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Wednesday, July 11th


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OK anybody in dawn my 98 rock. Think TR XQ dot net. And into the rough. 89899. The eleven or listen online and read radio. So yes. Some more high so different Suze is United Kingdom are done on technology and all these funds. At probably a little bit about our fingers do himself on the front but what about or even. On your car park where some form or or waited on patient. Hey do you eat those things are passive applications that you're not up W you want to drive it. Guys a couple buildings safer appeal are just tuning in. If it's being tested in the United Kingdom but remember they are they have global orders including in America. For these systems that can sense whether or not a cellphone signals be is being transmitted from a car. And right now what to do is it'll put up a sign with a with a cell phone line through it don't usual phone. Right now other saying that the technology doesn't identify whether it's a driver or passenger you're all asking the agency questions on ask what about maps and then. Matt mentioned maps and also navigation and you're asking the wrong questions. That it. When when they figure out hey when they perfect the technology. That they're going to. The figure out it that you're using your cell phone for maps its hands free. Or for music. And they figure out if your passengers using when they when they it's. You all of that and then they say okay we got to that worked out. But when we know that you the driver using a cell phone were going to shut it down and report your information the police are you OK with that's known because all the questions as I three understand the question Monica slip they're meaningless. Because you're missing. The bigger picture take a follow penal. Our radio red radio dot com offers funds from Sheryl hi Sharon number all of this came out over our newest feature and thank god. Sheryl says this needs to be in new thing I can't stop laughing my favorite new rob sane is good thank god. That's good thanks. I'm glad you like. This is an idiotic email oh boy alone. About the issue of the World Health Organization under the umbrella. The United Nations. Declaring that sex addiction to be mental disorder learn. This guy says that's funny because the rest of the world will still considered BS and do what is actually necessary you don't live in the real world other than Third World countries you're you're full of it. That America is way behind when it comes to acknowledging that. Everything is not our fault that the debt developed countries almost all of Europe no it with some exceptions most of Asia. They all are fully that's why it's part of the United Nations you more on this is no thank you for this. Attitude. Your idea is sure you're right in Syria they're not going to recognize. This exhibition is a mental disorder yeah it got me or not. I. Scared because I promise I don't always need more time. On grounds they or questioning at all. We're on our call is 88989911. And always right up there REP. Brad radio dot com I'm not actually really doctors so sucks. Yeah I mentioned this email because yesterday we had the one from the from the sister about. Her little brother. With ADHD and dad because the parents found out that other kids with his same name have ADHD and mental herder behavioral disorders are gonna changes name to Sam. Following which I thought was of Ludacris and couldn't believe it and it was a real families are actually real letter. And as I mentioned the started today show and earlier today as we've got another 1 this morning that I just sit here for just so long debate check. I just can't. Console. Look if you believe it over the last hour of good thank god your mind has been blown maybe and end that you wanna believe this is in the world we live and this is why I think as a person. I read this is this is a person that lives amongst you. This is this is a fellow maggots we share air was as players and this is a citi's this is a citizen in a situation and it is these type of things that lead all of those other good thank god. And here's what I want a farm. So it it's from John H eyes then. Dear doctor rob I'm writing about my parents. Give me some background I am torn you ate my wife is 23 within our own apartment we have a seven month old daughter until the baby I don't know that's a little basis via various daughter. Sure. I'm sure the we have been together for three years married for one year. Married with the blessings of my parents my parents are in their fifties and my younger brother lives with them he is 25. I first moved out three years ago member letter there's 28 so same ages as brother enough. And that time I had a series of events were my parents got crazy mad over what seemed like trivial things at the time and I would later find out. The real reason for it was they weren't able to cope with me not living at home when them anymore. Well. Everytime we would have a problem with and a couple days they would call and we would talk things out and come to a mutual understanding and be okay after let me pause once again. We're we're ridicule and earlier this morning. People of both my generation dawn generation. Which people in their early fifties would be were an early forties how they're the ones that are created. Bless all of the very people that everybody's bitching about. Right now and so here you have. Two pursued. Adults drone parents who. Are upsets and can't handle that they're grown 25 girls on one of them has left the home back to punish you understand that before I get to the actual we are part. Gil and the folks is the wrong it really has the focus has been to get mad. At these grown adults. Minute we need to be patted. At the generation ours and that worries them through concerned you did not do your job well at all you need no accolades for your parenting you. Slept at her and read and remember remember how this works they did get mad about something else and it turns out the real the root cause. Of the parents anger is that he doesn't live at home with them anymore as a twenty year old grown man and face and then they talk and they worked on deck next pick it's. However last week and that changed. We play the video game mind craft regularly. With my parents. As it is something we all like and bond over. So your home seeing my breath brandy went about my craft the only thing that I know about it it there's really no objective to