Fork, Spoon or Hands?

Thursday, September 22nd


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Go back to rub anybody until. I'm not eat raw. And dawn. Email sorry V ran radio dot com I am fascinated by human behavior in the way morons reactivate. I think there's a costly makes me think in the end and eat it makes me it. Did it become closer to my dogs. I already hate few machines so much yeah and this year has been on the air for twenty years now. It's been number one for twenty years now. Extraordinary margins were were widely known commodity in the areas that we are broadcast and I am always. Fascinated. Not defensive but fascinated by emails like this we just spent an at. Under an hour. Talking about this viral video of this dad. With his five year old daughter's hair wrapped around a shopping cart handle was he dragging her around the store is a child abuse is a discipline isn't any of our business we come back and forth who took at least a. And they get this email. RED Iran radio dot com from Joshua Joshua who says get back to the funny. If I don't listen to a bunch of opinions from people on therapy I would turn and yeah totally. Have you ever heard our show resource and case they get back to the funny so you obviously think were funny at times but we do this as well. So Joshua does bring up though part of the challenge of running a show like this is like home and I I I had planned right now on going into the Charlotte riots in the black lives matter thing. But we also sometimes needed just kind of know relax let the pressure out things like that so I hope to get to that here in a little bit but I thought we did some really stupid. Yeah a pilot and it buzz feed posted a dumb survey. They asked people whether they use a four. A spoon. Or their hands. To eat different foods I. Okay like this and a million people responded yeah these are funds or go through each one of these and see what it is and then dump political winds kick up. Let's see reacting. That it that's participate. I so you can do you do knife fork spoon or combination there of pizza. And stands and fans on lands and hand man and girl ever OK to use iTunes or. However now I heard there had any Chicago style pizza which isn't a pizza casserole. I see Chicago style pizza all the time what that is okay but since it's not brands right that's not a pizza that's a casserole and it's OK to use utensils eating that well not Pete I know. On his diploma while in Chicago. Outages you've been not only been once to and we went so one of the and there's too pleased Jack to try rang and I forget which one we got these big one. One OK and maybe that's where we went I honestly do not remember. But as I looked at again is all could've been an also guns. Visitors right because unlike Sacramento Chicago's the place for a lot of people go to visit the so so many people or use senior. Forks and is this the answer can't think why why it's. Pizza and I picked it because I was right in not likely to pizza man but there were a lot of people and you like an LA guy does his leg of Rick this is awful yeah quietly. That around and it's not and that's good as it was good fluke right but it's not pizza that's vocal c'mon do we have to do know. Here's what I would call it pizza because I like to fold my Pete's name you. Yeah here's the other reason I wouldn't call pizzas is nothing like pizza. It's like a giant. What's the word I seem to have used in multiple times there are all out. Pizza 10% of Americans say they eat pizza with a knife and for the rest of us he's our hands. 10% I don't Cummings doesn't Donald Trump. Yes he's been on Sarah Palin yet they've all been not caught doing Hillary. Really don't know I don't know I signed scooter and that stock I don't know that she doesn't eat food. To eat silent green and souls that I'm. This is more this is less about fans and more about four Greenspan macaroni and cheese. You may Kraft macaroni and GT with a smooth. With a 444. Access soon. And just in we're split scene I think we were always Kraft macaroni cheese. Decision that. Any Mac and cheese I use suspense in this loans that are quite a fall because you like to poke into the pot yeah going to collect and with the lyrics are on the SARS don't yeah. He's down well at the noodles have all dressed Dunham in Vegas carry the signs are Christensen spoon yes our best though. But in light of four events and it's not Kraft macaroni and cheese later it's bigger also than ideas work. Were in the minority those of us is a spoon precisely spoon Tony 3% say spoons 77%. Say for whom. For Mac and agencies are right next I don't need this so I have no opinion is it's I don't like you can amble. Oatmeal. This is. Examine how else would she has. I worry that night yeah here owner for the choice either with us for ever so yeah I don't scoop. Heard that 4% eat oatmeal with a crisis. Yes and yeah I mean come on it's we here and I 96% citizen yeah. Oh. What about. AIG private mics on. Four or spoon or fork. Was quick yeah. 13% say it's the dummies and a outside. That would be it would have been sake like cherry pie. Yeah if you scoop and what I can see why you'd want Jesus and even some of the bottle contents and if you had an ice cream within its easier to have any ice cream in and now. Howell and tie together hey if ice cream tea brand entered into these greens we all screen if there's I scream with the that I spend. Whoa whoa whoa wait wait a minute. But look what now lurching I cannot stand there's no way and allies are eating ice cream with a fork so there's I hate that is so if you get a slice of pie would reply you like yeah which they are back. Parents came on yeah. I is not really my thing was asleep yes yes let's upon our spies more fire and ice cream. You're only and uses only to both pre and eat the pie with a fork in Atlanta I. Hasn't thrown our pain in the ass but. In other things are public this like oil and channel four for the client has proven dogs that is their own we are not being in Kenya asked anyone in the near my. I'll switch utensils and it's to me it's one thing together and asks pork. That this war brings the yeah together is