Gay Couple Kicked Out of an Uber

Wednesday, June 13th


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Back to the rub anybody you don't show on ninety rocky times KKR excused. You're listening to them. Anybody and dawn show. Obviously contrary to the previous segment. Which we have this I'm no comments from FaceBook clearly operated out. Sorry Dave red raiders are I don't quite get the correlation here though the emails from Adam the matadors are displayed what's LaMont the almost nothing now we have another 250 dollar gift cards you skillfully edited. Down. God and so we're down apple is hot dog on a stick we're gonna play twice more today and hopefully be done any of we get some info worker who gets on. And I want to continue and into tomorrow but at a road and he said I've been playing this DM game every day. Rarely do we even get a phone ringing usually it's a busy signal but today I got through during the first announced call I was caller one. And then there was color in seventy. Well. There's a correlation and Maggette is that what the hell I'm just gonna go out get a 666 tattoo and Star Wars should be safe. Maybe is also sending a picture okay. OK that's fine that's what got on with it and yet battle. I don't get through of his thumb AI I and that they actually posted this on FaceBook yesterday is one of those topics where I had to make a decision under in this morning it was either we could stretch this out and look at big segment in. Have a discussion. And end and I thought I'm so tired of the I in Seoul. Tired of the in on this topic in particular the abject ignorance. And stupidity. Of the country and our audience in some in some cases they've gotten home. You know what wolf we'll just we'll just give them report it really quickly and if you companion pieces. And move along high got plenty of other stupid stuff for us to argue about not fight about it. Yet yesterday we posted on our FaceBook page this video that's gone viral of this bluebird driver in New York who's. Who kicked out of his car. Two lesbians. Pot might want I think I'll have both. I didn't get tight knit flip it well there are a lot of who were Richard the world PepsiCo education and illegal otherwise yeah I'm all for civil rights and human rights the cat. At least you have behind closed doors that's what I mean yeah. Could be attractive and I met with a heterosexuals do that's true we don't need. Actually discriminate though if you're head arrow and how could I just don't be affectionate in public that's all I ask what. I don't remember. Can't help at a high reform. There's a large however I kicked out these two lesbians because there. Or kiss scene in his car and so we we put up on our FaceBook page. She is something like I forget what I wrote accused the cries of you have the right to refuse service ion. Even though you don't. But don't let facts get your way and sure enough we got a dead plenty of comments dozens of people saying we're actually doing the right refused orders and I. A lot or I'll watch and that's that's not a it's amazing isn't he and this is the Yeager did it is amazing to me how so many of you have been indoctrinated by signs. And what. What's of course even. More disgusting in this example is it's clear discrimination by every currently law in America. Because you are discriminating on discriminating on the basis of sexuality. Yet and even by the way even by the way. If it was a heterosexual couple like if he does the same thing. Without having already immediate clear in his car there is no affection allow between couples that that would be the only exception to this which viable way would violate boomers policies and it doesn't matter that it's his car some moron wrote that I don't based on what I notice his car. I don't know. And the whole no no no no BP. While working more sober people aren't that down mighty 600 actually said that you must follow through group policy but so far so I decided fine. So we'll just give me. A little background on it 126 year old Alex LaVigne and her very hot 24 year old girlfriend Emma people. Hate. Were riding in a number on Saturday in Manhattan when the driver pulled over told them to get out of the car are reacting to seeing the couple shared kiss. The video footage shows the unidentified driver yelling at the women saying that their kiss was illegal oh my god it's really stand disrespectful to women actually thought he was joking once they realized he wasn't that began recording the incident. Boomer has responded with a statement saying boomer does not tolerate any form of discrimination. We reached out to the Ryder regarding her serious legal or we are investigating and will take appropriate action at this gallery's fired by the end of today it and then I'll go work for list. It's a little garden and I mean yeah. And it doesn't line though like this aorta full on stripped down and start the you know having sex in the back of the car is that grounds for removal of the car so like indecent exposure here you go back to the right to refuse service to anyone that that that only applies. When someone in your business whatever your businesses. Begins violating standard norms or posted policies that are not discriminatory for example. Do you went no shoes no shirt no service that means anyone. That doesn't have shoes on or shirts on cam that you can't come into their business now if that business. Only enforces it against black people of so it allows white people that choose to end and shirts and that's against the law death so when you get to stand bird norms and such I don't know boomers exact policies but I would imagine. That they have something written about. Fornication. Or public indecency or nudity in the back is not tolerated and of course at that point. The driver has and of course the driver doesn't feel safe when the driver has the right now what to what they're supposed to do those are supposed to pull over exit their vehicle contact tuber. And the police and that and that wasn't the case here this guy's just a home phone. We don't know fifth glad to hear bad news or not. I gave it that's why not but it might party seized. You don't really pigeons and the comments only mare and harming yourself on punish Hillary's under the story is on the site I try not to only because I know just gonna lead to random racism for some reason so if you keep reading. There were robbed of her like a bunch of people that were like. This is what happened is me trying to have surreal law on America oldest of them this is illegal in their country okay so there may trying to make it illegal it. Because belief but that's. Okay. That's a non secular. Have you is this now. Somebody on our FaceBook page I think there are trying to make any half intelligent reference why it. They did poorly but I'm gonna try to clean uniform because they did refer back and there's no indication that that bit that we're about to say is what this guy was using this guy was just being homophobic but Frazier and refer back to the Supreme Court decision of a couple weeks ago. Which people believe. And we couldn't figure out in the moment I cleaned it up quit the next day after we got. The actual details. Basically said of the Supreme Court said you don't have to do business with anyone. That. That the defies