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Thursday, February 16th


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Back to the rub anybody and don't show on 98 rock. Thanks KR execute darknets. And you're listening to the no sorry you read radio dot com these kind of all encompass things basic ipso let's get so this is proud Andrew yeah. It says my wife is a loyal maggots and I love. Her in spite of her radio choices. Please tell you that dumb birthday thing for her. Should probably lose your mind and not talk about any Els for weeks her name is Lindsay she's 32 are always things he's aged out yes she had already used. Lindsay doesn't young a thirty year old woman slowly is this is from Nancy and Nancy as I wanna give a birthday shout out to my son David. Who becomes an adult according to the law today he's 180 geez it's a big. And I according to society I think I applaud. He listens to on our way to school every day will be on the road now OK but again Nancy Arizona's service class scenario. The good Wright is number they announced me. Then all I. I can go on job and abused by himself now you know oh god yes I. I'll make the back at call for him here's AS slightly personally no but she is a huge fan age dawn will remember and I think Brandon Moore remember. Think I don't speak to did you know the big boob interns you know. Yeah I know she was he was on her way out as I was on my. O'Malley and all right so she she now lives in Hawaii she answers every day she illicitly so and she said can you believe that the big moved twenty year old intern is now 34 yacht race. Lion gorge and sanitation she still gorgeous office is adorable shot Urals and stuff. Who's closely here's a nice little note she says it's my 34 birthday today. But I wanted to do a birthday shout out in reverse. I want to shout outs and my mom and dad are always been there for me or they may not understand my dreams of moving 2400 miles away that they stood by and supported me. To my brother and his fiancee I love and miss you guys so much into my baby sister thank you for always pushing me to be better and work. This source and most importantly thank you read radio for being my must come minus algae comfort of being back home. Importantly although I do love this rock in the middle of the Pacific bank problems on so I don't and I. Jealous do. So we have now owns 34 dollar homelands to. We have David who's eighteen and we have the old white woman means he's he's. You do. They sell. Hello Paula good morning. Hey good why and if the doctor coop. I didn't know that why did warn me about these things cleared the dollars. Words. Yeah all of got a question comment problem your own call us like Paula Newton in her show I don't know where. 8889891911. Course you'd prefer if you rightists that I don't actually time on plans had to assign sort of figured. Ari do you read radio dot com and please remember I am not a doctor nor veterinarians. Well it was an expert on anything association's office. Hi all how can we help. Okay. I'm paying cash register if done for the next six days and it shouldn't. The dog it's not up on any kind of got the last minute because then a family emergency in Southern California. I can I get that done this is like telling your called Boehner backed an immediate problem the Douglas. Outside go hiding. And let my brother look up drop dead day. The Vancouver I live in readying their neighbors Southern California though they dropped the buck up on the way. And and here we acclimate very day here for about an hourly gutter we shouldn't be itinerary and then look where food was elected. But this morning. It got better at noon yesterday you'll Love Boat let go potty and I night wondering. I play getter too. Go out fighting like freaking out. Oh I don't know. A few things first of all thank you for informing me that we have a phone screener you would think yeah. Fees they are both god and so am I appreciate that news they what kind of dog is it. I appreciate them and a blood Levin have Germans shelled out sixty pounds to get 65 pound. So the problem their courses though the lab the stupid part of the lab concepts to combat and the shepherds RS can't come thriller. I'm not at what what so you Patterson's new yesterday kids it's a she how old is he. And and you Patterson's new yesterday and yes it is are you suggesting that since noon yesterday she has not gone to the bathroom at. Well I'm I'm glad you know they've gotten appear like they're ready and it's like training in cold blood left my caddie who fled are open. Why an effort to get in and out if you want to. But I think that she's the icon of the yard. Okay all and end it it do you get the indication that was my next question that the weather. Is it is an issue for earth as it is for a lot of dogs that well. It and indicated that Cindy can they live in Vancouver Washington where they had ice storms log either crazy weather the last several weeks and so. My sister for me that this dog has the power going out and be very very hard. When the weather's bad boat and so yeah that's an issue with the dog. Is has she ever manage your house or is this like the first. Okay so there's. Didn't they inherit their help but you've ever been in my house. So there is so what we have here has been a little bit of anxiety on her part she can't she's wondering what am I doing here are my human mom and dad yeah. So and then at eight and you're probably right base when you tell me the weather is probably not the issue. It's more the anxiety of why don't normally supposed to go so when when do you know when she's at home. With your sister. Does so did she just goes out backing goes to the bathroom. What might finally got dropped a safe haven just open the slider or open the third in the gradually faded garage or outside in