Favorite Holiday Movies for Each Age Group

Wednesday, November 22nd


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Anybody and gone now he brought. It's ARX. Not a proper sounds I can you can confirm that when the number nine is said exactly brand and yell and personal look pretty are absolutely. We had a lot of emails here are idea red radio dot com this is from Christina hi Christina he says OMG route your dad's voice is absolutely amazing. Ask him to say my name's slowly my name again as to Cristina. Cristina. A preview for me that's just. This emails from Danielle says I absolutely love your voice mr. Williams I can listen. All day for the Mike says rob dad is totally right scrabble and or pork roll is the best ever is always up. Same thing trample on corporal of those same things. No. Well the important role that I use Taylor's from Trenton, New Jersey and build them for that. And it's. It's more like Jon Hamm and his cause it's pink it's campaign says ink on the inside and. All Linux. And through our. Import growth is more bearish. This email us from Brandon Faber in this. Obama still shows rob Ben Stiller yeah. He Miller says Brandon your spot on the rounds dad's voice like Morgan Freeman he canary anything. And make it enjoying yeah but Lisa says Ellie says same thing I love your dad Brandon is right you talk about crap on a plate. I actually wanna try scramble now yeah. Like some young two girls and yeah. If you went the other way and I'm almost nominee here listening to robs dad talk about scrap all grew oblivion I grandparents and they need it. They also a chicken livers. Yeah Bianca and good healthy people and I. I can't describe by screens so this is from its. That was a co assaulted stick closes placed the old and straw all the starlets heartless couple weeks ago may have made ice cream. This flavored like Thanksgiving. And I guess they're part of what they do is and got emails from people have been there. They have strange things like bone marrow ice cream. Well people say is amazing how area outlandish flavors or try to ease as we go what I did you all know once this first one go and dig and guys while I describe it it's called sweet potato casserole with a maple becomes. Negative people aren't. Aren't they say we rose sweet potatoes down and mix them with cream and sugar to make a sweet spicy sticky ice cream. Then we Nixon karma wise organ penis and churn ribbons of our own hand made delicious do we maple fly off the top that off all right thank you. Actually really mad cast all his stats. Yeah that only a cinnamon flavor and yeah that's led me holidays ice do you mind you'll not narrow and so yeah. That was really are actually pretty impressive. It grossed part of this I think this week and British yeah I know that's a good thing last week exactly after okay he comes right. I'm there's that went six we're thrown off by the word. Casserole. Out gasoline contain no he's not. Not traditionally in ice cream song going and see newsman animals are stupid all right here's here's a loaded question Ari do you read radio about comments from Katie. Hi Cady as she says I have a question for robs dad I'm guessing that it won't be read due to insensitivity. Oh but I assure you guys are serious about this one well already the question and I'm sure dabhol approaching the proper manner. Katie wants to know which of the girls rob has stated in a serious relationship was your favorite. Want to sound with a ten foot pole I have one is did a lot of good example it. Onus on the only honest answer is. In that the only honest one of the only right one. It's the truth yes no it's the truth we've been around for all of them nothing against anyone else but it's the interest clueless like gasoline which is why why was. Yeah I've been doing on that bubble do that off the air time next. The next ice cream flavor okay here we are with buttered mashed potatoes and gravy. And board that's. The over 600 different flavors of ice cream and we made this is our most savory or ball they say. We make potato flavored ice cream and then stir in our own homemade gravy fudged. 802 mashed up recipes spun out ended. The result is a dance creamy ice cream the taste sweet and salty with tens of chocolate coffee and mashed potato. Was that it was it was that SI aftertaste CNN and music. This is like. Most similar curry is the only guy that I hit local entities like you went to KFC and bowed. Not the mashed potatoes and gravy and you let it sit in the freezer for awhile and just. At all I'm not I didn't I don't know how I can't. It's it's kind of not like it because of the of the sour creamy textured as united sour cream he adds a little heavy on the cream he. Payment as well it's also just this too close to even less so her fast food fast they're. I would never eat it again. I would never read again the winner is still the first one looked the other liberal than to listen. I pepper after ten. How I mean it's not bad but I don't I I know it's not a coincidence I agree it's