IFSF, part 1, 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th


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I rub anybody in John. You're listening to the in dawn show called raw. That rant radio. The same RED wherever you dot com not Carter bright girl born the storm out. Yeah back to that statement earlier plated golf and post may get the rain came and any resolute and emails that we have a lot of track of the things like the ones and is a we just ran as Syria's wish in honor of her son Matt who. Succumbed to cancer a couple of years ago. On the and he was actually wound in the pediatric ward that's kids people bomb and he said don't pray for me pray for these poor kids because at least I lives point five years. So it's a team Matt dot com and steam dash Matt NE TT dot com. And they try to bring joy to zooms in various children and other people's and they have also got a website to see everything if you wanna be part of it. On the 300 bucks to get started thumb. And we at this that I know from Kayla I Kayla whose excuse me who says a dammit rob. My allergies started acting out there and I wish. Am your we're trying to hear the MySpace I. At this time here and I don't know if your kid when they might as any on the 'cause sounded maybe maybe allergies are so as the water got to rise to go and eat the right thing I noticed dorms allergies were acting up to and I Amanda's a little bit yeah. There are some in my throat I think and just breeds you heavily. Ari you have. It's happened he got Tony seven days wish you know red radio dot com fill out the form and thus a minute thanks throws on Monday for make at all possible hello Melissa. And once and it's. Let me just and I. What did you wanna say Melissa yeah. You know I can't tell you about out a lot there. And daddy can I. Got a hurdle haven't thought I would love yeah yeah yeah January and he would be dragged liberate. Biden hadn't yet and that I thought I'd be yeah yeah. Yeah I got you how are you more of the yeah. Do you buy it. And I'm. Why yeah. I am happy if you little. Yeah yeah yeah daddy has you can have a daughter about Betty and you hear you know you don't get you yeah. You know he's pretty joy let me you people did that. But you have to make you need. So don't let them play more nice city will do Melissa and those were seen. A dad rudin and hit there is an option lived to be fourteenth his daughter's nine. I actually died right there in front of her week in order produces right into say your show do you really turned my day around the setter arm but we'll get Melissa we'll get your contact information. And if he wants to contact us then won't connect the two of you I couldn't tell from his emails he's ready you know he is on the road I keep looking in the kennel wait for the dog show lump them. I'm sad to see if there ravens very generous is a super sweet and we certainly do appreciate that here's another emails just came and for Christie type Christie says I just pulled up to work and I am in tears thank you so much for helping the children. Your best when he got my onions or something I talk to say pointer drives the sixth that's very nice I don't know what that's doing the children. It's a great girl born listener mail. Yeah her. I mean. I away from Thanksgiving night as the week Thursday. We have the entire video series posted on our YouTube channel on our membership site we take you from brining the jerky. Choose who prepping the scene the and remember. Only Turkey gravy mashed potatoes stuff and owns pumpkin cheesecake ya know it would create those are all available celeb questions I don't. About Brett about the meal about entertaining this is what Turkey may it was all about we'll open the phone lines. 8889891911. Remember you have to start with the you can't get in this different store it's just. You can get it from any of our foreign vendors that are there at Brad radio dot com including the smoke junction cafe will blow. And a low road in Sacramento California the flag storm Glendale avenue. In sparks and Zander spirits and on our bass wrote in Truckee California. And as a few other locations they're all listed there. Summer getting married loan on drawing this Saturday will be our Brian people lose a little. BS new locations this Saturday selling in the last of the Iran Turkey Brian. First amenable to smoke John G cafe. We just mentioned at the front of The Home Depot and handle of California from 10 AM to 1 PM. We will happily meet with you we have autograph photos that are free which will give you were signed for you we don't have to take them we'll take pictures with you and the of course the smoke Johnson Cathay will be serving their famous Red Bryant how smoked Turkey sandwich. You fifth year in a row they always sell out they are amazing and though have garlic mashed haters as well gosh and we do have to leave it ones that we can get George who PM mad at 11 Mika. In Auburn California from June to 5 PM all along the only company purchases 10% off if you buy some of the searching for. Those details are red radio dot com let's start this from Jeff