Thursday, September 13th


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Yeah M podcasts and then didn't show him show him. Going on. Crowd that he had he had news hearing go as a story out of Florida they may have been accused of throwing that top kill. I don't know my DNA of the retire girls. A toggle and a woman. Which is said said that she saw this these people arguing. And settled police were called peace investigates this lady civil swelling on her face from uneasiness and really through that Tonka. Yeah for faces slowing the error easily beat our red marker whatever the alt search. Described in their report. You know they argue about. It's gonna talk a little that would even argued about taco could well it's the talk they are about taco but not what exactly what you're thinking and her talk show apparently her talk show was being. Serviced by another man she thought she'd confessed and a vehicle. That another guy was you know. General tongue twister action so she told him he got master of the one tacos at the lady's face but tacos and that's also a lot of talk on this. I hope that everything you say can't say that I don't wanna know that I know I. Is another W chips or a mayor was charged with sexually assaulted a woman. Now if we ascribed and it is is terrible thing that happened basis lady works at a hotel and she was fourth how many clean the room at sky resentment. Cell he pushes her on the bed. And he'd pull your pants down. It doesn't get any more script the night that he throws money on top of her on her Barack's. As that are running cash on our message around other. Yet that doesn't make it automatically okay appeared yet he can't pull some of these fans doubted that this road money into says he rubbed the cash against her Botox. Almost money. Well that's important that we kind of news I'm just curious that is nothing that would on any I think sexual. After that that's scary enough for this poor lady be in that situation yes you bring me in month out there this guy that's what he did just rob it did that he brought the money. Yeah really weird. We. Been able to death yeah. Oh you know near in his hotel for Domino's tells. And a mini bar has a little shocked at what age are lightweight micro mini show has always crazy and charge you know when I crunch I don't know how much you pavers Pringles in Chicago. I mean give me Pringles and I don't know Pringles and our charge form really have lucky you hey now. Outlook cannot be charged there's a warning out today about these mini bottles. Attendees hotels you know he's careful. People are. That is going to Philadelphia and about it and they're filling up themselves and put it back in the cabinet. Jesus you're gonna decline in your gonna get charged still some people aren't being caught how they are being taught. Because they've keys I think he made the economy just glance you know is glance a look at mole when you ask cell and then the next person comes in there and right column man as a running count. I don't know it's. Not rough days not I don't feel like Rahm. We've case before. Got paid and then a majority does is have the majority of this is happening sustained. Spain to they removed all the mini bars in the rooms after a study found that it surprisingly common over there and which is to hotels over there is a hot spot for bachelor party so maybe that has something to do that too. I don't know so be careful. Mayor of fort. Was that a laundry mat about 2:30 AM and he thought that would be great time for him to watch a little pornography. It was stopped there. That's when he went to town on himself. Well that's what you do when you watch for dogs or somebody somebody if they didn't Mondale business they they called the police and that's what they should have done to you can have a bad laundromat you know just. You know do my first name and down a path that I've felt since so you can't get there they make the arrest from the guy. And he says he had excuse for doing this all plays. Do it helps him does anxiety oh good that's great won't start smoking. Or something out it does it Iran stressed that does help. But if he can't do it in public at a laundromat I know you got to go home. Gates they hear that you are all little stressed out does go home go. Or. Unless there's a great idea it's already a bad idea go into the bathroom known water don't even say that this thing in the deal coalition on putts that just go home. Bicycle cop. In Florida he's just overall and Andy sees these two older people. On the sidewalk. The man's land on the sidewalk there's a lady above. You know she's Dylan. We'll mouth Tug at god moment ago. Just done with this on the sidewalk just all I mean layer on the sidewalk to guide you bicycle club is a loan had. I don't feel I can be hard to arrest people do that bicycle cop put into. You get on changing the he did in the LA thank you and badly he's say hey what do you guys do when he put handcuffs on you call for back to call for backup for sure be a judge who will bicycle shorts. Ya that you UKB now hugging people on the sidewalk towards the top seriously when we're in the short it is. Helmet hit a couple of and to what do you do for me over the year earlier this country fuel the world man sticking your strokes. No offense council displayed around don't take it seriously I don't sociology professor. Shoots himself in a college campus bathroom. He's broke he's alive. He's protest. What gun safety know Donald Trump. Daley's a hundred dollar bill tape to the mirror with a note saying for the junior I guess he would be mopped it up. Now he's fine he's fine. Okay now charged a guy would. A felony charge for having a gun on campus. Obviously I don't understand his point is logic here is. There was no more details there was an davis' second Ed class this semester that was not him ran in the classroom no details or say why he was just upset he's obviously not a fan of trump obviously but Jesus and then what at what point does he think. This'll show on show I act I don't know. Indiana to me. And took a video themselves Plame what they limp body of another man who died of an apparent drug overdose in and they posted it on social media. My job that I can be charged Lisa says charge him. Because he got to the overdose they were playing we know the movie we can memories are planned weekend at Bernie's with the guy. They've had like gold and how to run his wrist and then they were making him like singing songs. On the video and they posted up on social media. Cops nobody. But they say they didn't do anything wrong what are you talking about they're there if there's do you not supposed to messed with a deadly there's laws about like what happened with the courts and they save his dad. That is they like. That Indiana sheriff says and are gonna pressing charges these two men they knew anything and that they found they could charge him with. If I manipulated the man's mouth like he was singing along and lift in his arms like weekend at Bernie's and they they didn't call the cops so they never call the and they were done playing well Ernie somebody made a phone call I don't know if there was ever an odd isn't it doesn't say but that point. Cops feel investigating that being in day. While many illegals leave itself some guys next to you. Make a video of them I figure I might have social FaceBook video out of it terminal market Jenna here are a good job done and got nothing on me had just died left nothing on it. Tease us. Wow do. I should WTF this.