your religious beliefs because that's how the headlines were written that's how. That's how right wingers. Radical Micah Franklin Graham and others they ought to be yes this is a victory for religious freedom we don't have to do business with you days that's it's not of the Supreme Court set at all. The Supreme Court. You made everything worse and Fuzzy by only by doing what they have to do technically they only decided the case on the basis of that particular. Instance in Colorado what they deemed was that the Colorado board the commission. That it punished the relive the of the religious cake maker. Armed for not baking a cake for the gay couple that that board had gone too far they had they had abuse their power. And therefore ruled in the Baker's favorite but they did not in any way say okay everybody you can discriminate now because you are you believe religiously. Blots as I told you at the time that's what people think. And that's what's going to happen and they're going to be more and more people will try to abuse this and either. Clarified. The day after that decision was announced. In response to the US supreme court's decision. Siding with a Colorado baker the refuse to make you pay for these same sex couples winning a South Dakota lawmaker remember we had. The future governor of Tennessee say that the reason for school shootings is porn. These are people that are going to be running states and oh boy this guy's already congressman representative Michael Clark. Said that businesses. Should be able to turn away customers based on race. Don't know he says that businesses should have the final say in who they serve all this is a person that makes law or Karl and on the heels of the Supreme Court case he says let's could have been good and now let's go back to discriminating based on race of course Civil Rights Act of 1964. Outlawed discrimination based on race color religion sex or national origin. You cannot. Turn away someone from your business because of their race I'm speechless however Michael Clarke says well we should be now at. After well the entire. Nation that solve this after it was reported. I was Irish got over there speechless Nancy and then pulled the comments. And sent an email apology saying he had quote jumped in on it a little too fast huh. Salad that is. Police say he just needs to go a little more slowly fit that's how I read it. I mean that's that's how I read it I I don't know I I that's so disturbing and they'll incredibly disparity this isn't just some of. Random person on a street that you ultimately you live on. And that has no power at any kind whatsoever is just spouting stupid stuff known chief announcing you can just go about your life he is ignoring him. Somebody that's a part of that policy at all garbage and we are you kidding me right now. It is somebody who is a spouse seen a general view points. Of I don't know how many Americans that we here on the show all the time whether it's for race or something else there are so many of you who OK there's two different parts in this. A lot do you believe that you can just refuse service to anyone. That's just stupid yes. Worse a lot of do you believe that. You should like he said be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason including your hate. That's more disturbing. And shoot that point one more little tidbits about where our society's heading according to a new survey. Americans. See little difference between Muslims from other countries and Muslim Americans. Overall respondents believed that only 51%. Of Muslim Americans. Respect American ideals and laws so when you ask Americans. The Muslims that are living here do they respect America they say that about half of Buffy too on Sunday. What the survey found major partisan lines and how people responded. To the one thing that did not matter whether you're Democrat Republican or independent wise. One out of five Americans not sound small but that's 20% and that's one out of every five. And we have four people working in our building right now so we just need to go find the one person the believes this and now you've got me that's how small that is the about your office. One out of five Americans believe that Muslims. Who are US citizens. Should be denied the right to vote. It's really sad that this is I I don't even know like are at this is so we're going so backwards. Like at a really fast paced as fast as we got politically correct which was bad. I mean it went fast didn't it. Colin just past the words but this isn't the answer I know all the time the PC stuff but it doesn't mean we like swing all the clear around. Goal hundreds ears back how weak over the. Here's the pendulum. Three way too far I am so far and other direct. Does say so what that's part of being in America there are am and so those were saying Muslims there. Are Americans. And name your religion and that don't respect America. And their citizens just end up by the way higher in -- example they are white yeah. Born here. Who knows they might not even be religious and they don't believe they don't love America from. It's it's it's so ridiculous question a little ridiculous question asked because that's part of what makes America. Great. I hate when people don't like them. Puppet however you. I understand they can't I understand that's part of being an American. You could live here are being born here. And not respect this country I hate that you don't question you say I dislike that you don't you hate to take strong idea. But I don't want to become a law that you're not allowed to hate it is no longer America's so this is irrelevant it. And if it's in it's trying to it was trying to Muster crap is what it's trying to do when. But it's insightful seed that's what you have to ask questions like this it's so inside wanna know it's just ask ask to. The fight and you'll find the answer won't be the same again insightful I wanna know the level of hate and that I'm swimming around its imports I'm I'm I know your enemy kind of guy I know ignorance is bliss and I understand that does a lot of people who don't like it when I report things like this okay. Well then you're out when you get the impression that's were headed because more than Brandon needs the stuff I do I don't you don't wanna hear this stuff. I I feel like I wanna know this is what's going on in the country show. And you know what it's maybe people I know you don't concerning China brand and Arnie knows. Maybe he'll maybe people this is news to them. But dishonest to me I mean it's very very hard to be Muslim in this country you are very much discriminated and it should be ten. What is weird though you're a terrorist rap at all or at home yeah why did you let you both legendary. Why don't hang this kind of stuff because there's such a superiority. Complex. This just running rampant and it and it's also reflected in the people that we elect is not just our president it's all his other people than just keep. Spewing all of this crap in and allowing them to the general public to go along within the most offense. Part of this in the same survey Muslims actually were ranked the lowest of any demographic group. They gave they gave it a whole list of people white Jewish aging grid they actually ranked below feminists. And dawn. And dawn show.