Friday, July 20th


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The DM pocket fast it can not get used net game show host. We've got the lines. And that damage James is on first they James what is your damn problem. I did my damn problem is that I got this girl that they went for ten years right we got three kids together. And bad things have been done. Mark and are being built playwright apparently she'd been unhappy for quite awhile now. And just in the past two months she apparently hooks up with that spirit that he knew from the past. Just got out of prison he's been there for domestic abuse in AA drug and also. Wayne passed out so it's easier that I've I don't see like CNN's guy. I enter a hacker like FaceBook and I found out they see bend don't often hear that guy down on some weekends. Ray and you know now she wants beam no matter how I'm not delete my home. You know I can only really he my kids every other weekend and sometimes during the week. She still needs me financially unfortunately get the guys he's being at the on all bolts it's us. Each and even free cannot come down and you know keep up in northern California some arsenal. AJ where James have you have you left the residence at. Yeah I did okay is that the others who are gay or you can Helen better than I would magically turn it comes all the time advertise on the show yet he always says he do not actually Jerome yes he does say that we are you married or we just together. No we were just together you it's actually. Through the first five years we were together but she would walk I'm separated when I got hurt so what I like. I've you know ruin somebody else's marriage you know let's do it alone when I better. It all in on the home situation is your name on the lease third on the. No we're actually renting firm in laws and it happens to be her mother. And it's a killer deal on it that make it the more. And it Machida still prove that your resident there you smell there is all those things so yeah I noble might well do it well and I get your status or do we stay there can be easily. Hell that's you're you're going through you know just in the same hometown he yeah. She clearly doesn't want anything to do it the right else he says that we can eat great friend now in adjustment act this crap. Now don't you dare ask that I swear to god I will lose respect for you as a man if you do that employed. If he remains friends with his ex because they have three kids the other. After day after she goes there she doesn't does that instill more relies on you finance you tell you that's rifle and bitch dead yet you regular no money. You don't have to buy it way over today is I gotta get some actual workload and and while it got some might tools and stuff. It's over. Duplicitous and mean James listen listen the only thing you're required to do finance please take care of your kids who don't know her crap when it comes to money now you need to get you need to go and get a get a water but Archie and that's not your problem do you that is not your problem you make sure those kids are taking care of not her. Did you guys ever married you guys are married so that's something I keep in mind but you gotta going get some things done legally. You gotta going to tell you gotta get your child support set up through the state you gotta go and give visitation. Here's the thing. They're here today you know she she seemed to lead like want to work it out you know privately. No you outline and no freaking way with as little else is talking this is coming from guy who's been through this crap and stroke I'm telling you can will agree with this is well you have to get this done and on paper through the state you will not do not do this privately she'll screw you over in the end it yeah she's going to do or say it's either get all I know we can now easily cannot this week you have every right to see your kids 50% is much as she you can split decay it's 5050 I have that going on with my ex wife right now I know tonight. Fairly honest belief that she's not that much horrible of a person. Sure that's only part of it. Or do not be blinded James what are called us look look look listen to meet your what do you call on us and asking for advice for if you don't want it meant. Yeah she screams you don't think she's a horrible person she's been she nominee I knew with some dude that was in jail for the past however many years for beating somebody come on bro sees a horrible season horrible person it doesn't matter even if she's not a horrible person you have to look out for yourself. Yourself and your relationship with your kids what's most important thing gets put on paper get a lawyers that you can see your kids and she cannot stop you. That's the most important thing screw her man could move on get Ali get do you get her out your life as much as you. Can't James you'll think I'm gonna tell you if this can only thing that could backfire on you like to think of right now first of all right everything he said copy and paste get an attorney yes if your kids are starving their hungry you pay them. Never pay her in cash no free can we do not pay her you guys a trail that night it let me let I listened