Thursday, July 19th


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Turn it didn't putt yeah. And damn no damn. Mikey about. I'm at a C three weeks it could have been four weeks ago I told you a story about how my mom has had a conversation Rivera and and back on she went to a funeral and there was a person who took a cell free. In the funeral home yeah I remember as we talked about how we all we all pretty much concluded together he included in that it was. Now I'm pretty strident I think he was OK with that I was really was he OK with it I he's now because I may have makes more sense to get itself pretty near the casket well I don't find there's a story out now this model. In Siberia. Who took a self be with her dad. Then posted on social media the model. Who also described herself online as a singer posted the picture under online accounts say and rest in peace. Gosh I just by going up this story and are the more details. He can tell she's been the center of attention and I I don't know I just like she took a picture next to the casket of her dad. Her dead dad was stealing your thunder. Well. Yeah but I think I've I mean she did this because she still wanted to take this moment and I think just had to to be in you know does that again the center of attention yet. Yeah it was well it was one of those and on my dad's dead bat or meet Cormier anatomy actor facing several criticisms she's now deleted her online presence people call her out for a she can be seen how league team and I've had that little duck tape yeah that's OK god. Next to her father's body. And local media reports say he was dead at the time the picture was taken so. Honestly I don't maybe he wasn't in the casket and really didn't say he was in the casket just that he was dead that he was in the hospital man oh okay yeah I saw this picture he is in a hospital is look. He's not calling Jeff first I secular overlooked again a serious look Mikey he yeah he's got a little mode he's overreact here is food coma on some hospital bed he is freshly dead not Majerus says in her native language but anyway. Her underneath the picture she she wrote we have followed as much as we can. How about we don't have opinion doing what it is is. It's not our will we don't decide how long we live. He left us in these 67 year of life thank you for everything I am grateful for being your daughter and having you as my father. Thank you for bringing us to the right path. Rest in peace you'll forever stay in our hearts. Are you look at the hard fight and he's crap at wasn't a terrible thing for a right. Maybe she if she wanted to post something like that on FaceBook without the picture the picture's terrible my pictures really just about her if it was about him it would have been a picture of just him. But it's a picture of the side of her face she's trying to have does this cue cards and a pouting look it's kinda cute. It's all about her just as Ian says she's been scrapped. So he'll look at the picture you see her she's got to face come at an angle look like maybe she's looking towards and their dad's dead body and she's doing the apocalypse is not the power is yes then the double edged and that she's got the most g.s were the tears are running out and then a broken heart. Is this the world religion don't know how. Is she because air because it does kind of matter because think about it. This is what this is the future this is what's gonna continue to happen it's only gonna get worse is these millennial get older even that whatever the generation is after the Mullen kneels. Are gonna do this and impose these self is all the time we've been in this this. As a world where everything's about me it's all about meeting me myself be imposed in pictured myself doing what ever relatives. How old she is but I think you make a valid point there her age your whole life she's been around social media now. But there are people don't understand the distance himself from certain things are things that are personal things didn't go on there and her next to her dad daddy hi I find it disrespectful I need to but I don't know if we can blame them jokes that maybe they don't know I wonder how her dad would've felt. I guess I doubt they had this conversation daddy die here is that I'm gonna take a self he makes your course I'd imagine the man who say don't yeah I'm I would imagine here in the cool is that. But I would not only in my kids listen if I die you dig itself with Mia will haunt you can. Your entire life. Don't do it makes you look really did that picture. If you yeah I mean if you're gonna do it make it really badly hit F. She did they see that addressed that in the casket and I but I thought I read overlook the second page appreciates. He's just doing he just died based fresh he's fresh day he's still warm yeah. Hide I don't think the nurses knew he needed again. If they don't even if it didn't get out of that you didn't even beat and he's probably said hey I'm still alive I got it easy guilty of killing. The itself. He smothered him for the self be Jesus while right there's another