I mean Q sounds there's always a mentally yes sounds a little skin tone she'd she'd need help. He's probably medic yet evaluated maybe medicine for. On balance yourself about thing. I don't I've never dealt with anybody like this are bands like you bleed the delusional like that. I think when even know what to say that I mean there's they can't you can't. Correct me if I'm wrong but can you force somebody to go to a mental facility for a few days no I think he'll have to have someone. Thirties to make that decision only you can force anybody. But what I think you could do working all the same lines I can tell is what she's had a one of these episodes and you're in ask is scary G screaming that. I would imagine if you like you if you can called. 911 or police or whatever I'm not pounding the right route but if they came over. And they are able to witness her of screaming and talking delusional and crazy out of her mind. They might win with the eight California 51. Fifteen rounds if you want to do that's exactly gross thinking somebody said that's you can't they'd have to actually see her or be suited to be threatening your own life for something like that right. In order for you did not know much in the morning I don't know. You reach Britain are alive or they just if you're just out of it what you really think some nice talking to the TVs if that's enough for them to go I'm worried about her safety because I'd be terror I'd be terrified at night to lay down next a woman who thinks is going on because of where it went for voice tells her. Stabbed me in my sleep. Yeah you know I mean that Dennis the very scary I mean they keep there's Texas Tech scene right now that. Didn't lose a lot of people using meth. It's not it found that it is Cutler knows she's on drugs they think it's like schizophrenia that's something. Either way she needs medication she needs he needs like serious real real help I feel bad for this I feel bad for both of them to like there's. He got he got called for the heat called doctor Armando or someone that they get she needs help real real help not radio guy held a real help. Yeah I don't know what to do I could see you know why you don't I would say. I think it's the best advice we give this just brought advice just call. Call the hospital or somebody just talked to somebody and say this was going on what can I do to get this play out is there anything we can do. What do you suggest they may have a better solution and we wouldn't. Yeah somebody who works in that field they go to call psychiatrist. That's what you gotta do you got to call a professional. And have them if she won't go see a doctor may just have a doctor come over. Doesn't matter to blue a lot of that doctor in your house and have them evaluate her team did she did. Can tell she needs to see that's what's gonna Judy Judy says she is a mental health professional this might help us hi Judy. I'm at where we're guide sell low what he says just this guy. But most importantly. It cute aren't they cute doctrine and I go to the and Alicia up paranoia. Important would be that not and my. Talent. And say it not happening to that could get caught a lot our factories and act. Aggravation and Eddie be very difficult for her but they. After I got there I am. Being in ocean around it. Blake and validating like yeah I you know that does I'm really scary and very factory. What do you think would help you know I and in just kind of working with the emotion at art. Everybody not because I come a lot of the air comes up a lot. It it dead couple aggravation and irritation because. Back. Does fear dot. I am not going to try and act like that but definitely it is the potential to get hurt in Q. I hit it doctor and its ability as far out of the hot like patient those. That's really. They're gonna get that you know or after it went it is it danger to herself that she a danger that somebody else. Don't you think that if if if she's hearing voices calico stroke says she's hearing voices and may be her husband. Actually does fear for his own life has made Eagles voices tell her to do something to him how would that be enough to continent do the thing I won fifty. It would be enough to have. That. Probably like impact skiing and I am or a edit like. Emergency responders come entity data that might be to determine the level of danger yeah I mean that's that's where that would start. That he can make that call and I know I'm one of them come and and I talked to her and see where she's back on the back a little bit vitality our. Army others this is our way. Disappeared by Judy because just this week Mike Hebert this story Debbie champions I think it was yesterday a guy. He woke up he heard it demons or whatever speak to enable I thought his wife was a dvd art of voice and yet the Bible laden has blood need to kill and his wife yeah historic yes yes this is like this can happen this could easily transition in this of them like that exactly the heat she needs to be evaluated in some way or another consists not insists he's got to keep yourself safe and him. Gary I you know it's important op though to get an education out and a lot of people who it are back at the are they never become violent. I'm an idiot that I do one and I do you wanna put out there and and really educate people let it it's scary yes it is very scary because there. After a maverick can there can be unpredictability. About it but. It is it can also be. Very well managed with medication I mean keep all. Went back a bit and I'm on that it that actor Matt I'm not think she got that beat don't misunderstand me. I'm pat with medication it it can really help people function well in their life. I'm. Hopefully he's listening right now to ask you some great artists are and they paid duty seriously thank you for college I was you know we're just radio guys we're just kind of TO get the best advice we can he work in this field you know it thank you. Here is scary stuff and scary stuff