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Anybody and gone on 94. I think AR HQ dot net growth. You're listening to the and dawn show. I see. I admire good break down men about a good. The motivation for it is frankly why you heard this when you play for change and it's one more men like Brandon Webb slightly worth your post anonymously. And and it can get there's no back check you have any kind which of course there is no there are no facts left in America. They have more on the online and they see some of that three all and here goes viral or in this case people walked into the stores and you know the web site you're on we should. And Ed but you're so somebody posted a bogus coupon. And people are trying to get out and they're walking into the stores have seen it coming up in ballad Ed when I scanner the bar code and people are getting angry. And so so went viral so they USA today dot com they went on the they found and of course they knew right it was one of those things get in the newsroom really. Really this is the thing is that this is the if somebody created a coupon book but using the Colin Capra make Nike ad. And the coupon that you just print out any taken as a bar code that's just the doesn't work when he's in it. It simply people and really thought this was the thing. Nike others when says Nike offers 75%. Off all issues blow for people of color in Jones won I want you. Walking I am right there are a handful this year lose and then there's a skull were not only be men and. Okay. They don't run segment were traditionally in question comment problem here. 9990. That illustrates the doctor. Actually begin with some updates this morning many weeks ago you may remember we had an early edition doctor for eight a member magazine Max. Who had listen to us for years and has he had moved around the country it always taken as ands he had been listening to our show. And Molly is working and had a new trainee. That he it was a trading up. And how our show on while he was training her then there like the delivery driver per truck drivers some kind. And then a couple weeks. Afterwards after the training he was called in to the office where he worked. And he was told that he was being let go because that trainee who was. African American had complained. That he was listening are showing that we use we instead at the end word. Which of course was not true it's never been sure congress all but as we discussed it on the show. You can't prove a negative. And since the company was not in any way interested in truth they just wanna make this problem go away or ask they did not. Kawhi is the employee who would complain wall exactly when was this add on what day that he did that far you could go to our show you go to our website your wife files. And you could listen to it and you could say of that that didn't happen but they didn't want having to do that and when he Matt told them that. Deep basin we don't care you get out you made her uncomfortable and they fired three Brittany and wanting advice and we talked it through and we tried to lay out. All of the various steps if you wanna fight yes it's wrong it's all or S here's what it would take to get your job back and do you wanna be. The white guy in America who's taking on the company is protecting the feelings of a black woman whether it's right or wrong address is sort of looks like I like to live in reality build seems to help us progress just a little wealthy rope. Well he says I just want to send an update after getting fired over the show a few weeks ago I'm sorry again. They now look for look bad and I feel bad that you got tired it was something that didn't happen on our show. I I spent many a sleepless night. Wondering why I did not say what I did say. And how it affects people like map of he says I may decide to just go out and work I got a new job two days later though people were calling in. And encouraging me to either fighter collect unemployment that's not how I roll but that's not the story. So I got a job read possessing Parsons I had a history and Tony that's a tow truck driver yeah I'd say boy so he says on my second week. I was assigned an account to repo. They guess who. The trainee who claims she heard the N word on your yeah. The minute I saw her name. I knew who was apparently they've been looking for her car for quite some time. And I knew exactly where to find it in my old work play. The I share to have you guys Blaine when I took her car. From my old employers parking lot karma is a bit and wow that is curry. A Hollywood. Earn good thing you could make a movie I wouldn't yeah now yeah sure yeah definitely build it into the desk Ashland creature but yeah. The house itself is ours is our more lighthearted that is that would goes around comes around it worked out great for Matt and so that's more lighthearted updates because we have another update. This morning and has promised yesterday. As we continue to deal with uncle gates we got a couple weeks ago an email from a a gentleman who said. Help I don't know what to do. My brother died two years ago when we took his children and last week my wife one out of town for work conference the first night I woke up to my seventeen year old niece plane with my you know what's. I didn't stopper and it escalated other stuff and continued for three days. I don't know how to tell my wife that was the entire day of the first email now. I'm not going to go through all of the explanation again and disclaimers if you are hearing this story for the first time. And you are horrified you are welcome to writing if you're gonna demand more information but as we discussed many times. There are differences in age of consent depending on which state you're in. Did we have we are not only on line that we're in multiple states over the radio aidid is much still loses they could confirm what we did and