page ass he says this is Jack we have. I received my second pack of Turkey brine in the mail today. Ordered the day before a sold out and the first thing I said was half the yeah this is from Samantha. Is there may have actually got a few emails about this she says I bought my Turkey brine and these school areas in sparks Nevada. You have to actually asked for to the front as they have locked up well and some of them are. It's such a hot commodity that last year people tried to steal. Old. I leave this cashier told me that last year's Ngata stuff the months your bags in his hands to make. Door or yeah. Does stand up. These stories about Maggie and come home a difference hilarious. Blair is he can't find and it's back where I don't know exactly the cigarettes are they spend some liquor just ask them and I know it's hard you fellows ass. As soon it'll just you know take your wife or your girlfriend was in camera that's the election for sniffing it out also goes Malone he's. I ask does it takes. Me a break it. There's this scene now dude says my wife and I did a mini Thanksgiving tester on this weekend using your brine. We ordered barbecue is a backup plan but the Turkey may with the Brad Bryant was so good it was gone long before the barbecues. You say that's a great idea to imperious you're nervous about Thanksgiving. You have this week and a look these are everywhere now I was on the grocery store yesterday it's. Everybody has now if you can see your budget and you're nervous get a small Turkey on 1012 pounds or never do a dry run this weekend with the Brian. Tom and you don't go to our vendors say Brad reader dot com and in get to packages he's won this weekend only eight. Perfect Thor and I don't know more so called on a less salt while more seasoning the good good good. Next email. Look kind of held lands like you do and our video series. As a Sunday you can stand the hot and how to protect your Rolex is very important I'll yes but the book I. I and a high end he says I'm so excited. I just came across your videos lucky videos. While searching on YouTube mines so excited and so thankful define all of the cooking videos there. My husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year I've only made the Turkey if you times before this. Priority have your Brian and I plan on watching all the cooking videos I can create a Thanksgiving meal that sure. They're easy to follow. Pablo again. Good morning. Good morning I'm all. My question is do you have to put the Turkey and me. Bridge for 24 or 48 hours you're triggering a strong pick particular Chris Chambliss. It is clear you don't have to put it in the fridge a lot of people get nervous were talking yesterday you can brine the Turkey on Wednesday night pulled out on Thursday morning. President and cook at all on Thanksgiving Day a lot of people don't have time like I do are you home in the old days enamored 1030 every day and I work from home and I can take a break in the beat prepping all week. Arm but the point of putting it in the refrigerator for 2448 hours after his Bryant and after a stretch is. To give it a Krispy your skin and I do that with all my jerseys including the one that I smoke. Because the cool air does tend to make it a little bit more likely to Chris about. As you. And it seems to me every year here. Which exclude my husband in Brandon. And your other half I think they eat through the skin and. Part of the job. That is part of Canada definitely got tested 300000 Salem news conference so I'm sure your crispy skin as they each scene severed. It's delicious vinyl. I can't believe that you're not Leary and over your husband's shoulder and. And that way he. Sat on his dad Chinese couldn't meet. Believe Malone this is thrown the this is from Brazil with a couple says my name is will only now. Well sorry if you had already tough. The earliest that I can brine the Turkey now 1201 AM. I guess that's not what it means volume. And all this yeah they I'm running my turkeys on Monday this year so label come out Tuesday morning when I get home from the she you. And they and they will be trapped and we'll sit in the refrigerator for just under just about 48 hours Tuesday and as I wouldn't brine them earlier. Then Monday if you lead if you leave that it even at 48 hours when the turkeys in the fridge and some don't gonna freak out you start to see a little bit of purple in the on the scene is been exposed to the cold it's fine but you don't wanna go more than forty hours Comex question Diaz is also. I will be following your guidelines are making Turkey broth for the gravy would be safe to make the brought the night before refrigerated menus today we could get so that will make things easier for me. As I will be on pretty rushed schedule when I'm preparing everything yes and I'd I'd make my exit I make everything is almost the Wednesday before. Certainly the Turkey gravy can be made Wednesday and then just heated up on Thursday morning and last one finally the most important questions on. Could you please tell me which door you get your quarter. Visitors from would be very precise. It's