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Friday, February 17th


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Anybody until I'm 98 rock mind AR XQ does net. You're listening to the. I'm not anybody. Or listen online. You know our Indian Grand Prix on comments from jewelry base to see how we're getting ready for the precast freeway at 915 where will have 300 dollars on the line. In the category cartoon characters now Julie writes with the subject line cash freeway no that's wrong with the OJ matter in Atlanta McCaffery I. I and it says I. No is cut number one. You know now. Stones. Not around signals were got a question comment on your own our home is 888. 999811. You can always great doctor Ari you ran radio dot com you should remember and the doctor is so you should probably sucks. And it's not just about love we do other things we do animals and little Rockingham and this one this one this is kind of a new on the it's from name withheld Packers it is a little long we need all this information accurate now. Dear doctor rock my ass hat coworkers. Love that term answer and anchor it is the type of guy who spreads rumors spelled wrong. Well we don't see the email though you are us the other and you and there's. Helpful or not in Britain. Adrian Larry's Nissan is the type of guy who spreads rumors and generally talks crap about everyone behind their backs and for the last year I mostly ignored is much of this behavior spelled wrong okay Dan Williams you lure anybody is British as they could. Yeah he's an American now and the at some point it becomes unavoidable recently here's a short list of the type of rumors spelled wrong lose he's been spreading. He claims one of my personal friends who I helped get this job as a pedophile. Why. Wow well is gas dream ballet smiled as lord spoke spelled wrong. Number two attempts supervisor who covers when our site manager takes vacations. According to this guy smokes crack and meth in the parking lot. Hole our HR managers husband allegedly vandalized this guy's car. You Jesus and my personal favorite are black customers are too cheap to buy our product. But since we have to service with the public are black employees should be the ones to make those sales because they can quote translate the urban language. I got to go and I. I had woods is all this is all the co worker who say these things now OK the letter is asking an alert he writes number four is really. Under my skin as my wife is black and our children are of mixed ethnicity. Here's the problem I really need this job right now my wife is just starting as a teacher and there's no guarantee she'll have a job after the summer. So idealist crap and avoid him as much as possible. He decided recently was my day to deal with his crap. He literally stood behind me for twenty minutes telling me all the mistakes I was making while inventory in random small components. Eventually I snapped my words verbatim word bitch bitch bitch that's all I hear did you mark. Just shut up and sell some spark plugs and quote. I. He ran HR a cores then I was called the office I explain my side of the story to both the site manager and the HR manager. I was sent back to my jobs are being downer he was sent home for the day and written up goods and for the next couple of days he stayed away far for me. But last Monday a week ago Monday not just last funny but two Mondays ago. I was having lunch outside with the smokers as mark hates the smell cigarette so it's my oasis from him it. And another employee came running up to mean saying is somebody had busted out my driver's side window. Reagans are not uncommon where we work so I filed a report with PD I reviewed the parking lot camera. And of course tried to park safer next time nothing was stolen. And whomever the purpose was they never got in the my car a rock was thrown from off camera. That was it sounds like somebody knows what the setup. Natalie. That same night. I woke up in a panic at home because I heard something smash at my front door. Somebody had smashed the two light fixtures that illuminate my front walk. At home so he doesn't he look so easy and I file a report no camera this time I don't have cameras in my home. And I also tell the police that I have been having problems with a co worker but there's really not much they can do. Three nights ago I was up late watching adult swim when a shadow passed over the windows in my room. Seconds later the undeniable sound of a person tripping all over all of my rats toys that we leave our patio. Rear patio feet. I run the slider door flip on the light and pull the blinds and I see a man dressed in black running away. Honestly I could not make a positive ideas. But it was the stature of my workplace nightmare. I run to my room freak my wife thousands owner to call 911 I retrieve my handgun. File another report. Again I know positive ID no camera no proof. Might need a recommended that I looked into a restraining order and security systems. