Thursday, March 8th


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But can see that game show you and jumped him and a lot of great calls today Kerry did a great show guest and and fun for a couple days have been fun. Yeah well in those other Stewart broader social media pages and our personal you can text social SO CI AL socialistic through 515. And we do that also Julie back you can find our Twitter and telegrams and faced a lot of your surprise that will actually follow you back and communicate with you but. We appreciate you listening now we that I can get to every single message and comment but we museum so. Thank him the very much portray world single now. Trusting ourselves. That's actually kind of funny that I listen to think about oral actually single mound in the ongoing for the divorce kind of kind of weird but yeah. Entire show we get a did you you had not single now. What the hell's going on here this happened Duhalde on. Well I didn't you. I think all of girl's mom doesn't like people are a month now right well I'd never been stated that you guys are in a relationship burning thing I'm stating it. So what are you when you don't ya British say if you gotta be in relationship to us so does she does she really hole I mean. Did you really have that talk yes hold on. You guys I'm sure I. Does she know that she's in a relationship but this might be a stupid wasn't the scene of the season relationship with the all of the great question Gergen views do yeah. I mean we've had the conversation but she never gave me an answer sobs coming answering for her you're not and you can't do that. So isn't so sure I can't not and I'm gonna quit the other 44% aren't sure you pay. You can't be in a relationship with somebody who's not in a release with you know we've you can dig deep yeah. That's like Mikey may end it was a celebrity you don't talk about Jennifer Lawrence I hate to be relation but Herbert she's not that I think that. Well he didn't know you have to do I tell you she's don't know yet now. CNN whenever you asked her what is she actually say to your question Ankiel. Did you say anything she didn't anything's you know. I gave her some time to think about it. So faster than just walked away. Well I thought I look she wouldn't give me a straight answer so I just said dad's told to think about it now is Friday. So you still haven't got an answer today's ruling. Well last night so it is let the good son went to the who's left things so like I can I say we're in really showed no no no no no no now hammered home what. And you're going to be confirmed. Dozens of me I guess you keep going FaceBook right now you radical than they did to relations. Glad taggants usual broke it may be no doubt that's actually not a good idea yeah. Like a bad idea. I don't know. Oh man I don't think you can do is beat out save a year and a relationship that somebody with. You did just say don't tell you that you're not in a relationship must she does but she says it. You're not. Clearly you're a relationship maybe another way to ask for you need to ask freezing. So if I'm not sure brigade you're not would you care I needed somebody else they're gone on that's not that's not a bad idea. Ortiz de hey you know what I actually regard to redeem for a month and actually we really had something here are willing to be a relationship with the U. And be committed to you and then lay out the roles and she's gonna say yes no but apparently she's just avoiding the answer. This is not sound like that it sounds. He's he's avoiding the answer in in in a fight if I was in your shoes image it was avoiding the answer I would think this is a really wanna be a relationship with me. But it's weird because you you've gone out with more did you guys that once this week or more than once maybe. This week it's me yeah we only went out Wednesday cents. So I need in due to I would imagine yeah. Stunt they haven't. Seen heard the letting your finger stuff and you realize you're the only person that is in this conversation counting all of you were listening right now that thinks your relationship because everybody I'm Billy everybody thinks you're. Crazy. There after the confirmation. Yet there I mean detects a common endured its you're not in a relationship here it's not so you should go actually somebody people say we should caller. Yeah try to color can make an accurate and are. I don't wish you well I'll let you talk to her we just gotta we if we color layers they're gonna have now from in India in the box and she's gonna have to think hey would you go on the airwaves you know but permission we have that legally there's like and honestly there before five text people saying caller so this I mean what the hell yeah hand. Larry I just say you're number on FaceBook I want these two having so you're okay with this article Turkey to get a dollar numbers issue c'mon. She gave me thumbs there's a dollar right now we'll find out your relationship. It. This is only a horrible idea actually negotiation. Rosie and but I guess actually knowing would be would be nice yeah I'm obviously I want to know I don't know kind of girl you know relation because I met this girl. Do you Friday. Arnold Dow just makes choices same person did this girl's YAG's suite for you I don't know what's going how. While list Alan Adam is on the line and it says that you and your wife you never had the talk just be just 3030 surgery threw girlfriend. That's basically how weighted out now was as you're at a party they had air you know an eloquent mutual friend my cake. Doesn't my girlfriend choir here and you gotta use game in a look and me. Grab my hand and I'll let. You can't you confirmed okay Adam you probably had a pretty good feeling that it was all good right. But you are you know probably about the same spot even dare consider to be about. You know pre ordained band so you were 76% sure. I. Any man no matter wow well good for you man maybe maybe maybe it's not something that you've got asked about it. Confirmation belies the gravity well that's. On introduced just say listen my girlfriend and munitions and I'm glad Rihanna the primary source U not no no no rights. I think that's terrible advice in general assembly today as it comes somebody Tyson said he's definitely single on this mean she's bright enough soon. Hey Larry you have a lot she in all of my divorce mail. I'll try but you may because the number comfortably when somebody calls and here comes up like anonymous or something we want to check off your phone and what is your car right now caller from my phone