flat black and white and. Thirteen percentage pie with a spoon 83% and one fork. 4% say they eat pie with their hands they just pick up. Cobb's little. Don't think I know those posts those surprise that you can or dying. On Busby in the also speculated apple pies like from McDonald's and yeah. And C a forget because this is only once a year my favorite high holidays is. And I'll make pecan pie. And if you contact is don't count your Nancy doesn't enhance but when I mean like he can't hide there are times I definitely think that just ask us why he's Kansas City like I think I need it. I'm happy with my hands is a home run power. In need to remember that but I thought 00 figures some type of sexual yeah for an. Homer and high yen likely ease of doing glazed TCU is went on the insanity and chocolate or strawberry field and yellow area very popular in school. What they call those they call Mariah I. Don't ever heard of already. I despise it glaze and then that are Camden times. All I am exactly that they weren't yet a home run but I could. Hide out and it was Ryan for named for the that was from. Who is is a big. Daisy year who is the big and maybe they went under recently little dining rainbow. Lower approval and they made the pie is agents may eighty rainbow little Bambi you and a why is that they came and that bad white plastic. You know bagging you'll want to ask you take it out maybe the end it's called a home run that hey we're the old homer yeah I and his. OK green from the home run by hostess mixed fruit pie it's just I played tennis similar packages home. As was a fruit pie but they did the chocolate but it sounds the same the glaze on the out pretty much. Okay okay yeah. Will leave his home run ours is a fruit pie hole I homer and high is made pilot hostess or one of those companies. Don't just sell on the package. Now I need to Google. Home run ties are separate from hostess for implies that there are the same thing they made by hostess let me see when I'm in my home run on remain. Guess the homer yeah right I'll try. It's not coming up a site and friendly I'll. As an analyst group Iowa home run a Jeff good morning. I got it done singer Dolly Madison. I Dolly and and then they used to sponsor early the Charlie Brown just sit scenic the highest terror. Ullman pies are manufactured by horizon snack foods okay enough and it could direct that a well. Us online survey to use a fork and spoon in your hands the different foods. Potato salad is next the use of workers don't eat potatoes or ill garbage yeah throw away. I'd love potato salad or whatever is the closest. Luke show and in my mound own ideas for work as is afford the cartoon and he is for work or 80% said fork. 19% said spoon. Ice cream cake you know McEnroe I'll never know mom this okay. Is like this is the closest one by the way isn't my techie love all of them. You get an ice cream cake it's a cake but it's also frozen as ice and it has agreed in Kurdistan birdies at sports since June. Meet you says okay there's ice cream involved it's is known for his at a party any parties are that's growing. What ever think they can't. Get the car nano the. Authenticate. It's great but it can't he could easily eat cake where this can be easily eat eat a frozen cake with a sore geared ice cream with a fork is weird. Think parents. I don't I don't but that's gonna stay here yeah yeah yeah and a salad and cared whenever it's gonna get it in my mouth and my. I'm not going to be a judge you like Don I'm Wilson and an easy for content you can you can easily both with a four now. Another visit the ice cream can get soaked up on the take part. It's as I said this was the closest the ball back. Ice cream cake at barely winning was fork. Bad. 54 to 45%. Since been Haley dad did people. Our next choice we have an extra option. Because of the specifically. Of the food it's been specifically expensive since assistance at. Roman top Brahma they didn't pork. Spoon chopsticks. Those near three options for Iran may work pork. I don't want a top Roman surprisingly I really like it it depends on and if I'm having traditional Japanese Roman act like Adam prominent house. Then I'll have that with the chops don't over think it. That's Herman Farrell and I just we'll have with a spoon. You have four with a pork okay that's a good point of parity eaten Roman out any any traditional run in house and with top six but at home before. I am anti chopsticks spin on. Let's. And I just. I'm not a big fan of substituting and I love energy and I often I say not all use my hand on her slow. I had last may think why should I use my hands of Weiss a blasphemy and. Say by not saying that Ed Brennan an amenity on the our that they're being that it is they choose to the comedians agree the ratio of student. Don't care isn't my hands oral get a four ice is one I'm at a restaurant in this there's a traditional way that I should be eating the food I'm going to eat at the traditional way you take your shoes off. This on the floor. I happened to bring a form to a sushi restaurant just pull out of my lapel and thank you I'm. Don't you know Els and others you are talking this the whole spill in the okay. People do it and even some Italians do that but true. I'm using dot stand now I don't know they know every uses police wallet no. Totally unacceptable to really right totally just under forking of soda at all they kept up slip and that's what you do not discuss now I hate that. I think leagues who did you use prune. Bring this tune you notice that it's like what do you do and when. And mr. Rahman's 72% is a fork that's the right answer as. The 18% use chopsticks whatever and 10% somehow claim there. You re yeah you spoon with the music don't fall off all what I do is I use like he has this been the kind of cut it up a little bit and the ball won't. I thought I shall ask it's likely that didn't suit Helen wished him good morning. Good morning guys aria LO. So I am I you know if it. I could be limited but this series with Ian yeah I'm professor and a wonderful parliament but still bake. It's I actually put a lot of play because they're so pro then I used up fork and knife to