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Tuesday, July 17th


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Okay anybody in John Mon night he'd rock. A geologist who doesn't know. And you're listening to rob the Khomeini and dawn show called him anytime. 99 and eleven more listen online directory. Obviously that is the sound of the British female. JR ED rhetoric around inquiring minds want to know we get answered this earlier this morning but different time show. But we're still wondering after the big deal was made of yesterday. Octavia writes in bowl I. Credit card mix and then did it dawn get her sonic ice maker we've talked about yesterday. Was Amazon prime day and OK this site crash for the first hour he could even make a purchase. But. Prior to that Don was for a while all ready to get this global ice maker that mimics Mays the exact ice you get at sonic I'll watch the video yes that's right don't forget. I popcorn watch the ice. So but why and I told dawn on Sunday to and then men son against me. And didn't see it usually 500 dollars and look she thought it was going to be only a hundred bucks. I signed me but it was a hundred off old K what is deal is still a menaced them. I traded him on notice less. This is still. And so we did find out earlier given bad did dawn goes through an III met my money was on. Yes they recruit she was still going to get the sign guys take care about the answer is that true. Sell you you do now he's on time I was on Sunday and run home and away. The question in common problem hero there's been an 89899 years eleven. You know what's right for the doctor Ari deer ran radio dot com and not actually doctor so suck yes. And Don if you bring in guys take care and do something with it on the air maybe make this a cocktail easy and nice maybe the right. And I hope it's this it's better. I like your account is the I'm not going down for that one on tape we go Lou's new book. We alluded to this email yesterday. We weren't able to get to it because we had that moron who called in and took up the doctor Robb's pregnant with his emergency. Oh yeah. First 1012 years we're not married but those divorces get to your cereal if I don't play and there was he's gonna come back Guerrero. So this is the mood the legit emails that wasn't pressing issue she wants her name withheld pay guerra she says dear doctor rob my boyfriend's. Older brother. Is staying with us since he left the military since he's been less he has used the air conditioning the entire time with the windows open. He wants he complains that nobody wants to hang out within because quote all they do is work. I'll. See acts spelled wrong. Like we have. His policies of the year alone you need to resort city mount a CK yes he acts like he acts. He. Like we have to stop no it's not important. Like we have to stop everything just because he's cheered but the one thing that pisses me off the most is that he didn't plan ahead when they left the military. In fact he didn't plan for him how mean a place to live her job remember mode of transportation he just expects. Us to let him live without us let him use our cars. He decided to go on unemployment he's trying to go on disability. He doesn't wanna look for a job and since they check up on the people who apply Ford he wants to fake himself looking for a job. Fool so they don't cut off the checks and his so called disability is that he lost some hearing in his skier. And he never used to snore before he joined the military. I thought he was joking but he was dead ass Syria or you hit the area there after that I just walked away and haven't talked to him since I love the show I just wanted to you know have all the details how to why get through living with him. For the next two weeks he's supposed to only be here for and then she wrote back. Knowing that I can they said yesterday I'm from sorry we won't get your letter but the the mouth breather and every time. She wrote back yesterday afternoon and said I got an update after reading your original doctor rob letter. Saying that he got his unemployment cut off because they found out he wasn't actually applying for jobs there's so. First thing I wanna throw out just sit just as a possibility. Of any type of defense whatsoever that needs to be considered as not really defense just think. I'm assuming this isn't true because he didn't mention it. Armed blocked. It did what kind of service did he do any is there any chance of PT EST that's I just wanna I just let's throw that out there. Because if you suddenly hear that letter writer ago. Oh wait a minute that's right he was in really bad Tom that bush and polish group your brain and make you think wrong guess bomb then guys want to sort out there before we started discussing what a loser this individual is because that way when when somebody here is as they won't they won't call it 2.0 yes I did point out. If it's PT SD I think this is all whole other issue that you're in the Stanley really need to get behind. And figure out is he getting help from the VA and is he exploring his options and you because it is a very real thing. Arm but I guess that's not true since you've you've totally blew off the idea that he lost his hearing the sounds like you don't think the Michelle went off next on raining like how. Our first power for other people out there rob thank you so much really appreciate you saying it. On how it can affect the brain and the person will act in ways and do things that they that it's not of their character and normally wouldn't do. Because a lot of that does occur with these men and women that have come back and some people. Write it off to. Look at the military change them and they don't understand and realize that actually what they went through was that the was extreme and it changed them and what they need is guidance and help and under. In the that's where we hear from the spouses is here she totally changed as a person right yes exactly right did and they can be brought back but easily now. I'm pretty sure that's