Monday, September 10th


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The dim non get past due to an object that didn't show. Going on. Deputy avenue is OK get out of this story me. Constant Pennsylvania pulled over a twenty year old guy. On Saturday. When they asked him for his ID he jumped out and ran they started chasing the guy. So low that any reached into his waist band pulled out of semi automatic gun but the process of in the grabbing it. It fired a bullet into his own leg. Love when this happens and people like this simply he went down for the cops were able to catch him and arrest the guy he was charged with weapons possession of narcotics possession and more. The cops to go to the hospital to get his leg treated. Wow that's a funny. All right so in South Carolina man told police he burned down a house because he was mad at the mother of his child according to the report. A neighbor told the officers that this mammals around were inside the house. When the fire started so few minutes later someone walked from beside the house and covered in liquid believed to be water. And was bleeding from the nose. The man told the officer his name and that he was the one who started the fire. The man said he was so mad at the mother of his child that he was tired of dealing with terror. Torre told the officer. He said he pour gasoline throughout the house laid down in a bad and lit the fire with the intentions of brought in himself up along with the house. The man said. He lit the firebird realize the fire was hot and try to put himself out but instead. Hated about the fires so. That's what fired does it gets hot is how old is this person only grown as an honest man. -- yes that's 44 year old man is charged with arson in the third degree plus he's being treated for his burns and stupidity Josh. Me you love some time to time and it you cannot say these people are lazy even if they are thieves a pair of thieves stole sixteen foot long spool of her from its brother California woman's home. And at Apple's caught on the neighbor's security camera. It says 650 pound spool of turf to be exactly was dropped off the home by a contractor near San Diego. And the neighbor's surveillance camera recorded footage of two men trying to put into the back of a car. Well wouldn't fit in part of it hanging out. They try to stick sixteen feet of terror in that truck that only two foot deep in May know sands is now a neighbor's been quoted that's clearly shows the men drive ball. When most of the turf dragging on the road behind the car. They kind of follow sort of the word that the marks for me dragon and little bit of you know that hurt the other mile that that does appear to them and who got it yet. The duo and now I'm sure I'm I'm sure a lot of that is. They're still trying to figure who did this but and a lot of work that is just for some turf now. A teller surprised officers during a traffic stop when she handed them a bag of drugs and paraphernalia. Why why all state trooper stopped a car Thursday and noticed that three year old girl's not properly secured in the back seat quote. This is from the the news release these little girl Reese under the front seat and retrieved a zipper pouch she opened it up. And held it up to the troopers so he can see the continent's. Inside was a bag of marijuana drug paraphernalia the couple were arrested and charged with a endangerment child. And because John Wooden beds properly restrained in his seat perhaps and then the guy. He Agassi must admit that we must kids people like this to make films look bad cash eightieth. Sublease and brush are investigating claims a boy a be headed himself with a chainsaw after loosen a computer game. Well Jesus man. How do you do that I don't know what in Russia they do they mean business in Russia day's lows and a country talking rather it's his harsh of the fifteen year old kid they say he committed suicide after. After I guess in the outcome of the game did throughout the way wanted to do. Most kids just get mad and throw the controller and yet maybe breaks sound than a major brake control terrorism against the law right. Reports say the boy went into his jarred that morning and switched a lot of chain saw and sawed off his own head oh my god and that's terrible. You believe that Russian media side and local sources say and that he was addicted to a computer that is single mother had bought for him so he's one of the bill played the entire time I didn't like the outcome and have to wait Saudi deal with it. I just don't like. I just can't imagine how we would do that. I NL I mean I hate defected to 150 yeah with your little hate that haven't anybody cores do that but you're right there you really think about it how would she do that like eight. What a horrible there's so many other ways they got to remain the latest terrible talk about but I mean I'll if you machines on yourself that's hard core that is. I went out AM there is a minute miss float around on the Internet. How forever that says you burn 67. Calories when you pass gas. The better be true I don't remember hearing that from the well doctor has been quoted the University of Michigan just confirmed it is totally false. They average person passes gas fourteen times today. And it and it kept track I've never counted. And burnt exactly zero extra calories in the process time in Amman lose weight by far down there dead doctors and quoted the only way you would achieve even a modestly. Number of calories burned by fared Intel until the doctor resort fared well I mean this witness. Is by a straining your add doubt a abdominal muscles to release the gas and unlikely scenario aside from when you're exercising. That's. Wii's for solutions tighten your abs. I don't think dead opposite of networks though. You have it now when now from Harding just her. That's terrible. I'll walk more and to be key if he's a man slashed his friends junk with a blade actor Kenny netstat. That he began socializing with other people a court has heard what OK okay hold out. And they may be just in the store is gonna come up I got to know why it was one friends jump out. Okay yes we'll explain okay untouched. Into there and 46 year old and struck out at his friend. Actually get an anger he visited him then went upstairs in those flat to see other people the friends that know each other for some years and also lived together. But the man. Did like the way was socializing so there has scuffled Deere which demand pull out a knife on his friend and slash DM. Including his armpit it vigorously cutting through the pennies and I'll be just wow. You're supposed to be my friend. While. Does he sound financially with the court other guy's been since the nine months in jail suspended for two years I guess he's gonna have to go to rehab for his anger issues but not everything in my two year restrain order banning him from contacting the victim. 46 years old. Yeah that do. Welcome Hellman and it's rough. I don't cause this it's hard making friends when you're an adult but I am content the yeah apparently the season doesn't spread to target other people and very nice given the judge but that's all right up next are we gonna get today's. A recent survey asked people to give their significant other letter grades and a bunch of different aspects of their relationship Mike romance overall. Being spontaneous. Are they listening to they listened only funny you know how clean our day. Alter what the average. Amount to this is. And where to go through these to listen let's admitted for guilty of any of these billion Margaret green ourselves we should grade ourselves somehow didn't sound as I get myself and they already but this time of great nobody else was beyond those great ourselves and see a war is our weaknesses. As we go through this maybe you got to do it and this'll do it now a couple minutes.