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. I spent my time reading about the restraining order process when I get the idea to Google mark's name remark is the ax her high. I find he has a FaceBook profile but I can't do it. So later that morning I call my friend at work and ask him to try and friends this guy so I get access to his profile that plot worked. And what I found chills me. His entire wall. Wall love. Its usage is pictures of himself with snap chat edited photos. Where he has glowing eyes and different weapons puncturing his head. Knives arrows spears really blanking we're real. And there. We are now as a family staying with my wife's parents a couple cities over. And I have set an appointment with eighty tee to install security system with cameras motion lights the work. I have an appointment at the courthouse to file a protective order next week. I've gathered the police reports the HR report on the workplace altercation as well as a screen shots of his profile as evidence on fingers crossed. And I am officially on vacation days looking into transferred to another shot to work act. It is my real question is should I sell my house. We are three years in on thirty year mortgage. It's our first home and we have no equity and I can't rated out as our HOA want a lot of home homeowners association they want lower interest. So rob to be honest I haven't slept much recently. I'm very tired. My wife is returning to work on Monday and the commute from where we are staying is going to kill me. Is it possible that I am being troll the really bad like manipulated into self destructing my life and my livelihood. A person approaching my back door and it it is without doubt a real threat. Vandalism on my property is a real threat. His profile page could be a false flag or some kind of Internet that I'm so tired I'm paranoid. And I feel it could be losing touch losing losing that I would have won a little paying something like priests are cool. He means losing well the mighty race that is tired the mighty go to the extra horses and a 40. I am so he thought that's always spill I feel like could be losing touch woozy with my sensibilities. Everything we have worked for has been violated. And quite candidly I think that eighty team a piece of paper is not going to free me from my suspicions in my worry. Right now I feel that our only option is to cut everything loose and start over again. Scary. Balls aren't flying stalker situation Gary it is got a family so I armed Arab. I'm not that it doesn't matter if he was single word that he and his wife but it it definitely adds added when you have kids. House and I mean so are others are some random thoughts here on November yes and advice for the guy the numbers 888999. To eleven he's already gone to the authorities things like that. I understand wanted to get your family to protection I will tell you what I don't understand is abandoning your property but I understand you wanna like be with your family. Bomb I would like to think that if I was in a similar situation I would send my family somewhere safe parents' house. And then I would stay at my property. In the N around to see what would happen because the let let's let. It is I will grant you is a lot of coincidences. If it's not your coworker can't please somebody. Obviously. We've now confirmed. Has targeted you if they not only smashed your front lights or whatever and they we assume it's the same person I mean unless you live in the worst area in the world. They came back the same person 23 nights later. And then they're in their backyard your backyard and they're dressed in all black inserts of somebody's targeting it. It's probably your coworker but in the this is why the cops are gonna go ressam's there's just no proof or whatever and so. They know where you live. Whoever this person is. Abandoning that house in my opinion. Is unwise because now they are free access to the house yet. Lugar bomb they will figure out whoever they are they will figure out a nobody's here so now it's easy to break a window getting in and you know I don't want to come home to. A house that's been ransacked if you us let's first. You mentioned it the letter writer had an eight so weighing and dads and you know they'd they'd probably live in a nice you nicer neighborhood if they do have an H 08. I wonder if any of the neighbors have had any experiences. Of somebody vandalizing their houses and has. The letter writer brought this up to the age delays or some sort of neighborhood watch. On. So rules out the call workers at a good question com and either way though. And that's important but even if you rule out the coworker you have a problem your crop absolutely have a problem your house so let's so. We go back to what do you do to protect yourself and you're at the point where your considering selling your house. Mom okay transferring where you work fine that a major workplace environment better but if it is your co worker. Or even and it isn't whoever visits quote unquote attacking you they still know where you live yeah do you go to the extreme. Were you you sell your house knowing the you have no equity unit if you're lucky you're gonna break even you have your you might you probably gonna take a loss. Because your so protective of your family which I understand. That you just wanna get out of there are phone numbers 8889899811. Hello there. Morning guys JJ. I would. I was big and I mean it if nothing is happening in the correct way to follow in. So. The nature you've already got me -- Israel has decreased ordinary if there's always. Well here's the problem is. Squad as a couple problems there first of all what it's not as co worker. Mean what this is a coincidence these were before you go out is what he's alluding to before you out you beat up your co worker you have some friends and that for your bunch of people send