not the case here. This is the bad ones you can now ends in a letter writer here my big concern is that he first of all first included comes to you got to grade a extra large loser on your hands here. My big concern is especially after the update that he has in fact had his unemployment revote which I'm with I think was donors edit good Brandon Brenda good housing all. Are your your voices sound alike. Totally yeah I've. Because I. Isn't that isn't that that that. Is the stereotypical. Cliche. That gives all people who are trying to get assistance a bad name because he's the one doing. What a lot of people like to say what they're all doing he's on unemployment he knows they check on a scam the system I don't want all work I don't wanna look further and unfortunately that gives a really bad. Light to those who are working their asses off that are trying to get back on the big yes they exist axle look they exist so so I immediately lose any type of sympathy for this guy just for a bat and now. That I hear has that mentality and they ripped away the unemployment the last thing you said in your email was. How I get through living with him for the next few weeks that he's supposed to only be here for. Here's the here's what I would focus on if you or me letter writer. You can do two weeks you'll be I know you're frustrated I know this has been annoying. But use it for whatever reason your boyfriend is letting your his older brother lives there and UK EU could. Ignored this brother and and meet and get through Joey says that we've all done Jewish of hell and our own homes Condit what to do anything for a short amount of time what you any. You name before you commit to that is it your boyfriend's ass down. And make sure that you two are 100 percents and had to go that on the final day of week two. That Brothers Alex. That your boyfriend has the inner fortitude to say look man I said you just say here this long. You've run a bar air conditioning bill you haven't done anything to get a job it's not my fault he got ignored again in the live we did our time get the hell. Out because of your boyfriend doesn't isn't committed to that. Or if you know he is committed that you are much bigger problem on your hands to this brother is never leave and not the attitude that you've expressed so. I would worry less but I live with your brother I would worry about your boyfriend and make sure earth that you've got that contract and that commitment from him. And if you do you can do two weeks if you don't have bigger problems mr. boyfriend. Which will be your next doctor Robert Eckert who offer ample. He already has bigger problems of her boyfriend and the answer is Null. It came from your letter I don't see your boyfriend. Kicking out his brother level and the reason I said I could help I honestly hope I'm wrong. I a lot of times we take things from our own president a personal spirit I think of my husband and he loves his family is very did to his family but I've seen him in action. When they are doing things in his home that he is not okay. And let me tell you having aero looks windows open would have been and the like for two seconds and and the fact that that's just an and the bitching and moaning. I'm not spinning time what happened for two seconds like my husband puts his foot down on things of how he he has a certain way we want to live. And I am ansari your boyfriend already. Didn't that those in the bud so I don't have any confidence that he's actually gonna stand up and kick the dude out after two weeks so. Get comfortable with the yard. Brother and. I'm treating this new brother like a baby he's acting like such a man child ID you're he's complaining about you guys in working providing for the house and he's living in. All the energy that he's consuming I'm sure he's eating all of your food to. He wants to drive him everywhere. Don't treat it like a kid anymore don't get off as fast. You know you guys unfortunately you eat the fact that your the letter writers boyfriend is allowing some of this to happen at all. You're right it's very concerning this past the two week mark in any always what's funny is actually the ones most concerning to me is the air conditioning with the windows open. That's because even even like I don't know why I look I I would never tolerate any of this in in my own home. I am I still come from a time where your home is your castle and you run it and you know one else tells you. How other than if you're married your spouse and that's it if you're not. On so am I I of all that that's the one though because. For some reason I did allow somebody who who was. Of lesser territory in our home. Is the first few days knowing they are gonna been miserable human beings or whatever okay. I'll bite my tongue it may be certain things they say that annoy me but. That's it imminence cost problem are you wouldn't have mentioned it that's right it's it's way EA wherever you're writing friends and you wrote yesterday inferior and you're in our area are the Siri it's been over a hundred degrees every day. He's running the air conditioning with the windows open. The idea that that's being allowed to happen that's the one against me you guys are right about all the other stuff. He's played in the heat they're actually letting him use their cars I am I loser like this driving in my view. Oh yeah actually looking for work look a terrible. Actually using the vehicle to going behind it worked out. 100% view view letting your rightly didn't hit the things they say you might tolerate for a short time. But the things they do with that aren't. Unacceptable. A friend who just doesn't. Whatever raising other since we AS sibling dynamics could be weird baby your boyfriend is really strong and other critical but for some reason it doesn't stand up to his brother I don't. I don't know now because I'm black and let me and the brother lived there in the beginning her stay there is deep it's. That it looked the you can even argue that because like you said the brother didn't have any plans when