stories big and Yvonne of dead people does that tombstone had a sore yesterday ran out of time. A fairly appears to have and we don't know the back we don't know the story behind this but apparently appears to have been called barbecuing. Can these sort cult because if they're out Republican graveyard. He he really caught. Now yeah. Got you an idea from anybody can use it raised tombstone as a base according to witness. Who took the photo they were barbecue on the person's grave that's awesome. You can divide guy you can barbecue on my hands are I don't care what we don't know maybe they got as I call this the cool he was like out you know make you sleepy little part of our car you know an idea and grew awful we do you know. Maybe I get the guys are really into this grill yeah. That would mean that makes sense and if that's the case I don't see Obama does but if it's to be able to do if these field you know this personally as images that are arguing that the little disrespect we know we don't know the background that's what you have the story that we don't know that I embodied captured the picture in the post and up but now pet we're talking about and that's what I hate about this is that the president at the picture had no idea it is just blast the money NN late. Did you ask. Because I'm getting in Lebanon without saying they knew that dead person and they think. That they have been OK would it. It's check your facts before you just start restart harassing you don't know enough facts I don't know we don't know the people are on column open house comply I'm saying go ahead. Hey I'll porn star turn. Wanna be politician wants people to give him money so he can be buried in a gigantic a remote controlled. Jock Belgium world. Wow why. He's a poor starving them the man says he is playing to go off in style after announcing he was between diagnosed with a terminal lung cancer. Specifically he means being buried inside a six foot long shaped coffin. That. Would be complete with a pair of you know what goes and I know there are back up sinkers and he started a crowd fund each. But can't get the project off the ground. He says he's about 5000 dollars to build this gigantic kitten junk on wheels as he's admitted. No one is going to want to be a pulled Mary Carey and now can follow HA rooster. Now about Dylan that we did not sign in on a while ago that that ceremony has agreed though I got I would like designed to be hilarious. The crowd finder will also pay four hydraulic mechanic isms back home team. Make that call for an correct at an angle deer in the service god damn it. I've got bad. I'm not mad if you like he's creative I give it to the guy really good look too don't you get your big job I know did you see you I just reloaded they're in that now but I like to watch him do that every morning more like you know regulated part of your. Who had I know just to put either cremate your community Coughlin I don't know I go to the regular way you I guess I'm boring I don't need to be a leading part or man parts. That ever so I don't know who's gonna I'm curious you can make if do you know move wash onshore there some sex toy company out there that would do it. Yeah I think to the moon I don't know the rules ought to be buried in the ground like you know that there's certain rules they have I. I don't think they care they bury you in a junker non UA EU plus why some holes in the ground I ever few years ago I watched a story we're supposed bared their car the car so they're going to get married thinking well I don't think Haiti typical graveyard that we know around here we say our idea and is five per car most most time they'd say no and then. I have I have no idea but I think to do the whole festival in Japan of Japan or China or maybe I don't know where the hell yeah really celebrate the talent can I think it may have all kinds of blowup since statues and never doubted that there are mailed junk. Whatever they can probably get in touch of those people to make that they can that they casket form. It's Japan they're thank you I had Deluca I'd I can understand like I EU I had under the festival Wiener festival events. Don't think this is passive here. Powerful man. Posed as a housewife to trick unsuspecting straight men ability have performed. And so on them while he secretly videotaped the encounters and later posted online federal officials say. The 33 year old guy was charged with two counts of illegal interception of now have intercepted it yet legally Mel hug a communications and counsel of record keeping violations in connection with the website called straight boys. Back with a Z can make it cooler. The man allegedly ran and the website which features straight in being tricked into accepting these ads from gay men according to the newspaper. This straight men were blindfolded and wore blacked out goggles. And appeared to believe they were women do in the act I'm sorry. Behavior as I have now. Fallen for that you know. Blindfold me and tell made that a woman's gonna be doing that I've I'll be damned odd they've gone to get him on doing