Monday, July 16th


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Podcast puck Gibson's next game. He's going on. I don't get geared WTF news in this decade but there's 8000 dollars a program to renowned 5 o'clock checked the workflow FL OW 27 to 81 float of seven to 81 for yourself money currency rose film Monday had a couple on stories locals in my local today into the ETF news you're ready I'm ready. Our first it was not a local one there's this woman who was arrested and she's 24 years of age you hairdresser. I missed fairway had the cops arrested her for going eighty miles an hour any 45 mile an hour result she's upset about how they treated her. The coin toss that they used. To decide if she should go to jail or not know they ultimately she won and they subverted jail. And we've got audio of that but first here is the lady talking about what went down here this is since there. Hey the green room and me. Maybe angry and upset. It just hurts it's all me. Create. Chipper bridge don't I don't know she's is coin toss that decided. Here's here's some of the L body can they call part of this story about a way charges they have been dropped on the lady. Funny thing. They just think it. May edit. I feel very. Reality. There's some normalcy this story in in the state of Washington and in this weekend someone's gonna get stopped by Washington state police officer. And someone's gonna make a comment about AVG flip a coin to decide whether running a citation. You know what's gonna happen. That wasn't their fault only do so they can say satellite as a decoy on this one. Eighth Saint Paul City Council candidate has been arrested after allegedly posted a topless picture of his wife to his. Campaign website. Is owned almighty god really I cannot make in this Delphi. Over the weekend a semi nude photo of a woman believed to be his wife. Was posted on his campaign website below the photo was a link to the restraining order from her against him the minute she claims on July 4. Martinez put his hands around her neck and threw her into a shelving unit. I'm pretty sure this guy's not going. Posted a picture of what a moron. Oh here's another way to a Republican represented. Bragged to police officer there he sometimes drives a 140 miles an hour he was stopped driving 97. Any 55. MPH and stone that listens on it. You know 130. OK okay well I have your logic does block for me I think it's that that is an hour. And I'm. 301 you cannot even in this thing. And the and six of them to drive a 140. My god he thinks he should be left because you elected official you know flashes a little luck hard. No but I'm. However the cockpit let him go when he wrote the report a powder arrested disaster dim spot to me you know. Especially we turn thought euros. If forty. The media say you guys. Here's a story this is sad they say this guy's a really nice guy Chicago dad was found beaten to death in his home over the weekend. And that's not really the point well he's a big part of the story the other part is that many kids he adds. Listen to this story. Q was the father of 43 children. And Jesus. 4343. Says he's better off right now and do that they don't even know who's responsible still investigating why he's beaten in his apartment. 43 the key is he says he has forty there's forestry supposed to protect. Corrupt accomplice outfits I. Except that he lifted at Q yeah hi who knows that all of us are random act or not but that just can't believe the new said he was the father of 43 children. No he's analyzes and then you can limo game it was was that he had gained yeah basically he 43 days hell man. Mean I've this I don't get it. I don't give houses killing missile systems and I'm entitled to an elderly really. Is that the man's dead I just I just couldn't get over the fact the 43. Kits to families says he has the big ice commit big funeral of the funeral I like the coliseum and and I don't go. Now the most kids hate him you know they don't over the week you see this this local store police chase they stolen fire truck across four counties yeah. That was the craziest thing it was all over everywhere I'm probably get on FaceBook and also in people's is there's videos of this though despite her truck is just going to marijuana everywhere it's crazy. Forward. He didn't let me. Forcefully made me hit a shot Clinton. Now this lady she is this guy. Forced her into the car and the cops there's a witness ago that she got in the hole and really. I'm speculating here but going up this. As somebody to hold me and told the story of the day. Their words were. There like a budget week there's been. I don't know if they are they're not police chased a stolen fire truck across four counties officials say these Sacramento metropolitan fire district truck. Worst cover you think they valued as far cherica. Yes. Is 800000 close really I didn't know we got a million a damn one million dollars while. Other trucker reached seventy miles per hour. As it speeds about 85 miles an hour through Sacramento in the plaster you bush and Butte counties. It was eventually stopped on state route seventy. And a man and a woman were arrested no other details about the suspects were available as of Sunday. The metro fire spokesman told the Sacramento bee that the truck was our had to be towed back after extensive repairs. And photos show a front wheel down on its round. Other Mel suspects that he stole the truck because he wanted to get help I don't. The female suspect as you heard there claims she was kidnapped a lawn force meant officials say. They sell her will only get into the firings. Them. Tweeters after I gotta go traders. My here's another story in our area Chico. Authorities say a Southern California man doused his wife in gasoline and set her on fire after an argument. That's a little dramatic it yeah. It happened Friday night police say there were too involved an argument and other two were but the husband Dallas is wife and gasoline and set her ablaze. They say the woman suffered burns to her chest and arms the victim which. Was able to call and make it called Vista first first you called your you are your and your your blew open the entire right he called. 