he got out of the military but I understand that I understand it okay man. I'm all let's stay here for fur why you don't usually for two weeks. But then to everything else that is happening to tolerate that yet dawned bright you've got a new roommate. Open up the hill and and we thank. And honestly did what I. Well that I didn't offer any advice goes far I don't even know what you do in these situations because there's such. The heart sometimes gets in the way you do you wanna help people and you happen they're too long they take advantage of all the guard. Well we didn't even she can't she needs the man out because only two weeks you can get through that because maybe she maybe she just needs to be told that or what we think is draws on she's got a bigger problem with her boyfriend and we might as well slap in the face the problem that she didn't even could well deputies say. Eat and gone. Tony brought in Roseville around. Giving you look at what Craig. We can from 7 AM to 6 PM isn't enough he brought the top of the hour for the cash money team. We knew he would take exhibit to Haiti want your kids to win one. 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He's on the unemployment only laws on unemployment and he's not look at her job he's trying to how to lie about look at her thousand he's on form although they caught him yesterday and more unemployment would be. He just got out of the military. What happens in the military you have freaking rules structure expectations. And you sure you have to treat people with respect. What does his disability short term memory of cost. Don't grow up or gets out yet though it's again it's one of those cautionary tales of just because somebody does something that you Revere as a profession doesn't mean they turn out to be great human beings Howland guy would this attitude got through the Sherry had no idea I I I I can't even fathom it. Arm and that's why we did throughout the PT SD. Thing yet Jeanne Levy now he was in major combat. I mean that it's so soft and had to do things that we all did thank you god bless you but it's very hard on them I mean does she leave that apple so shame on you went right. Let us know and what he's done and he couldn't understand what the. Military guys just did the bare minimum to get in and out right there and Doug and you've you wanna get some of these are no matter say some like better on my wife fools who will give you endless stories of many people in the military who were doing exactly that keep you bet that again we Revere the military on the show but absolutely with every other profession there's a there's plenty of them are doing I don't. So obvious sign up she honestly volunteered his shirt about time now I mean what the hell's gonna do now get a job. I'm not even though is from a Anthony and I asked me he says my name is Anthony. We know Anthony I just want to write in and say that I love your show yes Don this yourself and you and making sure you had an easy. I the only explanation I can think. I especially enjoy the fact that you all appreciate the military and your listeners I've been listening since 2003 and I can't. Through my day without listening to your show keep up the bush. It worries me teeth than is there any you don't have the easiest the most dramatic showed disorder. Not a random question from James yeah different jamiat many James is the right and all the time that's. I've ever had a number on this and one day at a dream that now we verbal like one day we in games 12 and finally I do identified them and I've never is easy to remember to leave or. Darrell number two. All of the data and he wants to know if he's sick in his humor there's a very short oh boy priceless is this probably. Us and and that is necessarily wrong but you have to be ready for the reaction of people to hear a joke yeah you're wrong. They don't fall JG yeah filled judged overhead and at my church who. To jump well it just to James says I have a FaceBook friend of the case of somebody you've never met right now. Who got upset with me for a post I made now the post was just a joke in other words what he posted didn't even happen. Now hat happened in May be would be there discussion but he was just like basically throwing us out there is a one liner. Back for avoid what he wrote was I stated. But I was detained by the TSA for three hours and missed my flight because I used in the name of Terry wrist. Had they still lit my FaceBook friends said that was very sick. Please sack helped me out it wasn't sick wasn't just a little bit of dark humor or she overreact. How do you. That is trying to beat yourself the first thing you do is deeply and that person well long did you Syria's if you you know play. Are just trying to find your way in the world and you're wondering about whether or not you have a sick sense of them work better all around them. I wouldn't even as the good you do if you do I think like Brandon and I do for sure dawn sometimes. Com and it isn't like those things dark it is FEMA or you know. It when you can make some of those sicker darker jokes that that you're put yourself out there and you've got to be more ready for the the criticism through vs you don't want the chicken cross the road. I wouldn't. Right now today in July of 2018. I would not characterize this as sick or dark. If you wanna die on this on September 122001. The little inappropriate that's bad timing cruelties and that's that's probably dark humor that you're gonna get some pretty is some some feedback from some flat button I don't even qualify this is sicker dark you know like an honor and a team that's my question this person it is headed on their friend and I did. Just tell they're down it's so funny and it goes back to your job it's a simply stupid it is monetary risk a ha ha ha yeah my bags and have. There's another triggered person on social media and who's just wants a bitch and complain about something that they think is offensive and our letter writer what you have is. Flight. Like okay. And Don. And dawn show.