If it Burns it Works/ Booze News (Best of)

Friday, December 29th


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Back to the rub anybody until. KR execute our next. Dawn show. I think it's brilliant and I Vegas for about gas embodies process me walking around okay prop. That is what you did it all out walking around since ninety degrees you chase he had home I don't have my bag bone here which is like feet. Yeah slightly deeper because that's the accomplice Lee perfect combination here's 1000 is half. Bad half a handful of bagged home. And hand lotion you combine them to you get a they're soft pass my hands full well I slice. Of the brand I'm an old man. I'm around the Ben gay generation where we were taught if it burns it's working through the hand solution burns I love. On the ball Massoud veins minus walker around for about twenty seconds but I mean that the and the love scene that. How my ass feels very everytime I am not endear her every time all got hurt whatever the scrape for burger scratch and everything your parents ever put on. This is gonna burn a night out they have stuff that just. It's just per day I don't remember all gonna be good. I'm every few brands is so we ran track like a year and you give us on our gas I don't remember there was the invention late in the eighties when we were teenagers or something called sports cream. And the whole the whole advertisement pitch wasn't didn't burn and my family and eyewear no it's doesn't work and doesn't and we want to. Does get through this out there isn't email Ari the red reader dot com. Threat picture and started to show an hour ago talking about this new study about how you fire someone you break up. A little bad news three out of four of us prefer the recipient the mandate effect terror right off just tell me you don't wanna be with me more than I can't. Somewhere in there both Don and Amanda were county and memories. Being in their twenties Indymedia has sound guy. Sprint cars and that equally well. All right so world ended what ever guy I was with the China broke up with me I was certain that was my last shot at La. I'll never be met every day this is gonna. Sounds so messed up guy you know the guy aide admitted that I eat. They had it in her axiom when I was younger and so the only thing I can. Look forward choose when I got broken up plans. I would lose so much swinging and I don't deal ideology and C asset act. Pretty and during that process at some point you sent a man used by your twenties doing and I said the old just love me thing while back. That inspired this email from Trent you tell me if this is fair. He says I think Amanda's desperate twenties turned into were desperate thirties. She's got a G with a man who doesn't wanna marry her. And the. A minute you say she won't see around forever but after seminary years I think you're still desperate for love Eric's. There. So are they now. In your young. You're just being stupid and you realize that lambs are both of you that are going there that we we did it you Blakey you realize later you were just. Being. Silly that's yeah. I mean yeah you get older and many hasn't she I mean I'm sorry can defend yourself in May be don't you wanted to and the I like cash earned. I want who has a child right you or whatever age they have I understand why maybe others it seems pathetic and I understand why they're staying longer and trying harder to figure race. Involved course lure younger there was not being involved with her literally not seen and I'll clear orders surely the bad. Hello I'm Eric go ahead. Pay the question Republican interrupt the so here I would negatively to warmer meat company. So that'll be Saturday November 18 I teaspoon a day yeah that's something that's the last Saturday for Thanksgiving so November. We're going to be out actually twice will be in the smoke judging cafe. From 10 AM to 1 PM that's on Manilow Brody in Sacramento memory and take the drive up to Auburn California too long meat company or. I'll shoot five. In both locations it's probably your last chance to get Turkey Brian because. We clearly did you order which was. From last year etc. On either way we'll be there we'll have bubble you these pictures of those well glossy photos will this be hanging out. I'm having a good time that's Saturday November 18 seed Amanda brought this up only to the clocks are over a longhorn now. Now when they're Shauna says. Does the new expansion not. I'm so she's done by a time where there is behind. November. That this is the first time we've done this closer to Reno so now Reno listeners can come down and meet us when we do these tricky events or at least this year because before we just didn't read those hotels and cafes and our little close arena. It's people from and I would still exactly that plagues like amazed seeing nonsense like they would try to see this and then drive back. So I see you're much more committed than we RC were not willing to drive decide to Reno to do. Amanda siren before Thanksgiving but you're driving down Auburn would never drive anywhere he does show how. Yeah oh yeah. Peter good morning. Or. All you're all hooked up there were hurt hey I don't portray. You know I don't know if it weren't bitter. Our food burden that working yeah. I don't know. The at least the and that's a terrible sense that Joseph but it did remind you something gets show back on track the com that's the last time they had an appointment with doctor reef from the earth agreed I care center seven allergies all my life and so isolated dry eyes. And so he has these are drugs that he was mentioned last time he was on the air that he loves calls at a door. Is it finally buy that good for you glad you like Akamai him. Well yeah. It by hate and I don't burn so I. Hot hot and I may third and I haven't come up. In the eyes. I don't want is is a holistic. Leg weird I drop that I