Dr. Rob (Dolittle) 6-13-18

Wednesday, June 13th


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In my underwear and some Nellie knows what. For example your wife cry. Sealing your mouth itself. Am. You can get Smart fast forward humorous purposes that's why one out on it but in terms of right at bottom I really thought yeah. If they get in terms of winning that game. Don't be a Smart ass because if you jumping in like you know at young jeopardy if you try to buzz into early won't let you. But on other games are like family feud if you buzz in before the question is over and you answer. You get buzz is your wrong and you need to answered any finishes the question for the other guys so if you buzz into early with your hands here a dot U three billion point school. Well let's ban that how many points are up for grabs three. OK so you're gonna be in a deficit of of a lot two point 999999997. Million pay a lot. Itself by the boy and game is it is to figure out what's wrong with this story now and again I warn you. Not to be as Smart ass and sort out where he says this shout outs. First things first you remember the day and I don't know Brandon you're old enough steam to Melinda. An old woman like kid like me Don you remember. Crystal Pepsi yes it did you and that kinda remembered is that this is what in your bottle this was yeah. This. Well it'll always be under us it would. Here that's not your mom's I'm more I think you'll all at once once you're over fifty what do model how how what how old you thirties you obviously your fourteen years younger than me when you're 5964. You will not be young now. You'll be fifty in our man up if caught up till it is irrelevant because I am so hmmm ha ha. So Crystal Pepsi was in clear and Pepsi and it was those it tastes like Pepsi. And it was around like you're in was cool as I got early nineties thing I think you've ruled it was clear and it was like it feel if there are hipster is that on the sewage or he's and they hipster try to bring him back he's in pain. Ahead and and I failed it came out for a limited time meaning that in the zeman thing. Probably puts hipster stuff. Is it they want to be cute she. And then it becomes popular they no longer wanted to he who have different these. But that's why pictures today brought Crystal Pepsi back. Because oh now it's new and pitching him and so came back and people like us who experience and that's dom yeah same thing with the amount that's done now although I loved museum up with the Marlboro red cigarettes. But they yeah. Today went out bought it and that's why did he do this kind of crap so so Crystal Pepsi as they could the idea of a clear soda is kind of cool again Memphis up. When they there's an there's a bunch of competing companies trying to come out when they're versions including a company called. Real soda. Of Utah. Any wrong it and just checking and found no I don't just reminding him to Sony's store playing again by played on the home to deceive you that is out now here's what here's their little. Gimmick so is it clear cola but what ought to quit do you have an exodus is over thinking you're given that we might lose three billion poison do you think you know the answer that's right that's salaries do whatever who cares. Why hasn't it does give all the time I'll hit billions. Never cease 'cause. If it's any time they get soaked I mean their Mormon. Now minus three billion they're not against soda they traditionally do not drink caffeine I. Yeah. Stay there was only they would. Still I can't have that Coke and that's why that is Kathy yeah and I own and they're not really against it. Hundreds marched against it and and you I know you've you've known a few mormons I draw I love Mormon and mormons. On most of them are Jack mormons they don't follow baton a variety of other friends at the hotel where that crazy underwear. So dawn is now minus three billion NASA says okay that he's ready you've got you've got a three shot lead a little bit. But still you don't want to one yet I have no idea where we're gonna get so here is so rare real sort of you saw their idea is. And there's a regional you talk company whatever. Their idea is we're gonna we came up with a clear call. And just to be extra goofy we're gonna put it in a clear bottle. So when you look at when you look at the bottle you don't it looks like there's nothing and they all OK there's the red top wanna little cute idea there and so they got it distributed. Two a bunch of local stores and they had to go with a name and so they you since you can't see it. They named it not see cola. She I don't know why why you can't get an answer can't means something after after an impressive German regime when you mean what you and I mean I'm not sit well. Yeah. It took me is that I thought wow and I tried to really separated them what you see it on the bottle and you say not see cola it written battle all sickening like the Nazi column and I. I. It's so bad. Boyle is the customer but it got on the shelves and the shelves in in a chain in Utah are. Called Macy's grocery store chain not smell Hussein's departments are losing key MA CEY. And keep boils customer who saw it. And she thought wait a minute that's not sink hole. And by the way. With the name. Did not see cola the black eagle on the label is almost identical to the former German coat of arms always iron cry. Yeah exactly and hitting the Kelly is a light colored yeah well chances at the piano labels YE and the signed off on that I think somebody maximum being. And yeah. You know what's missing it it does that bird to miss this boils says it's not just a mistake or me being insensitive I thought this is definitely races or she checked him whether some should. Notes might see as a spokesperson have a Hitler mustache. And so does boil all went after the Macy's grocery store chain posted a picture on Tweeter Twitter they immediately replied that it was pulling the drinks from shelves saying it was not approved any corporate levels although the grocery store like oh god. I don't regional manager or somebody approved at a lot of holes. Ed first of all that a company and then it went through