Dr Rob 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th


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What are you listening yeah. And you are. Are you read. Minutes jokes I'm gonna read this. And he can he says these things after making his point though because he's not a broadcaster. He didn't write it in the proper folks only only backwards like that you brought yeah. And while I don't. He has it's not dabble did you know you aren't a moral burden dollar redden hi. I guess climax that's perfect for Clinton. Doesn't let you have news story there's news stories on the web the written for reading where they give me right away they get to the punch line the bat well that's lucky and that's awful for radio because we were trying to tell story right so I have to go like to the middle and end the game in the next clip your way. For the game and come and building the suspense it's keeping people in this mean right handers that radio poor play itself. Us and have the shortest list is being spent at peak before they get right OK now so walked at work no no build up at all because. I guy killed his wife average list remains under the gun show one that minutes. So this guy his his money shot his bronze lions in the beginning and then the and he said some things and just keep it for broadcast seizures and then these. Club June. Just say Whitman economics as I wanted to tell you oh that. I just chose to share the Brandon and Amanda good job with your sobriety thank you think you are currently three years sober indeed Toney and damn I miss cold Beers rule. I'm a better person 10. All day dawn you like this we can't I never wanted. And rob your just a bad ass on the it here's the here's what he wrote in the beginning he says I'm the guy from the doctor rob letter yesterday and we had two of them are the guy was the one who was with the girl who for seven years did on again off. With her boyfriend. Beyoncé and a boyfriend called and says I want you one last foreign and she did. She was gonna be friends with and an oil change and well well now now now hold on scene you just did you went hey you did it on. Punch descendants are Bono because. Later Zoe Cruz though little does and so the three I thought for the whole time just for the second half I thought so so so she came back into. Did not lie about it. OK okay. Yes I'd eventually happen but but but what happened first. They branded verges thank you Jesus doesn't like or not. Lessons he's picking up a she came back and they wanna be friends with Sam believes letter writers Evelyn I wanna at least meet him and and that never happen and then he the letter writer and his girlfriend they go on a hike every weekend I wanna do 52 ice and 52 weeks and I their dog and then the very next week and she wasn't available she had to work well no real quote quote or turns out she lied to the letter writer and went on Bo hi. Are. Does your job involves. You and any one and that he broke out with her. And that he found out she has a trip to Spain. And I wanna meet with you when I get back in May not coming together. And I isn't that amazing people. How bad I'm going to solve the race. We lived it. As we told you and then okay. Do for filling in the holes I usually enjoy that. One thing your security and fingers weird column I'm not I am aloha and and and it is his point was act. How how I get over this. Bitch and and then moto I do the senators Carl I hear it's trying to guide the doctor around literacy wanna say thank you rob and viewers means for the advice given the mean. On how to cope and move on from my current relationship on my breakup situation. I do appreciate kind words from everyone I know I will struggle with this for awhile but I'll keep all of your words and mind. I really do just wish though that sincere one last round so that I could look her in the eyes and teller. Enjoy your fourth try to relationship with your ex Wallace laughs and it will feel good music game 10 yeah really want and what she learned to. Really can sneak some potato chips yeah you can't trust the ranking but now though got to be addicted to food. They always. Around saying where she got a question got to come. Got a problem here on the phone numbers you need. 999811. You can always right to the Doctor Murray. Sorry this is drama please don't use my name Mormon bay lowlands. Security around my. Katie Smith. She couldn't subs misconduct to rob I really appreciate the title look I have worked hard for it again don't the familiarity does so and so should be a doctor rob just for future reference to take owns the I'm desperate search effort came round and it I don't know now what she's lucky you're reading this little things you lucky you're sicker as a nation look. Once once once you met your doctor and you will form a relationship with him or her. That's I call my doctor bill. I didn't call on Joseph the first time and Adam thought that ideally undock the last thing yeah. The last man. That you can come more from newly. Yes and let's as a chiropractor you always call them by the first name does not really doctor small boy. Oh really because that's why it. We look at and to care and I've got moment my best present a chiropractor but just my semi coma. And still didn't draft her to my best. Quite hard robs your eyes my fiance listens he religiously as to why so I'm hoping you're compass today