your coworker message. Armed what does it isn't him. That's first. Secondly we're guarding know that the co worker is prone to running HR so you better be really careful about you if you're gonna do street justice which is what Jay's alluding to which I never advocate. Armed humidity really god being careful because you could lose this job you have to have since your wife and schooler whatever. You know a heat so he said he already has security of the yen and break so yeah shows home home protection that way. He Ari how he's going to be having ADT installed much I. I have my home as well. But the other thing you are. Have it is a big scary doc. Because it everything I've read is to isolate a very big deterrent for people coming into your property. So Hugh mentioned that I might be something you want to think about is. Gating and a big scary dog. The if I had to choose only one thing is if it is a false choice thing is the old you know if you went to an island and you can only take one thing logistics. If I could choose only one thing for home protection I would choose ten times out of ten times a big dogs. Over guns and I'm a big gun owner. Arm because we know we know through countless. Countless studies and surveys were they go into prisons and they talk to criminals. They talk to burglars they talked to home invaders what is the number one thing that makes you choose another house they say a big dog. Not the fear of the homeowner having a gun because they don't know that. You'll hear a dog barking they don't next door because you're alerting the owner your alerting the neighbors that is the number one deterrent. On and I I never feel safer than when my German shepherds are are on guard and I'm asleep. Because that is the number one thing of course I believe in gun ownership I am a gun owner but is the number one the turn now the problem for the letter writer is. To get a dog who's ready to do that job right away he's gonna have to get a rescue dog or sheltered dog. Or Hispanic asinine amount of money we're talking 2030000 dollars for you trained guard dog kinda thing. That doesn't mean he should do it but before you go on do some might sell your home. In a situation where you're not gonna make any money you have no equity this is your first home and you just invested in it. Is there a way that you can cut a happy medium here three year restraining order through whatever else you're gonna do your system of the PDT system matters. It matters. It's it again I wouldn't it would not be the thing I would use by only just one thing but it helps I've got all this crap at my house. And while you're doing that you get a dog a German shepherd pit bull Rottweiler whatever that you can handle. You train them off to. Check your home and just keep in mind though even look at problems over that dog is still yours. Well yes you know what hey there are some people all right problem's gone now the dog does not that that's that's get this dog is now going to be a part of your family. Forever and not just for this reason. But the other thing too is that I mean just remind yourself. That you do have that gun. And that sometimes are so annoying to buy something. Right this is going this is it like just one robber that comment to the house right this is someone you believe is doing message are already irritated with network. Before he even started day in the life senior staff were assuming it's him. Don't. You just don't be irresponsible. Don't let your rage at him cause you to just start shooting and killing him because. And then you're gonna end up in prison yeah I mean I'm just we'll zoom in using cal front pretty much should he stay began to shoot for no gosh families that you have to be imminent threat emanating imminent threat. Even in homestead states castle states all that other stuff yet anyone understand in regards to their rescue and so I had similar. I had some security concerns and eight which is why adopted Frieden who has a temporary. And and she EU she was two to three ish years old I don't know exactly know how there are a lot of friends and you rescued and. And I am ER I just went in for and died in that naturally. Was responsive to me and my child. Those who is full or at the time. And she. I didn't do like this extensive you know guard dog training because she would she was dirty old but she was naturally I think because of her robbery to. Naturally protective of her act and where her pack so certain breeds will be banned people's German shepherd Rottweiler owners things like that they will be. Yeah and they think it's just important to take your dog if if that is a rowdy you're gonna go pick dodge their response steel and it is. And I hear the capacity filled armed and so we're clear. But I am not suggesting you needed a dog who's trained to do security like my dogs are were they will actually also attack a guy. Again you go back to these studies and there's been reams of them. Burglars home invaders they are scared of the sound of the dog. Because they don't know what that dogs capable of there is an innate human fear of animals. And when they hear a big dog barking they don't know the dogs capable of and again there alerting the homeowner in the neighbors. Just get a dog to bark that'll naturally protect where you are hello there 80 OK you're on the other Allan good morning. Doubt has gone that we might get this worked on that they've got and being. I know he really