not as good as the first and I don't think it's as future is Amanda sits. So it was good sour on my mile yeah. Menu button and you're now a brand and are you like but sour cream right UH OK ES yeah there's little. There's almost like at this won't make any better for anyone it's almost like there's not a slightly rancid cheese K Alla. He knows yeah you and that is not made an. Is that how birth mother next emails from Thomas saint Thomas says dear dad thought. And so we as they are very very old man who do you share your son's view who is simply an old man. Traditionally men are dying breed through. And fewer and fewer know how to do basic life skills like treat women changed tires and liens and he was pessimistic about the man as I am. Because I am I. Not my age. So you're all this of cut from the same clock trying to SE a little here to see how rotten they are now. So what about is every night on the air before you your you listen to the show almost every day holiday season and out of consciousness as you do so the yes see you you you use the new use Brandon Brad radio after wake you up at 6 AM yes or it's great to. 6 AM this thing started stalking. And there you can only be literally lie in bed all morning reading the paper having juice and coffee you know. But Jews and listening in a in my doze off here and there went on star is born. Here and when you listen to our discussions and our callers and and you hear things that I know you you didn't teach me you here. Man quote unquote calling insane would be ideal place in the car Wal-Mart and waved palm. She and really you guys Collins and once you've been opened the door for if you're pissed off and then I'll does it in the what about that reflect I know it's just our little show but that doesn't give you pause to go oh well maybe it does kind of sucked out there. But you know it makes me think that there are things about oh shoot shovel re that a change. And when I have someone transporting me the store because I'm too feeble. Drove two hours from the Bay Area here himself yesterday and if she wants to. Yeah guess so. You called it an important thing because it's her. Vehicle here too feeble. That it makes sense. And number homer off. Gonna be the biggest worries to people know what you expect you to. Are uncertain I don't worry that we were given an example of you occasionally have someone drive you don't want your numerous medical appointments because once you reach your age you have to go to the hospital three times a week by law. Thinking that if one day you get to that point. Yes okay bold idea a mound I'm old dog with dawn but now years you you don't think like that you don't think that's appropriate and correct sold isn't so to get chivalry is dying isn't that a commentary on manhood in the State Department today. Yes would you like to discuss the sexual harassment issue. Like mores Graham. That what are both. Yeah yeah a flavor and number three my dad is here as promissory did sweet potato casserole made will be content winners so far yeah we did butter mashed potatoes and gravy which. I like dawn and and the producers say they don't. And now. Apple cranberries stuffing again guys I. And essays shadings stuffing with hello Brandon brown sugar drank. Apples and cranberries they folded into the ice cream. And then they used celery sewed up the ice cream card's dead and then they finish it off with a dollop of karma wise cranberry jelly hidden. Yeah and from a big primary brand forgot where I have them think you're really taste the salary and the hats and I don't language is this this is different pitches I do we billion cell read more ordinary. Hard to never be sorry if they're highly Appleton. Cranberry and had a taste good yeah this is really go this badly these kids so far all three of them are surprisingly not horrible immigration on the way when we discuss them and we describe them we thought no this is awful world resistant to taste as they're actually pretty impressive enough. The first bite so it was like bring instead it was also Hillary and then when she got the piece of bread didn't with the cream Marian Merritt kind of backed off from my first by everybody after with the ice cream just he's so like yummy Vanilla Ice. It hires us yeah. Good also being dug in order to brawl eating them out of previously disturbed individual cubs so it might mean it would be different person merit the party riders a day in man. And then he stood up or so you know like normal Americans the guys. Com we got this email. I literally laughed out loud in my work was headphones so it looks crazy. All those arrears and and then he Melinda has a request Abel and I'm sure you've heard at some point and that when. A woman under the age of thirty calls and she gets in and day. You do this thing is like your playing the piano you know not as Ed now. I'm into yeah I usually do a few hello and have so there's a flu season. This is a dream is yours and and eliminate those school. All right guys thank greens