June alone. And what I feel. Richard ears perk up like she understands but she won't go. Yes she does she understands here's here's what here's what I want you to try I'm not saying it's a guarantee but here's aren't you try first of all she wants to go to the battle. On ads and and seven years old I will tell you I ate it in my Dogg Nelly is about to turn twelve. Is amazing how long these adult dogs and Holden I mean they I've seen I've seen Nellie Holden. Either one the big one of the little one like for 24 hours. Because she still has some issues with rain and water and things like that occasionally should've won a (%expletive) fine don't don't don't don't. Mom so that's one thing don't be too concerned about that but here's what I want is to try. For whatever reason she's a little freaked out it sounds to me like based on what you're describing so you need to go back to the basics remember. The expression you can't teach an old dog new tricks is stupid and wrong you absolutely can. A dog and its deathbed can be taught trick there amazingly resilient. You need to figure out what it is that she likes the most and it it varies from dog dog hopefully your your brother in law gave you some. Bomb some tips if he didn't I'll give you some suggestions. Is she food driven. Holy driven affection driven plagiarism those are kind of the the the four different choices that you have. And you need to make the and I and and there's a little bit of work here but I'm I'm telling you can do this in a few minutes with the example you're giving me. You need to make the backyard or every issue you wherever it is you want her go and I know might be pouring where you are bit put on Parker is what we do. On you need to make every want to go to the bathroom a safe fun place so at this point. It's not about making or go to the bathroom same words garage or whatever LLC you said go out whatever. Open the door. She's inside. Come on garage outside when every gonna say any other treat her ball way you know whatever it is that entice as her toy whatever. You bring her out and all you do is you gear you use feeder you love her so she comes outside you say outside and she comes outside all the girl on girl remember. The most emasculated thing men and women liberty was raised a dog or maybe they don't move just. I doubt that Google+ I don't know what video to be right I'll let your diabetes. You bring out you make her feel comfortable you stay out there was a little bit and maybe even put her back inside. And then you do it again right away you put a bag okay good girl come on let's go inside and then you go back outside right away. Whatever her name is outside tree dirty and toll here again whatever it is. So that she gets comfortable being outside because oh okay this is saying their backyard as is this is safe it's happy it's fun and then. You kind of letter roamed the sounds like he can't do that that you're not I'm not seem like me when it comes to your dogs are they aren't. In my dogs only go to the bathroom in one place and it's a 5 X 5 this square foot area Nazis no were also back yards no walks no nothing they even had to get the bulls and the target right. Competition and want love and couples. Nellie don't love you back. On them. Once you get are comfortable because she does want to go to the bathroom wow I promise you this will work if you have the twenty minutes to give it. An enlightening me twenty minutes just didn't invest that kind of time and eat eat eat eat and promised he would work that's what her problem is based on what you Tony. She just doesn't understand what's going on. And one of the ways they react is they just they hold it and by the way what do gray dog to hold it in not going your house so she's a well trained absolutely. You just have to kind of leave her with a little bit of love and compassion or else she needs to go now since Paula has already interrupted the show and it's totally fine Apollo we might as well just continue with the doctor rob segment with people who. Email us email or call that the same RED at red radio dot com this is from name withheld it Chris from abroad. A woman from Nigeria. Your doctor rob my husband and I have been together for ten years. When we first started dating we were teenagers fall and our sex like consisted of how many times can we do it before your parents come home. We are older and have two young children full time jobs and responsibilities. Will adults. Okay act I don't adults today we have gone from quantity to quality. We don't have as much sex of course but our sex life now in my opinion is better I. We know what each other likes and we know what works stress but as I've gotten older. Also got more adventurous. Lou and I find myself wanting their rough I want my hair pulled a one man show yeah. All things we haven't really ventured into NATO and other than after a night of drinking. I've been curious about this for awhile and I try to give him subtle hints to do some of these things but we never get there. And I don't know how to bring this up especially in a way that doesn't sound creepy. A ghost is I'll treat the home any advice on how to start this conversation and win. I don't want him to feel like our sex right now isn't good enough because it's great. I just feel like these things would make it even better at all in his ad and comments here is what was uttered by the peanut gallery was reading that. Personally. I agree with you letter writer. And with. Whichever team it mentioned that both the Pacific those things are not creepy. But they may be your man. And so you have this we we always talk okay fine divorce and the your cousins this as we always talk about with sexual content. Okay. So you have to be prepared because we always we always talk about this it's not just about how often you're