secret that was Safeway. My gosh I don't it's safe way just watch the day you'll not find okay she's taken safely after dawn bought a much. Next question. From jail I killed this year my kid has regressed they requested a run co rotisserie Turkey made with robs bar. Contact Ron go I don't know how many he's damned things we've sold for that mr. senate confirmed yet it was pretty funny extracted so attack you may have to be honest yeah. Norman Goodman knows Blake who drew. Can I still packs of butter under this man yeah butter is always good to be better to inject the meat or both how about stuffing it with the musical spoof. She says I'm assuming they stopped it was veggies is this still are just her rotisserie Turkey but I wanted to make sure he wasn't warm and one thing it does not and and one thing I do on the gorilla do it rotisserie now on the we're just three what you do by the way. Is after you stuff the reason boss yeah. Switches your salary Erie are now walks onions celery carrots posts and with a bunch of herbs fresher you. Riders are sometimes I also person's interest and there are some lemons or lines have done as well. Armed when he stuff that all in the caddie and if this didn't. In in the rotisserie and Iran gorgeous through and it's been around you take the last thing you have to you'd be after your meal that Kevin he's the author. You take a a big old piece of aluminum foil and you balled up and you showed that into the cavity and old to keep any got to get the you gotta get the just in the wrong yeah you at the size of the birds size of the ball low. Some woman fall just right to have perfectly fill that cavity which is with us tonight. You can get and why because your birds can spin. And the the UV foil keeps them season plus in there if you don't do that as its opinions on the fallout how dare they don't wanna do and Abby has she still do that yes you still put packs of butter under the scheme and the through which is also where your putting any seasonings as well a big trick is to use herb butter. And had at a time if not no big deal. Trade and yes injected just straight well these juices ago and he pulled cherry battle in the wrong absolutely others in the Los. It's juices or is that discussed W you go to church flavored it it's what you see this. There was some Manila and then I don't see we'll know that's the cookies are concerned about me on I don't use the fresh Turkey. Drip greens because of what the previous letter Osama I don't need another goddamn job. That's why I make my Turkey ahead of summer and and then I use a previous broth and I've made from actual turkeys cooked down months ago. To actually make the gradient you can absolutely do and you wanna be that guy who pours out all the dripping G Africans from all lonely and bored amazing. About all you know you could sausage may carry Indiana the. Sat. Man hello Jess yeah. Autorad Josh yeah doing. Hi this good won't go to patriots secret bat real blue dot. That's certainly an at risk. Got a little crude prototype but I believe the only writings and what we're the only. Don't man's height. The idea and he is and all of my on the Toronto he's got a pays some club he's animated primaries and I'm sure. Steve knows from day in bed. He says I'm so excited and Thanksgiving food and since using your Brian last year it's amazing how twice as many people have come out of the woodwork burdened by. I'm single yeah. And this year I am grilling same as last year and indeed trying to Turkey I'm prepping my shopping list and calendar and I have a question. I have in my notes to do and understand the butter. I'm Wannstedt what I do that. And should I put the undersea and herb butter on the fried Turkey as well also remember you saying something in the past about Lee and her young governor fridge or whatever that song. About I'm also having your Conan guys T I'll pay your vodka pumpkin cheesecake it's going to be very rad Thanksgiving. Powell was picture honorees Lawler emails and what thanks mom yeah e-book by dawn of the muttered earlier. Yeah it's all. It's Thanksgiving in RA EU health goofs. There's no way this is not. Let's holidays and saying no Turkey's immersed in the healthy who cares it's Thanksgiving yes get them butter and they're you know immediate yes put on your near deep fried a bit down. I did this is tied a year all those stupid fitness magazine I mean look you might be healthy at some point in horse country but any Thanksgiving right little harm yourself but I remember being in that. Went crazy person. This I have homelessness magazines and it would give us all eat this and don't eat that and had a major all healthy and how my god you know live a little on that day. As for when you do all this after you take the burn out of the Brian Kenny and this is all covered in our cooking videos are YouTube channel. Bomb this is what this would be under the heading prepping the jerky you've taken out of the Bryan you Washington this is when your fist in the cabinet. Five minutes. Observation and it's all the still left on the outside out and then you print your