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Friday, September 22nd


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Think we are just you. Anybody any. Paul Ryan. Or listen on. Don't dot com quick fact Jack I racers during the break and I'm fun like that and Brandon was one. A black hole is exclusive so Foreign Ministry and the raiders beat the Oakland coliseum. It was created in 1990s. Six or five depending on the history one. They came up with the idea 95 to purchase tickets and 96 plus section 105. In the Oakland coliseum. The question then becomes whether or not because raider fans are so hard core. We'll be enough room in the travel to Las Vegas when they move their side bag and one recreate the black hole especially now the greens hold does that greater than our soup we're not gonna have a black hole that he sounds like a whole bunch raider fans are gonna say look every dime they can. Yeah go to magazine turns the during an hour on what it. Yeah kick as our little scary we're just got they are closed matter. I can't wait till I resent the black holes racist. Oh they're not. Hello there again a yeah yeah. Yeah it's a. I'll put a new America Asia around the relevant Alyssa and all listen today. Detroit or. Okay. Oh and have fun with a message tonight and I don't I. She asked to share much like you should be sharing Melissa in another call here early in the morning. Sure more than anybody I know of all I want to. I just want to root cause confrontation out for my sister Heather how are. There's no scenery you miss her already she turned the page 40 yeah. That's just begins its well yeah yeah yeah. What a dichotomy that's Sue Bird smoke and we assume hi honey memorial and and the old and dusty. The deal I. Happy birthday our. I'll wind my mom here. 47 day then at that point should my wife's top. Although there are OJMR. Brands and my man yeah aren't so hot you get. Pena arizonans and all the way. The loan is here this idea and not if they own a nine millimeters. The move may look if you're still alive in sixteen years you'll be sexually active CO chair and ask parents actually act now. Yeah oh well hello Jay has been more. Hi anybody and I didn't raise a child there what college we don't mind that I guess I was on the. Real and the screen calls it. A common problem your own. Numbers 888999. Mile you do James Cohen an eruption. It's quite all right Jane course if you write in our radio rant radio dot com and master plan for future always Marty figures are now either way I'm not a doctor Sasaki. Sorry James how can we help you this is quite an interest in that's easy to see her go ahead. RJ some essential line might do all of us out for a night at a bar so that is predominantly African American I told my wife that I didn't wanna go because they didn't like the crowd roared. Now I being accused that I mean entirely gracious by a half a dozen people. Armed. I've gone to pick my sister a lot from this marble floor and everyone leaving is very. Thuggish. I'm on the mean so so yeah can you give us more sore they sluggish because here's what here's where. Your friends are jumping to conclusions or whatever and and or we need more information are they sluggish because of the color of their skin or the way they're dressed the way they add. Act other things are seeing what you guys to flesh that out for a supporting my thuggish. And in the way they they're talking about it everywhere and winning a barbecue kind of been their big people up. And then north. Lot of use then word someone screaming in my case people disrespectful. Just to everyone around. And it's I can understand following a drama bar it's a ball but I. The excessive use of then word and conversation wiped out and people disrespect to women at the people I didn't bite so I don't wanna you. If that's so so big you're you're playing the decision was just based solely. On you have a history of this bar do you do you have some perspective on it it's not because they happen and African Americans because the way they behave. Correct and you explain this to your family or whoever it is that's accusing you being racist. I did I was hung up wanna coloration of Ken moment Sugarman doctor referred to three weeks or. Some are you are or are you and all of your family what what what's what race are you guys. We're all white. So so your family is what are they comfortable wins or they don't care about the end were being thrown around the way it is are they not notice that. My wife and her family are from a very low income neighbor didn't Cameron to be no there's let me get back. And so insular comfortable with the word. They're used to it may have lived around people that act like their whole lives by house. Well okay and and that there is no here here's my disconnect that that they don't pass they don't have a right to them portion a little bit. I mean I I'm I'm engaged in an African American woman I wouldn't go to that place based on what you described. I hate that word I won't be around that word my fiance feels the same way and if you're suggesting that gets thrown around like that. Nevermind what ever other anecdotal stories you have about a and women being disrespect to them that would add