Wednesday, July 11th


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Podcasts and that didn't feel the game show pimp. Is going on. Eric sell side guy with a prosthetic leg. Broke into a leasing office and apartment complex and del city Oklahoma earlier this week. It's not clear B soul is and but the building manager called him in the office so he ran off. All morning. Given. The Gasquet of emotion on the footage. In Korea. In round I know he he got into a Toyota four runner. I sort of guy and cool oh. This is blood after blind are not even trying to be funny or just tell you the story with three regular tires and one spare tire drove off. Still a missing that man with a missy lag pleas of burglary in a car with a missing time wow. Here's a police also tell the story. Part of it. All white male wearing a ball cap going into the office not leaving it appears the suspect apparently left to process clone. The vehicle school room room three armor around you them back passenger's side and we'll lose actually Mark Shields. Have coroner she believes anybody regardless if I believe it's just crazy story. There's another where stories and though Barca though a gunman and then. Angry clown masks is on the run after shooting a customer early Tuesday in Atlanta Waffle House well isn't I'm. It. England how about now I guess so too early for that Gregory now until at least September. One of the victims relinquish his car keys and wallet the suspect took the car keys and wallet and went. Search exited the store. By the way buzzing around by cloud wanted to be angry clown not happy looking clowns I'd wanna be happy clowns lived I would feels that it was I would be terrified of an anger plotted to have become I find. I go first. Central and after the exit of the story fire around into the wild. Drug conviction that he took the catcher and I don't have that information this time. You have got to. Yeah I visited the gesture so. We're still looking for the suspect blackmail black could be so wants. You get a better. You're probably carrying cash register and a clown mask if you see anybody that fits that description. And don't let him out. A man who ran from police after he allegedly sexually assault a neighbor's dog was arrested early Saturday morning on a charge of BC reality. He 27 year old man which. We got a picture of the dog vendor. He alleged dog he looks like that because he doesn't usually such approach perverts. He looks like just a good marine which have been normal dude. Other and he was arrested at Denver police were called just to the streets shortly after 130 AL witness told officers face all the man. In sexually active dog in his neighbor's backyard. A bubble editorialized this and this should not suited to 2017. But in September of last year that governor in Texas. Greg avid signed into law that makes it illegal for residents of Texas to have sexually animals. That should have been that the law years ago. Yet that you always have been along whenever creating laws for the first time that have been one of the laws that was created know how big did it an offender may receive a sentence of just two years in jail. For a felony conviction so. What happens I don't I don't I mean we talked about this form I don't think these people get means BC LE terms or didn't do enough. Trouble I don't think they're going Jill long enough and should be a puddle at damn list. What is his pictures are just firmer it is. I mean it's out there is dating game has done I think sizes and use his mug shot as his profile pulpit Jerry might still work out well. MRI until they find out yeah. Every now I do really about it he's Dayton somebody right now our marriage we cannot have to find out numbers is she any with a dog that's horrible situation. I don't know I don't know how you recover from man don't you get you don't know well. A small town Kansas councilwoman landed herself in more trouble after putting up a fight was deputies according to the sheriff's office. Gaps are trying to arrest is 48 year old lady on June 29 for failure to appear. For a war that they had used their tasters on the woman to take her into custody arrested her for interference we did and battery on a law enforcement officer. In addition to the warrant deputies didn't need medical treatment after the incident did. She was taking in. To gel and remained on a 5000 dollar bond and a few days later on July 2. She refused to cooperate would gel workers as he tried to complete the booking process again this is the council wall in this town. We're all losers were forced to remove jewelry and personal items from her she bit one on the thumb hard enough to break the bone oh my god. A model in her mug shot did you see it the picture there Howell and her head out. There is an elected official in this wow she does her mouth is wide open she that the crews angrier at him. A guy in New Jersey got home on Monday and found his 39 year old wife dead in the garage when they had their 56 year old mechanic. It turns out she offered to pay the guy for repair work with sacks. Armored but they did in the garage with the car running. So they both died from carbon monoxide poisoning almighty god karma at it's best man. Another is investigating but they say it looks like one giant tragic accident. Well tragic I mean they're she was cheating that I mean