it other than just building things like you just kind of I gather stuff in this environment in this the end game and you just build structure and it's multiplayer you reach doing in the Erie plane on the at the same field the ads like one big open world and everybody just plays together and OK so and then OK so they do this as a bonding they find a bright girl playing videogames and science and now. And how he and his wife and the parents this is something that bond of it's just that grown adults do things appears more times than bon let's let's find yes I wish I could stop there. We are hunting monsters in the game the other day and my wife killed a monster that my mom was attacking. And it upset my mom. My Scottish another three additionally my wife on. That I don't need it now I don't listen. Listen listen and gut punch isn't this called suck if you're I promise you this if you're going to spawn. Every thanking them over the next. Paragraph well OK I can't tell this is often in this isn't enough I guess red is not seen this is why it was so Berkeley. I guess. It used against me bothers me. We played good in my trafford earlier my parents once again this is from a grown adult not a four year old there's a twenty year old married man and he and his wife for playing with a past that's. We're looking monsters in the game one day the other day in my wife kill the monster that my mom was attacking and an upset my mom additionally. My wife later killed a horse in the game that my brother owned. But had left out in the wild it was all part of the game there. My mom confronted my wife about these things she did to collect and asked why she had done them. My wife replied by saying she didn't mean anything by it and was just playing the game has. Cars. They did it we might have found that two people on this planet left these fifty year old parents that have no other problems and what not like let's be. I mean Andy Sutton I. So the heads of these grown adults in their fifties that this is what they have to get upset over she is at a white actual real life stuff. Hot pick. I of course I. But I'm alone this next sentence he didn't sign the course of that conversation my wife learned the lesson that might not. Want her to play a certain way and my wife was prepared to play by the rules next time oh. Your wife alerted the goal as a fan are you kidding and was prepared. I mean lol OK so I can't go after your son that lives and homes with you force ramp to ask if that's his horse in this video game. Isn't the. The show ends at ten you gotta you gotta. It's tough to remember. And right to read this lonely guy lung. So remember where we left off. Season Britain's space. Were left off the life has agreed OK okay I get it and she learned her lesson this is a woman who's 23 and has a seven month being linked Yale and was not enough for my parents they started yelling at my. Then it means by saying that my wife disrespect there in the game god help. On game was a coal mine crass. Yeah she just respects human life to be your losers. Thank you enough yeah I believe it or you know that I have the knowledge of this entire letter. Yeah. I don't in the handle blame the parents more because they're responsible for this broader Dow were dealing with a whole family of losers. At this point I'm blaming the letter writer for chronicling all of this is socially. That we can describe it at length what his. Happened in what has transpired around this family because almighty god and his and it's a very serious real problem. This is really toxic and sick they started yelling at my wife then I mean by saying my wife disrespect them in the game and that this really hurts them food. That day. And did with my parents literally screaming at me over the phone and we just had to hang up. Since then. Today is parents. Deleted and blocked us on all forms of social media. It's. Boom and what do you what do you mean this is a and have otherwise cut all ties with us. They showed duke. We had told them last weekend that it seemed silly to do this over a game a year. And they responded by screaming that mind craft is more than a game and we should understand that I'll cut. Last. We have adopted the strategy. Of waiting for them to call us again to work things out like in previous time high you can score things that helped me. I picked up her mind is general. Purpose. My question is. Didn't do you think this is yet again. Just them not being able to accept me living on my own with my wife. Or is there some other issue I am not considered. And what should we do other than continued to wait a any help is greatly appreciated. You see this at the end there is why aging arm and his wife they get no outs from me. Because all of the perspectives of this is freedom and it seems they don't have that time. Beat date may first of all go back to go back to how how how this and the initial thing. No problem as we just. It's pretty close your mouth they sacked six times out and go back to the memory that no problem at all. Adults. Playing with their parents again India whether it's through no sorry or my craft that's cool. However. When the wife misbehaved. With in the game. The parents went nuclear. And the letter writer and his wife's response was oh OK oh sorry I I would play the game the way you want me to. Start there then the parents yelled and yelled and yelled. And then the parents the fifty year old started deleting the their own son. The mother of their grandchild completely out of social media cut off all ties including with their seven month old grand child. Over our game a video game the mind Kraft food Dave van which they then told the letter writer and his wife is so much more than a game. And a with all of bats. John writes and asks. Whether there's a bigger issue over him not living at home and more importantly. And this is what's implied what else should he and his wife due to fix it. We need to fix it because that's what they're doing right now remember they are they are waiting. Remember what he said they've adopted the strategy of waiting for then the parents to call us again to work things out like in previous times. Read the sentence. Then our goal is to work this out and you make everything better with these wonderful human beings they've raised him and it. I don't know how the white the white was obviously risen very similar environment to think that this is all healthy OK and normal our phone numbers 8889899811. If you can formulate a sentence. I couldn't when I first heard