another reason why wouldn't go for me so somehow you're gonna have to explain your family how I'm a racist even though Marion Blackwell because I based on your description I don't get a phone numbers 8889899. To eleven let's get some of those. So when he first it was saying like he doesn't wanna go there because. They're much less this edge that's how here very strongly said that to his family. That does Andre settled trigger some TI that Tinny that was very racist does that Nicole what does that mean right and all wild thugs gonna yeah. If he used to have taken the time to explain in Knoll they eat the you know this and word is he is a lot kind of free Willy Nilly I don't like being around people use that word regardless of what race they are and they are and I don't like to see. Women being disrespect did in the end I can behavior. And that I've witnessed there. And you. Don't disable their bonds just sons. And then I think you sound less racist but if you're just saying oh it's a bunch of thugs there then that sounds very sex any is his reasoning. We're not going to listen to this particular establishment could be the same. Vacancy could say the same thing with about a biker bar. Or you know a rough place our dive bars it has the then just say that I mean if you if you dues early in the words like songs and and do. That they need disrespect women that kind of thing that you are setting yourself up for those. Those judgments. But I think you really should grow a pair and take extremely jewels back because you're putting too much. Wait on what what your family members are seeking value even though you know yourself you're not racist they don't believe you then they don't it's not worth your time. Hey you know like of one of my biggest problem of the whole thing when there's a lot of things in there is the lack of respect that your family has about how you feel about this because. I get where they're coming from they grew up around and whatever from this and so it's normal so then. There we grow up and a lot of bad neighborhoods to those so it's like I there there's a barge. I'm around our area that slice sometimes cowboys and their sometimes bad ass bikers are there and it can be an intimidating places some people I don't. Hair but I have some friends that refused to go there there are afraid bright so it's like. I got used to hang out gang bangers buying drugs you know what I mean so it's like that I I think it's unfair that your family or if I. I words you for some someone else to go some heads are not comfortable they never have been exposed to it and they don't want to and it doesn't feel good to them they should respect that have you. And that's that the that the the biggest problem. Happen with this. Okay Jane Judy you said your that your wife's hand your wife's family comes from that is your wife calling you a racist. While she was the first one he started it. Okay how long has been marrying me you're charted a conversation between us firm okay how how how long he has been married. Here's what it. How in the world does she not know your character well muscled usually being a racist after six years of marriage. I don't know that's why I'm calling you this can tell just some random might bomb went off out of this where. And it's they've ditched the fractured our relationship. Yeah I best or course has is that somebody in the in this day and age especially at any time it's no good bit racist is one like the two or three worst things you can be called by. Anyone along with Metafile. And had to be the person you're supposed to be spending every minute of your important life with RS your life that I've that would be devastating. And I think she's being incredibly unfair and when I asked you earlier about. On other people he said in the Stanley that they were hanging up on you is your wife at least listening to what you say and like the way you explained to us. Well I'm I'd try to explain it. Avoiding words like fog originally. And it just it boils down Q let's try can get a straight answer out of meat. I'm not very eloquent and that's where that conversation. Did doubt wall is like. I don't like the way these people behavior anyway these people and everyone blue. Okay it sounds like there's some really even seen her seated issues going on between you and or why. I think I think there isn't huge communication breakdown where you eat you might need just some counseling because if if she's just demonstrates our races even though you guys have been together this long. I mean unless you do have some racist tendencies and she's speaking partly truth and he you know I think that it's not fair you all for hurting just shut you down like that. Let's say you did let's just get live and that world let's say you do you have mean we know that you don't blitz that you do have some reasons racist tendencies. What you're describing to me should still never happened in the marriage she should not be ganging up on you with other people that is fun it is acceptable. So unacceptable and so disrespectful. You are her person. And she should want to have this conversation with you and no one else involved the fact is she so comfortable. Thank you funny with other people