she wrote this yesterday. These are twelve year anniversary yeah. Yeah we've been together since I was sixteen. And he was seventy mile high schools we got. We have a trip coming up to go to Maui for the first time lull I'll. And we are beyond excited we've been engaged for five years now weddings are expensive and we are really the center of attention people. I'll just good little I thought if you would shut up. Yeah when they go to the third is what the idea. Letter writer bill will feel. They're all against the you don't see all yellow metal rolling guerrillas tension when you met up behind my back the exact audio please do this. Didn't about it recently. Like here's the problem. Three years ago I got into an asphalt car accidents and my insurance paid them out now in the accident there was a little girl about six it was in the car. The accident was not bad at all and she was in a car seat Jews totally fine. My insurance lady of time told me that if they paid the little girls portion for pain and suffering this is the insurance company negotiated on her behalf. Five grand for the accident the case to be closed and the girl wouldn't be able to assume you ever. Well in the end dictator 4900. And told me that they still have the option to sue me up until two years before her eighteenth birthday. Oh dear god I am assuming is going to happen because people are crappy right. Quarterback thought that. I know because of this situation my fiance is freaking out about getting married because he doesn't want to be sued to. For being very domain name is Rudy better than anyone of us dug out soon. Should I be living in fear because of a stupid car accident I'm terrified to buy a house and my name on terrified to get married I don't know this is a reasonable fear not. Should wait a low flight were really want to do or just stay engaged forever. He wanted to call you when you had your lawyer on last week but chickened out. But maybe I'll call next time okay so here's one of the roles of writing doctor Robby have to be ready for the answer that you don't want to hear. The reason your boyfriend fiance chickened out last week is 'cause he's a tower yes all the other things in your letter I'll get to later but I am terrified as you use that word for you marrying this man hey man I can not and you're right this person who has junk that resembles those of a man. This is appalling to me that he is where read that he might be mean you know lawsuit. I don't even understand any of this your Sears here's the thing when when you have been together for twelve goddamn years which scares the hell out of me. Because when you commit yourself to someone either through a ceremony or piece of paper or just words. We're so you take on all of what they bring into the relationship number one yet to. If he Mary June tomorrow. There is no guarantee that three months from now something will not happen that causes you both to get sued together. As a married couple moving forward. First three. I I I I. I really try to but I just got this email. This morning it was it Wii but I just saw this morning and so I'm still trying to wrap my brain around a man who's a person who thinks this way. All the other things that you're talking about yes you are living your life in theory yes it's unreasonable yes it's irrational there's no reason for you put your life on hold firm may be. For what if just because somebody sues you doesn't mean they're gonna win yet might be a pain in the ass but you have to go into court to defend yourself and get an attorney or have your insurance company go back I don't think it's likely that they're gonna do that. I don't even understand this little clause that your insurance company negotiator told your however works. But either way. You don't stop living life and your fiance. Is basically telling you all well gee. I don't really wanna get some way what does it mean doesn't wanna get Susie mean that limit is actually this letter writer. Is he afraid of being named in the lawsuit or does he not wanna be in any way financially responsible for because you are married. And something happens to your spouse or sorry what you're committed relationship do I have to be mayor I mean like you're committed to each other for all time. What are your gold on her grossly actually have paperwork. When somehow. Happens your spells were there on the financially you are on the financially yet that's how war even if you do separate bank accounts which fine I'd I. I write that works for a lot of it works for me. And my wife but god dammit if cristina's sudden you know and you know. We have to pay this kind of money let's figure it out I'm all all the at your fiancee. Your other questions move on and live life and you know this guy must he Mans up and figures out and can explain to you won't. And meet since you asked rationally what is fears. Me I don't know this. Your bulls are saying I do yeah I don't know part of my version and not about you guys. Think so yeah I think I was frustrated before the show started a business. We'll be more of its answer PM you go yeah let's say hey yeah. Exactly yeah how overreact there was no I'm. No you know I I don't know if you two are this way. Or you feed off of each other but there's a lot of fear your guys is life and I mean there really is and and are we all have fear but haven't paralyze you. Is the worst thing