also as we said we like create a safe place. Even so it goes to come to us her eyes in in hopes that. Somehow we can make a difference because people don't feel safe writing as insane I feel like I'm gonna kill myself because we're just gonna turn into the cops well then. That's one less outlet for somebody desperate can't even even when this guy writes. It may not be that our target of help is him but there's people to be helped absolutely. So we went on a very long rants many of you were quite. Horrified by it but just that that was the night in its entirety of the email her. Talked about. How it's not just sleeping. With a seventeen year old it's not just cheating on your wife scarcely been with your dead brother's daughter your blood a lot of people were very concerned about what made her behave this way what was the brother may be doing to her what had she seen or is it. She's already so screwed up from moving losing her dad she is seeking out the love and affection of the man a daddy figure which would be the young goal and had adopted her yet hum and she needs counseling in the wife is the white gonna be complicit as you know be on our. And handing my mom she points to be enraged we try to go through all of and a couple days later he wrote back again he also answered a few questions Lira back as well for one thing we wander okay. The brother died words where was the wife or his mom asked for a girl doesn't have heard data that sounds like never gonna end any and saw a lot of deals that way to me he said he took in his brother's kids. Any three days sex romp where this knees were the other kids. So he went back and he did clarify first hole the mother wasn't in the big isn't it Fisher she's in prison how com bowl understand her drug which may lead more can write whatever the daughter has been seen actually models her brother. Is older they took him in he's off at college so it was just he and the niece. In the house and then he wrote. That he had listened to what everyone had to say and after a lot of thought and this is not in my gut and sitting in front of the sheriff's office as I write this waiting for my wife to get here. So I can turn myself then and teller at the same time and hopefully they protect me from the rage that I know she will have. And they said thank you heard making your realized I'm a pig I don't feel guilty I just don't nasty and that. That's doesn't make sense to me I know. Is that makes sense anyway he was playing marriage and it is always make it make it it doesn't make sense to you'll but it makes sense. You mean the last war like act it eat it just like to paint her as I said but he hasn't filled and they don't feel guilty I just feel nasty guy. He not feel guilty exactly I don't I don't understand even feel nasty but not guilty. He he is not guilty because he enjoyed the three backs are. Yeah or he enjoys the idea however old he is he blamed what I assume is on a seventeen year old he's attractive to. Bull will notch in the in the headboard that he gets a brag all your friend out. Bounces in the east it's it's his knee and has a lot. I don't know that that is what he I don't know if I bridging the whole thing that that's what he feels nasty about get rid of the whole thing the whole time was about his wife. From the very beginning on how I tell my why he never has expressed interest in as well but it did a psychological interest days ever felt bad. Had about what she's done her. Also as I am an falsely in that I I think that it's pretty safe to say. I'm gonna go out when I mean actually play radio psychologist here first. I think if you're grown man who adopts your brother's dead kids. And then you have sex with one of them. Over the course of three days but let even ones. You're arranged and you're going to actually feels things that many of us can't be empathetic to I can explain it in a clinical way. But it's almost like you're gonna you're not gonna suddenly got all all I could see how I would feel that way all. Because seemingly were not quite that during my dad iris is still saying good thing you can't get it in the journal of them so. So as far as. I dare to do a little bit checking into the background being a little running of all of this and and see what was going on and determine the validity of that email when we figured well. Who knows if we'll ever hear anything more and then late yesterday we got an email. From the Weis. And not only did did I not have time to to vet the email. I wanna see you wouldn't confirm not only its validity to go through and take out because she as she wrote first of all she is on she's somewhat foreign. On and so she writes a little disjointed so I had to clean that up and she also use names throughout the whole email lap which obviously were not about to do any of that we never know his name he when he broke back he used the niece's name we're not gonna mention even a first name. Because this is way too specific. And it's wage who have a juicy story and were not about to be part of the nieces. Problems that that she had so the white throated yesterday. And says I don't know where to begin since you already know the majority of this story. I debated for the last many days about calling your show or emailing and I decided email because they don't want someone to identify you by my voice. As our animal men and not only that again presuming the way that she writes is the way that she sounds it would be even more as was even as she used a fake name. End YouTube it's sometimes voices change a little bit via the phone on the radio but also if she's talking like Maloney at trump. Pretty soon right everybody's kind of put pieces together and he's she does that's a good call on your part absolutely. And she says as your Jersey and says by name says he's in jail. Says I was in disbelief the first week. Pretty entire first week after he told