having sex the way you're willing to try and both of you have to be into it or or hopefully. Armed. The other person is at least willing to try but then is safe enough to say this is not me I can't do this you know the famous story of me being told by a girl I was blanking the puncher. Know how to do it yeah. And and sorry if they're we have our alliance and I'm gonna punch you all slap you'll show fewer won't punch you that's ridiculous so armed. And I think the main answered the question though is. Like always with so many of these doctor Hahn letters communication is the key. So you say that after a night of drinking you've ventured near it OK so here's what I would suggest. And I do what is your very your today's letter writer. There are a lot of man. Who will hear requests like what you're saying as well not good enough that's sure okay that they're there what we call insecure baby has. I'm not saying your husband is. But there are a lot of men and women but we're talking about in this example women and men. Who are okay who who would of the you know it's kind of like when women catch the man watching porn. No it has nothing needs no one has nothing to the shop where they oversee a little weird to see this BYU wanted to do this act so. Exactly that may come up as well so what I would suggest as a man is. Find you have two kids is is there a way we can find some find it. Get the kids is nowhere around you go out input and bad I don't know whatever it is you people's children do you see all hot. And you have some wine me and a and you you find you're the one to look I don't know your husband you're the one that knows how to brings you have to bring this up. Not ECU here's the problem you say you're giving him subtle hints in its hourly union subtlety and swallow your blanking. That don't work for man. Torsos is nice subtle work well and this is the other problem yeah most men most man. And and again I and I'm not suggesting that in the heat of the moment is the right time because it's not always like my example I mean I was blanking the girl and she said punch me know what. I would prefer that we had a conversation earlier when she you know that you would say I like it really rough okay how rough. Well I like to be choked fine spank fine hair pulled find punched no. And then it would have been OK yeah so you have to you have to end and end armor is a good point how subtle. You know is he like barely touching you're like oh yeah oh I like that oh in me are you saying choke me just add and yeah sure subtle right that's aren't confused by like space it is basically it here eight. What I what I what I'm missing here and I'm not trying to impugn the letter writer and her relationship it's. Why this isn't being communicated no where near the bedroom. Because it's really not that difficult and a lot of us especially this day and age when you start new relationship if you start talking about these things via text. And emails and over dinner if I so you know who have what do you like the bedroom okay so. Rekindle that type of common conversation. Somehow all and just say what you said us. To him and see how he reacts and see if he's weird how far is he willing to go on as well you know getting prepared for both right one might be like. More then that's that's not my thing I because he might say for example. To prepare you might say. New big memory he's inexperienced you has been together since that's why I love you too much I can't treat you like that OK then you have to talk more Horry might elect. Hollywood Bowl did show Q yeah. I think you don't want it goes. The in the heat of the moment route since he did the letter writer did mention that she has dabbled in it with him after nights and drinking. Brooke Burke is like what cold that those those times in in in a conversation and say you know hey remember one time we are you know got really crazy after a bottle line and you kind of grabbed my neck like that I really liked how would you want to would you wanna do more on that or if you do want to go to the heat of the moment -- because I I'm kind of in the same boat as rob I don't wanna hate but in a woman I don't wanna like hurt. Am but I. When my wife first introduce new choking her and she did it confidently she's she led me with confidence by grabbing my hand and putting in place. And telling me what to do the more like yo squeeze harder than less. And kind of guiding me and I can see the reaction of how it is making it you know enjoyable. To her so was it you know we shared it means it's OK so maybe if that's if that's a route that you wanna go. Lead with confidence and show what you want in and he'll do you. You have to be careful that joking move of course because if you squeeze is she keeps saying harder and harder she gets the point where she can't say. Art and you have like a tap in only a few passes out and I want to keep going flu like. A word doesn't always work you need to have what I planned six and oh yeah and kick him in the ass because you guys are or would be new at this to gather you should make sure you have those things because that he felt terrible. If he hurt you all right and that could just be a whole terrible thing hi Alex Kennedy in the first time a girl does the naughty spot in on some lunch and I. I am by India so late this kind of goes to let a man and I were talking about in a previous segment that we were doing in that. You know they started out together at a very young age and now she says she's thirty. So it's like this is our I remember for me this was around that time aim at that IE issues there did she. But says she was thirty. I just ESO miles and I've been together for ten years for started dating or teenagers ages system around now. So that he could be 26 to 29 accidents usually yeah right like you just