Dr Rob 5-19-17

Friday, May 19th


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You're listening to the everybody and dawn show called them any time ready needs now. This email all REP rap radio on how strong Miguel. I guess there's only get this great dawns in Texas sees somebody who's a politician on TV with the last name Rodriguez okay she assumes he's from Mexico. Just like Alex Rodriguez from the Dominican. And yes but they're not all match. Probably as well you know what they should be then put that makes the things you know. Rodriguez not next and see what's his cubicle Republican yes we wish I would have you might grow cons being put it out. Do all of us though they get there right when I told Morgan you for guys like me I'm Caucasian girls he's a much drag music germ cells. And every nice it's a dirty. You're a mutt you guys that they don't. Think most people are gonna be okay with me. Hispanic Mexican Cuban mosque. Just as Italy's what you guys at the worst pain shot. Or plastic goes by rose bill Monday. We need color eighteen and all you do is make a choice like an open up. The bigger the smaller prize color 18 is lazy good morning lacy. Good morning all right hey mom I can open up the big Manila envelope with the two smaller envelopes from paper plastic things and you tell us what you want lazy paper or plastic. Anchored our. Reason Joes may very trying to game the system like you think last time mastering was being too. No I didn't have a big campaign and I'm maybe I'm hungry and very good neighbors I'll tell me. He shows paper if you had chosen plastic pool would have got 415. An hour. And what's what is your truck payment. My primary in oh well now I look look if this is on the rare cases where it's not bad. Add that you shows paper we'll also put a dent in it you would at Florida fifteen dollars you're gonna get 164. Dollars and. Yeah yeah. Attitude and hit an all right congratulations lazy 864. Dollars and 25 cents courtesy of Roosevelt yeah. The and help somebody out. On Iran than George got a question comment problem your own numbers eight. 89891911. You can always writes the Doctor Murray. Red radio dot com it's not really a doctors say he can suck it. Friday Saturday. Hi this is her name without any persons says dear doctor incidences dear doctor rob I went on a great date with a cute girl. We hit it off and clicked immediately. I enjoyed my time with her and thought it went well. Later but he's 26 for those who cares we get into. You're in what happens after the day it all makes perfect sense for for those that are old like me on the alert an odd thing you do listen what they don't get those are doing. Oh boy later in the evenings and date went well now there at their homes. Not if not together later in the evening we were texting. And she admits that she wanted to kiss me. Well lets us look even though this was only the first time we met. She then brings up the topic of sex or wow soleil are so forward Arab and asks me what my favorite sex acts and physicians are. And Harding she is let me say hello Mary Shelley what followed was a very hot conversation. I love how we refer to text in this conversation and ignorant or judgment on this I am. And machine and sent me if you panty picks war. I think I had pictures of her in her pennies not just your pennies on the ban opened the drawer. First Danny's and then he adds she asked for some in return and so Byron and their teachers I know I I think she just means you know peaceful when officers high return the with a couple flex opposes porn. My shirt on Ollie don't boxers or all life. And here lies the problem he writes. I'm not very well endowed. And she asked me to send her Richard picture now not just averages that general academy who you're talking. The moon and I let her honestly know that it's not the biggest. And I don't make a habit of showing it off because she's a very sexual and open person and assured me that she would like it no matter what. And she couldn't wait to see it. So I decided to send her back. And her reaction was surprising. She said it was closely and I shouldn't be too down on myself. I've never had a woman react to my singing in such a positive manner. I actually woke up the next morning feeling that I had in months and new phone burst of confidence. That is until an hour later. When she message and the message to meet and says quote. Maybe it would've been best to wait on the pictures because now I feel like a boy cold. When I asked her why she replies quote in a text. I'm curious to see if you can satisfy me but I'm very skeptical. Alone. I can go. This crushed me you're probably saying. I was kind of annoyed by her being so open about this but I had to go to work so I kind of played the silent treatment until I got off work. And I texted her and let her know she made me feel crappy. And I would never zany things and make her purposely feel bad about her body. She said it wasn't her intention to hurt me in the she is attracted me and she likes talking to me and she wants to have sex with me. Because she wants to see if I can actually sir wow. Oh nice