Friday, February 16th


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Podcast plug Gibson's next game she. Play along the game is called who's getting put some Friday's lyric I'd have pledged and you got to figure out you know. Between the senate was in me was it Mike here was in the end that's a possibility and on the line we've got shot on hi John. Portland greatest Friday carried to a third. I'm doing great they failed to show. Thanks buddy we'll bring gates here I'd solaris complacent clinching got to get so which one of us and it's every Els play along your planned right now I need rock T shirt. Larry you ready I was born ready for this twenties okay code amber Lyon. Not Olsen Twins are finally legal. The senate so bad. There are definitely somebody some thing stroke was sick. Holy city and he changed at the end Karen yeah hunger will go in the end I don't remember so this really to point out whoever was doses taken out of context. All of our citizens might be on the it's taken out of context I was talking about eight I Sheldon I. I had a battle on radio war wins that years ago they had me. They have to count down to count the Olsen Twins early. Is that radio guy was beating creep carry out these these boom these girls until they're eighteen to Blair go and take my statement out of context golf. On the Olsen Twins are finally legal and well I brought that apple ID it's OZ in your dad I'm Erik Cole emerged to them. Amir not a lesbian you don't know. Who's edit. Did your speech you. Said. You're not lesbian you know now. That's it and know Mikey. I think I think I did sitting in my vicinity Ian Simon go with you to show. RA. I faced I said it knowledge museum's Mikey yesterday I don't think I'm your not a lesbian you know now. It's tough talk on death row then. Our government three. Yeah I'm content crossroad between seventeen and pubic face. Oh yeah well all of a mediocre I believe it was a year now so yeah. Crossroads between seventeen and pubic face. Atlanta I feel ashamed and I was I was still getting crap I'm late in the what now I don't know what to do because of I don't say an early seventeen invited the budget and economy for computers on any day keeps. Quote learn. Various part of my body is my bum. Boost and it. The Jewish joke on us. I think I'll go stroked two I don't remember but I. I narrow my ass and a half a rare person I am I wouldn't say that I believe your radio Craigslist post you know you follow GAAP otherwise they'll have a brief. I think there is part of my body is my bombed. In the music is there is totally Greg's laws and all my ass in case you're wondering doctor Harry. No we aren't there is nobody cares how are they cleared it now than I had further pleased that I. It's a very smooth as. A non corrupt. Police say about 12 hey how many other. And the things smooth. Little quote number five would put. I didn't hit it did years. Hasbro off. Instead it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it's broadcast hello this president. Let's Mikey. I think it was the end I think it was the end I think it was AM let's say. Yeah he's he's. I want only that idea. You do that the not the director in Hollywood and aides and campaign at this place. It was funny that. Did you have a stunt and they're in we're gonna move on quote number six yeah I page are fine now you you only coffee now. Yeah I major by now you on the coffee he said it. Stroke. I think he honestly he had an aside my he's bound to say Mikey I think. I've paid a fine for now you'll coffee when this was me what was that. Those in Joliet and it jamming all I heard copiers you letter or something I remember last two run well. I am I not seen this guy is mr. change but you might meet him. I'm not saying this as mr. too but she just might mean from the minute you know what OK you don't play anymore. Politico it's stroke on the island how to go stroke until he got an all male model. Oh let's say I'm not saying that I got yesterday which you might need him from the you're tired and I'm continuously want someone to rub it on the oh my god why. She would impose some like three months ago lets you buy you any time on the area who said that's funny strokes are all right there EO. Congratulations on yourself now you brought these are men hang on the line there's gonna get some info from your brother thanks volume.