Dr. Rob 7-19-18

Thursday, July 19th


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on 98 rock. It JR HQ dot net. You are listening to the and dawn show called Robinette. In the end on the need 999. You lemons or listen online at random radio dot com. Thousand dollars. We do every hour top of the hour we give you a key word only use text the word the seven super neat neat yeah. For your chances of thousand loves rusty by Roosevelt Sunday the word this hour is yellow. OK yellow Lily why he helps. Why eat. DL LOW. Is everything nice yeah I don't comedy gala. Attacks or yellow I haven't seen anyone for your chance 1000 bucks another word another chance. Email RED at Brad radio dot com from a loyal Lister in the gate area in the Bay Area says hey rob I just saw that your franchise quarterback for your 49ers were spotted with porn star TR a media the other day. He went total opposite she's 41 and older and beat up himself I'm going young on the pass that on do you run on time a GG a crap oh. Who is the these gold and hope for the 49ers. I am which is why the 49ers are gonna go at least eleven Biden make the playoff am. As I've settled and rhetoric and no I've been making it for many many months say yes it. And I've never backed down remember it's a minimum eleven and five is gonna be bigger than that you guys and you've got you guys will all wait and manual I will shove it in your face DD what would that doesn't happen then it will not be discussed. Now of course I can't just take it emailers word for a so I went to one of our favorite free porn sites during the break didn't do a little bit every song you did the research yeah I dig up. Well you all did that I pray my gosh that's such hard workers I sound like one of those entrances at. I'm more. Hi I took care of mom and fast. Disagree with his description matches and don't vote might already be the reason wasn't part of this is Jimmie crap blows like this straight out of central casting his nightly tall dark handsome. Gorgeous rich and so it's like why would you why did you go than old bitch then no she better received profitable. He lets just he likes some big. And home and I I guess doesn't care about her being all tore up finishes sooner per journals she is finally I had it pushy yeah. A message there nothing that is you know girls are so pretty they don't July yeah all I know they're called through it plays. I cannot work it that's the problem is this that those women have been caught. Through their young years sometimes even before they're having sex they get away with anything because there's so pretty damn there is some truth to that but the thing you can't get away with is being bad in bad. What's the proper hello lurk on your morning. And Connie not. Bad at math and doctor around question is well England on my. And I mean I think. We're struggling here to get ready. Little Rock Center. Or is it. You have a question comment or problems of your own you can feel like Connie apparently just call up then we'll stop Michelle works well law and and and and try to address your problem now the polite when he didn't want a multiply your email us RED better you know target doesn't really matter because I'm not actually doctors are sockets. I Connie how can we help. Okay I'm not saying that probably struggle a little bit there that's what I in his. I'm having major issues that I guess there. It's weird shape and I happier acquired. My mom Israeli action or three different original heart failure. She was getting excellent chilly here right you can't hurt I'll go back and January. Who ended I'm. Yeah I sure what the doctor Shanahan is generally. How much we don't get along period did you my eggs. It shouldn't we told her what happened was my mom and what the outcome prognosis fired him. She started screaming and yelling at my mom how could you do that chimney. I can't believe you're making a deal it says such as well about me kind of saying. We. I mean I I and the closest one with my mom and my whole family my momma why. Her family lecture at this time. Holidays they're getting ready to drum up she wants a deal. You will be together and camera player particularly. Tried to. Trade and my husband because I change I say she should no matter what should check to fight the tight. I can't even hugged her I'm trying to do everything I can't get this blog don't like me. I hate I don't know what to do you. I want to make my mom happy big play I cant 88. Try to be and what they're about coach I didn't start fight him about it I'm worried. You know I want my mom happy news. So love BII based on your description and your version of events I understand where you don't get along with her on issue six and a half years younger or older. Altered a debt. An and I am and gathering have you tried and if you have I'm gathering that. It's impossible pull her aside and say truce for mom can we just stopped and we just be civil to one another. I've tried that area and I double her main issue right now. And she was certain to be my wedding. She ended at. Running her mouth about me and kill our massive man. And she wanted me to apologize shirt thing which he's head. And now she says there's no way should never forgive me because she wasn't there on the most important they are my aunt and then you are absolutely nothing to do what me. So let's go to move no matter what seed won the event is she finds a way to make it about. And I even after thirty days before the wedding had some luck go my mom on her wedding I should book cheap shot at your actions she has got. I'd say that we would love to have you in the waiting if you don't like to be there should not be major decision. You have to pay. She is rotten. Yeah ask her and she Darvish scream I'm all right dad did it retire you don't care right now. He's getting ready to move back and let my mom. Because he had a job there that he didn't leave