Tuesday, March 20th


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Podcasts and then didn't show him show him in the media player she yeah it's going on. All right I can't even imagine seeing miss and I'd be terrified as an older lady down in Memphis Tennessee who is. Right. Why I. Played LA hovering around yeah yeah a whole lot oh yeah the woman was filmed on interstate 55 in this mobility scooter Friday. That she's home from the hospital after nearly being hit by several cars and trucks and only that would allow my shoes don't those. Witness great. Some partly injured elbow late. I'm an ambulance all I know. I write my number I'm. Animation is she okay someone planning. That would out. The whole article is not a lot yeah it was finished tenth in the south it's all legal and and the interstate that's terrible god I would I would do exactly what this lady did that I would you. Her and try to help her what that's just scary what the hell is she doing she confused we have a reason why she was on the highway aids and little believe that's the case Lara. Though this lady deserves an award. Video it was like 1520 minutes long this lady was going so slow following army arsenal do those things even reach fifteen miles an hour there's oh why. On an interstate this guy what seven he said he fired if your bay in the law now miles per hour right. More 66 I don't know what the abilities to speed on an as were that happened but yeah I mean a figure 6065 Monday and it doesn't matter they and you should not be an in a wheelchair I'm African highway she oldest children very confused. I'm sure. God that's scary well. As she was gone through. Mae and cut salt thumb by accident what are your place to ask don't tell. You have to tell. Happens it does umbrella anyway what I was I right your right I didn't really do put their total pay some kind of a rare procedure has got losses is to hope. Our worries is the man he replaced it with a total inside when you're kidding nuts from the. I'd say it's it's a rare procedure having these is I guess he was. Everything he AP if he was trimming would one day when the unthinkable happened any matter of seconds. You notice a bumpy he's slipped he buckled to golf that's a leader replacing wade is. I would like to point out that does not unthinkable happens all the time to really they say it's a big one pretty rare procedure translation Phil wood gears or placing it is that is the unthinkable in a rare thing losing a player. Well. Oh yeah. My jacket and pulled my hand right to the circus side any. The stock cut deep across mellow here. He stump was gone his pinky was dangling on a few months later the 45 year old opted for this and be eaten a a rare procedure to replace the appendage responsible for 40% of the work hand does. A toe to thumb transfer. I mean yeah it similar. You look at your thumb right now Leo yeah. It might poser your your total we are fat big fat obese so much bigger notably auto and and yeah I think they fretted. Retaliate. Bit rate card probably just looks like a low fat toe on your there's a thumb it looks like it's hell on your hand. I figured they would downsize not only do shave it off we'll see I can't say they do I don't know how they do it threats and I'm a little admittedly from. You're stretch Armstrong of those two. So. Sorry you're too young for the stretch Armstrong now I like I was at home and really great Baghdad they were. Up for a woman Dowd she's out her mother's eyeball placing them on cardboard box. Wish you don't turn. While Jeter from the dirt on the box on the box Arab television ad that the woman gaps other mothers eyeballs placed in a nearby cardboard box the thirty year old woman faces charges of first degree murder in connection with the death of her mother. Says. The daughter called a coworker and ask for help because she believed she may have murdered her mother. It's a genome. A good murder you know exactly you gals our eyeballs out. The unidentified co worker or why do you imagine you pulled up to this personally think if he says don't call me up Mikey call me up and he'll ever get my mom. Yeah I always do all the gossip and so well. I don't know we're pretty close we'll probably be like I mean we just fly. Yeah like dude real friends helped by the committee and everybody knows that right penalty you know me bury a body and give me some pointers that's all I need. Totally people Lebanese saw the dollar stayed outside covered in blood to the co worker called 911 it's good to me it's amazing that she even showed up and when dad he's arrived they'd the ladies' jell O I kill my mother I need help. She had a deputies the bloody difference keys to the house when deputies entered they found the blood splattered throughout the house. Dead at 55 year old mother dead in the garage both the rise had been removed from the sockets detective described. Erode in the affidavit several feet away from the victim was a cardboard box which the victim as I. IA's report found on top. Several hand written notes were found in the garage which contain religious themed written messages related to clearing this whole. Okay that's just crazy. Up for Amanda's been arrested early yesterday after telling police that may once I'm gonna have to change it on the big cat and okay hadn't got. Spotted about 10. AM to a disturbance at a residence when they entered a they get to that the one and his girlfriend. Who apologized for arguing loudly with a boyfriend home's backyard. When asked multiple times so identify himself the boy from refused and was being a invasive and argumentative. With the officers at the seed ever gobs and dubbed the mandate to go one more shot. At extracted the mainframe at that time the man described yourself as cap and DA do you discuss awesome. And that's gators subsequent since he has been identified get mr. V ads. 125 row got NGOs of Borden. He's arrested for misdemeanor charge. Mr. T don't you tell Collins said that your name that goes in Europe or India let me know herself and goes is that an alias to realize that in. 844 year old woman was driving drunk in New York on Friday morning and apparently she really wanted a breakfast sandwich. So she pull into a drive through and ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. Or she thought it was a drive through was not it was actually the security Booth outside of the jailed. Homered god damn these sheriff's deputy who was Manning the Booth noticed the woman seemed rod can also wouldn't take this is a gel I can't give you a breakfast sandwich for an answer. You will give me a damn breakfast sandwiches and she was arrested for felony driving while impaired there's no word if she got to have breakfast in jail though probably not. Except that bums me out she knew she really wanted to according to the national institute of environmental Health Sciences Center. Eight a begin the polls in essential oil also might disrupt your home hormones and make you grow quote large breasts. Great. Breast and it especially they say if you're younger Darren. I'm dying brother is a big goals is introducing a new bacon and egg breakfast sandwich and two promoted they created a shampoo that smells like eggs any conditioner that smells like. They can. That's dumb as a dumb stupid dumb thing to do. And it sounds delicious three for ten but she'd invited Einstein Bros. dot com slash smell edible now. In good if you don't though probably selling a lot of then. They can just mojo good enough yet to upgrade. Come on I am not your hair no no clue how to talk. Crazy and irrational bishop WTF news.