call right now going heavily. Well color and find out how do you can step out. You political what what Ford is certain kind of well I don't we all are now one side of this conversation we all want everyone know that we we understand that but how would you. Ask your your relationship maybe she'll give you permission for primary to vote on speaker she says yeah. Are you elect I'm going to get ready dollar we're gonna get where bliss on April what you call shall pick WGA she got work during the guard Daryn now now these energy it shall pick up. I mean I'm in like he said I mean there's a good chance that she and organize a number because I'm not. It right now we've back in three minutes is find out you get are on the line with what can only hear one part of the conversation or maybe Macy's and information come on the air now then yeah we'll find out where our Nike and CN does not gave birth LA. I yes. That is an olive by the way were trying to. Trying to get a hold Wheeler in the background talking. A month ago it is a month and is CNN's this tax. I think we both just assumed that we were dating but that's differ because he asked the question now associates say he he brought it up to where we say like. Nobody last week or from Friday or somebody said he brought the tour and she just kind of blue dolphin men and has never been brought up again. Yeah there is give me the signal that she's not coming on the Erica you were hoping we can talk whether it's a Larry she's she's knocking on the Everett Ian is on the phone in the hallway keep grab him throughout Europe. We definitely get least one hit the end. When we get we get the one side of the conversation we can't obviously put our broadcaster on her knowledge and Sheila Kamal we can do it easy back valmont and on air right now. I'm sure he's on the phone right now know the normal they can't. And unless you wanted to. Just want to come to us. I was scared I just so what we're talking about. What I didn't. Did you remember. The conversation that we had on Friday night want to draw. Well don't doesn't move the last one the one America and pretty much at those trying to over this whole. What what are we kind of think has I still don't know if you're not yet you give me an answer and work. No love does kind of kind of how it happened. Yet you yen really amount to just think about you and Jimmy answer. Oh. Well. I mean I would I would look I would really like you. Relationship. Doesn't Thornton. I mean yeah I it. It's it's just a simple this is a simple click of the mouse from mail I got just changed my relationship status net net. Analysts thought it. The line between Kiev and the good news. One and I understand that something he's backing. Noted that it this just too much she's our I'm just saying I don't want our I was register really Mars really want Al. All right. Well we're always a lot of players tomorrow. So they can buy it. I don't think he got the interview on do you still more to figure out I guess as least as soon. Well let me know. Or not actually locker Taylor took him to her daughter. Home. Our duty guys what then all of the other red numbers I think everybody's died two don't have hardly believe I'm good growing did not sound good. Well there was a lot of it may submit I want to know why. Why there has to be a label and you know she's been released just before and she kind of wants to admired by her time. And got to ask me you know what would change if she actually say yes. So it was from the prayer at the state made up my rig that the only the only big Mercedes you said you were in a relationship from where we proven again you're nuts. Lara you know what might be stopping her from going all the way does her mom's still knowledge you I don't know about you know like I met the woman that. That can leave that could very well be part of it but what you just said stroke it's been proven. Then that and the question is an answer you are not in a relationship you can think that you are you want to but what do people got to be involved and over they have an order import to B relations. That's out. Should put the shock Colorado and I hope you. Why is there that's what you would pleads please I. Her boy are you kind of work eat it I'm much I hate to be Saturday. My heart out anymore on my sleeve up fellow we're just now yeah what what a shock collar on you really did put it out there are many people say people are college like you sounded like a loser you sympathetic and your bumper is begging me to board district of Texas no artwork leagues and you know those are. Men I don't the women we're like oh. Did I. He's elated no. I don't know man when you come off as a bigger you you know Bob it's very nonchalant and answer all walk in Malta strongman. That's got a little coffin and yeah. Your bag and this boy US once. You don't asked again. I was just you know yeah I would never first alone stated that I was in a relationship with somebody that doesn't. Can feel the same hand on my advice is to stop trying to rule the Emily isn't just focus on the one legendary. The kids I'm. Let's put it if she's not lock it down the relationship that I can be in manic Jimmy is. But some of the takes in a probably good advice here she's taking you for a ride did. She's and that's and that's just maybe she's using you for me to grow out of that thing last night you take your players are you guys going players try to get your answer a Melanie has them out. That's far and and was there yes or no. Yeah there was a there was a yellow but it was kind of a mean I guess I'm voted out days at least extend eat you talk to her like you were mad you kinda sounded you know. Well I'll defend him on this because he brought it up on Friday. Any hasn't heard anything from her in almost a week about it like they don't think he sounds like a Dick eSATA pretty sincere enough so the techs are such that he's only combat the hour. I think he's not a sincere. Maybe a little frustrated by Connie can get the frustrations that you guys forget what is like to be an age well I mean it's are relevant and twelve members are and how old or old I thought I. I tell you don't know what you are I don't even know what they did yesterday hell yeah I forget what it's like to meet Tony seven but dude I'm just telling you it's you you come off week. And this is not a woman wants is someone that you had no confidence and that FaceBook status changed comment was absent and that we'll. His agent right now we're ruling I'm shocked I don't. Found the bodies we have heard all week guys know where you win you could.