is. You know what it's really sad to me I really. Feel for you and I and I want you try to get a handle on that I want you to sit her down and helped her to realize that it's huge you. And if she can have problems with you you don't have a problem with that but it's used to that figure this out and work this out if she's to be on your side. She can disagree with you but you are united front in front of people and she's tell them to shut my own business and acquit. Coming after her husband's. James I'm not sure exactly. What we can do to help you mean I guess first well one bite it sounds like all of us would validate you you are you are correct to two that did to steal. That this is a huge problem in that translate into new we hear your voice and it's like calls this chasm. Army should that this is a big deal win what else can we do to help you. I'm I don't know I mean she have gotten behind me and she can't really say he can go on meet the conversation led them to turn on the elaborately. She goal is. Stand beside me in a master ability it was just that they came out of nowhere and it's it's. Created this detention. OK has she brought so not as she apologized for calling you racist as she acknowledged not racist. British ignored it can answer yeah. IG there we are concerned got you calls coming in James so listen to what some other people think and phone numbers 88 and I and I and I need 11 hi Richard good morning. I DiMarco you don't want to. I'm gonna ours. I'm Gerri what they catch you you kind of digging yourself in large pleasure description how do you describe everything in your story I'm you and they turn to get old. Does give you continued digging yourself and all of you and your prime minister Maliki. But your description and very Cold War are you can tell office or. I'm on the poor and the skull here from dale Glendale. Hey guys I'm a question. And then I'm not trying to be you know content contradictory or anything but. I'm curious as to why. Third term because he is inherently racist because you. I mean I know people that are white note and Asians that. I've described as thugs because they're criminal activity they've turned to drugs and beat Murray and carry weapon. There's tons not because of the elevator yet. Right right I understand you have them that that's understandable. But he did in this particular instance. This game is the caller was saying. This bar is predominately African American and they all look like hugs so to me. He's just making that stereotype. Everybody at a bar that's African American and is thought. There's that's why are responded what Amanda said dale was saying yes that will trigger some people because in this society. And there's there was a and there's a two years ago Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. Very loudly said thug is a racist term thug means all blacks are criminals so there's that there's a probe is prevailing thought out there I agree with your current position dale. Insists it's stupid anybody can be a thug and any skin color. But when it comes to communicating with the other human beans you have to be aware that certain words will trigger them and that's just something we're trying to root for. Really to James who I think needs a lot of help when it comes up. Courage and M a backbone and such communication gap. And I think today he Babs to that point. Have you just said I don't like that crowd I don't like that particular barges because it's not my it's not it's not my place some speed I just would rather go somewhere else. And and leave it that they would have been and probably avoided a lot of this confrontation. Plus and I say more about the word ghetto. I don't I don't Simeon discredit a black neighborhood. I'm describing a terrible neighborhood which anyone can let them play you. I pledge some people will think you're being racist and just be aware of the act that stupid as we grew up in any of we called him again as they work pull or hurt should they. The last thing Jay did yeah and there were whites ever Mexicans are actually were in it was every one and it was not get up right. And and it and I agree with that as well. You are aware that depending on what's at the crowd you're in any if you care about the people around you that you may not use that word may say poor neighborhood. Right and Brandon and I hear I say almost every day on the show that island they get out IMAX not because that's. And I'm very affluent name is Leo yeah it's not a high income neighbor and an elemental. As nothing to do with that you know being one ever races is predominantly hello Tyler. More than anybody you don't. But it's so I. Me I am a white man myself you know it shouldn't matter but unfortunately the circumstances does Obama bouncer at a local bar. This guy now I can understand what he's. Coming around saying you know that the crowd might look sluggish by the way they act the way they talk the way they carry themselves whichever. And that's fine he need to understand not everybody is saying he needs to start up a little bit. Any shortages which we look forward to go to the borrow to future proud of it. Certain older gonna start a problem with Jim unless she starts broaden himself Christie