but he found that she's cheating and why she's down and that's a lot that's a lot for him no deal without socks. Up please overly shocking footage of a gunmen. It in writing that I mean daylight attack they driver in London in the hopes of catching this criminal in his security camera video this hooded and masked man can be seen approaching it in BMW. Didn't stop in traffic in and fired three shots at point blank range at the driver but did not hit the driver. I don't know visually I would it there's really not all details that be checking to see she had any spouses you know spouse or something like battery maybe paid some money. Just walked up write and illustrate just pass. Second floor random. I'll always caretakers gave him marijuana as a reward for good behavior and took away from him that he misbehaved he told police. Now you say caretakers. A boy and his mom one Y I I can't tell if she just lives an out of their just like lovers but yes Howell was eternal. Doesn't really go into detail about the kid didn't give me a lot a Georgia I think is missing they don't have to give the kid's name it and say just that the kid told them that there is a disturbance at the house to counsel investigating this on the kids say hey you know that they if I'm good idea we even if I'm bad they take it away. Horrible parents. I sort of bizarre video out today new. Despite wearing a helmet and protective vest a man was fatally injured he jumped awful bowl slipped and fell under the close. And one. Did it shortly act is happy in Brazil by the way and indeed died instantly from the crowd the 24 year old guy. He remained motionless on the grounds over and watched this at some on. Rodeo. That's that's disturbing things I've done some and I don't want ever wanna see now but I. And I'm not making light a situation that I it all these Jay-Z means in the coming out wise no we put a marble Wear helmets. Pentagon requests we have freed seven dual right now man make one I'm not a fun night at a Photoshop now. I have professional mean maker now alone I can make an bigamy Minardi exists I can't Photoshop I bet there's a damn another Omega force right now. All of that's put it on the fans who pay drama unintentional page. There's a woman who once she ran against a Chinese Communist Party on Twitter. And that she's an error in the video say let's see how he's going to deal with me she says in the clips. Hours later she pose an image of an. A uniformed officer outside of her home. Other word because she's without missing. Cheap they feared missing after life street herself throwing being on a photo. Of the Chinese president IC is named she's in pain Gigi and being here doesn't think sounds like good attorneys from congress housing being a funny thing is happening and ultimately GGG. Zhang ping most seeing I was at GG. Aging is aging how to help he knows teaching because I watched this last week like this make your entire piece on the large armored man in China. Part of the world and independent timeouts are talking about it first connecting things unless. It is using say geez Zhang Zhi Jiang ping. She's all right after seeing pinging nailed it. He's seeing things man I thought precious funds say he's using an hour let's also together she came paying I would eat at Paris save save your cars. Just say in your car shooting pains shout outs are windows of the people that big rig and yeah yeah. Everywhere dammit it's. Creating a socialist these are love us and on those levels. We're going to be bad and I think ministering there. The extreme challenge trying to I don't know hey can we advertise anywhere on the planet that's through The Sopranos on the planet. Last I checked your correct it is. Well Floyd that he was hospitalized Monday after a homeless man released his pit bull water police say. How the sheriff's deputy showed up for the shopping center complaints of a group of homeless people would their dogs disturbing shoppers. The deputy call the department for back up to get help we screen you know try to restrain his dog she asked a group not to release the dog but. The 36 year old man did he let the dog attacked a woman. Man that's crazy I get an in this might I don't care of people think well when I say this I get mad when I see homeless people and dogs. As you what if they can't beat him or how you can take your dog your homeless. You. Just feel like it's wrong and he's been the dog the dog the shelter puzzling to adopt the dog to a home whatever. But that's my opinion of him and then I mean a thing is they can keep it fed maybe they need companionship. But I must say OK I. Xena homeless people with a dog I don't think that all the freaking high where all over the place is clearly there's so many homeless people in this area. I still think he should have dogs. But whenever there's take care yourself you know dig yourself in huge hero and that's kind of where my thought is well maybe they can maybe take care of the dog better than they take care of themselves and they don't just chipping jedi. Was I love this tags like me and the car next to me just yelled as easing paying another Sukarno in all of being a good job guys the right next to me chubby keeps yelling tried his President Mbeki he's leaving the that's all that's on your Geronimo. Love the damage you Lee Majors but this isn't news and I had two WTF do.