Thursday, September 13th


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Turn it didn't want to penis. And and can no doubt come. No I felt I had. If you're. I'd sell order to get to an emailed it. That command and you know a few times we can guess so Mikey we we can put your damn problem you'll pick up the phone though for Collison we've heard about. There's so many different scenarios you've heard everything dude referred few people who are gluten free Kenny to take that their company bottom and they told not to tell me for people who ate their neighbors we've heard everything you can think of we have added a couple ways you can call us a lot and we do this segment are you can always email there show and then when you put an email makes you say Ford damn problem so we realize that they can easily go into the segment and that's what happened here. Eric writes is. Eric which by the way at his age for some reason which I think is sometimes can be helpful. Okay holds Eric Eric 35 current federally threw that out the but he did he says. What my friends is getting married a few months as she's definitely become a bride Villa. Here's a guy complained about this on literally taken that same thing like this I'm questioning this person already. I think you'll understand now all right it's about the invite the wedding in fight. Is actually going to be a dress code of this wedding. All right well I mean you kind of got to dress up right. Yeah oh well women have to Wear white. And mid are supposed to Wear either a white suit or some sort of light khaki. That's a really close all right before larger than I thought for shirt that. Maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong I mean there's damage to my thought the don't nobody was supposed to women no woman was supposed to Wear white tulle wedding because the only principles where white is bride. I think it's true. While the price confused I don't know did you completely wrong about don't Wear white. And I said I should do better replies that only applies to like shoes and you'll acknowledge everything he can't Wear white shirt but lady like you wrong Mikey I'm OK with not really understand. That's why I'm good does that have to split but but I think of this what I think you're right I think you know what it is supposed to Wear wide except for the bride that he's supposed to be pure in a virgin in that poll crab well maybe she's slot. Yes it is like you says he's a Jersey with the number of guys admitted that this is an area we got like 85 on the back you let even a busy woman around sacked damn. Anyway. If this thing now I have no idea he did tell your guess what to Wear to your plenty. And how many guys have a white suit. Leaned over the khakis with. Is that I would never all the whites who know what he Nutten you shouldn't nightly show where white shirt to the station without being dirty red into the day. Yeah and I only. Only certain only certain people can pull off a white suit and these are there none of them are in this room that is very very true. I'm not sure got a guy can't there can't understand. It's it's a difficult thing to where we're telling white. So is this like one of those things I've seen like he did he would always throw those parties on a political white party all white everyone has to Wear white everything's kind of what's going on here with his wedding Heidi I guess it say about maybe. Kate you actually require guests to dress a certain way in order to come to your wedding was she she's she's asked people turns her wedding to get to an article she wants right. It's so so the reef Erica if you're really good friends at this lady just a wise what is important. And enough. She gonna do if you don't. Because you don't see herd to the ceremony starts you stop water now they sound like you. You seem well. You you if you honestly don't think that maybe she got a sudden she might have spotters or somebody in the crowd looking for people who are wearing the water he's thinking I'm not a giant. I don't clean never understood Brazil's because I don't assume everyone in my wedding just to be comfortable and have a big time I think it's got to be some type of photo at the and make it's got to be it's like he's getting that white party yes someone has a reason that theme of early there was a racetrack because we're inner bowl margin from the day they're born they're taught that the wedding is your day. You get whatever you want your princess apparently let your Thomas saw an old injury about your wedding when you grew up I. I do know my wedding as the day and I need to marry the man and I love. Some of the. Killer throughout that young bride Villa is I'm I'm not trying to Tony she in my sister in line like that do into. He's doing Dayton hurt she married my brother like a year ago and I was on the bridesmaids and we checkered to the Blake the bachelor party had dinner. And she broke his base generals like disarm bring her flowers or something now this base. It was a positive eighty jar she asked to solve. To write her positively notes for the day of her wedding and bring them. So as you can read it and feel good about our opponent ever wait and wait and wait wait wait she wanted you guys to write nice things about her so she can read them and feel better necessarily just like compliments but like just it's a positive be right mere words of encouragement from my staying loose as cards you get with your gift is about Christ that's what the waiting cars full heart gas real then it was fine but it is just like I don't I could never imagine pass and and you really big show brought this year bar fortune cookie no if you do go what you do is you insult her but also compliments him like I like how you're not a bitch all the time. I'll convicted what is what's yeah. And kids know I really I just can't imagine asking them and write me a letter on the same south I'm. Yeah thank here's O'Reilly do this situation if I really wanted to go to this wedding it says you have khaki to Wear khakis and a riot I need to Wear white suit if I really want to go I have no I don't even have a very khaki pants but I can always add to that collection so. I just go 520 bucks. Yeah that's I feel the same way you're probably gonna need them to get at some point your life so we either go get the suits come off you're wearing white suit get the khakis and may be a white shirt. If your gonna Wear it again there there's no doubt about it so it's not that I'm out of an investment. I say Nene because I've already got a suit that I Wear for weddings and one for funerals tasks. And I don't need to be going out adding to my wardrobe just because you're getting married today so don't go to the letting them. How do send a goal of the way that's the other options you either don't go or you go with all go to Larry when I damn well please and watch her say something and they you probably won't get in so that's a huge waste of your time it is trying to get out of here that he gaelic is a club. All right eight gave them it's not just I had rules to my wedding NeuStar breaker rules or do you know a lot can you know. I'm rich I don't wanna you know in my wedding anyway all right up next table aero we're going to be some water wives. They're always finds a blitzer adult from adult films or it's the why didn't you tell us now it is anyone knows the what is right now yes you're kind of you kind of do it too. Yeah donning blue.