girl. And Lee. I don't even give her a ton a day the only patronized I told her. York curious and as of my ability to please a woman doesn't make me one more do you. Exactly we argued for a couple minutes and she ends with she would want to date me but she wants to see how I am in bed first. This. Hershey to see I wanted to caller bitch but I withheld. While I have a small thingy I had a relatively good sex life and I am confident in my ability to please a woman. She just doesn't believe me and assumed I couldn't. Because of my socks how this is a direct quote. All at least see it in real life before I completely shut. See you. And he's willing to look at at all. She's so he's. So what Lloyd you rob. Do I blank your brains out to show or that I can. If I do that and end up listener may be everything else for good relationship off all the. Yeah what if I notable anchor and she laughs and I don't know if I get a handle that. Well I cheese's sky should hold out for a woman who's more accepting of my body just. Isn't your real questionable look cern to push the ball. Armed if you wanna find some good on this I I would I would and while everybody is that you coming down on the girl. I appreciate your candor and her honesty. She is basically telling you that she is not interstate and you unless you're good and bad that's how I. Think that's neat that's honesty you don't have to like kids you don't have to agree with this great this this is one of those and we talked so much on the show about compatibility. Sexual and otherwise I this is so refreshing to me this girl is saying he'll. I can't even consider being your girlfriend in less I know you're good and bad. False if you're a guy who had the same opinion yeah assets is the most important thing to me. You've got to be happens and you get to try out and make sure so get some credit for being honest the problem as. Jordan not as. Confident as you think you are first of all you're worried about a girl last and your thingy. On you say you're confident in pleasing women and bad ball then why he'd care that she was laughing Q. And you're singing because you should already know that you're more than just your singing and that your worth more than just just singing in the you know do you use any. And I don't think the girl that is this overt. And this seemingly. Sexual it's not intentionally overconfidence. Is is the right kind of girl for you and so dear to your questions here here's here's your decision. I'm you I don't think you should go if you decide the blank her brains out as you say you don't go into it under the guise of that's suddenly going to turn into a great relationship. You go into it because you just wanna blame her brains out and your mindset is I'm never gonna talk door again I'm never gonna see your anonymity decides it didn't change should be okay. You know you can only do that if a you really want a blank her. And B if she does laughing you know you're going to be fine with that's the only way you can do this and I don't know if you're cut out for you you're gonna have to hear it coming our decision. For me so this is beyond sex. If if she had I think she's bench yeah. I didn't see me there isn't the honesty of this she's a bitch you here's why I I deem her a bitch because the nice girl. A girl who's actually a good person what I just told you at the day or Walt texting. Hey you know what I want you know I'm very sexual. So we might have to have sex right away. Because it's a big deal to me I wanna see for compatible that's a nice person. She has you send pictures and and makes funny years Cheney in his shirt she does it in a bitchy way she's a bitch and so to me this is beyond the she's not a good girl if she would have done what I just said. Told you left frank she's a very sexual person you're gonna have sex right away I would agree with what rob said wow that's a very honest girl let somebody know this is like. Almost the most important thing for me I might tell you what live pay their lease and yet it need the worst thing you're gonna have sex with somebody right and then you move on whether it's compatible or not. She won about it why would you want to have a relationship with someone who. You went out one day she sort of being mean do you want to meaning you weren't going about it in a really rotten way I think you deserve more than that you need to know. You deserve more than that she is honest you just don't like the way she went about it yeah Dixie I think that you and I don't like how she just says as she. Tells him holly see it in person won't do you decide who he gives shows is they need to Wendy you oldest. That you get to see is they have I was back to you guys we'll tell you don't like her presentation in her attitude did you understand her mindset is. I sleep with you till I see it in person Siemens and a nice person goes about it in another way they just JR. Under discussion is nicer not mean an idol I'm answering his question over blanking her and I already told them don't go into this with the idea of having a relationship with her statement that does -- that's the