Dr Rob 3-19-18

Monday, March 19th


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So I don't think that David the posters trying to be a jerk although if he was mission accomplished. Actually it's a natural question we're just doing known things about Don say there are some of these fifteen foot long python. That was living in a man's walk. His finger. Bangkok Thailand no pain and and and just just that the imagining a bad. If the reaction on and then we had pictures coming on videotape BC news. It's taken and I call him out. Actually double day episode David wrote I think Don that is purposely over dramatic and as a very common sentiment. I don't just tell you from years of doing I know my words don't matter on the third seeds it's she's not yeah if if I just left the story on her desk top. Where the jobs. I hear that same screen. Is emanating throughout the. Rice and sick a hot hot some time after even historians like that and I drug shown that they should never. I'll leave it sitting at the wrongs workstation and show come back you know he's CNN mean PS sits down it's like an attacker and now. There's a difference between being a drama queen DS which arguably is currently oversee all the dramatic. Look at me any details I don't know I don't wanna say and sound. He's just legitimately that I. Where do these stories just purposely today he knows I hate to have to respond this way examine his favorites my natural reaction is sorry and am I mean. If it's hard to not get some type reaction. When you're telling people about a fifteen foot long. You screened oh well okay see now I'm really not quite big baby may he wouldn't score real old. I would probably go platinum sound good what's called the snake people okay you want you saw all that I concrete patio wall. Here it candy at the screen the original well. I think OK exactly true yeah. Hi I. Samuel good morning. OK not to ride out though and yeah. You lie. I am warning and. All out of nowhere. Just your regular doctor and this. Here for my not a boy look at this lot aren't you. I think doctor rob segment actually works there. Comment from of your own you can do like Samuel and call an owner of the show OS's toll 588889899. Years eleven or you can be polite and email us multiple I Ari do you read radio dot com so that I can then plan out the segments and executed when and how I want to be Smart to figure it out either way I'm not a doctor so sucked. Nice and Nadia I mean a good mood a guy held via. Right on that I and so what's going on does that Saturn basically. My girlfriend takes a long way only utter horror as heard ARAMARK. Our C Baltimore Brett boats and taking an hour. I she and her head as many of mourning and on the bed at Gaza's cosmonaut and insecurity because he is wondering why don't wanna be hurtful to make you more really I have. A long way to break. Aso San Jose Alonso and the last thing I worse when. It's got. Leading in and out might think you're inside the submarine or something easy layup right out. You do do you eat you have you have a lingerie fetish you're your your roused by a lingerie so when you engage in. Relations with Syria he is your girlfriend or your wife I couldn't quite hear. And you like the lingerie to stay on because it further enhances. The experience for humans making herself down just because she thinks it means you don't wanna see her naked body doing all right. And so it is that is that gives you a question. And I question how long have you guys been together. Our five year have you always. Wondered where it belongs Raman is this just from day one this has always been that. Love them personally I have I've always had like a direction I come so that kind of stuff but it's. There are mandatory same I would say just opens already some layups and kind of by big. You know like Kayla and know what's so that old Jenna Von you know I mean it's. So I'm Lindsay do you ever do you ever sat at. Economy her half window OK tonight now all know all will lingerie I wanna look at your beautiful by how does somebody in the bedroom the Iranians outside of an amendment that did you ever just say OK they tried out. Slowly slowly but this thing is satellite I don't like the same thing over and over and over again I try to you occurred Muehlegg. Understand that. Jim a question Brando. Yeah I figure he answered dole and he said it's not mandatory I mean is this the only way you can come to fruition and if he's wearing it. Torso he. Oh OK listen this this kind of guy. The deal breaker so okay so any and then just in terms of how how did this game when it does become a problem for her. Scholars say like three months ago. And anything's changed their point lead at that point you just insisted that we're doing a long jury thing all the time or just maybe she just add it at that point. I don't think that. About bull. I'm Obama turn enjoys huge sore and that makes any sense shirt did you like slowly kind of picking away at it what do you do outside the bedroom the maker still beautiful. Oh. Go home my yard so you know orders and pulling our mercy for dinner do you tell us beautiful you know. Boy say that at least twenty times that they are right here. Mom she should just do not I met him and. Oh I know I am glad I am. At first I was gonna age and stage days sounds like they had different love languages to she's doing how he's like acts of service to our opening that door blowing up the shared a lot. That's making her feel loved then when you say yeah do you ask the dirty tells her he said yes so. Yeah do you have to get my career when they are not so bad I am so sorry yeah good good have a horrible. Good bit but ultimately I'm sorry I. Well what what we are trying to say without the cursing something about you were so bad or something. Follow enough as just basically being sarcastic saying it. Yeah I'm gonna do you know and and then don't burn in hell or high you know accommodating error. You have just heard a light inside her level