and being such a mistake yes something might happen pulled away Easter don't much as people watch fight. You know and usually you said you were a bouncer was just don't agree with whatever you said let's. I played a minute goal I wouldn't go to that bar because I don't wanna be around the N word. I whether I'm with my African Americans fiance or not I don't like that where I grew up with the word. I was very comfortable with it I made a decision long before and Christina that orb -- don't want that word for a variety of reasons. I just stepped up and go hang out somewhere run being bombarded. Not quite people saying it's me but I think it's a bar and hear anything I want to hear that word and wanna be around people use that word. Regardless of their skin color so I vehemently disagree but I really think you sound like a nice guy easy. And I told you disagree disagree as I speak. To force people. Should go to a club. Of the bar whatever might be that there are not comfortable I understand it. Sometimes we got to learn to live outside our comfort zone and and that's all good and dandy but they're also comes a point Tamil. Well we know ourselves and for him that's not something he's comfortable around. Rob is live life he's done things outside his comfort some that this is not even a marsh he's going to build those kind of I didn't I didn't but don't for. I don't people and James than the original caller said that it if he doesn't like you don't situation where he knows that people are talking bad about women disrespecting women because. Fight them that's no way to build allies because you can go into any type of the establishment here stuff like daddy you're gonna go despite. Randomly just because that's your way in life he's really need to take a look at past that would be a good goal for James but it's also good that he knows himself well enough that he come out of the situation actually fixes. Also despite knowing the speed in the spring and in my saying he'd saying that's not his speed like attorney I don't want to go to a bar where there's a bunch of college kids and for our allies and all eyes and I. So yeah I'm an eighty year old man. By Larry. All Kelly do and we're gonna sit and talk about the good old days injuring virgin Anton hi angels. Good morning I. Good morning I'm I would comment on him. Your day to day we're talking about that the Netscape you being racist and and the freedom that image well I don't I want a guy if you show appearance Sacramento and one more add to what oh what we put out is we do not new drugs. Or could catch you at all. That does not being African American and I'm glad this day. We don't do any third mr. you don't want that stereotypical. Gay member coming into our shop morning. Shot doesn't end no textured object Jews we don't want their element. It ourselves now that doesn't see like your wife club couldn't come any get a catch you you couldn't come get a schedules and we put it out there and that's not being racist. That's just looking out for what we've won in our environmental. Write it in just again be clear I agree with that I do not think thug is a racist are the only point we're making is. A lot of people do and you just have to be aware that at all. And the difference is senior year we were running and assess your running out. A business so you don't wanna have certain clientele coming in your your your business he especially if they're related to gains and and getting game. Related. Imagery put on their bot put on your body because you don't want the type of clientele but this is just a guy who just doesn't want to go to Lamar. Look I mean missed his. Calling makes for great conversation but. It it's more than this eat eat in the bigger picture is. You're surrounded by people that are really rotten they're not supportive and that's the biggest problem James the original original caller including. Your wife would she need to to work on my terror but the other people in their life that in. I mean they should also milieu better. To know old. Any you know what here's the deal brought Sony and millionaires and Alsace and they look at me go well wait a minute did you actually need this because he knows me he knows my character he knows my heart. And and the people who are closest to you should know what I just said your character in your heart. And should not trump on you and me this awful she you sure you feel like now you need outside. Help and advice. Because there's knowing your inner circle is worth a crap OK Joan. Hey good morning anybody at all. And they cannot unload secure and I say you know found myself in this situation warmup I'd let us to a standard. Never bare and jeans and a bunch of folders so sluggish Latino international I don't put a shot or union somewhere. Tug at my friends and so was so you're racist against your own culture. He doesn't wanna say sell me out but that's what it that's what James is family would say yeah. On him out of the CO RED Iran radio dot com from Daniel ideas as good lord this caller sounds like Don Imus describing the club's internal nightclub. It's gonna happen in my glove similar version of don't. Women there in London and people don't. The doctor anytime Mari.