Is it Yanni or Laurel?

Wednesday, May 16th


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That's the rub anybody and don't show on 98 rock. HER excuse got nets. Anybody and Don show. He sounded pretty nutty. Am sorry he ran radio dot com one more on this through. From the cold in the fall he says Don you just said that people are making depression a lifestyle people with real depression don't talked about it and he can make light hearted some people who get upset about their FaceBook posts. And claim depression for. Attention from Brandon said first we also expect and a brand and we got a note on FaceBook from Courtney. Maybe because I maybe shouldn't listen during the holidays you don't hear a lot but she says a brand and that was a ridiculously good Turkey impression. First. And there is not just thirty DD have a pig calling it. I might have a whole arsenal of firemen animal says you you want to calling contest to win baker I did I want a pound of bacon yeah. You know big big big big in the dividend. Get Mega Millions Q yeah. What do for a couple of farm animals we do on a regular may of. I know you don't match. Actually at. Are we got this email and we gave me the email because. The world's exploding over this. This is our idea grabber you're dot com from Oliver who they all are very. You member of the but I got the gold dress blue dress yeah yeah. It was a big it was a gold dress I forgot what I saw on blacks it was it was maddening to me because I remember being such a jerk when we started the show. About it and I had I had you bring us and that was you were such a jerk. I don't know where there is context this time. How. Not for this particular because the greens. I was looking and I don't remember what I saw first I thought it was clearly let's just for pretend it was clearly gold. And I have the printed out picture full sheet of paper I was looking at a it was dot Ian gold and you're all idiots. And this is the stupidest thing ever and and I'd put it down after we thought about an hour later I picked it up when I looked at it was blue. Yeah it drove me not see one thing that's is whatever column color eyes tell us it was cold that's. What I always saw. You never saw the other one and I. Well now wait everywhere started seeing otherwise an audio debate. Boy the Greek eating any vs laurel debate. Has exploded. At after recording of a computer generated voice started literally office fights around the world. And at all. The morning news shows and of course your whacky morning radio shows like this one moloch. I heard this I I thought I'm gonna be a jerk because all I hear is one thing is okay and sell high and I can't hear it any other ways I thought the second choice is ridiculous so the voice. Is saying one word. But no one can agree it's insane. Laurel. Or yeah Annie. Which they don't even sound alike now us when I say the Internet in fact is divided on whether they hear the word yeah any. Laurel now Brennan you had to dub this as well this morning's. And you're sure you only hear one thing I'm getting one thing now here's what Oliver writes it's not a gold or blue dress this time and everyone can play along because it's audio can't we hear about this on your show all of this high here. Yeah Danny. My wife laughs when I say this and calls me a liar. Will because she hears laurel and bring it if somebody heard the other one from what you're hearing. Mean you would think they read or knots of wind and I absolutely think that this is a joke I don't think is Israel if you hear the other thing then you're just saying it just to be cool. Oliver writes we were in tears laughing at night listening to this and trying to convince the other war we are so in years black. I'm not fighting grass so is this. Yeah Danny. Or Loral. Loral and. Morals. Laurel there's no question and. Wait a minute. Non freaking out but I. Laurels. There's no I don't know but I think that's an option what I was Karen before hotlines. Can no way combined. Laurel and. Laurel let's see what they think they could hear you Annie there's a god are you serious. Me community it was totally an old laurel. Couldn't be anything else what did you think it was Ramadan I think it's morally yeah kept hands down he can't be. Jeannie or Yoni oh so right now I get what that whites say so the wife. Of the letter writer appears laurel. Correct and now I can see why she thinks her husband's just being a liar does happen how can you hear anything else other than the. The laurels. Lock to be clear that is already here and right now. Is it moral yeah. Laurel and maybe on his mind screw myself because I've read all of how was this is debated maybe I saw earlier was hurt your knee any because I didn't write it down and now. No doubt people turned it into something and then they all whatever that person saturns to Brandon there rather just trying to be cool the other side. IE the day because seriously. Now their but remember the Internet divided. And the world is divided and people are dividing and people are fighting ballot is that it's laurel on the other people are just be in the and silly so anyone of you still have your listening right now and you heard Danny. You're either silly or a liar yes according to my on their part absolutely. There is so nothing else it can be in an unscientific. I grant you survey half. The