but for me you know look at a two lane street cellular one person and he has the only other person. And so limit and let me to circle back real quick to the point Brandon makes them wanna make sure you literally can't. You can enjoy sex can you get aroused and just not us. Finish Lila shares lingerie well I mean how how deep is this Spanish and session of yours. Tutorial where it's run on the triggers are gonna go off. Okay. Her only complaint I sought money stratus write her complaint ballistic and her only complain as far as I am hearing you. Is that she's being so you don't wanna see her naked. Actually that's the case but I sure he had gotten mark seriously why are calling it. There because I want to know they're clearly in the wrong here we're having sort of batten. Sort of a threshold. OK listen I mean there's no right or wrong as I mean I don't like people places places that separate themselves you like what you like when it comes to sex. Songs it's legal question tell you that it's wrong and she'd shouldn't be wrong for what she likes it's the bulls have you all. Finding a way. To mesh the seal an end and be happy but what I'm hearing is her complaint is you don't wanna see her naked. And so this is her insecurity and I don't know how do you solve that other than what you or even daily. Outside of the bedroom. If indeed you are doing all of those things. This can be a really long hardware hotel for a lot of men and ask any men. All men that have been looked a girl have had to deal with this the most beautiful women on the planet have been securities. And so what hope my gosh you say one little innocent thing and to them it means you don't like and they get and they never or entity in every or using their fat or whatever it is so. In her mind. She's going in already with that in security. And now you want to lingerie under all the time so it must mean if you'll want to see you're naked because that's how she views her self. Bright you know we place our stuff on other people and I mean. So long journey of a road for a woman to go through and actually. Have a different mindset but that's her journey in his she even on it a feeling. There is deep earth. Issues going on here because it he's an aside your relationship and just within the last three months this is come up maybe there's been something underneath it's been boiling up and I think their. As you have me there is a difference between having a fetish in an obsession. And if he heard a lingerie fetish is is turned into this obsession and you are you that your your basically focusing more of your energy on. The ideas that you need your partner to be wearing lingerie that takes away from your attention of the actual partner. The C song why do I. And Deion up on us. Or is found saying I'm wondering. If he is ever affectionate with her where it does not lead to sack who. Good money you know where you're suggesting you're pedaling on the catching your feeling her body and then maybe sang. You know I really love the curb your kids or something where he's had to say oh your beautiful but he's being specific about it and then also. Affection doesn't have to lead to sex it's just that. That touch should and did you know that. Intimacy. With no sacks the developing from a. Our phone numbers 8889899. To eleven whether it's saying no call back heard somebody else has another thought did you but I always catch it and when he was trying to be funny in the lesbians are passing did you catch one thing he said there though. He said he was basically same. All never being affectionate enough organized by her standards. That's a passive aggressive red flag. Whether he is saying. I'm not good enough there's nothing I can do or whether he's acknowledging what dogs alluding to in terms of here is her insecurities that you as I assume known about her scenes for these five years. Either way it's not a healthy way to describe what's going. Haven't you been with the girl that no matter what you think it's exhausting. No matter what you say. She's just not gonna believe she's not gonna take it she's not an and the reason she's not is because that's how old. It's our issue when we feel like that let me I'm notre Brennan's point she could be resentful spent five years maybe she wants to be big here we're feed. Video old after five years a lot of people start to wonder well look where the hell is this going or you know. It's been five years and there's just that built up resentment of other things. I'd like to kind of ask him because maybe he would say knowledge all idol was there any merit when they've buried an acronym just so you searched chicken a way yeah of the various possible objections may be numbers 888999. In eleven hello Robert. Robert. K says prices. Hey how are you so much everybody had a garden home. Guys don't do this I know quite that bad hey you came here this series. How about everything it's just not use somebody's got to kind of bind I make her happy and I just make. Another so. Well those are two different things first of all you cannot make anyone happy right only you can make yourself happy. And other people to not make you feel away and what you do unless you allow Allen Jamal Ali jump halfway on this Robertson don's point. Of course every and is dated more than one woman in their lives and probably even Mac guy. Has been through this and for us in man world we don't get it. Because we look at you and we see the most beautiful thing on earth to us. And you're standing there telling us say your not taking a very frustrating and that's the worst thing you can do you guys is let that frustration come out yes. And then yeah after some kind of find that middle ground. Of trying to show her that you genuinely. Appreciate your body finder attractive and is talking body that's we're talking hundreds of physical insecurities here you don't want to overdo it fell because that'll have the rubber band effect. As well but in the end that's not throw me Jeff why