until he retired. From my mom called to tell their the other day eight years I was able to retired chief market early. I'm I'm just had my surgery. And she's how old wedge my husband and I didn't it didn't let my god help our. It might actually higher. She I can't believe you're taking my baby sitter. We're taking the current and I was wondering I don't know how I knew I was trying to figure out how should make. So I'm not in the head of Saudi prior to your mom getting seek what is your mom's view of this rift between Ewing years. Everyone knows my end here is that black sheep of the Amway so I'm sure I don't. I would try it with her I. Trying to apologize that things are my ball. My mom here is say she'll get a call my mom notion impossible to try to talk deal. She wants her family around. So which takes. So your mom your mom is aware of of all of this and yet as as she spends most probably gonna be her final. Her final trip through calendar she is she's really asking for that thing that people long for. The no one more trip down the Norman Rockwell pain of my family is here and together and you're viewing it as your mom's dying wish and that. You need to do everything you can honor. I. So and your sister sounds like your real treats I am I must say. And did this one this one this is tough because you've got the elements of your mom whom by all accounts is on the way out. And his ass seen this. As the one thing she wants you to do and I'm sure you don't want him. Tell her I can't do this and see whatever however mom's gonna react which also of course. We all give your sister a bunch of power and Robbie tossed which. Based on the way to describe her she's going to take advantage of and bitch about all of wants I have just imagine if you if you were to say I can't do this I just ma I did that in the nicely Bobby is a mom I know I love yet. I'll be here for a I'm gonna keep busy but I can't it is Stanley thinks I can see how your sister would simultaneously onetime CIA and the good daughter I'm still here and meanwhile at the other out of the other side are now say I can't. Believe that your Doreen when I'm trying to do all these other things man to be here. So. I guess my initial reaction news. How. How important is your mother's wishes to you if if they are I know you said you've tried everything. If if if it is that important to honor what your mom is asking and you are willing. To continue to suffer and I hear your voice this toxicity. Then you have to find a way to swallow all this down by your tong. And get through it. I couldn't do it bit there's there there is there's no way because the other way you can go is the very. It would be perceived by society Celtic way which is the rob way which is to say. I can't do it I would have no problem saying that to a dying person bit of their of their wish in this example. Because this is horrible for you and toxic for you and if you truly try to work coming out with your sister. And these are still the results. This is this is no way to live. I don't see any other choice though than just swallowing it. Maybe even go apologize to your sister from whatever that thing was about your wedding again I don't know maybe this is this does not awful situation I'm sorry your net. I'm not good at these these types of doctor rob calls and letters because I really. Really no matter how much you think this is radio shtick I really care about no one as much as I care about myself I really don't. And and and I'm proud of that and I'm happy that I know it's not helpful most of these so I just turn these things over so. Dawn well I can really hearing your voice and the words you use how much you love your mother. And and and you are as you say the closest one to work everyone in the family. Like her I could be wrong but I personally feel like. It will haunt you more. That you didn't honor your mom's wish. Then. How hard it will be could be in the same room with your sister and take her garbage. Because that'll be sadly short lived because your mom as she said is on her way out so. I I think that if you didn't. Find a way to suck it up and you were there all the time to give your mom what she wanted everyone in the house. Once your mom is gone and I really feel that would playback and back and back in your mind and really mass appeal and so here's the thing I know it's hard to your very close to your mom and and you lover so much. Any sound that you and are protective of her as well of course I mean cool who wants on screen mean at a dying person. But it's. Let's take your money is well aware. Of what her daughters about. She screams and yells to your mom. As year that you guys are telling her about what's going on with her so your mom is sitting there. Seen the response of her daughter yet your mom's still wants her. In the house and around her. So I I I think that your mom is already aware that the daughter's gonna be causing grief but for whatever reason she wants or in the house. And for you it's going to be walking on eggshells tiptoeing. Don't give in to any of the letter screaming this'll be the hardest thing you'll probably levered him. Letters screaming Helio especially if you guys are there for your mom and just. Politely denied in nine ill and did because. I know you don't want to add to the stress of the house you're doing this for your mother you're not doing that for your sister your sister's not get one over on Neil because you could care less about your sister this is all that you're sucking it up. For your mom not your sister and once shared I'm so sorry about your mom that she's going to be. That seems soon. You'll never have speech your sister again this is this is this will be the last thing you'll have to do when it comes. Your sister but I do agree with arms conclusion from. Of what you lower grip more so hopefully that was helpful I definitely agree with that as well