open it up and I like about the energy. And I eat the cookie I read about part. Now we're getting into and I'm old episode of eating a Snickers bar with a fork and knife could you don't raise those guys it was challenges is spread Pete about her. Who all but ending in your hands all my I think that's OK as you still get high that's so easy to. Give me I'll I don't know man no. Don't mind shouldn't minus. As good things better when your high street art one more foreclosed spoon. Mashed potatoes. Are spared. Work or. I don't know how much Don stone. But what if you're eating like mashed potatoes and like okay. And during the big Thanksgiving you have your your mashed potatoes you Turkey and everything in your. Green beans you're gonna put your fork down here Kashmiri your potatoes are just now he's got it there is a second act industry's authority and actually aging utensils you're coming up the works here not really the question wasn't. Mashed potatoes with other items of the session ascertain his mashed potatoes and gravy. Include the glass containers on the arm around me I mean yeah potatoes generally you have them as aside did you wind. Ask that you dinner tonight. Yeah ticket and the greatest guys in there I never just eaten. Mashed potatoes you know why it's always is aside so I always eat it with a four which is why I think 70% of people said four. 29%. Said food and a very disgusting 1% of people say they eat mashed potatoes with their hands and just show. High and down that close. It is a democratic senate and so we're heading towards Halloween five weeks away. That means pumpkin spice in every way. This is not in America yet in McDonald's in Japan. Has just started selling French Fries. Which are pumpkin chocolate French fry. Wow they're a great surprise this week pumpkins sauce and crystal on top Hawaii and they might bring into American next year please don't. Keep my mouth. That would just for the show us hostility. I crawl it chocolate for me and my god French Fries addicted and and it's old's home near a frosty morning. Right so I just got here. So we OK one more item in the food while. And radio's Don has against spicy ness or us. I'm in the minority on that everybody lows spice early in the bottom of the battered earlier in the week we're talking about it's holds the Moly. And somebody or somebody wrote in during the welfare recap that we do the end of the show Saddam Hussein. Don't ruin our own your own go home change hands and your. From I only can chew. Usually goes to pamper you know these people there we have this whole group of people now this whole culture people who leave the hottest thing known to man isn't goes pepper white. So it's called ghost packer I don't know I never even tried on it's hot as hell it's not the hottest pepper on earth it's ran. But assistance that's just its name so how about the spice is tortilla chip in the world look to teach it to the limit themselves c.s sold utensils that's. Well the spicy as one is about to go on sale they come in the package it is. Yeah. Shaped like a coffin. And inside you can hide one ship a little room because the company making them says that's all anyone needs. Landfall. They are season in the with the Carolina reaper pepper which according to the Guinness book of world records as the hottest chili pepper on earth. Rules for one ship you can buy them online that at the end of the month for 4989. And then take that tasked with your friends yeah. We do this I know. I know we shouldn't accountability go into the emergency heart it's like I don't know people here with you pillow. I draw back on that that the sort of think they're the number underdog united the idea with the Bruins can't afford that tip either come together with sports. Well homeowners or our client and an option and that's not fair because KFC makes the greatest mashed potatoes on earth nobody knows how our water what's really in an episode true. I can't tell us. I had braces camera pepper he says is probably way. Early twenties whatever ugly I. Hey. If I am. But I live off of I asked that Casey mashed potatoes are good because that was old school terrible breezes right. You could only weighing on him now Brian's parents may now do so on there's one time I. I was a really really sick with a head cold so I can barely let pay it I can barely taste anything but I am I really want and they can't seem mashed potatoes. And I eat them they just he's like a mash ups ease Timmy so ever since then I have no impending mostly eat and as such because they're really good idea act to try and again I'm again but just ever since then haven't tried it because it was so no. Zones all of us like either throw upper have a bad experience us and it's okay like artichokes and who cares and I mean our shipments. Do you see mashed potatoes that's one of the greatest inventions ever in the history to drag and charity and with I don't think yeah potato product there I don't care I don't. Yeah a lot of hello Robert. Anybody. Like. When it was about a little bit when you read a state governor I put up or what I do. I'm gonna do it for the right handed ice that was that I report with my left and I how far right my question is do you switch. You're right it would afford to take the bite or do you continued its older or into out. I know all night continue he is a fork in my left hand because tonight is a go to the states. You're cutting it eat your immunity to them and I think your right hand to continue cutting your stake right now understand I'm. If he is so I've got the knife in my left hand Fermi you do OK so dominant and yeah I've got a fortune exactly fork in my right hand. I cut his peace. In the tapes that in your right hand I eat it right white and I was changing his I don't know CI. I am I am a weirdo and I am left handed bat often trying to use my right hand as my dom that he and if I'm throwing them all to do you know a lot of different things. I don't have a problem I come with marriage ending continue eating in my left. Perfect CN. For me I have to cut it all up and then I just go back to eating at Madonna's child he's seven years. Dawn show. You rescued.