you wanna held until show her. How you feel yeah make her feel anyway. Twice you know this is just a theory right we don't even though this is what it is true I mean I also heard him because someone had conversations say. You know I'm trying to get her to understand he basically I was trying to get her understand this is old he he can't have a disabled time and he is trying to get her to understand this. Oh OK what's on just about you in the bedroom. You don't get to call all the shots isn't just how you want to have sex it's about how she wants she was well. And we're talking about two people seem to have different views bright so it. You you each have to be willing to accommodate each other ending your only willing to do that if you feel it's safe and loving it. And it's something you're even comfortable that billion. They're asking her for lingerie all the time wolf baby because you've made it such a thing. Of the way he worded it results are certainly on the phone and the more the way you word is like. I'm trying to get her to see this book. You. Brandon MRI. As another dude in my office space that I want to back this lingerie say if you've worked your way into a position as a man. Where you literally cannot. Perform sexually you cannot get aroused in less in this case lingerie is involved that also sounds to me like he's got a problem that needs to be addressed. Yeah and that's why I was kind of alluding to the fact that he is fifth finishers in the more of an obsession then he all you can do just focus and energy on whatever that finishes and nothing else so I think. He he might need to get seek some help from this but I mean. It just sounds like the finish is more important as that has grown for. That poorly at this email Ari do you read radio dot com from the coal in a call and she said why doesn't she start making amends slowly work up to a backward stripper thing interesting thought you're trying to offer compromise and apparently he won't even be interest in when she's naked man doesn't even sound like they're there ready for a come. Hi is it sounds like it. It sounds like this is boiled up from some other issue and all the sudden she's just like not a lot of warrior three Q Andre anymore Serra. Yeah I don't want to call from the Washington perspective because my husband also really really love Monterey. And they did Barack not a problem but after awhile it did start to feel like I couldn't satisfy him and it wasn't just. My insecurity even that. I alone more than enough it needed another level and another level and get traffic in a different change. And it started told where infield what am I enough. And it did come down to explaining that to him and him being able to show me in other ways. A diet just wander aimed at in the bedroom that I wasn't happy. So that end and so do you restated you did reach a middle ground where laundry is not always. Part of it. We we did but there was also never an issue that he couldn't come escalation has. Right in this guy game gets started yeah I wanna take the whole body image stuff out of it because. Hearing Brandon talk more about it and that's exactly my thought I started putting myself in the issues had the same thoughts is the call that actually went through it where it would get annoying after a while. It's like okay this is about to launch array so I think when she saying you wanna see me naked. I think she's trying to say is likely need you can't just have naked sex with me. Let's got to beef this lingerie. So treatment she could just put us lingerie on any woman walking in here and you're good to go. Do you like it needs to be about you look to it's usually in the room not EU lingerie. Well it sounds like you're an outlook. And I love Lincoln back and forth and I'm back to the passive aggressive comment that he made it like well I just have to be great you know perfect for her whenever soak. I I feel like this is the back and forth and having she doesn't want. Give him what she wants what songs or ray and he is this you know feeling like law. I'm not getting a free you it even when I tell your beautiful you know a hundred times a day or whatever he said. I'm so I feel like they're gone back and forth over these things. Because I'm instead of like trying to be a bad team. And building each other up and doing things together it's like why don't wanna give you what you want anyone give me what I. So mergers and an American car. Our struggle this is the power ever use the power you have a millennium we're just gonna sit here until somebody calls radio show hello there Stephen good morning I'm. And it matters hey hey. Oh my god the opposite not about to do alarmed very hurt by I have my own duty period. I am I have to have a whitewash. Or not you don't. You're number 20 my ears open shoot blueboard shoots I 100 IR. I'm injured or 300 barrels Jesus. Yet you can't. Yeah clear and secure about your body. Beyond the merger about my body hair you know she told me out here tomorrow are all happy. How does German girl waited around where else are you bitter cold. And as she was she OK with the lights off for now as she expressed you know water I want won't work on this and get to relies really on now on them. And I will try to ballplayer who's done all from different language. Me. You know also adult and I don't know I don't know. And and about it other guy early enough. And was also pointing out eight in big hands good distribute we'll get back to seeing a specific was it that basically his poignant orange boy it was the same as. Even those men have insecurities to this does go both ways is not on this particular example the first caller. Actually and I think he needs to start fining and you know valuing each himself outside and hi in the numbers he noticed he said his. And his girlfriend is your wife or whatever is is beautiful she's five whatever and a hundred and whatever counts that it's that does not equal beauty back. I assisted a statistic and then