same. The first and he's like immediately get it turning your relationship you told her relationship and this girl well that's Irene. Maybe she maybe she's the greatest person on earth once you like your thingy out and think about if you want it to you life. Everything's worked out. Mean these guys Donna Donna Dawson hit off and went after you finally got off together and down the road he has had is he as a down to grant is nearly. You know back to a three Reggie had he didn't believe and I do not camera shot got shouted I've read tarot border. Our both members and 89 and I thank you eleven hi Michelle the no no. So I have to say I wanted to know the age of her because she 26. He's not your typical 26 year old dude I'm forty you're down a playwright or else I would be dapper as you do and absolutely. At this stage yet. And wood and would you be that overt about it I need to see it before we go any further. I wouldn't wanna related to that effect and that I'm I'm sure. Just and that's the thing that I wanna know too because she may be a major fresh and hear how candid she is and how how upfront and honest she is about earned her desires or needs but doesn't make her mature there's a maker relate relationship call me like you're saying rob so he you know it's it's it's what you are looking forward to this guy sounds like he wants to. Day session punishing could be she could be 39 she'll be eighteen he doesn't say it's a maturity thing not any. You know what it lists and I they're a very there's honesty and there's begin to act act a jerk about it and then there's also old. I think some people not all people I think it's great to know like to caller who just called the you know they're not getting mad at said there's no relationship. But you know why did you have no way of knowing. Pull your closing yourself off to that later becomes great in bed. There have been boyfriends I've had where the first time was not so great not because I liked them so much and enjoy their company. I would they had and stuck with it and you know what's sex got really good the more I liked them the more they like to me the more we got to know each other the more comfortable we got so. I just cautioned people sometimes you can be closing yourself off. All the time this is something to put out there. They EUU could be if you know would you like. I I don't see what the problem that is because everybody changes overtime and that's like saying if your about a religious you shouldn't be born yourself off to atheists because you know some atheist convert later and has a lot of people who wouldn't give them the time of the day in the beginning and that's fine. We all close ourselves off the people shirt doesn't have checklists and judgments and if you. No that sex is the most important thing usually it's not for me is I'm in the top five for me kind of advocating for somebody who's more. So are you an honest as you want and younger people like dawn and Amanda there in the tone commented at all. Asked so that's why this doesn't. It's so. Funny especially the emphasis on brutal IOK yeah. Wanting to have excellent thing. And has a small thing each and in the past I have had I think I have my own personal little task. I'm not neat about it dude but if you know things are going down in. I have eaten that we know these. Before I'll actually sleep we feel. And you know when I'm checking things out then maybe and it's. Tasty oh it's seeking. Served and how are you going to convey that message I'm tired it's. You're never gonna column in the manner it's. So yeah. And oh yeah. Pretty good dude doesn't bigger bat like I'm tired as opposed to bet it's the road and. What did she say she does then well he goes right or hosted any guy. They say hair don't think we're compact. Yeah I never go see it any bang out an old guy is gonna put two and now together let's Emma was going fine until you saw my singing then he had hired an hour not compel. I think that's nicer to say we're not compatible the same how fast to catch your eye out may not remember Alice terrible it's the same effect for the guy. Don't usually do in your brutal. This. I'm point oh do you are trying to protect you guys feeling the same effect. They feel it in Amanda's hypothetical we as men and you're just doing it to preserve your own team now back then about why the and Israel cowards way out and make you feel good about it. Hello Wayne Owens and. Yeah hello. How old oh yeah. PAK how are you guys. And these. Girls. I am excited comment about being. Email that. We did it I emailed an about I am ES but he now I am very hey very very sexual person although. I let people know before hand like you're saying you know back commentary feedback on it yet hey you know this is important to me. You know I am I only see if they did you know it is cold. We gave we both get pleasure from it by. IBM also that I that I don't judge a man is why is it. Package. It's more about what the of motion of the ocean a word or the other how how good uses us. Yeah actually we can't use because the they a man has a small package okayed by just because he has that