you can ever do it you're not living life it looking you don't want to buy a house you wanna do this you don't do that so basically you don't wanna do anything so you don't want to live life. Life it. Is chances it is they keep making a choice to do something you're making a chance has no no one. That's probably scare them even more. We have no clue what tomorrow holds all I. I love people that think they have their whole life planned out and let him go this way and that way and ol' what's I have all this morning the my life's going to be a limousine and guess what then they lose other many something happens and really keep it you don't know he prepared the best year abilities and then you get on with life and then if something happens you deal with you know my fingers you call me lie eat. My favorite version of those people are sick. I I eight I I know this is morbid but I I laugh every time I hear these stories of people who work their asses off. To save money for their retirement so there and maybe their savings and retire early 55 and they're gonna travel the world. And and it 55 their kids are out of the house and that's when I gonna start limit and they sacrifice they don't go on vacation they don't drive the cars they want they don't buy the house they want. And 54 and a half years old they die. Yet and I laugh out loud all the way out all. They didn't remember my serve big and only had they were really saccharine and and then they get hit by a bus video and they get on a southwest jet engine explode on one man do I love the. Texas so stressful. And quite frankly. You don't let that happen speaks and my father god rest his soul sorry. Harry and pat why don't she did live here and my step mom took trips. But she also worked cool way too much and it's because in his mind. 55 you no longer be. Did you final hurdle that we working what now while they still took trips he overworked himself to the bone and he never did it to 55 at you know have. Had a heart attack that killed Vicki horse so. You know with all of that and and so we that was somewhat fearful sue on his part. You can't because you can't plan for everything he can't sit there and think. That everything's gonna work out the way you want that you want someone in the cookie yeah teammate I've been together twelve years but yeah you're you guys shouldn't even be engaged honestly because. You have to go through life this is your teammate you're willing to go through everything that they go through and you're there to hold them it sounds like well yeah. It expects sure sue you're you're glad you got the problem being sued now me right back wow what. A partner in imagine going off on my husband. Yeah please it is busy that you just triggered somehow some reasons because here's ES to be husband. Because she will marry him. Well but I don't know if he'll marry her patient to wait he is Kyle this thing about being mean it seemed able to both children. But let's put them both down equally because here it is because this goes right to the heart of the point I wanna make. She is a child in my opinion for this living in fear mentality she's terrified stop that she is terrified of what may happen here's what a great teammate does and in a great relationship you rotate these roles. One person asked to pick the other one on. The hot game Holland and in this in our and it's equals the woman does that for the man the man of the for the woman in this scenario he should be the ones and babe we got this here. Stop worrying. About this week can't think she should be same dorms at. We can't control what life is going to bring we can't control what we don't know what's gonna happen this at least we know it exists we know what might happen if we can try to prepare for it but it's not gonna stop us from Livan so I'm gonna take the lead I'm gonna be a man and I'm gonna show. Us the road forward and that type of stuff makes your relationship stronger and if any if the worst happens with this and this whole lawsuit. It's not gonna be land overnight you're not going to jail the next OK just this is a long process so you could still go off and get married and you could still be dealing with this together hopefully for the next three years and if you do get sued its place so the little girl is in it. Car seat she didn't really get hurt they gave her some money. She's gonna come back now but powering twelve years I. And I thought just do up to ten you have to up to get well up to ten years as the tears were eighteen birdies in six of up to ten years later Al. I'll be accidental WiMax and Harry is not still don't have a judge saying oh my gosh you've had all this pain and suffering let's do this woman for all she's a burst. Is slim to none. Hi this that this was my point about that I glossed over I was so angry at them husband to be is just because someone Susie doesn't mean you lose and the first thing that would happen if they did try to see you is is you get a lawyer. It's gonna go to the family's lawyer and can go are you serious. You're 1415. Year old client is. Miserably depressed and is cutting herself or whatever it is that she's suffering around. And you want to pin it on the car accident that occurred eight years ago. With my client and then your little lawyer's gonna negotiate with his lawyer and they're the fan is blurred gonna have to prove some good enough to bring up