labor. From salt and struck by the way a lot of people want nothing is vulgar common and how great this place as. Com next Thanksgiving flavored ice cream is these salted oh boy here we go. This is salted caramel Thanksgiving Turkey. I want the site they. Stock mix with sugars spices and onions down into a caramel it's a wonderful salted caramel ice like a dozen and they add bits of candy coated crispy roasted Turkey CN. He's now and yet you react. Yeah because may I don't want to I'd come on get them scanned on an almost is like potato chips in the Madden. Steve Kerr wanna Carmona he had the cardinal cloud that's a good strong Turkey flavor yeah do yeah. I don't and I get to Turkey there again any big east and Turkey skin smooth he had the Turkey flavor on the back and column all's well I have one very much. I got a big old place. Current she'd be sugary currently things like this is all I easily it maybe just maybe inside was a matter for me maybe because I know it's jerky scam I'm 10 wasn't bad at all. Wasn't added he's like end couldn't. Jack's kind of holiday gala. November yeah very good phone and email our radio red raider dot com and Kelsey Kelsey says one rob imitates his dad. With a deep gruff voice I always assumed rob was overdoing it like he does with his dawn voice. Yeah annuities and life. But it and his dad voices totally accurate rob gets his radio voice from his father so smooth. It's. I had to live within for the last 46 years that the the first eighteen all. But yeah we haven't talked since I was eight. Current last night. You play and all I need some water after asking him that was drew. Well I am scared about those snacks are oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah I'm not honest yes you all. Local yeah are easier to allow non known as a problem on this particular main ingredient gets spice to goat cheese aisle. Go to shiny suit paid idyllic fed abacus is different now I hate it hate it Jason Dodi did spice that spicy it's my duty is this. That is a spiced goat cheese and pumpkin pie. They say it's the malicious. It's the craziness of the custard you feeling now is somebody gagging or anything so that's this idea. Like the goat cheese ice cream adds a little partners and spice but the generous helping of mashed pumpkin we've Coleman's. Oh bring all okay is that you in there analyzing it did you really quiet yes I do my MCU I was and I and I say us I started like it because of the and pumps in and then that bitterness you and sour and innocent and no she's got. Diet and in his awful. I can't edit it all the this hour fastball up. I was yelling that a lot now last on the it is our current round is on now that's the boss so there isn't Dodi labor. I'd understood go to emergency in the end you look at. In the end do we all still agree with both first want the sweet potato casserole wasn't able beyond that was the winner and I. Parents that I do my favorite way out there ain't bad you want anyone put a ball that first one forward who. I didn't find any of them really offensive or annoying game. And small doses like this bright and I can never I couldn't go for all parties like your due with the come I don't know did is it okay. Middle scoop on the phone and Bob. Have you had a man conjuring yeah absolutely always of those two plus the basic managers and Ella faults three of them in Medford all the time. One it was two or three visits ago you sat down after one of our dinners and Thanksgiving they're McMillan you made an entire pints of tonight no ice cream. The it and tell the whole pint of Jimmy Fallon they screen disappear he has kept the news. Am I had a social experiment to do here since we have the elderly contingent of society representative we always have that would dons at. But with actual age and company called Christmas lights it said her wound and a survey on people's favorite Christmas movies now this. And not include c.'s special so you can't say Rudolph. Or or even claim nation bangs or cross the it has to be an actual movies and they found the that age greatly affects what your favorite Christmas. I have too many of all time and so I've got a broken down here by a ten year age gaps and dad what would you say is your favorite Christmas movie though. So you have to pick one I I can't guess you can't I can't rightly I don't wish yours and I'm right you're down already are well I think I'm afraid I don't. In breast polar express that terrible Tom Hanks movie with the end about the train you like the those who is the one that came to mind first. When you said Christmas movie why not say that's a current movie that's some within the last twenty years or so why not one of the classics fuhrman's. Back when you were okay Merkel on 34 street I. Even the first one you think of from your childhood do you still watch it every year. Fox owner like I think whenever it's on yes. Spent Amanda what's your favorite Christmas movie. A Christmas story Christmas story okay and hasn't always been edited and always always had that