Driver Plows Through Crowd in NYC

Monday, June 25th


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I love anybody in dawn on ninety rocky. Eyes and KR execute dot net. You can't dawn show. A couple of emails are Indian red radio dot com talking about. This is from Melissa hill is that she says I think it's okay for a woman to say she doesn't have a body fur around her on 510140. Medium build. And I can't Wear around her without having a wedgie all day because I along the east yeah. Oh god that would suck as far as men go I can't imagine having jumped down there and being comfortable and Roberts totally comfortable legislate good to me is so cool them and that's what's so all. I think it looks good and no you know there's no Manila early. Can say us. Oh god here's an email from Kelly while she writes that down I can Wear romper as my boobs haven't come in yet at the age of 46 no you can't say that's harsh that's why I said wedgie. Kelly says I feel like I feel like there are children or super thin very young women owned. Not super fan. I ain't right I'm not young man is not very young and I Wear them and I think that there and I can get away with that yeah. That whole age thing is I don't know what CNN doesn't bother me with you broads but a man and one of those things it just looks and knowing the completely wrong not just Wear shorts. And T shirt. I asked you I have to give you some potentially breaking news this could turn out to be an instills something Americans found to be nothing an entire ranging happens in New York. Everything's terrorism. Especially if it seems to. Follow what is becoming a trend with terrorist groups which the new thing with crisis in particular around the world is. Slamming vehicles in the crowds. Take out as many deals they can't there is no indication at this time is is terrorist related but this just happened so we don't know anything. Right now it is a car slammed into a crowd in New York's Times Square. On thirteen people have been taken to the hospital how all fall it was a maroon sedan they came to rest on two wheels wedged up against the light pole. And metal barrier polls. No idea right now what caused the crash look this can be somebody had a seizure and I could be an angry American Christian who just decided to go nuts or can be terrorism we don't have any of those details had a heart attack it's all a gap in drug heart attack well all that but. Other car is is crumpled pretty nicely though. All time on the front end and and they're not saying anything about the driver of the condition of the driver I mean I don't know. You only see these crashes you've got to sort of survived the yes that's what I when I see past the front of this car. It's just mangled. And but they're only saying thirteen people treated for injuries after the car plows into pedestrians in Times Square and I'll just have to wait and see her. So for now make it easier yeah sorry Alicea after terror is I terrorism I had I bet FaceBook is already decided. What it is and I share is if you head to the greatest fear there's things like another terrorist attack in New York. Absolutely no proof whatsoever to explain but I just messiah. Alone others you'll take dawns approach its terrorism until spruce that's not what kind of a twist on innocent until proven guilt I don't wanna I don't wanna be insensitive and Sam and I. And that okay about Imus saying that he was probably an old person okay 00. Here are the elderly could be the old person's name and which may or may not include health condition like aren't actors sometimes they just they get the panels can you Zach and I. And I think it is doesn't happen like that ours is just no no brain there is a don's got terrorism you've got your non money on an elderly confusion Ranariddh Amanda what are you going with that this time hiding throng you're saying only thing wrong and drive in Times Square that he did it but I do not their car what's wrong with being drawn in the middle of the day. Yeah they're car I didn't and yeah yeah that's no Jewish state and a purse so that for a guy I realize you gave the disclaimer I want it yet again united star eyes totally fine to be junker middle of the day thank you for the clarification well and 1230 is the middle of the day we agree and that's what time it is better. Or eleven whatever makes you feel good all right good. I don't know why I'm so. Beaulieu did they are only young isn't a race car it's here and say wait wait you can't. Change when short visit is it Tokyo drifter is it drunks. I'm to our by the way now we have one dead. New reports remember this stuff changes constantly get it looked like tomorrow tomorrow this won't even be a car crash it'll be an airplane that looked like a car crash in the Times Square. And and no one's dead and six are injured but for now own armed theirs they're just now reporting one dead twelve hurt singled and was is the one day at a pedestrian. Or driver. Just happen and you know lists OK so we have terrorism that elderly. And drowned. See you've taken all the good ones get to the Christian. Majesty although on balance aboard the angry I'm gonna build rocket with. Multiple O'Reilly has lost its. He's an angry white Christians. I know that it's Bill O'Reilly and hello Eric Roberts good morning. Hey good morning I'm not going. I ate out so I wanted to point out I'd be dead. They did either angry white person didn't fall where they could be carried them. Are angry white brick thing can't beat terrorism I don't understand that. Let's get your thinking too large they're obviously in America right now when we say terrorism. 99% of people think. Radical Islamic terrorism yes yes of course radical white Christians can commit terrorist acts they have since the beginning of time what I was trying to do was I was trying to placate people who are immediately assuming it's some Muslim. By saying you know could just be some pissed off white guy who happens to be Christian did you can't just say American because there are American mother and you don't care of some I don't know much. He is being PC that Israel is doing it wasn't over thinking he was being PC. We let it go a terrorist or a white Christian let it go. Sorry that offends you on this you know your PC crap off our show. I'm only green with half of what dawn. I just think your big C word. And gone. And dawn show.