put in first and the other one I think it's called its alpha Connor Mac icon or something. Helen I put it in my eyes just catch on fire and I know it's working. I grew up and doctor. Like oh no wrong now. She I've been working good and the news this is news about. And it's brought to us by our brand new sponsor. Tahoe blue vodka at ten local award winning and made with Tahoe water and whenever the models beautiful. It is a lot of good common on the model as a model picture on FaceBook last week me holding that Matt the owner president purveyor whatever else is. He's a huge maggot he it was a maggot before he was Oppo blu Lanka. Great guy and I am currently right now. Mary name a special recipe of creating a Tahoe blue hall of pain you know podcast oh my god. Her recipe our first few recipes and I'm gonna use that we'll be posts and as we go through the next couple weeks or Brad radio dot com it's great for ul PU Martinis which remain. All halting a vodka is but it also works great. Like obviously for bloody marys to liken spicy. And it's so simple and if you start with a great bobcats like Tahoe blue it's so good. Just played despise everything that you have to I didn't pummeled bloom on current box just regular. Just waiting to Spain and everybody. Right now a lose lose Dunkin' Donuts has just released its first beer too why me and from there it all goes downhill. First of all it is not available in stores. Almost what their donuts plays are not allowed to sell alcohol hands are the only used spirits and beer we'll cook could secure the tell us Gloria. In that area though let's. Yeah I could. My dear. If they keep doing a whole new media or loss of blood. Lowell. And I don't do our. If you can use our. Can't you don't condone spear in their stores so the only way to get it I don't think it is all there must be in on what I know. I don't line we and it you have to actually traveled to North Carolina. We'll know there are a lot of and go to look at Talbot brewing company because they are the ones that are making it but they're not shipping and any worse and access to go to this is all PR stunt. I like they just trying to get more tourism in this town when it gets worse. The worst part this is Dunkin' Donuts beer but it doesn't taste like donuts. It tastes like of course pumpkin spice. I think it course and I see yeah a body is. As some last minute ride that people do those tiny capsules. In this could be and one in March this season gives an idea of everything Helmer in saint and 27. In the future on 91 how are they thinking. Garden number reported last week you can actually buy pumpkin spice spray so anything that you want playing you wanna hamburger that taste like pumpkin. Spray it on your hands her eyes penalties like Ron discourage Joseph poorer and you. Hum I do like pumpkin spice latte then that's where that is and that's where should they love pumpkin spice office. As stones and the smell of pumpkin spice they can handle learn air freshener headache I've Knoll here I think. Can take out that could rob candle give you a headache. This brand of football. While I didn't want. I don't NBA that Google makes a low lying in the OK a man here's a big fan of us don't mule ally and has in my wall now you can by Moscow mules can he can. You already made. The they are sold is either a single twelve ounce can or as four back I love liquor only really way we added this. I. He's got an engineer Bob when he when he sent us memories and is the package now. God damn right thank you Bob knew there was like Jane in time. It was a didn't son and my other two go to a cosmic holes or so yeah that OK but there wasn't a monster film you'll marry this is called American mule but yeah. You kind of models here are the carton yeah yeah. Flag on she is hang your hat. It's it's kind of people want and that's got to it's got a bum mule and a little flag comments and so yeah it's America. Any and I heard her kids being sold in America that's I don't know I can't she catch phrase. Welcome annual there look ahead man on the seat you know taken. CEO Dave Mahoney. Says ready to drink beverages just haven't been that good over the past decade and we are seeking to change that. American you'll uses natural ginger wine and vodka and its drinks which clocked in at 7%. Alcohol by volume. It's higher than your typical beer cans preserve lower than a glass of wine and quotes look for the American you'll get the stroll lower than unclassified. Kerry you're only strong. Sitting at the heat. When you wanna be free agency cannot trade case that's clear matter. I Amanda's. Point in the konduz alcoholic is why. Is trying to have more than one. I know that that would be the problem or remember when what was it ginger and then. The edge knife others ginger ale was gonna come out when brown was predicting is definitely a drink myself the best yeah until I. And I think it's huge danger I really liked it so these are would probably kill myself. Well then just continue to make your own home the only I'm still out drinking from the means American mule when you do where. It Tahoe blue month on month Moscow annual tree you do get drinkers to drink out of a straw. Now all of us. He's wily no he's dead are joining us. I feel the hope of winning yeah. They're worse. And there are still people who believe that there are still people bull they believe that the the trip to hang over his mixing alcohol which is probably untrue but you cannot convince people trust me I know I live with one button. It may now all this now gives you local and I'll give you hang over and having four bottles amid and one night Allen. You hydrated for every day each day as current and people who believe that they MR drunks dreaming I'm a straw are just soccer so yeah. Once upon a time people try to come up with a hangover cures we know Amanda's best friend Sylvia as the key to how