had their lives back door open. I think are committed without. You don't click pan am. And the play is an airport like wage and daily heated dispute a family person. And he's worried about it Stanley wife though the home. So your plan is intentionally leave your one your doors unlocked which you have every right to do as a homeowner. Stay awake. Wait for this person enter your home unlawfully. Kill him knowingly murder him a killing in self defense he should know being your home and claim. That you felt threatened. Well I mean that's one way to go. I guess it is go to that trouble it is I I don't understand the type of mindset I mean that that it. Life isn't an action movie that's not how things work if that's the it's being left out is like look I'm not gonna. What he's arms. Yeah was exactly what to do things that they've and that's a suggestion that this fellow has but he's just back and shoot took Brennan's point that. There isn't aftereffects for the majority of people even the strongest of people there's an after effect. That they killed somewhat. And I know that is at the recently and I know what to do rules illegal Coors but no it's a tough woman lived out on property all alone. And isn't Texas and she was justified in killing the guy he broke into. Stay in the house of our kids and she was justified in doing that but that didn't matter to her it usually is justified killing this man. And he was a bad and yet she's glad that she's OK her kids Roque. But she's left knowing that she'd. Killed someone that probably has family in the family might be good people in their submarine and there's just a whole thing that goes along with the aegis to prepare yourself or. Well one beyond that we've talked about in many times and it's a complete misnomer that somebody trespass is into your house and that you can just kill them. Even if it trespass our your property you can't just shoot them through told her. In your house though you can shoot unreal and all do you feel threatened right that's a difference. But like we've talked about the guy who's sitting in your kitchen table because he's high on meth. Because he broke and you cannot walk up and shoot him now so you have to be able to in some way claim. And then this is where it gets great. You have a district attorney who is going to make a decision just because you say you feel like you were threatened what he's gonna look at the case in general what why he was an arms. Why did you call 911. Why did you just shoot this guy did wide foot nine bullets and I'm empty your bank your magazine. So you know again brands phrases actually write life is not an action movie girls and is not the headlines that you want to believe it I know you can't. You can't eat whatever you want but you better ready to go to jail. Phone numbers 8889899. Hey good morning or yeah. They have so I actually spoke at a couple though. Our police officers I have. What the previous caller just spoke about and actually Garrity have filed police reports. And you already know that somebody's been coming in like sucking your home you can't just shoot them like that you can actually get slapped with premeditated. It is it is it is a very again back to the werder gray area. It can actually make you more likely to be put in jail for exactly what you just said he liked premeditated murder so you already knew this person was a threat. OK so you arm yourself. Bomb and then the person came in your home you shot them wait a minute where was the threat what was a threat and remember now you've got all this video surveillance of how was the guy's Fred he's seen eight year I know you people want to believe that being in your home makes him a threat that's not how the law works and American and never has and every state in the union. So I mean your home doesn't make him a threat you can. And shouldn't hold them at gunpoint absolutely and call 911. But if he doesn't do anything to you you can't murder him I. I don't know why you want to shoot someone that acts I look because it's like is the name the only ones you Nader. This whole thing of getting it makes my blood boil that someone. Isn't that how she did invite the hell are you Helen do I have to say coming here. Yes any normal human being is very mad at that moment. But that's a long way to go old to then murder event. Like they need a leap that you are big I I know a lot of times girls can probably I don't know it seems girls why don't we with a little. More because your thinking you're gonna get raped and things like that I but I mean if there aren't. Trust me it's not so they're just standing there and they won't loop you'll want to shoot them he won big picture really what are you doing but. Point eight you're good karma remind colonial. I'm Neal the biennial hello Robert good morning. Current event related group and. Yeah how fired prayer and consideration your security Harris just dump and knock that they wouldn't may come on the property. Yeah it on camera may turn blue and look we can handle the truth there. Yes and then good but it and again I always cautioned people in the end all of these things. That are part of home protection. They are no guarantee because you are the last line of defense in the thing diary owns a gun so I don't have to observances do you know suggest any neo type of home defense system he has that if he has to use it. Bomb a security system with cameras is no guarantee based on what