you start. And even though she's been having sex with the same guy. Used start. I think a lot of women liking different things wanting different things and if your JD. And not married than those guys just kinda go with fewer things you always have. For him he's only known a certain way you guys have had sex I could see why this would be. Right like a little more difficult under but I I just I. Are you comfortable are you can you guys just have conversation. Like I don't does that say it. I guess concerns me is that she wrote us a letter wanting to know how to talk to him about it so it makes me feel like they don't. Have those type of conversations. Like it's hard to have sex conversation one of the. One of the challenges we always talk about the challenges like we're doing earlier this Moreno played age differences in relationships one of the challenges of high school sweethearts becoming lovers. Is that same challenge that most of us go through with our families at some point you have to force your parents to stop you would you like a sixteen year old. Serve and if the two of you met when you were 161718. High school sweethearts you always kind of view each other. In that same stunted mentality were terrible communicating number 1718 salt. It's so. That could be an issue some of the letter writer should consider and also on the issue of I don't want him to feel like our sex right now isn't good enough she should lead with the fact however she's gonna bring us up. How much she loves their sex. It's better it's got a mention that we assets so one thing I was thinking that she can do as kind of like an icebreaker. Is. And this might sound silly but go ahead and send hand like a provocative picture and I'm like your cleavage or something. You know cinema sexy text and then whenever he responds to a display. Man I am so turned on I was thinking about that last time we'll leave you know got a little bit more. Robbed and then that can be like icebreaker to start the conversation. And then when you guys are together again and he I'm sure he'll bring up the text message are you clambering up the text message to get back I. And then then back him will lead into that conversation about refs act doesn't. Excellent suggestion because as many of you know from experience even great man don't like serious conversations. And a lot of us get very defensive immediately when it feels like her. Really we need to talk chat app so you can break the ice is Amanda said via text and gives him a chance to write back and go oh yeah about was outside he's. Are turning your mind that has a lot of potential all hope is not lost if he's not into. I mean he's not willing to do it and he can't force someone to do something they're not comfortable doing not legally add is this is not respectful. It tape you know what I hope here self pleasure green everywhere should do that when they're alone there are plenty of things you can get your spanking yourself. And hitting yourself Internet like if you really want that kind of stuff because there are ways this office that is. All of this careful with that. How dangerous crash that Michael luncheons. And I don't know if I'll let you one more real time rural one more before we start this new free cash freeway which I think is ridiculous but so we'll get to that moment surrounded by. On this is from a woman with no name lady doctor rob I've been dating this guy for about a year now. We've been friends for almost a decade and what we didn't hang how much we always kinda had this mutual thing for each other. We have spent the last eleven months spending almost every day together. Sometimes without our kids and sometimes with circuits we go to city events in the movies out to eat out for drinks. Things that regular couples do the sex is amazing and the fun times are amazing. Only one problem has occurred here we go. Sure. He had some stuff go down with his ex many years ago that caused his credit to go to crap. And he had to move in with a friend this car recently broke down and he is feeling awful about life by the way he's in his mid forties. So. And worsening job that will never be lucrative but he is horribly passion about it and I support that. He has dealt with some speed bumps over the months and approach them with happiness and a positive outlook trying to move forward to be optimistic. But this past week has been rough for him. The item to a huge fight this friend who owns the house he lives and and is key it is giving problems he's elementary school age by the way I assume she means the kid not the boyfriend. So he told me that he needs some quote unquote crime to clear his head. And he needs to take the appropriate steps to get is. The get out of his place and get a car. I greeted these things need to be done but in the meantime he's not really paying much attention and you went from 1610 to fifteen times a day to two to three times today he just isn't there right now. I know that men need space and I know that sometimes men need to take time to figure things out he told me that he is not going anywhere he just needs to get his head on straight. He also told me that I am his escape and when I'm around he doesn't handle those big issues and needs to buckle down and they do so. So my question rob is this is this man are sometimes. Is he trying to meet her breakup. Or does he really needs some downtime. I decided to leave me alone and give him time. Why Texan he gets back to me and he still texts via bit asking how my day is so it's not like he's ghosting me. I'm a lover and a fixer so this is really hard for me. It's really hard for me to just accept that he needs to figure it out and doesn't want help what do you think well what I think letter writer is there's no black and white answer. Is this how men are sometimes