yeah. It is part. Emergency. Yes then married an emergency drink and then she has these magical pill hit called. Are you twenty once a letter are you Tony wants green and me want. I'm getting anywhere don't she its money Amazon mentally just don't get RU 486 that's a totally different all of that. Mind. Yeah do you study people are actually handling their hangovers and an entirely different way we're not even trying to get rid of them were just trying to schedule our next day. A around them. After a big night out people expect to spend a decent portion of the next day with a headache. Feeling annoyed. And depressed and lonely so now the eight we close this isn't his opponent night and we clear the docket for the next day so that we can feel annoyed at depressed. And a long night because none of hope you finally get Rita Moreno. Yeah that's and that's the I get done worse my hang out. It's like if it is an awful it was almost panic attack inducing big amount and things idea that I feel I have to hang up for sag is. And do it anymore that's because you made the fatally bad decision of stopping drinking for awhile a couple of I told. If I don't want to hang over you maintain a blood alcohol content how. All 4% at all times sorry Dan de mated it gets out of your system had a dry mouth dehydration. A terrible acts. Hi our hangovers I hate the most are the ones. Idol is it just tabulate and down right you just slowly and Danny just steal logon openly and down. I Ukraine an employee of the boyfriend we need one that you know there's it's yeah. Yeah. How do you feel like you're just you're gonna puke but you never do like all like you could barge but it never. Happens he. And that you know I'll. Oh yeah blame it happens. Cast very seafood yes sun is thirty euros. And thirty years study by the University of San Diego has concluded. At those who over indulge that 23 alcoholic drinks a day or more can look forward to make them happy Murray and healthy retirements. Headlines as heavy drinkers are more likely to live to the age of 85. Well I'm gonna die soon. I have never in my life and drinks three and had three drinks a day. Ironically I have never in my adult life not had at least three dry and yeah. I've always been a binge drinker this story is ridiculous that story saying that people actually retire. Iron. Does it it's iron. I can't think I can I. Honestly no. And I have to know that my future is fine and senate financial. Helps me sleep well tonight. We're realizing that time that assures everyone I was still on the some disease you'll bitches were behind me. And is that I don't remember the conversation but I think I was paying with cash. Ash and I was like why a one out here to watch you work at 300 dollars in cash and one of these old bridge I'm sure they're both dead by now employees as some might. First bond number business she's next in the conveyor line get away from me space is not your. It looked at me and he must be nannies so I turned to an ice that exact says that it is it's great to be successful actually really. Enjoy hugging expendable income I can throw money away on all the I only need faster cat food for breakfast. This is. All. I'm aware. Really calm and there's I had stayed gates already in the study they said that moderate to heavy drinkers are more likely to live to the age of 85 without dementia or other. OK I'm. Chairman and a win even when compared to non drinkers know. Story I just don't concerning the study tracked more than a thousand in the middle class men and women in California and builds on a swell of recent resurgence in nineteen alcohol intake. Too long Germany and then there's always that there's always that line yes alcohol intake but when you go too far liver poisoning and and there's more to it it was already in your family your exit your genetics or when and how I genetics you can ask your diet next what ever. Drinking is defined as the drinking three alcoholic beverages per day. For women for bridge today man. Drinking more than four drinks today he's. Testify against excessive. I'm not to drink and a de LA yeah yeah yeah. Because that is on your normal everyday I mean it's it's still a work in other obligations clear are you didn't drink. Whenever he goes about. The line this is the definition of beginnings functioning alcoholic. If it's noon and you have to have four drinks that day you're doing something wrong. Yeah. It's good and lose snooze you lose a man who had too much to drink decided to sell this car just suing to get more alcohol oh boy that's. Little. Given his intoxicated state he couldn't remember when he woke up in the morning what he did so a lot of us have those terrible stories from our use. Where you wake up in the morning you go oh my god I drove home run downstairs you go to the garage you look at your car your jockey oh thank god there's no blood on an advance because I don't remember drive past okay. This guy. Woke up didn't remember anything went out and get his car no car there. And had to instead wake up the next day to finally gonna reported stolen into the police on the road to grow up. Zoo New Zealand to resume. The reality it was the man who sold the vehicle for 800 dollars to allow him to keep drinking. According to senior Sargent Dennis Murphy Paul told police he says the man came into the station to let us know what had happened. And then the guy who bought the car. He showed up and down on FaceBook and actually I bought the car cratered by Cecil Pete he showed up police chief said we told them or get out between them to the literal text. Pay it back to 800 transaction my card. According to the police chief the car is worth over three grand she's. Mr. Murphy said police also told members of the public it was dangerous to drink and drive. But now they have another warning to quote the lesson here is don't drink and sell your car. Dawn show.