James here's Dell I don't people that's done this they just hand over cash and paid somebody and they she would tell that the court that he never held the dollar and one of those guys that could mean they couldn't prove that you ever do anything cell. Make sure you if you pay and anything could not feel that the judge can go out make you pay them back in to do I end up having to pay ten. Thousand dollars mourns doesn't. Listen don't bank deposits it might help you a little bit but any judge or any court can say no matter what unless you went to the state that you didn't pay them anything but now get your bank deposits is devil's gonna show a little bit but they can still fight if she wanted to. Look and you got you have to go through the state you have to get this done you're gonna screw yourself in the unmanned. Trust me. Its goal and got a lawyer and are going get mediation because it's free you what you have to do this it has to get done through bill. My colleague at me isn't just any lawyers were on high. You just doesn't do use Google meant to say you good mediation Sacramento California and see what pops up. And I I got to point this out did. This is anything about the kids somebody brought happens very good point you are in denial mom well this check because she screwed you over so hard and a urine that you already you guys what do your name called OK she she cheated on you and she ran she ran off but this guy that just got out of jail for what was it domestic abuse. Listen man you guys are not there for each other at the top secret so listen ultimately use your relationship is toxic you realize that she cheated on you urinate holds her break up move bombed yourselves the try to have a good relationship for those kids. But in reality men you have to focus on your relationship with your kids not her in focus on you to make sure you don't get screwed overnight and not able to see your kids. And whatever else could possibly happens you you have rights and you need to find out what those rights are and you need take advantage of those rights can get this stuff done through the eyes of the law corals you or not. You gotta be happy man trust me. I James call attorney for the state next week you've covered Agassi will that I can't good luck James. Now I'm on my way to the doctored the art. Those that are yeah I'll tell I'll tailor me you are. Go get your ass together dared put the phones lit up and another and other flu. Kids are run knows how that's kidnapping now I'm not gonna just can't say that we we we're not play an attorney here re trying to get cheap he gets it right person. But had you know that the text or any and you guys are right that he kind of seem like he was in a little bit of denial he's gonna. Is an absolute denial talking about. Well she's actually good person knows she is not she is a piece of crap you couldn't just and things you're listening to behind your back you know let's go to. Hey tablet that what you're damn problems. I just had a comment turner. Jeanne. My boyfriend he adds they've done with another woman I met. And maritime that this summit born. And her hair and black and I he wants to be hit and utilize it. But the Icrc saying it almost like this same situation with a kid he doesn't have anything on paper. And seeing if they get on people like Mikey says because they. That basically said. That bids if he revealed he would give every weekend and now I just like one for months when he that we need to get on paper. Is about to get and. Yep takes and it happens a lot there is that this is text or texts and there's a there's a lot of biological moms and dads double say they come to some sort of agreement yet you could see the kid every weekend but then one little argument happenings in that mom can say no you can't see the day older kids talk and it's so it happens all the time went. When the when media and my baby mama split on I was actually talking to my my attorney he did this form because I was EESP strategy like. It does you you see the kid I said yeah we have we ever worked out we're Sheila and he and if he was in his office he was like. They fill up this damn form OK I want this on paper moon because got to be done it's have to be done if you take them at their word they will screw you let's go to Ashley hi actually what you're damn problem. Actually I played. Class a black hole and then Richard problems. I had some. If I have shared custody of my that your daughter with ex husband. And I have. Blake say much about him being a bad cash or anything but sometimes like when I pick her up. So he's getting a little cut too comfortable extra wearing your product or. Over and over that lake that's an okay kid he at. And obviously I think she's getting it at his outs but didn't he'd like to do that credit me you know I could because she is setting you're able to. He did you are you where are you you say you think. He's given that she's kidnapped from his house you don't know for sure though. Good because the closest we've ever is I don't limit my access. To. And he had but he's gonna heat suit and went around more and OK so I really well where else could you will X. Other kids maybe that's my