for this guy. I hope he hope I hope he's listening now reasonable to catch them and some I'm Ellis currently Israel quake Palin is what got about two minutes with the U what is your damn problem. Okay. Well. I I haven't auditor is currently trying. It threatened to change her only if they're in the what can I go to school at Sacramento. From my eyes and I have note I really execute with my grandma like everyday and her father. Let me you know I am a pout and take her from I people's grammar. While I oh and I all and that it'll. Setup a pilot in the his daughter and pick out there for a little bit but it is late pretty bad on making things difficult for me. Are there is so I've kind of been through some of this government to question does he does he had visitation rights. I'm actually he'd gotten. Okay then then if he does going take your daughter than he is literally kidnapping her and you go to jail. This is as simple as that he keep he does that he even takes heed those kidnapping. He does it doesn't have visitation rights or anything written in the law. He doesn't have by the law maybe he does in real life he has the right to seize daughter yes I agree their kid I agree that but. In the eyes of the law you guys are not married he does have visitation rights. On paper well. Let's kidnap well let me ask you question Lou is I think because the symbol and an older Mormon does to I think lives easier on the birth certificate. Yeah. Okay well I've but they're not married it doesn't matter what does what I understand Floyd and I. I I don't I don't think it matters because there's nothing to say he can't it's if they did it ideal person who did the wife took off with a kid in there and and they dictated the police say there's nothing we can do it is a quarter says opposite. Did they got back together the other wounded the same thing and they said there's nothing you can do it to the chorus says so because as a person David says they both have the right to the kids. I say get a court order that clearly defines what they need is. Because you may end up having somebody goes. There's other things you can't have your kids. Well that's true too but a bond based on that logic you're saying that if a guy disappears for 24 channel thirteen years also and shows up in Texas kitty has the right to that can't. I think. He he may have the right to see is Kent are under the laws aren't California so public. He may have the right to see is Qaeda in K and can do that but yeah if you don't have anything in in in writing. I don't know what there is you can do. Just cover your ass like just cover your us. I noted that led by just that that we can sleep at night down what he grabs it needy in his body is weak and there's not the way the court to finding out because. There's nothing says anything. There's a discotheque that work as a legal secretary in a family law firm he needs a court order to visit and or take the daughter anywhere but you also need a court order to define visitation so you need to do need to do that in NH is another good question though. Or you have full custody like is that by all or is that just because they've been the cameras with the. On the primary caretaker mappings. Actually. All right nothing Sunday got to get everything on pay our pitchers say and I'm primary take caretaker which we believe you have to but there's nothing to say you are so another Industry, California must have legal custody agreement in order to deny the parent the ability to see their child so huge. You gotta you gotta get on paper struggles right now and got out there. It's because of a friend which is exactly is he was what this that the my friend went through this his wife took off any call there was nothing you do. They got back together she was acting shady he did exactly they know that she can do. At this point he was worth our properties Calvin daycare and if she would like to the daycare grabbed the kid nothing he can do people inside there you. Back and forth and it's like you've got to pass that doesn't attorneys and you've got to have something on paper so. Many people use their kids in this situation to F what the other person and it's just so messed up. And yes somebody just texted this inning is you should know this to mediation is free you can get help with this through the state between the two of union guys can figure out exactly how much visitation enough visitation is done. And they will help you do that you get I'll have. And in that I have not heard African night chipped it in his daughter just. Want to start the edict that all it did. Liz Liz but but the thing is if you give him that time with the daughter and he decides he wants he just even his house that she stay here you know get you you might not have a go for his doors and get your child. Yeah you mean you know you gotta go get this taken care of you gotta get this taken care in the eyes of state unfortunately but you have to. Is. It out and there's a guiding my Richards on the library here hey Richard about thirty seconds glad they're sort of saying listen listen to you. Exactly alleged okay you have to get it or writing because there's not either do not see him and expect it is way out of it am I being bad cops won't even do anything about it still here are real quick to tell you to take it at every court but also what you could do without is because the daughters and we duke if you haven't in a darker more than 24 hours you can't get all the the bad. You can file a missing person's book or on the daughter which hopefully and will force the cops to go ahead again ball demand anything Utah author back. Take a court used your power up or gently that's well. Outfit that interpersonal. Our Richard thanks man thanks Liz not try to scare you try to protect you yeah so good you start working out stuff right away there's a lot of help out their from the state a lot of its free you can get this does a little bit to do willing. I thought I'd look.