that now way the man is accused of posing as a real heterosexual female in Craig's list and trying to lure these men to into a home. It by its air. An air force base in that there's a reason for this when the men asked. For assurance that there were no cameras he assured them that she's married to someone in the army can and she's. Never photographed or videotaped them. In actuality however the man whose videotaped and theirs is even audiotape and at the the website has more than 600 videos before it was taken offline. Unclear how many victims. There is so I think it's an ongoing investigation. The man is charged an unlawful sex with a minor earlier this month police and officers found the guy with a underage boy but he's been reported missing in a hotel room. And even admitted to drugging and having sex with the team this guy's just a scumbag all around. What a piece of crap dude I don't personally I don't I would take it back from Craig's list. And then your blinds on me so I don't see who's doing what to think now. But really there's some really desperate people up there category yeah. Not that. Mad about this story but part of me is mad about this sort of explain why a I'm up a pedophile in 78 years of age I'm a dad himself with a knife. He smuggled into court after the jury's guilty verdict was announced. He's been accused of sexually assaulted a six year old girl we had a pocket knife he died. No he's gotten ourselves and abdomen but somebody in the back and he's got to go and they realized it was that a knife is stabbed himself they rush and hospitals like you don't survive allied debt. No I'm OK with things arriving put him in jail because they'll take care of him in prison and yeah the dying get the easy way out he's a piece of crap he deserves to be tortured for the rest doesn't understand had a nice day. A hater tax money paying for maybe weeks but I don't sit there forever that's one thing. I'm OK with my tax money paying for is a pedophile being tortured for the results like a little cheated letting bleed out in the courtroom slowly and pay well that's different. That's what I would blame video tape that put upon you supervision out like that okay with the had stellar work from I would donate money into the tonight cause he did. I'd pay a logic moon. Over the scares me I I've read a lot of trips to the Dennis this year. And Dennis cut a chunk out of a patient's cheek and lip. When his hand slipped on pliers as she gets a 22000 dollar compensation at all because she was left with public nerve damage following the surgery. Because this big this big chunk out of her cheek and lower lip with pliers. And he says he lost his grip on our wisdom tooth during the tough extraction. That's Sox yeah I even describes how much cheese slice into her face resulting in name or needing stitches to close the wooed ever left cheek measured seven centimeters wide and five point five centimeters long from her lip to urge all she's like lost feeling in Iraq. For damn nerve damage. Owns your Somalia and I guess that Sox back. According to a new study out of John Hopkins medicine in Baltimore eighty Jimmy. Cured meats like hot dogs salami bake in and beef jerky could make you develop mania. The definition of mania is a heightened mood energy and arousal. Is most likely happen to people would bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. The researchers say about 11100 hospital cases and found that people who weren't many would mania. Or three and a half times more likely that eaten cured meat the forehand than the average person. On the bright side the researchers say that if you have cured meat occasionally issue and trigger any mental illnesses in years. Yeah cured me tired and they it's bad for you cause cancer and all kinds of whom. This guy really wanna get a jump here a management charge. We is twice vandalizing vehicles outside of a sheriff's office. Four vehicles had their windshields damaged on Sunday and the total damage estimate was about 15100 bucks. On Tuesday. Seven share office vehicles and for personnel vehicles of the detention officers sustained and estimated 6700. Dollars. It damaged so he went back around to. 26 year old man was arrested after the second incident and admitted to be in the culprit in both authorities said. He told deputies that he wanted to go to jail. I don't know why I want to go Chela did doesn't give us a new diesel why he really wanted to go but he did well he set his mind to something. He's been charged with fifteen counts of injury to personal property and being held in jail under a 100000 dollar bond Susan in this way. I can mean he set a goal he achieved it. And HIV positive man spat. They nurses melt then told her taste the last kiss of death she tests according to home records the 28 year old Aniston said to have. Uttered that remark after showering the woman's face would saliva. In the ER visit on June 11 the man whose reason for hospitalization. Has not been specified. Had to be physically restrained. In order to receive whatever treatment he was there for. But the lady