that she's had a perfect life. Since the age of six and or that she's been in counseling since the age of sixty and has never been able to get over this accident were nothing happened earlier that you're just notified. And yeah. Oh this case scenario you're gonna go well a settlements cheaper than a lawsuit sold give them X number of dollars and goes that's the worst case scenario. Local. And thing at all for the rest I just think this has happened. Which is I do live look I'm not saying you can't be afraid I don't think any of us are what. Who ever it that's normal human it's human has to be afraid. To have fear of the unknown but you do it anyway because then that's called Libyan life. Yeah I mean I am under. Standard or are reasonable fears or whatever and pay that and I also suffer from. Unreasonable fears you know I am a constantly worried if I ever go to Disneyland again that there is going to be a terrorist bombings saying the. I go to Disneyland actually and that's the trick that that is that is the key is if you genuinely want to go to Disneyland. And your fear of a terrorist attack crippled Zhou then you're not living which is what she is positive your and let you know what it. The people act like we're we're all doing brain surgery every day this is just life is he afraid that you guys are gonna easy you don't know why has there were quite visualize that because you're afraid it'll. Is that all when she sues you OK so when you lose and I'll you not be so attached to things we all white nice things absolutely we work hard for him. But to not live life. Because you're so afraid of the things you buy you might lose that's stupid. Don't be so attached OK we were carting Diddy didn't do constantly rebuilding their lives every single day Heidi so don't. But I. Not not don't buy. By your house by your car or whatever did you wanna deal and it ten years down the road you get sued and you lose that OK we will rebuild did you enjoy those things like to have. That's what matters yeah I mean she's that if your committing your life hair but he. If you lose your house guess what you're still gonna be with the person he committed damn race there's other houses. I. Here's they did it may have been an apartment here's. Other wanna I wanna get to today also name withheld this from a guy big guy and and and as I go through it you you may be you may you may have thought and is warning you of all while that got nuclear quickly thumb would end and then we get the end of the letter you're still gonna think that. Oh. Doctor rob I desperately need your help my girlfriend has been divorced for three years now and shares 5050 custody of her two sons and their X. A few weeks ago or youngest son mentioned there that his dad had played a game with them. According to Mercer on this game entailed his father placing a pillow over his son's face until it was unable to breathe. While flailing about and what I can only imagine must have been pure panic he managed to scratch his dad's arm. After hearing his story. My girlfriend immediately went to the courthouse the next day and filed for NT PO temporary protective order against her ex which was denied the same day. Obviously for. For her she then went to the police to file a report after interviewing her and her two sons individually the cops stopped by RX is how's that same day and called my girlfriend several hours later saying there wasn't. Physical evidence to place him under arrest I've known my girlfriends ex longer than I've known her is that they've worked together. And I know that he's very persuasive with people he's very manipulative you probably even beatle lie detector fewer ever have to submit to a test. Since this is all happened my girlfriend has blurred up and an ex parte motion was filed by her attorney and that was also democratic. It's. Good. SE TS has been notified the police are fully aware of the goings on court refused to keep this monster away from his kids why is there nobody cares is doing about this. Muster youngest actually die before any action as I we are at a loss and don't know where else to turn please help OK I was there here's the problem letter writer. It if that's your letter I don't leave anything out the idea of a few background details on how he knows the guy but maybe giving more details did it if if if. This is what you've got. There's enough there's this is nothing burger I'm there I'm hoping not like for the suffering of somebody. But there's a whole string of horrible man's that you left out of your letter that this father has done to his kids or that there's some. Other reason that he is a monster because all you provided me. Us was. A game that according to the kid involved his dad put a pillow over his head so he couldn't breathe well as we discussed yesterday. Kid's life. Kids make things up maybe dad did do that and maybe dad wanted to terrified or terrorize this kid may be dad thought it was a reasonable punishment for something that you did. Maybe it wasn't that bad maybe dad did do that he's a psychopath but based on just back. There is not a judge on the planet that based only on that is gonna rail to add back in the court and say my god and the cops. Couldn't even get evidence. Of any kind physical emotional or verbal to do anything from to the dad CP US is involved you say and then you ask. Why doesn't anyone care about the kids