you had to okay the IE is the it that it got made a puppet masters first pick out of the. Kerry well now I wish we also have you taught me everything they did was intentional they they won't get to them and oh they did that means knowledge you can accidentally Mickens and I'm not dizzy Colin as the German political debate are pretty stupid they know they have a reason for doing this. But yes with the grocery store chain somebody had a prisoner put on the shell PL maybe the company does that there was either way it. So it's approved Macy's grocery store. Also found out that real Soto of you talk on the corporate level Macy's sort of found this out. Has a couple other sodas that they've been stocking that apparently no one has complained about for the last few months this began back in April. This relationship. Two other sodas produced by real sort of you talk have been holed as well one of them is a grape juice. You call them. Orthodox Jews. Oh my god which has an image of a man and orthodox Jewish and higher on the label. And then there's also a lemonade. Which is a home to Wladimir went in the economy of a hundred years ago who. So reunion it's funny well we're also out of you saw things you're wrong. They said quote we respect and understand and everyone has differing senses of humor. Our goal is a variety wide variety of sodas and flavors that everyone can enjoy it and has the story blew up yesterday. Many people did call it just a joke and this is a product by the way is still for sale. On Amazon so you wanna go fight it I had to do Amazon. He had this summer summer cutesy stuff. We'll cooks tricked sort of pitching like a planned rally dad like me I'd really like to see holocaust survivors and their families drinking. I'm sure they'll love it I I'll. Yeah I get don't forget the Nazi soda. I I love a good joke and I'm I'm not offended by this but this is not funny this is not a product line and you can't there is no we're teaching viewers there's no answer there is no word that you should guy yeah it's been there is no they should be sold as in bad taste. I can and I'm with all right can't I understand that real sowed their demented that's why they can make whatever product they want I can't believe it got through all the other people had to get through my. Don't think it really read it through to wind up on store shelves and I mean really orthodox Jews because orthodox the First Lady does not seem cola if you dawning you know paying attention may be although I don't think so but for the first thing you'd think with orthodox. Is what could possibly come after that. Your also light wants a weird day or so that's just what does this have to do with why did you say there was a dessert there's a madrassa and has an orthodox jewel on the on the on the label and that's year after a clue how. So when annually and every morning. My this. How old does Samantha good morning. To you that aren't I yeah. I'd say yeah I did not not good all blacks. On. You need. Rainer. You pulled me into special sand under the current animals here's the lane. Call an era show lights and and I just totally okay. At 8889899. Years eleven you've got a question comment problem here on the polite thing to do Orioles. To actually write and email their multiple IR EDA grad radioed dobbs Brian hall rob we'll see yeah they're both polite it's like there's drain our as the team to a party. And showing up at some 1002 AM on the mound with a six and that's campaigns matter and Lotta doctors just sucking. You especially some in the sudden. Yeah well you know Orton. I want to we do for. Yeah I don't I have almost Wear all black it'll be the aspect that the goaltending cafe a lot here. Japanese amateur Brandon Brando it won't hurt the dog park view of I don't lately kidnapping and anxiety issues but what do are the only brand. You know every time he kind of over for like out bird dinner surgery what you can't see it in indelibly putts that an inkjet. I appreciate you can't you guard your house. But at Donnelley inconsolable bill we've we've tried to get me aren't you click on the floor with streets I'm that you like. We'd pick and then I watched that entire time outs outside they're perfectly fine. I got the dog park he can throw the ball or commercial break that you added it impact her there's no problem there at that but we get into the house. They it just doesn't want anything to do it how am I completed my progress in the lock your belt. If that person wouldn't even in the back out when he put Eric you wanna go outsider item to the bad burn out solely on one of the catcher adrenaline Ingraham. I did it and it felt bad George surely you know shaken and he all of it out when he went there. I am now. But admits I'm I'm about progress but we're kind of looking for work because it makes me back when he turned over and eat it as a horrible time to pick the right. Forgive me because until my spot my memory sucks what's the history of the dog did you rescue him her or was he. Give did you have heard from from little puppy. You don't need arm. Actually got her girlfriend that I'm brand image trying to recall her. Billie got her out last July but it got hurt very here I'm you don't you know basically Ehrlich is that aren't work at a top of the leaderboard Whitney I'm the it meant a lot I got tired but we've only had hurt the black. Why jazz no problems and any other humans. No problem though the idea humiliate I eager out you. We're good workout but acre you know about everywhere you love everybody underdog. And you have other people come to your house. Besides this I did OK now we do besides that Japan and that he is usually pretty good but everybody. Other male friends you have those hurt. You know I. Thinking about it I'm not sure that we had a lot of other male friend Beverly had you know friend Everett but she bent my leg caught off the government had to get these get any other male friends kinda look at that out in public view that the other mammals. It sounds like there might be some trauma that she might have experienced as a younger up with a male. That might relate to her behavior is. Another man in the house. On that