me what he had done but I never thought he would be capable of such a heinous acts. He told me. The police station number that's member employee about he said on the way to the police station and my wife's on the way because she's gonna kill me. So she says he told me the police station. After he had the police officer handcuffed him and get in between us I was so confused. We walked in he wouldn't tell me what was going on can you imagine that yeah. And oh god this is it just awful it is and yet I. I don't I don't let her once saying nice about him but I don't blame them I mean he wants to be some what he realizes her rage. And so I don't know how else you handle it if you wanna be protected other than this right I guess we you do after the fact well you millions custody I I don't. You know what it in my viewpoint. Of people like this daily school and of course they want all of protect themselves. Hill is it's not about it didn't feel guilty plea feels bad. With his wife and all of that there are always looking for a way to protect themselves even though I know he would turn himself and. An though that's kind of an oxymoron he this guy has no regard for anybody around him or the consequences that that he faces because it. All the way up until the end he's making it about himself he could have had this conversation with his wife. You know all over the phone or. At the police station but you know what I'm I'm glad he'd. And then going and turning himself then yeah I mean why not just study it it just caller from the parking lot now on if he wants to be protected physically or even if he feels like well. I can't imagine a person like this feels like yes to be a man and look her in the eye but then do it in the lobby of the police station if she starts to get physical you're surrounded by cops. So the idea of okay handcuff me first and put a top between is ready and make it all about it. He was if key. Was not making an about himself. Don't care what you think she's got a duty you would do it at home you wanna why because a person it feels more free. To show that rage at your home but let her feel how she's got to feel. At a police station near confined is that EG RIT in the last seen in the process. So I just so everybody gets I think in some one important caveat that I think everybody should understand it unless he felt physically. In danger if it it it it whether it's him or anyone else. If you think that you were partner is capable of that under extreme circumstances you shouldn't do it at home. And let them feel the way they're gonna feel of your life if you have a reason to believe through history whatever else they're gonna react physically put in harm's way so you know let logically I hear you. Emotionally I don't care I bet they don't care operation him a year or somebody else who might hear what we're saying don't yet almighty god I have to do this at home and let him or her feel this way we'll but I know that here she is gonna strike he stabbed me hangs like that I care about him I don't. And if he does know that he's going to be physical all and she just full lips and ends up stabbing him apart you know killing him. She could be in in major trouble too true I'm in there and it in a way that he's not even thinking he's protecting her from that rage that he doesn't care about at all whatsoever. You know I mean look. This wife at this point. She's already said in the letter. This is something she never even bodies capable of so while she's there at the police station how confusing is that her because she's not seeking that. She's not think he I mean he's who knows is going to remind because she's not thinking is that anything heinous Mozilla I have. It is so confusing. It Intel's let's imagine I'm guessing he sends let's say that this is what I would do hard to put myself in his mind to it up a credit checks of I need you meet in the police station immediately. Can't talk. So that she just sparred speeding there and the whole time she's thinking oh my god is he a victim on the PD if she knows anything about the need some stupid video on a Bender is shoplift it's life. So she shows up and according to her guns aiming right he is walks in and she says. That he I was so confused we walked in and wouldn't tell me what was don't we don't we walked up to account or she still has no idea. And he asks a police officer to handcuff him. Do you think you are. So. When the officer asked him what he was turning himself in fort he would not tell him. Or he he just asked to be handcuffed because once he put it out there he said he was going to be arrested either way. And it was safer for him in handcuffs before saying anything and and that's where. He maybe gives the top ahead Bob like historical movies and that's why should he gets he says okay. And this is not uncommon Tulsa OK I'll detain you for everyone's safety sir handgun was say can they even do that. I don't know is it all time on traffic stops undated I'm gonna put you in handcuffs cannot underestimate the detain you for your safety and mind. It's a busy road Europe potential risk. Where you're not under arrest and detain you the I have read probable probable this guy's your probable cause he's asking for it. OK I have a witness you're asking to be arrested if your ass and be ready and put in handcuffs because allegedly you're about to confess to something and if the guy says. On a dozen handguns for example any says I'm here to confess my love for this woman and I wanna marry her allergies the cost gonna charge him with a so that's abuse of glasses of course is so yeah they can do all this and so the top. If it went down the way we're being told it was pretty responsible so okay Searle get between you and your wife and then. Apparently confesses because. She writes next. Bubba Bubba please. And well I zones. And it's. And is there and I broke down on