the latter two and a half hours ago so that's or Edward. The problem is in your parents and beating new. Hassle for moving out and being around me and the problem is you have. Children for parents and you need to cut the freaking bored and get out of there just don't even wait fir response if they try to respond to you and if they want to talk TU. Didn't leave mine craft out of it you gotta let the video game thing go this is real life and what they're doing is they're mixing real life ways with his imaginary world doesn't matter. The mine craft game is not as important is they think it is any use shouldn't hold that much value with it is well because one thing that really matters is a relationship they have with not only you. But what's your input their grandchild. That should not that should be more important than this stupid freaking game. You know I honestly believe this is. I do attract a letter we received it it is no different. Then the dysfunction that happens daily within families and and what we all all of us has had to have had some type of destruction with our family and it may get a cut out one or two people Carnegie got to collateral family I don't know. So I don't know if this is your first time you're going to be hearing this or if you're pitchers are right this here's why wanna concentrate. I am happy that your finally at the point. Where there's something inside a deal that knows but it's deep deep inside knows this isn't wrong that's why you wrote the letter you're like on step one. Black. Because of the way you're raised by these awful people. You're conditioned to want to win them back. You're just conditions it to have that relationship it's your norm it's what you know it's what you're used to you know whether way. But. You're right it write it ask because your parents are awful toxic people. I'm sure there's a long list. Of ways in which they have been terrible. And then there's a better word for the labor in the senate they are children. Your parents are children and I had my only hope for you I'm glad you wrote us and I hope I gave you some kind of strength. And I hope that while you probably won't do anything right away because it is a process it it takes. It takes time for most of us to cut those that are toxic out of our lives. So you concept one awesome take everything is that you've heard and hopefully get you closer and closer to finally eliminating these people from your life into our. Strong enough to put boundaries. And stick by it and the because maybe you do enjoy the relationship they have with your kid. I don't know. You guys are far more helpful and I am even now. I get it if that that is all of that out all sounded lovely and I'm sure you realize Don there's no way he heard a word of it hold your Obi is gonna set in over the next many many many many many years yeah I did take it takes time I have I am still sitting here. So. Beside myself over every elements of the letter that the parents' behavior that need you'd then you need. My mind here and you can and I never really do. The other thing the moms matter the other thing is the moms man bit the letter writer's wife. Killed the other songs force the sound it's still living at home. Yeah. Eight. He. It's thought she's fighting the battle for her 25. Year old son right. Listen right I haven't played their games yes we've got a horse but the twenty coupled should be fighting his own battle. That should come to our I lobby. I I I how all Michael go ahead. Hey rob I just wanted to say they view Fareed you know letters on the idea but it being diverted a long time and now you're you're. Welcome at any you know I wish I wish it was fake I wish I I really I wish I could say to you ha ha April fools like made it up it's not real. Ed so then that's it would pardon takes way the humor for me is that it's so sad that this is so real low Dmitry. More or. If anyone anybody. And we don't care the end. No if not apparent well. They have my older son of the house are instituted these are they just need apply with the government for a grant and they don't want disability. I don't ever had to get the empty nest syndrome where are you haven't you. If you want if you wanna make this just a little more sickened toxic. Here's here's the other angle there are actually people who would hear this story would hear this letter probably right now listening to the show. Who are actually screening you guys are missing remember what the member what does that of the at the end. Then there's the the letter and said we told my parents that seems silly to do is over game and they responded by screaming the mine graft is more than a game. All right we've seen the parents do have an addition they're addicted to playing video games they have a disease and we need to do here Harry answered John you know here's the answer letter writer I figured out because I like to give advice the you'll actually follow the what dawn said is you're never gonna do that you have no chance of doing that. You know chances and takeaway I'm not gonna happen here's what you will do on this for our final thing about ansari took me a minute on the John. Your parents have a disease. They're addicted to video games you need to first do intervention. He'd sit down with him I need to tell them how other addiction to video games has affected your life a I need to do so with a month to their friends around them also acknowledged that they are in fact addicted to playing video games he needed to have them immediately ready to get on a plane and fly to rehab center well they will be cured of this Aziz remember John. None of this is their fault. This is something that they cannot control and it's its biological its chemical and they need medical open you need to pay for by the way because your son you're a good sign let's just be careful does that do you by the way while your ball your pain while you're paying for your prayers get better -- take care of your brother got to move him into your house because this is what families do John and that's for you care about you care about families and care about your parents if your of them loving you and being accepted your parents are sick and and I am so sorry I am so sorry John that you heard initially people mocking your parents or anyone blaming them because this is not there yet so bad down there should you should and I have jail that's what you do John you get them help you go. Google right now video game addiction and you save your parents. Bras and and gone. And show.