this guy wrote especially he looked out his window and saw the guy dressed in all black. And he couldn't identify whether or not it was his or her. How are cops going to be able to identify him just as you have a camera it's no if I'm not saying don't to it I believe in every deterrent possible. But in the end you're responsible for your own say what are you sure shoot as is any way higher property ever heard her right in jail hello there Taylor good morning. Yeah rob. What would you do in this situation if they guy was breaking in your house. Well I would like to arrogantly say to you I wouldn't be in this situation because I am too well trained German shepherds who would never they don't let them get that close. And if he wasn't deterred by the German shepherds I would be seen jumping out of bed as a result of the barking and I would have my weapon. So then and so now we're in the situation of okay what's the scenario so my dogs. And I've been through various examples of the so the last fifteen years of my dogs wake me up in the middle of the night or whatever. I jump out of my bed because I can tell the difference in their barks at how other train okay this is serious barking and barking and of squirrel. And so I have my gun now what is he doing is in my backyard always in my backyard I call 911 I don't open the door and shoot him. I also don't even opened the door and telling the freeze. I called 911. And let them handle it and you know what if he runs away and he gets off my property and iPad beat it I had experiences like this so you don't get to say no easy for you to say no I'd been there. Fine he's gone he's off my property let the cops find him. It's not worth pointing gun at someone because if you point a gun on someone you better be able and ready to pull that trigger. Otherwise you don't point the gun at them. So if he breaks it to my house came back to your question which is not a letter. Again. My understanding of my train of my dogs is my dogs will take him down and all I had to do was put on a gunpoint. I don't do and damned thing Lil put on bill put their their jaws around his throat. And they'll be the end of it and I can just stand their arm on the phone 911 holding gunpoint on this guy's gonna bleed out of you don't get here real soon. If they somehow if he gets passed my dogs and he's a threat to me that I showed us. But that's the last line of defense that has to be as a responsible gun owner and somebody doesn't wanna go to. First look at this I could be wrong here. But if somebody is still willing to step foot in your house when dogs are going crazy and whole arm is sounding really loud. They hear they are to hurt you which is more reason to make sure that the cops are on the way and your the spot where you feel safe. They can't come behind you only in front radio and then if you need be. Because. There is gonna come over to shake your hand there are there to do a hard deal if the dogs don't bother and the sound the alarm doesn't. Deploy pillows and good morning. Hi good morning. Well I had them and I had a it's there Brit nobody cute people I know very close to me. That they were already bad blood with their neighbors and does not break your leg and neighbor kid ended. Very dark and gut. It is my bread. Egg. Now after a bit that the great idea that he had a few people from back door of the rhetoric came into his backyard. Approached him on his back worked as a matter. My friend had eight wet at a night and you pardon and that they. End. Eight Ford stairway into his talent says he. You turned a way to rented it out they can't act again. They handed out. Killing hands I didn't include debt. And equity. Act now don't we are calling it about the bet on the part of it did for a record. Is still being investigated. But they have not been arrest at all. Not very skinny me look into that we have heard her nose and all that here. Surface sounds terrible game one side of the story and who knows and but it is let's pretend that it's that it's that is exactly it it's everything that she said. It is a reminder to those of you that won't walk around likes Yosemite Sam. You can be that guy into all the law catches up to you and if you think it's a California thing you're an idiot. It is throughout all fifty states regardless of how they run these self defense laws if the real story is that this particular person on this criminal. Was not a threat. And then your friend became the threat the criminal has a right to defend himself now I'm not saying that's what happened. I'm just saying all you walk out. Seeking to. Is Obama you know wind up in prison and I have no sympathy I hear all the bullets I'm in Texas there'll rob said that his girlfriend the same vein all the time. Do you just stepped on my property you can shoot them right that's how does the Texas gives them just as Stefan on your property. Be Shearson Lehman say. But what do you do anything about his property Nokia on eight you getting yourself shot. If you actually read Texas well let's. Nowhere in there now and we've quotable it's exact. Copy it and there are humble than people think that they just have some like little sorry. I am I trust pattern and it ambassadors will be shot dead that's it. Scary how ignorant people aren't amazing more things don't happen out of the literary or get some help them connect. It's been don't you like to doctor anytime RED at red radio dot. And Don. On the show.