Friday, May 25th


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Podcasts plug Gibson's next game she. Three in his Texas is always at what's up but the phone's screen are not telling you what number you are. I don't know this earlier this Lara we don't have an agenda and Claire let's go around. I say got a one dollar to go under and I got on the lines until I get to eighteen you got found it yet we have not yet on talked reliance say the number is that you don't hear your numbers and she's you're not a guy to tell you need to know. She's gonna move on hang up on you fireworks and she's got a lot of work and she does a lot of wildfires so familiar enough credit she does and she deals with the end yacht unannounced to but he and the worst. That is the worst part they have all the way I can't wait can this is a success last week but coming up about 515520. They're gonna do their they do this live to their Perry battle I love these these are fun. Everybody was impressed by and last week is last week were the best through that they ever did or we tied right now is that what's happening as far as parity Mel yeah well what aren't going to be kickass. The game who steady play along the clearest in recent quote to get your -- had a stroke was a Mikey or was it the end and let's hit the intro. Never it's all all right we'll. We're pleased willows on the line he will. Fellow that they'll show. Wrote him a little. Working on my second circle. Nice good on all people are pissed that it yeah. I. And both volumes where hang up these plays game you're gonna get that Serwer our. Time I put number one. Did they gave baboon terrorize an African village a rating of five men who said that yeah okay. Well we sort of assume that. It could MIT. Oh I ever see something like well I. I know that it was the end there was an up. Yeah guys and it was the end. Iowa did a gay baboon terrorize an African village rating five men that freaky Rafik he that was not real nicely in this business. So all I don't know next line. F off with your man cave I make initiation and who said that. Listening initiation. Would have to say that you let us. Well she's not an option no irritate between us. Now you have choose between the men and apparently. Let your counsel sexson who normally don't work and these men and now we gonna happen in it. For me though I think I'm gonna guess I think maybe was stroke I'm looking around hello believing maybe I did today yeah I'm guessing Nike balance. F off with your man cave I'm making is she says it was always says. She sheds all right tournament three. Just waiting for Vince big man to die. Who's listening right now I don't and the bosses listening right now you're used to here. Is it had to deal with little sluggish Moldova. Yet yet getting hosed my show who repay what. I don't think it was me I'm gonna go out and against the Vietnam on this one I'm guessing stroke got out over is not me I'll go any and aren't as a way you served not. Ended oh. Yeah those are the real Vince McMahon weren't talking about our boss although it's also Vincent you're listening we will we don't really wanted to get a little about how much money staff he's going to be here to advance it why should cover. I don't read the the teamwork directed and yeah that's how we got there at the pass protect each other. How can I stormed based on that conversation I had to bet you I learned a lot about me just yesterday. We learned a lot about me. I'm wrote under horrible. I ordered the worst thing you usually do a terrible job I think it was mead I think it was you I think it was mighty. Based on that conversation how they do not learn a lot about me just yesterday. And a lot about meat from the guys from B Miller meat sees no judges in the barbecue mention that they're trying to. They described the small they describe the smell as quote sweet slightly muskie given no alike with a slight overtone of cherry in the natural smell assaulted wheat. Who said that. Well except that. Some nice young Ellen. It does kind of sound like something I would say cousins did for whatever reason but I definitely need. Let's not be I think it was stroke specialists on and that was being ran out of gas from Dallas reading that they direct quote off that article armor for the soars throughout and they describe the smell as cold sweet slightly muskies Vanilla light fragrance would slight overtones of cherry and natural smell assaulted wheat based show I know exactly you tell your talk about Plano. Yeah save a copy rarely read the smell whenever they trade Mercury or the smell. Ask right. I'm an excellent I was a store and this woman I'll never forget she was scratching their acts and I swear I watched her. Listen baton. Well you miss out creepy. Sounding. It's very creepy regardless your Watson was scratched the grass for minutes. So as creepy right now to think Aaron anesthetic I did a stroke stroke I said it. He built was it you wanna answer re talking in my game green beer remembers it. Els and a store and this woman on their forget she just was scratching rats I swear I watched your. And after that I said and she sniffed her hand idea that's irrelevant now it does that Giuliani really didn't pay up to watch your scratch your last one he wasn't. The only always. Oh geez I want I. Does not do. Well what's the quote well he said. He always always always always always always always always emphasize on the aisle is that protection always have a thanks I don't know I was always always always always always always have to act no nine always on the guy who has three kids yes always have protection content type.