lets you be watching nonstop every year on CBS on Christmas Eve are wrapping present yeah I'm getting drowned it just goes over. Our brand and how might get some crap for an aspect I must say Batman returns. Because it took place during. And yeah I can't Xena now. Now we're not allowed we met there would be with him on die hard is it sells it at this instead. Christmas vacation. Day Christmas vacation for Brandon Bass limit the Chevy Chase bird yes again I. I don't question so I know you have previously said it now home alone does not count as a Christmas and I've learned is that the media yeah. As well as I will tell you for the purpose of this survey may allow did because that is listed in some of yeah graphics or did you wanna change your answer no it's my second favorite I had. Weather is that the original music dickens' Christmas story. On June saw no she means. A Christmas story don't want ralphie in the BB gun Daniel CIA ally slam the leg lamp that's for Sheila and I. Which I know. You know. We just brought which it maybe is why it was never a big one for me. I was forced to watch it and I was like this is dom yeah I guess now Bob. I I still don't get it so I love it you've seen in a year with meet Brandon and you look I don't it's not the worst thing of all time but it's like it's a pull Casey movie to have on the back. Background during Christmas but it's nothing great I don't. And ask for a better my you can I have four favorite old. Christmas vacation holiday family stone but the fourth I'm which isn't. Ford's but the one at all I'd probably have to say I think. And I watched no lows and all of those is elf and narrative clarity wrote. That's why there have been all right let's see I can still in mind Miley mine is a national women's prisons Hurricane Isabel an amazing easiest legal. My second favorite is health now. Is this Jim Carey version of the grand isle. That Beckett has and always glad I love and another is that the movie assumed it was TV for an op of Boris Karloff version the but the actual movie and all right so if you are elderly like dad. Which for the purpose of this survey is anyone over sixty. They just couldn't barely missed it it just couldn't find people over sixty facade. I'm the second thing one night trying to do is the number one answer miracle on 34 street was their most love great movie followed by and so wonderful life. My dad. My god. Bodies and we have to watch it every now that's your child's we had no one on the show we have normally show from fifty to 59 although Don would be the closest. Yeah number one. In the survey was it's a wonderful life but as followed by. A Charlie Brown Christmas that I'll bear now. The air that's the aging weren't supposed to allow an eye on as you know what that's because 5059 year old they're they're starting to mention the very unhappy people. You know they're losing their career than Godzilla movies out there cardiac they're not there they're not sure they're gonna have retired or do you Wal-Mart greeter. Lots going on in that age range of pulling OK go to Robin arms age bracket that's forty to 49 DA. On San Els I said national anthems Christmas vacate and the number one answer was. A Christmas story yeah. LN national anthems Christmas vacation yeah. I have I have finally started to light the Christmas story but it would not be in my favor at all. I know all about just how much it's much more your speed on eight in the it seems like the type of film I never know do you look. I never like it was it was actually was last Christmas the Christmas before because my husband loves when it's on over and over again only fulsome way he's and a plane over and every NN I light. So I wake up I'm not how it doesn't like this this is actually not. Me it's not my hands because your I used to eating nosy old human brains yeah. Right answer. Our power for Brandon and Amanda's age group thirty to 39 the number one answer was a brand in National Lampoon script. And moved home alone second. Our own health was there to be thirtieth 39 and got along well and I felt in July we don't have anyone under thirty any more on this. Your fiance. They're saying they're number one answer was how the grinch stole Christmas the gym Garros I ask and then a Christmas story and man. I very much Malone. The original okay original very first iPad for those that it's. Hey I love the second line OK we have played kind of fight. Dad teasing at home Jason Jarrett told. Yeah yeah. This day I know but we have other thing I thank you for doing this dance on my play I love you and will do it again sometime when we hound. We have time if you live long enough so that you look. Do the the he comes up when these days. For me was your Thanksgiving comes on a couple of times here at 8 AM I start to think I wonder if this is the morning just. I'll make the dogs bark from birth. I'm Greg tell you I try to keep them quiet and one wanted to find out. All right yeah dad's done things everybody our radio red radio dot com we're back and.