I got. There's no heat or any other god Adori our friend also want to call it black everybody in the air and nobody by all the animals that terrible day. I can't obviously didn't and nothing that you can think you're that you're aware of happened in that it didn't win this Fran this male friend came over either the first time. Or whenever he saw as behavior start that was there that your dog would then equate to do he's here now I'm gonna be scared like a loud bang something's fell. Yet. I didn't pick it up aren't very couldn't help but what about wanted to get back out beltway I bring back baby last year I also got it up and chat. And so one at a time that I whatever it how you are not the Brent you carry category I would I did that I about about did not a problem. He had a cat and waiting to me it went you know get a kick the cat detected acting like you don't get an yelling I'm glad I did look at it that got. Yeah yeah. But it actor Eric Noll real confrontation Arie thank. I'm that it had to adopt a code that it how many that he didn't like the cat but it kind bill after that I would say it would probably waited. Started but that chat not at how the act. Know you have that that's that it and he did that bad that's it that's what it is it's it's irrelevant that when he comes to your house the cast not with some. And it's irrelevant that the incident with the cat happened at his house mean dog member dogs the smartest dog owners. Have the mentality of a three year old human being we think based on what we know. They don't they don't sit back in goal of all the smoking a cigar and I'm off I'm gone wrong and all I get I don't need to be scared of him along deals and how that first thing. Hi how. They act PEG ashy Shia your dog equates him to a dramatic experience in back to brands only who knows what you're dog might have experienced before you got her with other cats or with men. Or with both ends so this could have also triggered something might not be that'd be just be a new experience for the dog as well now could daisy be smelling the cat on him when he comes over any heads like triggering some snow in them again they have had a year at your friend douse themselves and tomato Jesus. Well before coming over and even then. The visual dogs are very visual may have a they have extraordinary memories. So a year I'd be at all I can say I mean that's that's the cause at first I was racking my brain what is the difference there always though. The answer so that's the cause. It sounds like you're doing the right things. Remember that did the book the the quandary with dogs is this as the dog whisper says on the National Geographic channel our dogs live in the moment but they also never forget they they have incredible woman memories include clear. Yeah that way yeah only in that way that we don't live in the moment and we're always nervous about the future. And now. So so there. Rating that way compete because. You you have to read program. Their brain. And it and they still will never forget so you're doing the right things with them making the friend being more. Approachable and sounds like daisies responding you said that she has come now to the point where she can at least hang out. In at least the same rumor something instead of just peed all over the house Obama and shaking uncontrollably. Wrong but this is gonna say time of what I think the what you're doing already I. I don't I don't have the magic wand here now under daisies intuition is is kicking in here and trying to tell you something maybe this trend isn't so charming you know Jeffrey Dahmer was charming too there. I was gonna go there but she liked him at first now about what daisy could be trying to point out to Samantha is that men that own cats are not be trusted. Call first thing. A couple of emails here Ari you grab radio dot com yesterday before reading emails yesterday we gave way to more prizes. In terms of what's in the bar. Up. How much style of brought you by Tahoe blue body in fact we're down to three prizes that six boxes or with corresponding numbers of people means you have to match. We got a couple of emails here first wounds from a and hey Anna she wrote in and says the last night at a dream that I finally made it through and I was caller reaching. The phone's screen on my dream announced that I was caller eighteen. And then started talking about the rules of the game I was so excited and I was Kohler eighteen I interrupted her saying I really count right. Guess yeah. The phones traders say yes really gonna help you keep. Well we need to talk to her grave yes rim is not our policy. Oh and Canas says in real life I have been following every damn day and I have noted the following I have been. Along with many busy signal caller two a 51517. To 141846810125. I guess I need to try harder come so close and a was she is that she's current events is this just funerals I love you and your decision got a lot of busy signal. People that have tried hundreds of times and never even hear the phone ring. What it's a second time they get through window. Or the or only time and given the game. They opened boxes that don't exist anymore so we also got this rubber Jennifer Jennifer she wrote our radio red radio dot com subject line. I had your number ready to call this was yesterday we get Italy in the show we give way one of them won the prize we were yesterday. I think the boardwalk I think was the region Albright. Adding that decide whether it's. Sister Jennifer wrote in right after that she said I he had your number ready to call for what's in the box. Then I had to go number two I. And scrappy. I'll always take that to the battle things go on the wells are regulated is what we are gonna play right now. I promise you three times today because when we have three prizes left throwing the stupid game Mora. So let's hold it you know what you're doing. We have three pleasure lest they're all 250 dollar gift cards that shoe. At any of the Applebee's restaurant down I'm not gonna stay beyond me and or stick bullying the old and yet you color your team tells which boxes there and phone numbers 8889899. You know. And dawn show.