yes. Absolutely. You can have. A perfectly good man. Who had the point of being in a relationship as you describe eleven months and is overwhelmed. By all of the extracurricular crap that is going on ex wives and money problems I got to move out. And the way some really good man look at it is they say she's my rock and maybe he didn't say this well here's a weird what he's thinking. She's my rock I just need the letter and now I need to give me space in times like him work these things out. And so and again in our great communicators and that might be how he's look at this is. I've got so much going on and I know I'm not the main you deserve right now let me fix these things I need a few weeks. A still texting he's still checking in with you like you say he's not ignoring. That's one possibility. The other one is what you alluded to the may be so overwhelmed by life that he's nineteen he wants out. And because men are horrible communicators he doesn't know how to tell you that either. So he's going to start slowly pulling away which is something man are really good that it's horrible for you broads but it's a manner great debt. I'm just gonna slowly. Stopped communicating. And sharing. And eventually she's gonna break up would be sought out to do it because I'm account. Either one is possible I have no insight specifically to your man. I will lead a little bit more towards the first one let. It's like 5149. II based on what he told me I hate us I wish I'd better answer for you. I agree with both of those that how do the different entity able to scenarios of how two different guys. Here's a third 100 to think about. That my ex fiancee were together for the July he let on and off for six years and when we started out dating and they even got ensuing year. Well treating engage in telling the fifty or whatever backed. I am she was likeness. And I always chopped it out too well I mean we're not even a thing yet so course is gonna go block the deal with stuff on his own. But you know what I found out what we got it and she'll Wear yes her boyfriend girlfriend and we're sharing life. This is also how he handled all problems. We did he did not handle them with me can be handled at a separate or I dealt with them alone so it was a freeze so for me and I looked about you know looking back. It was a precursor that was Shelley neat how he dealt with life's issues alone and not as a partner so. Could be the two men different types of red rock picture it could be the one I'm telling you about that this is how he's gonna be when you are officially a couple. I mean that's the thing who knows quite who knows which is we agreed with no blasting. Right answers out there yeah black and white entered by Eric if I'm round Robin does she stand there when I text him he tax me back yes she did say. Okay stop text against. Adults. You know give him if he says he needs a break or whatever he needs his own time Lisa Malone let it just will be more loans are coupled as some are saying never Texan again. But don't Texan through like three days a week and stuff and stop checking it within every day you don't have your own life. And bill go away for the weekend with their girlfriends or go do something and then see. You know how he responds I'm not talking here for a couple of days would you respond if he tax write. If he initiates a text. Yes if he initiates until I had I would say go ahead India like oh I'll be having a good day bubble well whatever. But stopped being the initiator. Stuff adults have her own life and I finish. In LA I'm sorry that finishes are no I music and dike that that was said by some ram my step mom will give me because I was always so elect. I don't feel like he's not talking to me or what ever. I would always be the aggressor. And in it would just never or work out. Good for me ball whenever I laid still have my own life and go do my own thing and that's when they would be more interest and and I read a really good book when I was eight and you know younger or whatever is and they turned it into a movie which is unfortunate. It's called he's just not in this year game and it like it was. Nice very young girl and woman you know and if there as they want to call you it doesn't matter. Matter how busy they are they'll call you so we just stop the stop being desperate and stop being like. Oh you know checking in with him all the time let him if he chased you'll. By phone numbers 888999. Dilemma comments on you letter to see the way she described herself is how a man and I used to be so I ain't. What I'm. I think the most important thing. I am about all of this is that your doing it for a year it's not a game. You know how son and I know that's earlier suggesting how some are light. Oh yeah you know it didn't play dean in an L yeah yeah that you're not a shield issue did it that you still need to be who you are hurt. Unfortunately. Apart actually you are is that person that wants to fix things so the reason your not. Hunting him down is because you don't need to learn to be OK. With you will and yourself and that that he's not betting he'll. That was the biggest lesson I know a lot of girls. Learned from that is like a hole being mild person had my own life don't pretend. I'm being my own person having my own life like. Actual lead. Have your own life and be your own person. A lot of times when you do that. You find out these aren't the relationships for you and save us what is or isn't but if you have to constantly hunting guide down. Then she may not be the person for you and you shouldn't have to hurt a guy get you should be OK with yourself. I'm doing. A good morning anybody tell us. My way through all my lack of her close to what some of your flight at Orlando monarchy yes you pull you to respond to talk more about what this little academics and on the there