he said the same for him he's 64 and 300 parents. Dot does not make you handsome or beautiful Yale you need to start looking at yourself different than just a number and I height. You know you are you a good person and G are you sweet to your girlfriend but those are the things that make you attractive and why she fell in love with you not because a number. Had a height and that's don's point earlier. It is equally as long journey for a man to get to that healthier places it's just more common in our society for women who experience this but this is not something we're the guys suddenly goes. Okay because I heard on the radio now I am all that mean this this. Takes hold hearings here and I mean I love that you're with someone who is supportive I mean obviously. She she sees way beyond that Sosa and even a thing for her but it does it. I get it it doesn't matter how many times the person that loves you tells you. You tell me how amazing they love your body or whatever it doesn't sit well that's until we believe it until we get to a point that we believe it so. Just keep working on it just keep working on it you'll eventually get there and and let her know that you're working on it because sometimes you get exhausting for the other person and hit good old whoever that person is and there's still gonna love you. But it could get exhausting and you know what let's. Make sure when they say you're beautiful are when she says your handsome that you say thank you and that you appreciate that don't try and I'll really don't. I know on my own and you're supposed to be say battered oh my gosh really look at my hair lighting not to say that but a girl or what ever will start to point out. And we just totally you know basically puke on their compliment. And don't it's not for everybody don't be afraid of therapy at some point if you can't do it on your own and with her farmers 8889899. I hadn't won at all above her women prefer Camilla Andre but I initiate and it hit a lot of confident player barreled school girls systematic. Spurs. Have never gotten here and Philly are like well. Well it and then being like. Aid here it was too much and honest we have talked a lot of resentment he's good why are like you know if you've figured out interest that it you know go ahead and go look it up all lied about now yes. If you hit it I'd I literally felt like you would no longer. There was a cost him you know and I got all the you know though it saw the result insults. Because it for me I just they've they've. It almost what I I don't have any issue that my body and the last colored he can always go to ridiculous by by family under my house I'm. Beautiful. Tell Curtis and stay away from numbers and sizes are your clothes who cares and and as long as in this this body shame means slash can be proud of your body society. The person who's saying it. It really believes that that's wonderful we have unfortunately created yet another hole bubbly generation of people to just say out loud yeah then you can see in the way they behave they really don't believe the there beautiful yet and that's very unfortunate. Our guest Samuel called back a good deals until you started this whole mess he got some shots from day 1 cause yeah I am on a lot. I know you've heard most of what's been said how long are we and our we write about anything. Kyra first of all I just wanna emphasize how much I love this show. And both you all remember back you up to us is the point where. You know it's an idyllic if our family level like I can be kind of person that I am being you know personal what not to. A jet burst brings urged. Last week I called him and I mentioned the whole. Threesome thing. I applied is any little hole like oh well maybe he can't get better if an hour launch raids so there's obviously this problem. So basically. She also. Initiated. Also worrisome things ought to call last week about about strip club like you might we hear notified. What I know what this lord. You know I that's where adults can't and then another thing is Serb presence or hear of us I had been taking there are being. Going to class and use them more find out how much about the Mora might wound up very jacked up bat could cut. Heat anyways. And another boat it's. What Darwin saluting you did not just the lingerie so here's the thing I'll also and emphasize the low side. But I want to see somebody elsewhere in contrary as I wanna see her we're a little unsure eight. It shows you know once you get better action dessert you can never gave. Anything else but it's not as dessert doesn't really you know they're always admired hated football that night. Yeah and so she's she's the one it Entergy stirs suggested this very sad I guarantee she damn. Offered that she because she feels like she's not enough for you so she's likable what else can I do over to give you everything that you are sexually let me go ahead and I'll. Offer up another woman on the silver platter for even then maybe I'll be enough and the. And I are donating about it becoming about the lingerie is she's the one that needs no it's not about the lingerie it's about her on a lingerie and she doesn't know. Now maybe she wanted someone else in the grooves issue and AdAware or. I didn't I mean I this is too much like he's I love that you are you worried at all we're all messed up. Entailed until we fix ourselves as much as we can't I don't think we all we ever do completely exhausting. So I mean that's great you acknowledged that he Eleanor some things you can fix or some things and did only worry about this want I would really work on because. It's really making me exhausted every. I have to be partially the more we attic is starting to annoy me so imagine her five years of this is. And all comes down the compatibility and unfortunately this sounds like uses his. If a fork in the room at all since I Samuel wood up the can warm we'll take a break we actually did have some doctor rob letters Brady. And I. And dawn show.