Friday, July 20th


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The DM get past it. You do not get used that didn't show us. I mean. And then seven Fuld have announced the cancellation of their upcoming summer tour as the lead singer and shadows is under doctor's order to rest his damaged vocal chords. Dan how. The Sox hold toward. Table that we're gonna come near here more than either gonna play over in Concord and obviously at the end of August or playing with Three Days Grace and profits of rage damn what a great show that would have been all that we don't know when they're gonna do. Well that's true they can they could probably still play those like pants and go see them yeah. I would say if a team event symbol for it I can tell advertised but I would love to see profits of rage goalie out with two people. Yeah. RD laying in a recent interview opened up about his problems with addiction and cocaine heroin and stuff. And sold a story about a police officer who was actually a fan of his so. He put down. A look drugs Britain for the police officer the officer didn't care he drove him in his squad car to get more drugs. Why it yep. These fine. Oh you're famous like that you have a little bit of pull people like you sure ask do today I was he's line of these soldiers I think sounds like true I think he is smile was praising. Almost came out of the top ten most loved and loved the movie villains in America. What do you think is the number one the Joker that's analysis of the Joker. No. Darth meter Alia makes sense now when he got down a necessity guess that number two is my favorite animal actor yeah counseling that's a good one. And then number three the wicked witch from it was a virus really. No and the Joker specifically the one from Dark Knight he Fletcher. Comes in number four so the Joker the wage for ways advise VIPs ever that's OK am I. Where is agent Smith Lara. Nobody nobody you might as I'm on the one love's agent know if that's not true nobody really want him in this sequel so I hated him and all blown out by the deadline it would be a great movie Tony if I liked him enough. It lets you like you do not liking you lucky Smith idea I do the most people didn't really like him he was the coolest I mean how do you. Oh I don't know what you're talking about do you think about it breaks we think about the car and Osama Darth Vader compared to agent Smith really kind. I'd say he's given number one I'm just asking where he was in the top ten list apparently nowhere let her finish at least you left on a number four yeah the reports of the person and that person is not on this last summer I was nurse nurse ratchet from one flew over the two days and ask great movie. Ever seen them either it's good measure and she doesn't deserve to be on this list. And Norman Bates Psycho. I'll make sense okay. Any Wilkes forum for misery yeah yeah aren't get on I like this one a lot colonel hand Glenda from a glorious bastards that was a good and then. And yet that's it that's ridiculous because it's our I'm from Lord of the Rings should have been on there so. I know you probably yeah can he was a great villain or at least that the than the bad wizard from Lord of the Rings is it whose name is really stupid and and I can't remember who obviously can carry Mel White wizard and what about I was scared and they are kids down Medicare they think I was all the saw movies the next OJ Somalia where you want to Freddy Krueger Jason Moore he's a Michael Myers phenomena talk tonight. Yeah I know Michael Myers have been can. It's ridiculous that look. Analysts I hate that list next shoot right the list I might as well chiles Mason I just report it man. By barely do that the DJ who inspired good morning Vietnam has passed away his name was Adrian. Front door. And he was 79 years old there was no cause of death and then age related illness but hey he like an air force and is a surge any random. Iran a radio station and love them down a great no doubt what how far the you know stressed that for Hollywood Geigy based on isn't such a good movie do you think he actually really did the good not. Yeah right you are really this. Marty beard I. Well. It's also had never heard that here we go with another day's version of that on buses filled from. Yeah as a rogue act as. A great movie I think I can I wanna watch that movie again I think we like to confirm radio I'd like to be I'd like it is a kid when he came out I do love tonight but I've known a one mile radius and those little kids and maybe that's probably why this a good movie general well Robin Williams is great. Yeah. A hail storms upcoming album vicious is due to be released on July 27 ending dropped another track golden I do not disturb. You have it's yes it's yesterday you had a nine year old singing death mill I know I didn't hear on the FaceBook page loves her anyways I heard he got his new song is described as a sultry nighttime pleasure song here as a nine. It started an online I guess I came here that I almost a million Lizzie hailed talk about during the dirty to him. Get me off. If you're off twelve fostered toned down and I hate. Removed he needs. How hot how well well before the primary battle you know relieve some stress this weekend in theaters we've got a bunch of sequels the equalizer too with Denzel Washington is coming that's. Mamma Mia here we go again sequel and a friend did our web. Until things sequel weekends yes he would do to discuss the AMA and the Los. AM and that's energetic BS.