are okay and I thought the same situation. By the letter writers then I got. I can't talk microphone every day to duck into every. Two or three some horrible the five days just because hoping sort of maybe score. On ground you know just I wanna reassured her out. Eighties really small to actually back implying that you want to be with you you have faith because our global it and they actually mean what I'm saying well that aren't yet. What outside to eat or. You can by the way mail me a a check if you go to rest radio dot com a and you know that's contact us page there is an address there if you wanna send me would everything my tuition would have been worth just let your pain for Collison now. I'll be happy to accept. That when you're insecure woman like amenities to be right now. Our nation should you do over think all of this like you feel an easy about it because and what's wrong with me exactly they're giving you all this attention and now they're not yes he's still Lisbon it's cosmetic. To me that's that's normal to sometimes people just. About your friendships there oftentimes are my god you guys are hanging out times I don't tied and then like not that it's once every two days or three days whatever may be because. You're all busy was something and and this that the biggest thing here that I hear is he's still communicating with you. It's not easy you Alps he's explaining you what's happened in his life he actually has communicated with you what's going on with and he seemed in a lot. About his life so he actually is communicating you what's happened. He lets it may be accepted and believe it is all right Brian. Also you shouldn't have to be hunting here and you don't have to be the initiator for a minute you know. By nature are the hunters and gatherers so we'll. If true it's her. So let him the EU a little mainly on June use and you did so I had you don't neither hunter hello mark. Good morning guys eight assists. Still it's always been a week we've been together for years or no we don't over think it don't create spare the perfect fit me and my nature are sixers and so he's guardian over all the all his issues it has. And not allowing the woman the exit would be just too much or bruised ego problem willing what do bugging unify everybody knows quite chicken. Kicking them financially it appears appears overwhelmed us give it a minute. LE IBM media again without known the guy you're right in general manner like OK I've got these problems I have to fix them don't mommy me that again we don't know this guy at all. On the other I don't want to mislead her knee she could be right let me get I would go back to honestly in this is not the greatest place ever. But you women in your damn intuition. It's scary. How good you are and we didn't. When you really think about it when you put everything that we're telling you in place is he really trying to run away from you or does he just needs some time. I think you know. That's that's my experience abroad it's true. But if you're not pass a secure the fraud and now it you don't know how to read that intuition they are not even thought her or not that struck. And yes I'm watching other car the last caller IB. It's only in the weeks at every you know the and I. Oh my god if I think there is now a a lot of her own insecurity if there is playing into this like she can. It's just a week do I chill out. Spur you more than him this a good lesson for you this is your time to get stronger. Like use this as all of this a life lesson for me to be a strong word beyond my own trust what he's just trust what he's telling Neil. Until you. Can't trust him right Andy don't don't add something they are that isn't there I don't I don't do that. Not Jolie did Ortiz. And why they had a great loan money anybody. Everybody knew that anybody I mean this phone that anybody anybody everybody now nobody of symbols old. I'd like to comment on her letter also I hate to end it in a relationship it's almost been a year. And he his wife passed away. And he decreed that we also old yesterday got into a big fight with his best friend also so there's so many similarities. He doesn't like hall and guy. Oh look how he's leading a double life. Well I agree with you with all of you as far as she does need to let him get BM go to where he needs to go to Rio. I do that with my hand and he always comes back. Played a good dog should go. All employees. You can write the doctor anytime ardidi red radio dot com are able to launch a brand new. Free cash freeway. For a hundred dollars right now. Sued I don't know about that lately is easy yours now who aren't well does it won't even remember or know what school house rock was at yeah. Love schoolhouse rock OK so everybody indictment here in little baby christened say yeah. Schoolhouse rock affect so at least everybody is aware of what it is but it some won't confuse Brandon and listen to Rudolph double check your work. Thank you had. The answers were looking for what are these the official name of the actual being yet to order. Yeah because you know schoolhouse rock was slowed a compilation of dead many different lessons and songs so these this who you have to give us the title of that song and that's it we don't need anything else no artists know. Just in time because its school house rocks and just titled the song so these are songs. From schoolhouse rock type one. Cut to. Cut three. The good news is well it's a narrow category so you can really limited down if you're gonna do some research on the ones I was thinking it from our phone numbers 8889899. Diego and we need to do anything to win a hundred bucks these are songs from school house rock got one. Cut to. Cut three and and came. Good luck phone numbers 8889899811. Caller eighteen gets to hear more times and play our honored boxer.