question is always there is their kids that she hangs out with that your house or other kids that she hangs out with at his house that you knew that I mean you know she's of these kids but you may not know what they're talking on the backyard kids somewhere in general I think it's hilarious I. I think numerous other lawyers saying you're saying every time you pick her up she's swearing and she wasn't doing that your house she might be getting a dance but could be. Like he's got a couple of the kids in the neighborhood dig it did very well be the kids the data same same as she doesn't swear around him. Wow I. No doubt that he I don't good equipment and integrate whoever you're. Channel has has he brought up that she swearing in his house or he just laid out. So he doesn't give a crap if he swears that's just as bad. And he just keeps getting defensive saying that like. I think he's the fact that they know I just don't want I don't is wearing that about a special it's going to be going to act of. Conseco he could be getting these 'cause he may be he's worth runner I understand and maybe that's a bad thing that you don't know for sure nobody here knows for sure but. She could be getting these costs once for many bloody flag and I get that but what I am saying is is that. The data obviously have no problem with a because he hasn't brought it up late NA you know articles where maybe he's not there may be she's not swearing at him like he said she did already clarified that. Actually. My daughter Elizabeth Coleman made. And I let words slice of times I don't say certain thing to certain context of things I don't I don't I don't I don't shelter her but I also don't let her sing words. Yes well your mom you need to be on her ass and say you're not saying these words. When she got intimidated obvious. And if you and dad have a good enough relationship. Then even even if they the girl isn't saying those doors to dad dad can have your back and say look. Mom has been saying that you've been saying these words you're not saying I'm over here. I don't wanna hear about this anymore you guys have to work together. Actually have you asked your daughter where she learned the words from just after. And you. A slew. Since I can see I can see kids and I don't know I heard it before thumb I don't I've got to take your tablet weighs about a take your phone away I don't think you video games away you have. Are you here and nothing that those close. That's what you gotta do you do that it did you gotta be smarter than your seven year old Ashley you know and I know that you are so just do. Take that advice you know you get with your good given directs in get on the same team with it. You start punishing her. That's what you have to do that's their pants. Step your goddamn parenting game up he's spray it to a new level I'd. I actually think you. Yeah Ari this is pisses me off sometimes well the answer simple and don't get and he did Dan answer you've Aggies take away everything in the world which is it like they gonna fold its and that's exactly take away all their things in the Timberlake finally got hurt from dad or heard from whoever they leave you're gonna get cancer. Ed didn't. My other problem is okay maybe ease obviously monitored they do not curse don't curse don't do this and easiest of the car and she just lets it fly them. I don't have a problem my daughter knows what she can't say can say my daughter knows the only bad words islamists say is dammit that's when she says that damn show the company's vast experience. If it was you describe the sounds like she's and now you're dang it you'll. You are not old enough to be a damn season doing engaging in the advantages I don't know how the idea. There. I guess of the kids in the household. Right I guess yeah I'd say I'd say once you hit teams you can be endemic. Probably hanging on dams are really bad where I don't think it is at all honestly I think in this funny his words we make words is a sigh society bad we go oh my god you set a for a word and a word I'm excited the S word was about where I can't wait bird like seven years from now we stars and elsewhere on the radio I'm gonna abuse that privilege. I'm abuse the ascent and it. Jack what's up. I'm just wanted to let the lady you know most of the time here you're always more scared of doubt in the bomb on why she probably fall off often thought of establishing well for the mum bonds are usually not bad it's. And at 82 guests that I met my mom does a really good point oh Jacqui it's it's two kids have a little bit over this is different relationship with their dads and into the month most situations you know like I got would Jack's saying and I commit you know I I IC that was my my daughter is different. With what the way she is with her mother than she is with me she's a little bit more mouth he with her mom your mom restricted the great mom but this is how what his kids are different with the mothers and Arthur. We had that conversation saying mommy's ever game yes that too as they grow you have to step your game I've got to going to push there SE there he was seeing what they get away with their. Always been pushing back. It's just you've.