Monday, February 12th


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Plug Gibson's next game she. So grosso festival is going to be here for we know I MIT this is like if there's a accessible for you don't I don't aftershocks exciting but this tortoise like cater around you can tell you call my defense I. Actually don't know why it's not called that Hansbrough so does well to be honest with you haven't we and winning now we do your have been changing on their name that thing but anyway yes Ambrose a vessels come I think. With a taco fenced in and beer which is more in thing but still a good I think it's kinda good for the entire show actually I have my own festival took longer drug like. That no this is not happening yes I can happen again this is this is wall is what's taking your blog drugs Ausprey the vandals. Meet person you begin means a hold on to advanced tickets on sale right now if you wanna get them some boroughs of taco fest dot com but we're trying to build the world's biggest hot go. At this and got legal people working on some things seemed to make this happen but as a show. We're determined the world's biggest I'm ready for the. I don't know that means that black had osprey so I'm excited for my generally know what it means indeed showed what we're going to do don't you either we just know we're gonna. The biggest topic I don't know everything you are obviously making a championship yeah is going on. Sorry it's WW DF news or to get deceived and all for wind your driving probably in the this segment. You got a lot in heavier reg directing to pull out on my goggles are one guy and the south eastern time I was sitting on the toilet last league play video games on his phone. They're always a story out of China about video games and play excessively. This guys settled the toilet for half an hour and this is his rectum I'll out. For thirty minutes but it apparently he was sitting there and play around on his phone and out and give due to business grow and pushing millions public enough. And I they got weak enough that it that big and hold his recommended body anymore although it. That's the worst thing I've ever heard and it just kind of dangled there he was forced to the hospital or emergency surgery in the doctors say he's now recovering. Now this guy did. This guy did have wrecked and issues in the past so this is more likely that happened and then they say you know you or me. Which is a good thing here yet it's thirty minutes is nothing went there I mean this is a long time but yeah. And lawn and I've found that Herman come on we've all been there you never like ten minutes at least it feels like icons while. 030 minutes could even imagine has got to go through hours. The terrible story is a good way to kick off the media news room yeah I am but you are very welcome sir. I can use all there is Jay well I guess its sixth grade daughter does UN arms you doctor parents and she said that if a boy. Astra and had a dances elementary school Valentine dance that she could not say no he was against school policy. Lot as a mom no mom went on to the teacher teachers and yet it's its policy as followed by the principle it's its policy you're not allowed to say no. When annaly Richard sixth grade daughter told her she couldn't say no little boy Astor and dancing teens Villone entries Valentine's Day dance. She believed at first and teachers at our world. Does she can't she has to say yes why don't accept and I said eggs. Excuse me and so Natalie took your concerns to the school principal he basically just said you know that they've been doing this. They've had to stand sent out this way for a long time and they never had any concerns before it's meant to teach students how to be inclusive we. We respect will be boy I don't smoke. Since. I'm asking for me ask you today oh oh two as the beginning of time. Men have always been attracted to women. They've always had the work of the encourage your encouragement to go hey we you do intimate as you knew you realize and there's a big fear that you have especially when you're younger. They cute it was I think you still do that to react rejection it's not an easy thing yeah but it's part of life. This coolest teacher led that if any girls always get out on the floor a boy comes up says can have a dad's. They have to give the day that's not OK I don't like you're not going to at all man that's that is. Now you you can say no your lawn say no there does not damn way a school can force just dance together. At the filly that's borderline illegal. It sounds. It is not a legally it's deadly it's deadly Christmas is you had that not policy needs to change the search. I've got a Louisiana a man that as taking dead jokes to a new level by planting a beloved story. In his son's hand metal luggage. Thought it might be nice to plan a twelve inch you can imagine what that might begin to move in his son's carry out how old design. That is a grown ass men OK guess madness I can be easy looking surprised and embarrassed as he watches the airport workers take the toy out of the bag before returning to the group bees wind and covering his face. While they. Again the last. And have a good time the airport workers are slapping and says well. Let me shoot you don't know what's in your bag that's hilarious that is funny always part you are. Right that's just great it's a New Orleans that would you know led the crazy job anyway it's a perfect place for that to happen and that's hilarious. All right professor incorrectly told the student dad Australia is not a country and gave her a failing grade. Which part did Southern New Hampshire University replaced instructor. That's forty several studio in Idaho. We'll find you compare American social norms. To that of other countries. She Joseph study social media used in Australia but the professor gave her zero on the portion of the assignment in Australia is they can't make it is not. A country in total I think I have a question and I Australia it's both it's well guy. All remember that because it's the only want to tell us that right it's it's it's it's it's crazy but it is. Yeah I don't understand that I don't know how you don't know that's a lucky eight both were we out of elementary school you know that are your professor and you don't know that. Don't professor has been let go good business and embarrassment I think. But I school cash. I like when source producer in the news a a prostitution. Sting that. My app police department down and Florida it netted six arrest I want my telling you about this these are all over the country almost every day right. Except for one of them was their local circuit judge that's Florida who did. In addition to solicit a prostitute the judge which declared he did visually is about 64 years of age is also accused of resisting arrest according to the arrest report. These spokeswoman for the twentieth judicial court confirmed the arrest Friday he has since bonded out. He's married or not. What allegedly made contact with the undercover officer on the ball and arranged to meet in the hotel. He agreed to pay air 300 dollars for its Elliott I am now hooked sump pump out. But increase I had thought he was placed under arrest according to the report he had this is that can be gives us the going price. But the guy has done little girls in my all round the price varies on how attractive the hooker is ozone is that you would now. He would now. They have prison officer has cost the State of New York almost 900000. Dollars. In legal payouts over assault and sexual harassment allegations and is now under investigation over accusations. He water boarded two inmates and brutally beat them in the I hardly think yeah. For good reason or just because as you want to. Nobody wanted to. They say what album it's is available by the guards he's accused of pouring buckets of water over their mouth and nose these two are shackled inmates at the all burned correctional facility in separate incidents. So is accused of grabbing and twisting. And while. Then they gateway did grab it punch it did but well anybody. I play that game with somebody and maybe you wanna play nonsmoker apparently not a time. Now so bad that his attorney says he's ever do you think cats that are a lot man that sucks so bad maybe don't go to jail. Couldn't you have to say and bottom right had no no sympathy for per inmate I mean it depends on the vine there but a lot of times. You know I don't think these guys to be doing anything like that now I want you wanna do feel bad for you. You say they probably didn't they didn't think I don't know the guys in their four minutes and guess who Panetta you deserve to be black agrees. Actor I agree is Monday and I agree that and to be beat like that. Actually it acts up Al always is is TV you're making me laugh and now I look like a jerk. We're talking about Richards isn't stop. Just caught up everything you laugh phenomenal series over here a terror network I'm Dick find that captured only yesterday afternoon.