the spot. Myself and my needs have been in counseling starting the very next day. And we go every day I feel like I've failed as a wife and I feel like I failed us and can't slash mother figure. Still this one I don't know what to do I have never listen to your show before. But through the process he did tell me that he had sent an email into red radio I tracked down your website. And I listens to the clips and I couldn't believe it. Now I don't know there's this this there is one thing wrong with her letter. That's coming up next boy I don't know if it will be used as evidence against him but. We do have surveillance cameras in the house when she knows what he was not aware of is that I put one in the bedroom in the air conditioning man. What he did not tell you. And what he lied about was that our niece did not go into our room and come on to him. He got home from work and she was sleeping in are bad because she was washing her own sheets and wanted to take an act. He has the wanna initiate everything as she tried to stop him being in. Court now. What's wrong with that though the one thing missing here. At the beginning of the letters she says I can never imagine why you would do such a thing and now she's saying that she put a surveillance camera in the bedroom any AC man without him knowing okay. That's one way to go which I agree with but it's not the one that I'm alluding. And so the only thing I the only possible answer is that the initial letter writer is lying which is certainly possible because he's not a very upstanding person. Current version of the events doesn't address three days of a sex wrong. A malicious. Fat out to stop. Watching you mean you can all happen in an intern he had ol' dad they have so so she's saying so that's it she's saying that the niece try to stop on. Just gave in and just continue to give in for three days. Because she just continued to have sex with a that's what I'm supposed to believe. And that that's the perception of the letter writer is a niece was so overtaken and and Sybase databases being raped. Or or yeah or just mortified by an emotionally raped if nothing else she's not saying no but she's seen it inside sort of thing that's wholly believable now. Absolutely you tend to get someone to do what you want them to do it's also possible he was lying. Then there was part three days of sex but for some reason in his sick twisted brain. Back to the I don't feel guilty I feel nasty part. The the sex with a seventeen year old niece wasn't enough so we end up being on the radio even though nobody knows who were talking about god help me this line back. And it is dedicated to her about it's that it already and I. I would hope that wasn't three more days this is poor girl had to go through should do enough you know it's very very possible. That this wife. It a million years would never think or has what have sex with his own niece. But has trust issues with him with other women and that's why things cameras in the room. It's it's it's possible even. If she says if she's beyond us that she has she just could not believe it was cable news. Maybe she put the surveillance camera in their bedrooms or the sheik good video and save them haven't sex and showed to him later. And payment. I know whether you know the bat good the care without Jerry this will maybe that was who knows. You know I'm just I'm so I was so. I'm relieved right now that I'm really not I'm relieved sorry I am relieved right now it is used and the jail. And very relieved that she is going to counseling with a niece doesn't sound like she's you know vanity of these major pieces fall anything like that. Some wonder if she just didn't watch the rest of the tape and she's just not mentioning it because that's all she needed to see was that it was the initial interaction. She's also establishing asking her what she's saying. I don't know if he's going is going to make police evidence but I feel like you should absolutely be police evidence. If this is actual footage of an act. Down. Totally depends on the state because he doesn't know appreciate. I'll hold you know the cameras were there. And depending on the state and the law that is not admissible evidence in any way if he's not aware he had to give his success. CNET rot. I would watch much I would I would lead to see the rest of us take it to her I mean I I want would is that they're continuing to watch why I certainly hope that a little bit whatever she did though that she has in within the therapy has brought up with the needs. If you listen to our audio clips so she's heard about the three days to sodas she brought Lebanese like did that even happen. And okay it did they got that's a big if then he's continued to engage in the behavior willingly or or presently that's gonna come out there yeah. Is I either YOK let's fast forward and see. 'cause they didn't know Wright was absorbed through his seat that's what occurred or have someone else do that you don't have to see what else is on there. Or someone. Pleased to know what else is on the date. And she causes of this it's going to take us along time to get past this if we ever get past this. I hope he's never going to get out of jail when I know how these cases work you probably get ten years be out in five for good behavior. I don't somebody kills on how I don't know what else to say in the next few days I will go back on your site I listen to I will assume the audio clips. And I'll respond do you have any questions or if. I still do wanna leaked that summer she says she feels I can failure as a wife. It is failures or why if you make him do this. Is Cipro on his own there wasn't anything you could have done differently as a wife. To where she would have done this nasty. There's not a damn I want you to hear that there's not a damp that you could have done differently. That would have changed the outcome