she's been tested and she went back and test it again at six months later she's negative and you know it's boom. One B it's it's bad it possible that train submitted it to saliva but. Who is scary now yes because I still be terrified. Well here's a storybook lady it's WTF news and the guy is the WTF is stored at the wall and I'm proud of her she's it would you generally a good look at lady. She works at a restaurant a server she's. In a restaurant she's taken it order just doing her job a guy walks by here grabs are on our ass. She grabbed the guy immediately get into the ground hold in there police get there and they arrested got good. Ellie she tackled a guide to the ground that's awesome good for her. I understand he's the they story pop up people just go to just assault people. I hate you know gravity girl's ass that's not cool don't yeah just die unless she asks don't I mean you have to go over some of them provide. Not just ran like a random that's insane. According to a new study at a as the University of London for about 40% of us those early childhood memories are probably. Freight. Went. I'm here for their safe and. They say basically the first two years your life. You don't have memories of Iowa have won only refer people years well people claim they do they're pulling for our. I just and they don't and people are sailing I remember right around and a stroller even though you don't. I'll admit her Hugo do in this for the family when Alice why and you know you don't play with them a certain toys are feeling sad. And the birth of the siblings like these people are claiming they remember that the realtors say there's a good chance you dig you remember something from your early childhood. But you've really just pieced together a fake memories through pictures and stories you've heard my. Ha yeah I do fence remember Vietnam. These are met like I restart remembering things I karma back till like five. I think I have a couple memories may do and enforce harder but the timeline on it. Four or five prominent on the go five because I think for for these for me was was young black because there's couple things that really stick out in my mind that I know happened almost five. Mom and dad get divorced and whatever and there are certain like arguments that they had that I still remember me downs is crazy but it was almost five. It was crazy about that I was ever admitted this to going into therapy of some things armor run my biological father that in a man's son my life and has today and but I remember. It now and armour brand knob outside of of the restriction you know. He's dropped me off and she was getting me now whatever I remember him getting violet in the car clock and I wasn't even five yet but I remember that and I told him the story get out are best for mom of the stories I can't happen now remember the exact location to store everything while. Yeah that's crazy the stuff that we do remember it is in a lot of likened. You know infection yet and as if they just what he's talking therapy about how all that was a trauma I was traumatized as a kid in the old film and abandonment stuff for going through digging up things in the past Clinton. But like that you know these members there there. Yeah it's pretty crazy but back to not let you know now your money growing your brain is growing your nostrils remembering that stuff. A stripper at a gentlemen's club was arrested Saturday after deputies say she stole thirteen hundred dollars. For a customer's wallet while she gave him a private dance. Yeah. I feel that happens a what are she didn't elect achieved by. Teach the wallet out of his back pocket probably and then put the wallet back probably not that. Very simple thing what she's 46 years arrested on charge of grand theft and booked into the jail on Saturday night she was given this private dances man while given the dance the woman took. This guy had 6520. Dollar bills. In his wallet that's no lie that he was looking at a good time to strip I guess she didn't try to lead the global stop by securities they own security at the club. I believe down marts are open and they called the sheriff's office and eventually this woman she admitted to. Well how journalist when he in the pocket oh yeah I'm Dan. The Burger's right there. I finally WTF accuse a man who was spotted right around a camp ground telling people his family had been killed by bears was actually higher on math no. He's six year old man had to run into his home after a camper right. Said the suspect was running to the area tell folks it's really been attacked and killed by these pairs. The man as sponsors if he told the bears. He also told police he had had used methamphetamine the suspect was taken at the hospital where you know just the told the staff to Bayer's. He'd kill would swords. Knives yeah they told. Isn't it the family's 235. Stanley wasn't there I don't know be super Kofi did didn't kill anybody he just lost his mind. Fills don't do drugs yeah that'll make you run around campgrounds can that you just murdered people and a more I can't ground. WTF days.