well. Maybe nobody is better then you may personally they bigger package that. Andy maybe he's got a really talented other body parts mouth songs fingers things like that. These things always fascinating because there's just there and they're I don't I don't think there's one way in an essay in my ways away. Her late isn't the way but it just it and then you flash back to there are guys that boyfriends I had that it was phenomenal sex it was a terrible relationship. It was. Terrible. Relationship. So I guess it kind of like what are you looking far right is it. Are you that person that you don't care if you're terrible relationship doesn't who's a sex is I guess I. I don't like you're a middle ground there and if if you determine the sex is the most important thing. That's where you start. And then you start with great sex and if the relationship goes south you go okay I'm not here there's plenty of people that I consider some girls he'll talk to him in there they can't believe there's a single right he's had a conversation in my. If I wanna stay with any of those guys because the sex was so good but the relationship was miserable. That was important to me I never wanted to with my husband who has sex is cut wit and he's also a good guy people you know what I mean yeah I just try to sell off. Off 100 covered that yeah you if sex is the most important start there if the relations bat in your mentally well you leave. Now you're talking about dysfunctional people acting president is do you leave the relationship we go okay I'm gonna find somebody else who has to be good and bad first. And then I keep doing that until I find the right person then Don you can't establishes true relationship after one night stands out I. Hello Melissa deported. Well I. No I don't think I did anything wrong let's patching a one way or even how to log out I try her honesty came so how can I ask you. Have heard our globe lady god derby experience and then apparently issue then your article they all of this isn't working for me exactly compatible. No good and bad and that's I think maturity because. And is lacking in all. This because it is like strayed too straight too sexy new sound to each other and not actually you know doing and in person when you so easy to do things a protester doesn't always in times she's a busy girl actually got person as much better. This bad deals Ari deer and radio dot com Nicole says I love small Richards given my email all boost his ego. Phillips says blank the blank out of her and leave her hanging steeler change off the counters you walk out yeah. My guys go ahead. Yeah I did Madonna as she is a bitch but also I'd agree with you rob. That she is good putting him basically her honesty out there but then again what happened that they do need you don't blink her. And also and then in the in the middle of the action NGOs. She could denounces. In the gang yeah. As you save yourself the trouble don't do this girl she's actually again hitting me again and and see you might easily and I think he has the confidence from his none of that would bother me how does make me blank her harder. And then. They may be looking for two different things this sounds like she's looking somebody did for somebody to blank. And he is kind of looking more down the road too well what if this leads to a good relationship. I think she he needs to find somebody that's looking for earliest send a text by hello Aden. Permanent and well good. Totally gifts are true amateur birders sit back and ratio might have been really look brewers shirt. It's our marriage you know what you want as you can be semi competent emotional regardless you could easily could have gone wrong because I the early April are are uttered. That's fascinating. Yeah you probably know this guy thinks she's looking for relationship because she knows or she wants extra book it seems anyway I don't. What she wants in a relationship may also very very damaged and a way that we're not giving her credit for she may really want love. But she thinks so little of herself that she believes. That it's only through sex. That you find they find inside. Believe yeah sexual high. I hold twenty. The worlds of a much better place for having to your point. And they're not a guy Jay thanks for this time I was sit com. It is time for the cash pressure cooker just about as a daily trivia game we played every single day all the don't get. Everybody and we don't like not at all it's trivia people we know we can hit winners are the I don't know it or you don't and you don't ya get high priced at thirty seconds. And everyday we don't get a winner we add to the jackpot which is how we're up to today. 1000. Dollars. And seeing if we get a winner today. They won't we still play Monday and we start over a hundred bucks pulled that off and if we don't get a winner today. We still play Monday random time pressure going to be Lebanon so. None of this matters much color eighteen right now that I know you can ask our phone number is still safe from everywhere 8889899. The eleven caller eighteen plays the pressure cooker for a thousand bucks thanks.