look the last wish is is of having the whole family together. In one house is is just a moment and in the last. Part of your mother's life and I think they eat it might seem like it's gonna be held but like Don said I think he's gonna have to. Let her your sister lashing out. To a point where you just need you can't fight you you shouldn't give in to these allegations he should make you more about your mother. And if your sister tries to make it about herself which is sounds like she will do it. Just brush it off I mean this is just a moment in time. Where it is sounds like you you haven't a closer relationship with your mother and she's taking care of her right in his last days yeah. So just got to look at those times and and those will outweigh. Just this moment in time and whole family under one house here so sorry for your mom Melissa sorry that you have what are rotten this hour. By the way well. I had one of the things that you are I know you are gonna choose this road com you should do better for you. I do want to point out the one contingency you have to have a plan for you have time to think about it you have to be ready for the possibility because we hear these stories they are rare. But you have to be ready for the possibility that your mom beats the odds. And that she's still alive and kicking in February. And next April. And next and how far are you going to do this if mom van makes more and more of these requests. And it becomes more and more. Links then you get all the way through the holidays at that point were pretty close to twelve months they rightly or six to twelve. So she gets all the way there and then and then everything's great and everybody okay what we did the holiday is all right mama and then mom is doing fine in three months later and she's making you're just gonna have to have plan in place I'm not only what to do. Is after. Think about that just in case phone number is 888989911. Hello there Joseph the morning. Martin yet. So something that we recently told me great advice. Because I'm not necessarily going through what they're almost gone server side. I'm going through some family battles right now. And what was recently told to meet or beat the best that you can be don't be the best thing you can before anybody else. Beat the best you can see for yourself. Allowing toxic people around you. It's gonna do nothing but but allow negative environment around you and that's just gonna bring everybody down. And I'm gonna work for them now that's how you and hire bill all but you know here's the deal I I believe in what you're saying for other situations. What this woman is that this is that these are her last days this is a dying wish so in general yes if this was. If her mother didn't have this. I heart failure happening. It was just demand it all the family being together for the holidays. Then we go what you're saying answer if you could you'd have to at some point find a way to not allow yourself to be around toxic people even when their family. This is still that's great advice for other times where there's anybody dying this six foot issues close to her mother. And she has special relationship with her mom and I think that she would regret not she's just call it mother's wishes. If if Joseph was in Hawaii where I was and why she's not built that way she's not able to say there is no occasion words okay also allow the toxicity and like. I would and I don't know if that's what Joe's referring to were not as a memento. That that is not. Helpful to Connie in this example because there's almost no situation on earth were would trump those of us who are incredibly selfish. About doctor people who I. I just so awful that this is the moms. Wish because she's inviting toxicity in their her last days. He did it she said her mother knows what the sisters all about the mom knows this is just gonna enter the house cost. Hey it's very rough I'm I'm not about to impugn the dying woman and in the colors mom but it's it's a very unfair. Request on the mom's fault which is why I believe it is based in what I was alluding to. That desire that so many of us have where we long for the days gone by mom is it is envisioning. Not Connie and her sister and now she's in busy in them just envision them when they were eight. And fourteen and they're back home and they're opening their prisons and moms and it's. Back to selfishness I mean if you're gonna be selfish one here on your way out that's the time to do it and and and that's why Connie has its decisions and makes an Amy Connie. You sit down with her mom before they had this and family gathering and say look you know the history of this of this troubled sister the Haitian all the drama that he brings it every gathering including my wedding. Do you want this to be. What do you see happening for this last gather round because mom is not gonna be like that the way we were only our kids that it's going to be like the way it was at this way. We have some nice emailed commentary via red raider doc Conning call 888989911. Kelsey yeah. House says made the caller should view this last time with your mother is also your last time we their sister yeah maybe this will give you the strength to get through this time knowing that after your mom is gone you can never ever see that terrible or half sister again. Shannon has an interest in idea she says my advice to be emailed her sister. And at the end tell her that she is choosing this method because of the toxic past but that this is not about either of them. And solely about their mother who wants all family present. That golden share on deaf ears that that that's sister. See if that's what that would work on a semi normal person I mean obviously the person that pulls all this stuff yet to question anyway but. If there was something else for the sister didn't get along wit. Another persevere again and your right will will