go because if this is all that's better. There's nothing to do I I so I don't know if this is just a vengeful ex situation. Or there's a lot more you're not telling me and I'm guessing. The courts and the authorities because there. There's nothing here man I'm sorry but the Bahamian persuasive with people's irrelevant if this is it there's nothing. See it sound yeah you know because your your letter honestly. Maybe you right back because your letter makes it sound like. Ear X just has a beef with this dude. And maybe he was frustrating turbulent. They manipulative to her baby he could talk her into anything or make her believe anything maybe all of that is the truth and that was there relationships. So she hates him. I know what I mean what what else. OK when I hear what he did that sounds horrifying to me that sounds awful. But I don't know what else there is an effect cops are doing anything in CPS isn't doing anything. I hope you do have a list of other things if there's more going on I mean I if this is exactly what stated. The data that kid can't marine he's got a scratch his dad to be able to get the pillow office space I. I don't like that I would like to see that our experience that. You need more okay if if you're both tell the truth in the kid is that this is what it is. You guys need more it sounds like I'm sorry that you need more but you do and not to probably infuriating because some people do less. They get in trouble but that's what you do with here. And then the there's. The courts if there's no history of any thing get the courts are gonna take just in this example. And certainly a market issues CTO. They're not even know listen to your attorney on an export table because experts say means almighty god it's so important we have to do it right away of course hate ex parte when. When it's abused and so the cork based on what your lawyer presented. The court looked at it he said. This is it one time no this is not ex parte break come back when he got some. Perfect if if so what's missing term need is at what point did to the girlfriend or wife whatever it is. The letter writers girlfriend. To the girlfriend. You know get information from her son and then Kolb looked at the expense say hey. You know little Timmy told me that your playing this game and it sounds like you're really irresponsible game because something could happen and he seems to think that. It would you know he told me out to scratch Judy get away. DPD may think maybe this isn't a good game to play with our children. Think where was the conversation. There's no mention of it so I'm I went we're left to assume. Then there wasn't that fun association switch to just when you're right to the courts is is it so maybe this is that super estranged. Relationship where they don't even talk when they drop the kids off. Big issue I don't look at it see how popular it was as soon or maybe she's been looking for reasons. Get him to not be a part of the kids' lives because he's whatever she did and whatever her experience with him is and I know what's really hard for people. When they've had an awful relationship with someone. It's hard for them to believe that they're good to their children hunt seeking that I've seen friends of mine B was some horrific dudes they're married to but they're amazing fathers. Like they are not that way to their children. And so. Some women I thought they hate they they want they don't want that guy have any influence over their children. Yeah and you know she made her ex any team may have been horrible to her but. It doesn't matter about your prices feelings in matters of their kids are feeling these confusing thing kid needs to be brits really honestly because he played some game. Let's ripped a day out and a kid apart if that's all that's happened had Hillary she's got to do daddy figure me. That's cool I'm a player does it give. It also has a couple emails came in the first doctor rob literary the red radio dot com this is the the woman who wrote beyoncé doesn't want America she may quote unquote someday be sued over car accident. This guys says a thing I don't get is there still engaged. He doesn't wanna get married because he doesn't wanna be financially responsible for the lawsuit does that mean that he's not gonna help her. If it happens all the island today. Here yeah that's what I heard it does he think when may let's just lawsuit let's take a lawsuit out of it to the prior letter writer. Did you do your fiance really think you'd you'll never have any hardships together haven't spent twelve years or has he. He'd been in twelve years has he come to your side you can help you through hardship in front or even par has hit. Don't say don't judge that help then and power relation by the good sign LA judged by how you guys wrecked in the bad holiest. And then one more about a six year old gets the car actually consume solar sixteen. She says this letter writer says I think it's actually kind of standard my five year old daughter was a passenger in an accident. And the settlement have the same cause it was explained to mean that it's in there. In case there's damage to her that's not evident until puberty like ovaries uterine damage how wild. And in OK fine so that's why it's amateurs at a reasonably your life on hold till we get its feet and I know. The doctor anytime our radio red radio dot com. He had gone.