bird this is when that you would slide better butter under its. Stand before it goes in the French irbe 24 hours or so. And before you cook it. Our next email RED Iran radio dot com this is from Whitney with me. Says I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner Arnold red and as they immediately after work on the actual day now. I mean successful turkeys in the past thanks to your barn for. But I am more nervous than usual because I'm making Thanksgiving dinner for my boyfriend for the first time he's the only guy remember data that is a really good cook himself. Always good to see kit to. And appreciate the efforts outside. I want to use your. Turkey recipe this year but I had a convection oven and was wondering how to tweak the recipe for convection or use the other last year in the dirty turned out well. But I fretted the whole time once a woman for. Guess that I don't work gets based on the recipe and got. Would do this earlier convection ovens the general formula is 25 degrees. Lower. And when he 5% looked less cookies are remember you can always under cooked Turkey. And that and then fix it but if you go get your screwed because you can always just increase the temperature Coca longer and that brings us back towards Obama earlier. If you have guessed you think this Thanksgiving is an exact science and you're gonna even exact time they shouldn't be your guests are right things rotate we're gonna try to eat around three to 330 but I don't the burn longer there's going to be 31. It's got a site don't. This is early Thanksgiving or heated but you bring up the convection oven or whenever you. Just that would anything you've you'll cook or hate you said it's ten degrees last 25 degrees I am. Now than any recipe and 25% less time is where you start because convection ovens or he's from both the top and the bottom in the circular manner. Whereas regular ovens are doing now. I wondered if that's why is like if you go to Beijing blogs I didn't know this existed at. And how I started getting a little bit and a world where there are so many people that just. They will not bake in a convection I think it's terrible and awful and they'll even go if they have the money though those ars padding. I guess you can order an avenue that's electric they want the electric a lot of people disobeyed electorate but then but they're still the top is gas right but it goes back and forth. And I tried the confection but I didn't know that. I know that you just say. Everybody and everybody's an expert about everything right including me mom I love and miss my convection oven and AM yeah and I I love cooking and that's. And speaking everybody having an answer this is from back pay back. Says can rob tell me how to be sure I'm getting an un brine Turkey from the grocery store they don't seem to be very obviously marked. Some say they're injected with a solution others don't. But I mountain 100% trusting. Of the packaging so that we get this question a lot and and I'd only ever relied on the anecdotal. Emails that we get following Thanksgiving from some people say. Oh I think it screwed because they use your Brian and -- ahead with thirty injected with a solution and it turned out judicial TI is always an OK okay. Well I know resurgence if you Google. I mean a Turkey with injections solution. Or will you get an earful from everybody online while there are I mean hundreds of different sites and threads and blogs about this. Bomb plot people say things like it was not overly salty it was moist tender and flavorful makes no difference and others comment. The Bryan anal actually flush out the nasty concoction created by the factory. Then there's other people who go the other way and say do not Brian assault injected Turkey must you want and others can express for Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody has their own experience. I'm starting to think you're just a bad cook if it turns out that salty or are not yet the Bryan are elicited a day and yeah I cannot receive an enough. It does have to be labeled in some way but did you try to hide it in simple press if you wanna be safe. So Sergio continues our radio radio dot com will also a couple of quick questions for the commissioner of the international. Stands on the US. Yeah we have a ton of these I'm just try to do the quick and easy ones because we're short on time first one is from Jamie stands as commission rob parents she saw there's a picture of me five years old wearing raiders of the jam has. My dad was the raiders' man. A year later still before my major reason the raiders moved to Los Angeles and my father declared us forty niner fan. Yeah. That's all a little bit when asking a man in July his dad was a real man you can abandon them and taken nude scene James says I've been faithful ever since buying Euro over the years but here's my question. A few years ago I bought a forty niners have. Since it was on sale and I got one with a pink ribbon emblem on it. But knowing now how much a machine on the whole pink ribbon program is his own MI an idiot for choosing. That cats or just a cheap