put aside our future for this this this is after its highly selfish person we're talking about her sister sister she's the don't really care that it about the mom in her eyes this is all around her. The sister's going to email her back and say I can't believe you wasted my time with disease are very busy person. Yeah now that I'm taking care of my thoughts a little error brought him good morning. Camera and apparently prepared. All OK and what we're not you do that we actually. Were digging holes for that immediate. And don't why don't our phones Greer again dummy next emails from Taylor fight Taylor says maybe I'll be considered a blank hole but I feel like the mama is being completely selfish for allowing her and encouraging this toxicity to poison everyone I'm very sorry she's dying. And that's her last wish but I like problems. Do it's and there's this from Andrew fans there and says I'd say have your father talk with your mother about the situation with the sister. If he is on your side and your mother's side he might be able to talk to her about situation and perhaps convince her that it may never happen. I hate to be cynical but I don't think it will happen that's an interesting idea of though what day it's an offshoot of a brand was suggesting to Connie the caller. Maybe instead of her doing or may do it with dad maybe dad has the ability to say need ultimately to his wife is dying wife they can happen. Maybe come in for him if I I don't know I only Connie goes. Listening as to whether or not that would that's big it ratios dynamic look like I. I understand this is an unfair saying that that that this others who were asking for a aspect. She's dying shall be hearing are necessarily think she's asking that I. Personally I wouldn't believe someone into changing their last nine wish out of them at all what I would do as I do like the suggestion of then just reminding mom what is it what it's gonna be like it maybe it could be the daughter of the girl who called us the sister and that. And the father. It you know she's gonna bring drumming chaos and you sure this is how you want your laughter your last days here last memories we'll water it. We just want to remind you in Europe where you know she reacted in the doctor's office. When she found out what was going on with you you know just yeah she's still says yes I'm fine I want my whole family here even as she causes drama in chaos OK well let's hear it your last day's top. Connie colonies not gone he's not going to hold on hold bully mom either because and if she does. She's going to regret it back of the things this year and and we know that because she has tolerated this much. Under the guise of I'm doing it for a mom because again if you're built a different way. The though the ones that you say is okay mom I'm gonna give this a try but the first sign of what you know exists between the inner and that's why we don't have relation happens. I'm out of there doesn't mean I don't love yet. Then when it happens you leave a huge issue mommy say you know I love you but I I warned you about this and you don't care if mom who you know is dying says. I. Had a male might die because that's how your bill bank tonic. Can't you do that I did you have no problem Donnie can't do that pillow there Aubrey good morning. I'm. Turning pro immoral. And stuff like that is happening. Important to realize that like when you are dying in you have to relax which are actually Connie it's something that an Oceanside are back but. You'll remember that sir you are dying where he might have to thinking regardless of how poor or you're only as I mean. I had conditional on this something really hard for parents to get over notre apparently the only really stupid mistakes and they have been gracious enough to forget a saw and she doesn't have preferred it hurt mr. The chicken stuck it out of her you know her mom. I agree that's was is if he's gonna have dinner and and that that that's it was choice for Connie and meeting when he hurt when you heard her talking he heard her voice. That's her only choice in this whole thing is a figure out a way to get through this. Listen to it if your sister on out there when. When your sister's dating your mom grief of course that is hard to watch and hear bashes the other it's huge stretch he says its future. But in that moment here's how you get through it. This is what your mom asked for she knew going into this. Her daughter would be this where her because sometimes we take things on that aren't ours. This is your mother's wish not yours of course don't want your mother treated this way but she's still one of the sister there. Of course it's gonna get harder with a sister that starts yelling at you because now. She's making it more personal that is with you and it's going to be so hard to not give her the what four back. But I know you don't want to do that for your mother. I don't you don't blow sky captain Roger. Did you morning. Good morning I. I'm my heart goes out to the bench. Young woman yeah and I tell that this was my steps SharePoint. I there are people who just won a high five him occasionally. As I. Huge yeah. Parents know you can't pick it. And and a big ice so I don't look at it and I know where she's coming from. But Don you're right. I was able to begin my mom what she wanted when she was mentioning. And I gave what I did was I had friends on speed dial. Agreed to be there for me that I can can yeah. Because. You know your act that moment where I you're contemplating. I can do jail time. There is a little nugget of really good advice and support system of somebody maybe outside the family can be. We'll just listen to yeah I mean you know for scooter cards scream I. Yeah commercial break a take cash out or we need to get one of those about pressure washer showers and they have a nuclear reactor places the washed back. And gone. And show.