Monday, November 6th


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Afternoon she'll stroke Mikey he has on 98 rock. Our let's get to empire ruled the world these are things that we would change about the world you don't have to agree with me and agree with each other sometimes. But it's our rowly do we want this right right my jealousy and KW ready now Barrett. Speed limits are suggestions. All speed and it's all emotion there all of a follow them all. All marble post credit scenes had to happen right after the movies over and others wait till all the credits are done. I got a peek. Mubarak and I get it. I require all states to offer online voting in the next few years I think that's a good idea. I'm you tore about hackers but you know. And he's a good idea we just take them out. My and only toward firmer some of my. And they're zero if I had an embryo. Glitter would be illegal. Good glitter would be illegal he glitter in I have a glitter incident last week and I don't give into it would be illegal. Are the trust me now everybody wants to know what's the glitter might my daughter and her friend had a glitter fight okay and I'm still getting glitter on her hair like I'm telling. I'll call on five days so publicly or bomb in this he has office sale still on the car to answer glitter illegal. It is a vote I've gotta agree with yeah literally on main glitter yes bail you know Michael Moore lunch time often watching glitter on human I don't know I. I know strippers all day and I really don't. While the glitter on day it happens man. Leg warriors are coming from. They're DS systems and the place where no one can biologically. Have kids. Without merit based approval that they can support kids financially. Emotionally all that crap. You hate those get to have kids as you can. Okay and yeah. My gallon goes along free vasectomies are all men and one hell yeah. For I guess that's you can probably get my vote I appreciate your vote didn't want your ties to. Bacon would be considered a mandatory never meal instead of would you like Fries with that. Would you like they can put that absolutely always. It would be illegal to prostitute yourself outside a brothel which would which doesn't illegal everywhere. I you can prosecute inside but not outside. It's. In a fast food restaurant ice machine is broke they can give it to anybody's. Like that's exactly right much. The maker would always be available. Waiting to talk we've got a little later this theme is summer reruns I. There will be a seven year limit. So when you can release a sequel if you don't get it out in that amount time you don't get to make a sequel because boon docks Asus shocked. Asks me the good. On the date for the daughter plays college paper and make people use this think he's out of duct tape and steadily for one day a year. The police seashells. From demolition Antalya but word soon no one knows how those work no.