skate. I can accept she skated much easier than getting it. Well yeah look you probably didn't know any better at the time the whole breast cancer awareness thing is a total scam on the NFL gives less than 15% of the money they raised alarms you in the fight for breast cancer awareness UFO you may have noticed this year. They really tamp it down play today the controversy over not every not only everything else was going on NFL but the fact this is all been exposed as being not really that helpful. They didn't do much on you're not you're looking at least you bought forty niners had I wouldn't Wear it out I'd thrown away and I were you because. As a student and driven under less and less. And only you know this James. Are you that did the whole thing about these ribbons but they're paying for breast cancer or read very draining Els the about the ribbons is so that other people look at you say all your great person. The majority. I remember him and got them dying any other causes so if you are theory that if you want people to say all your good person anywhere and that's why it's your it's your team have to tie next on Islam Christian. This problem so lets you Christians right near the qwest does god hate about Tom palm's says it's. They're here she union. I would Barney. Seek hole and I grew up being that. I tell us cal boy aides did wrong normal. And do what you want your girl you know he's won the sense that it doesn't matter your girl but. Let us cousy prison if you man and a matter not. We'll get you didn't properly. You you when you were born in New Mexico waste land no team. But I went to Nevada no team in the early in the general area that's an event slow the whole roll so you choose whoever you want to. Always look at him as I was born there. It's ace courts always lands on the last forever and a day until there's no also wasteland soon. Really familiar with him and I know especially the math problem and albums yeah. Oh. Yeah problem. That's yeah that's a beautiful Lionel and I guess sir I logo and album we're seeing all the array but I just look past that. ETV mode. Stricker story mean most corrupt police force in the entire United States of America Europe the Albuquerque police department did a wonderful. Really that dull look there ever reputation other breaking bad has been out you you've chosen wisely Sweden yes you Jose cowboy he's W he's. Good word here you're a good girl she'll go to Doug Garland did you do a good car. Who do lax milk. You can expect emails from Jesse heads and yeah spelled wrong. Yeah. Els his or her and saying GSI. Now I'm not allow. Yeah Jay-Z is I thought that as I wanted to start out by pointing out and I'm a girl so I don't really follow sports as well and we don't care your yeah. However I have five Brothers and most of them are fans now most of us live in northern Idaho my question is who are they allowed to be fans of I need more information is. It's genocide. Bombed because FC east. You're in northern Idaho have you always been in northern Idaho and who they pick in the area in northern Idaho this is another sports waste land area. Do you therefore you either have to follow your father's team that's. The dad and a team because they have to become fans of dad's teams or you can take anyone any team that you want to Judy I stick with them forever. So your brother is he's neither neither are they assuming they're all great they need their respective teams. So it would seem they do not have to all choose the Saint Louis. Ask you that their brother if you're in date if your dad is like absent or you're rotten kids and US otherwise they'd all be fans you're. Yeah. Little yeah since this is about it I. I am best set of rules imposed an Iran radio dot com here's another email them. Little sugar can't come back. I was me and business from Tesoro high tennis he said. The US then it's tiny and keepers. Years and my he was basketball team but everybody knew her ears and I was. It is yeah I knew this little problem. God you report saying thirty years. I have been more keen for this criminal is true yeah. Tied her life went downhill. Good lord what's worse than being in Sacramento. Working for the Sacramento Kings while living in Sacramento though. How cold. Well I never paid attention to McCain isn't it nice to work through him. So my. Girl or he. They're depressed. Spirit fury here's well. There's still heat girl look you're putting your putting food on the table data you work through exchanges don't be if and a man who would be price is crazy stuff early teens apparel and if you how. Asked awareness teens shirts or whatever just where your little Miami Heat song and everything mobile. I think the whole layers are fan of their. Here I am look if you do get a bit of an out if you have to. Have to workings apparel only for work and so you're always want to do you're only it's likely this way dawn would never Wear a shirt and advertised they show in a sign that made her do and it'll work. She hates this program and things like hot race age and I'm being incarcerated. That would be the only reason I wary ahead.