91 line again she called her brother was there he called lone. What there's a reason why she would call her brother the victim called her brother for help who called police. People are really asking stupid I was home put that out there in case anybody was confused or just me misled by some things people are freaking dumb. There ago you said the umpire even backed. Kind of outage bat like you and a lot of the quickest they can some emergency official calling 91 professionals is trying to help me call you stupid rather. Hey Bert. Wait I'm on fire call 91. Did she call her brother in say a month fired call 911 I need to know these are nice I need to know the seuss' the victim called her brother for help knew who called police eleven happens easygoing guy brother Ahmad Farid you Coleman once I conducted yourself. Got out of Harvard told. The story but I was. A guy work he's not listening more and come to find idiots brain tumor we know I'll work for the sky with Brady who's our first years in radio and PRD had some issues where he had had passed out in the what do the doctors and they thought like maybe been scooped her something was wrong. You know sometimes they miss things enforce a dead. And then out. About couple months later we decided we're gonna take a trip to the next city over overtaken me they took the station band and then I took part personal truck that was full month. Like get a call from the other guys that work with that time which is abuse a moron. He calls it goes in the guy's name because he's he's pat he's passed out he's bleeding from the nose. Why did you call me call my what what immediately yeah it did when you get pulled over and get to situated call me back let me know what happened right. I don't understand big people make I don't understand either. While. While. There's a 31 year old woman in West Virginia and she got upset on Wednesday when another woman started working on her. Working torque. But cinema booty in a torque in the time. Now we don't know a lot of details here I if they knew each other a lot of woman decided she wanted to work on this league. Or even what the song was on that inspired when the reports on me anyway the woman was so upset that she bit. That toppled the woman's finger offer torque in on her. A box box I don't know why beds they're fighting to read I had a lie either but I'll laugh at duke toward army base a quite dropping you off. A two greats. I lose a finger. As a source for the you're not a normal person was working and say I would lie for the rest my life you would never led you to work to someone else and I got my finger and enough now. I was thousand Vietnam or something. Almost worked at the water was Russian hospital. The lady was arrested on a felony charge. Now she can be a look at that is what it says to. To ten years in prison. For a bite networker that's quite a finger off two to ten years yet that's quite a gap in the what do you think is fair for Biden singer flew into the fear was completely bitten off. Yes two years new years is good and I you're mine I send for what you in four based worked on me. All right what happened after that night. His next or I gotta say I'm impressed by a pair Whitney I've never want to go. Suicide as sad it is it's a sad thing would do so many victims but this story fascinates the living hell enemy. Out of Florida. There's this man. And they found a body yet a circle applied to Wear a single. Copper hollow point bullet ripped into his heart. I'm getting the script appear but follow me. But Palm Beach Gardens detectives noticed something odd. A thin light of blood line of blood running to the shoulder. And that they investigated looked at it just didn't seem right. At the southern had been dragged across the shirt like may be streamed. Then police learned that in the weeks before the 71 girl's body was found on January 25 in a field. Near the country club home he had ball to weather balloons. Asking questions such as how much they could lift how far they can drift. Bad at what height would they go to before they popped. Any also bought a tank full of helium. Oh. Detectives have concluded that this guy concocted a scheme to kill himself but make it look like a murder. Investigators believe he attached a gun buys string to a weather balloon that would lift the weapon from the dead hand. And then it would would drifted off shore to the Atlantic Ocean. Wow. The case is now a disorder was in January has not enclosed. They concluded does not suggest a mode of thought they don't have a motive for the apparent suicide. Are why he would make his death appear to be a murder the report says that he had several life insurance policies or go. Campus of the suicide nobody gets anything right and had searched the Internet the guys search the Internet for questions such as what their policies pay off. Were suicides. In fact police search of the Internet browsing history this man his computer suggest he come out this scheme for nearly a decade. While. If it investigators found Google search is dating back to the year 2009. For ways to commit suicide by god. He looked at hanging drugs and poison and how quickly a gunshot victim dies. And there were searches about helium balloons. Unease browsing history. This poor guy I an an agent Paul stories crazy but I knew what was he going through for that long in his head. Yeah you know when I mean that's a struggle. Did you commit suicide regardless that's that's it's sad that is really really sad and just well the whole stories crazy though it's like it's almost brilliant. I was gonna say like I'm almost a personal way yeah but he got caught if you didn't get caught. Maybe it is like the public and library computers or something that was I was gonna say to was -- we hear these stories all the time these people are our rules or researching the crimes that they're about to deal on the wrong god damn computers and their own phones you morons again people are stupid if you're going to do a crime to use investigators exactly use pat Martin's computer or use your best friend's computer or maybe go to a to a public Wi-Fi or some really does so you don't get busted doing searches on the crime to dramatically in my laptop use it thorough and then throw it in the water Alec get rid of this somewhere well. I'm the stupidity of this stupidity of people still owes me ways and did not that little bit like this strange and run across his body just did not add up. Today and if that wasn't for that even got away with Paulus yes because the guns out of the Atlantic probably he's gone. While. Again like I said this is almost is a look it's kind of brilliant. But after up I never thought anything like that now this is just no. Them a former pastor or church is facing a felony charge of video for terrorism after a member of the church for four he took a photo of her dress with guns in his office with his children. Once they have stayed as kids and is like on office the 31 year old guy was arrested Thursday afternoon. He's in jail as of Thursday. And they issued a warrant for him and then they picky about the case was reported on April 24 the victim a 41 year old woman insulin deputy. Which he attended Sunday's service on April 8 at the church of Christ there they don't coma. The victim said she was meeting with the manager's office along with his children. His kids in her room. And he asked her put his youngest child into a car seat. As she bent over to do so she felt skin against her leg turned around and found the pastor did over directly behind her she knows he must hold news poll. I had the red light. Am. The bacon and other members of the church later confronted the man about the incident he was removed from the church. Good. One piece of crap church staff reported he had no unsupervised contact with children at the church in the church. Had not received any complaints about the inappropriate behavior with children. Hate. I don't know routes later this did today's the review of news is crazy pretty dark and pretty WTF is that we hear now that that.