of the sick so that he is here or not. A failure as a wife phone. There's 888999811. Hi Cindy. Hi. It's. Go ahead what's up. I'm very in no way. And then. This lady in mind that she didn't say that she didn't expect him if she protect Aaron Aaron without his knowledge. So you don't buy any of the potential penis in series like minded she just wanted to make a sex tape with this husband who's completely now now you don't there's no way that's just not enough possibility OK so let's let's take your premise that's not even possible even though is completely possible let's say it's not impossible then. Does that negate what just went on to say. If the wife that just wrote us put that camera in the bedroom because he she suspected something. I there. Winds other women in general all and one of the assertions it was made a couple weeks ago did they have a little that he in the knees have a little flirtatious thing is she now bad wife. Issue Taliban out okay you put the Camry didn't tell him all you have is evidence is so. I want to be clear because words as they do matter. She would be a failure as an aunt if she had any suspicions. Of him. One thing to do things with his own niece and she left for the period that she did she's a yes she failed us and that moment. Not as a wife pretty clear because when I hear woman say I feel failure is a wide what I hear woman say is. How I acted differently done things differently maybe he would have pushed him into the arms of his niece. So what are talking about husband wife relationship. Now as a person as a human that has an aunt at that moment if you suspected he was capable of doing anything like that to her. Yes in those moments you did scale but it's also quite pop possible along with your theory the sec state it is completely possible that while she didn't. I had the instant didn't have the event the knowledge that he's a set go. Sure so why does are there or why does it have that light jealous. There's got to say something about him correct so her mind I was Jewish he wants to cheat. He's not thinking with his niece she might be thinking with another woman and that's why the cameras in the room that's totally believable because her gut is telling her something. Well known have been a big against use once and he said oh no it's not possible story about her that's something because he is a weird though she does and that's just not tell ordered that kind of weird with Cindy said it's not possible I'll start Merrill hello there. I'm Rick good morning. Good morning guys. I don't I don't think there's burial media video whether it is you have multiple compression and left the DA won't go to the radio for a good number of channels both charge that you probably won't need it. Pressured you to deal could go low hanging fruit strict. Daddy and the only way it would come up as if he suddenly right changed his actual please and then it's like wal what you confessed and then some lawyer so that was under duress and he was scared and you they have no evidence and senator and then if they could use it depending on where it is by the way a couple that question just to clarify how Pamela road and if Hamels and I'm trying to figure out why he's in jail I thought it was in the state where the niece was an age of consent to answer first of all incest is illegal. In all fifty states as a couple states that decriminalize. It most notably Rhode Island but it is illegal. Secondly I never confirm for you whether he was or wasn't in a state with the age of consent I told you couple weeks go maybe you missed it. They did everything I cool led to confirm whether he was or wasn't. And and made a made a judgment call that I am more proud of today than I was a week ago. When we got the answer because it's worse maintaining this barn with the audience and it's worth the outcome that we got is it risky absolutely I was willing to take that chance. And I'm not confirming or denying. It in whatever than than the age of consent was where he has also. I was waiting for this I'm I'm actually proud of the audience for waiting for the third time but I'm just gonna tell you wants and will move past it because it's a waste of breath. Because when you can when you what's most my own press when you accuse somebody of why you about something. There's no arguing there's actually because everything you say you're just gonna say when you're a liar. The two of you that are written in claiming that any of this is speaker made up your wrong terms I have done my diligence I certain we certainly do not make it up. We live in a world of trolls. I go to great time and effort and even expands in this case to conferring certain validity of these so that we aren't. That show so I'm sorry that you can't wrap your mind around it being real can you wrap your mind around. The situation being real or argue that much of an ostrich you batting cable understanding how reality works there is somewhere. And uncle that did this or is doing this to his niece there is some that the idea apparently the wanted to put as well few people over the edge is the hidden cameras really. In this week we your story day after day after day people hiding cameras Miami. The idea that you aren't that disconnected from reality is a little scary to me and I'm glad to have this long for you trolls to come. Suspicious of your husband having an affair. EU goal waved for a few days is absolutely there are women they're gonna put a camera in the round. Let alone their trial good morning. Aren't I. So. You know I I and I'm sure that the way probably like. If if that's the shame of it being able or if he candidate would say that the camera in the event was you know. Surprise transferred. Birthdays. And ownership here. While I thought he was being kind of sexy like errors Serena how is just like aliens abducting our caller yeah. It's gone. And dawn show.