viewer liars yes they courted that on the one in the world isn't isn't the right to sit no 99. Percent. I just think this particular current. There are people who hear Danny CNN poll our point mean. Too deep now this gets a little technical but I got to read it so the so you understand brand and no this is just me or my enemy we live in a world sound. We live in a world of equalization and and things you do your voices and things like facts. They say that people are pointing to the amplitude of the clip frequencies heard and the speaker is used to play back the audio. People are hearing me any. Are using speakers that do not they suggest reproduce low frequency is well such as the speaker on an iPhone tanks. But if you turn the volume up and he played on a set of speakers that replicate bass better. Base and I Q and party herself on team. Or roll. Now that's what we're here OK Darren Loral Loral yeah. I mean yeah now she plays every iPhone and your computer you're different you're here's the thing here's the thing you're hearing it on the highest quality. Right now but I mean this is this is to do what we have. In terms. Oh audio electronics is is as good as it's gonna get it's not life. On an iPhone so here's what's here's what somebody did somebody taught what I just played for you this laurel and Loral's today or and it. They rid Jews they got rid of the higher end. Big debate they took it out. And they amplified the base it's the same thing her house he would cheer for more or. Yeah. Old. Yeah. So they just keep saying laurel and laurel over and over again I see what they're trying to do with the EQ and trying it didn't get those different frequencies and he heard more. But I. I can't understand I can't wrap my ears around it still laurel. I can't believe that we've made this that they believe even indulge people that think they hear you Annie okay now seriously. Now here's word it's really weird. Now that I played cut to a hot. I know for certain I was here in new any this morning no one day I was including. This morning before the show when I played it in a year in what we call in Q prior to the show because. When we when when I sent this to Brandon I was like. Ul. Okay. The only way they're hearing Laura was when you take down these high hands because it's clearly handy. But now we've played here I'm here and AM it's the blue dress. Sonoma like I'm really trying to hear ye and me and I'm trying to here at all how they can hear about that you hear that well the L. More gas then yeah I mean exactly. And in cities and I know the Brandon didn't screw with me because I don't listen to this early. I heard any Randy gave you a separate line where it is actually paying you and I mean I'm having anxiety decided to have. I'll bet you good morning. Tuesday morning everybody I'm getting. Let's girls. Haven't had an ordinary person could be played I heard long handled what can I and it ever a time now I hear tomorrow but I. He's an old bird I was all right. Like how our brains. And pollution in him. I ain't you. Couldn't good morning workload that's more important federal act he knee and they kept playing it over number number nine or review any any any overdone and I thought people are hearing horrible crazy. Oh and not just played out on her well. You the exact same experience that I didn't hurt you in any at all I saw this this morning and on 1 of those terrible morning news shows up. And there isn't down and I heard the yeah any any any everybody onset all the anchors nanny no one was hearing moral and then when I play it now. Yeah. Moral. You at an ever. It was a it was ever Annie how are people here don't show is as did. I'm gonna try playing it off the speaker of my cell phone okay and it you know it might not sound any different because we know these processors dynamite let's just see let's say. We promise but those trillions. Laura Laura Laura Laura uncle it not maybe. OK hello Matt good morning. Good morning so I do my own price of two reasons one point hungry you know. I don't think the talk speaker system I heard oral tonight quickly put off. Might work truck got what like my work radio and I hurtful to back and I could burn off the court all right so. Because when you first heard that I heard what we're all pretty time what he spoke. So you're you're experience didn't change when you use. Speakers and do not reproduce low frequencies like summer saying that's why you hear you any. And it and and to remember the clip so the first of this is what we played originally looked at laurel morals. Laurel and then the second one if you're cheering yeah any. The second one is supposed to be the one where you'll hear moral. But we still here laurel for us because this is where they cut out the high end of the clip and they just boosted the base or. You. No more sane mind how laurel on yeah and it. Are always hate I hate I aimed squarely beat yea and I I don't know but it Y handy in my house at Torrey and is where was. In the studio at 5:45 this morning is where I. You don't go home and listening getting your house and tell me I signed scariest I want you to check her. Or 540 phone UN SJJ commercial breaks. Here it just sit here again okay. Without it billion that honesty is because I am all right got to listen live he had some we can't replicate on the radio is very carry mobile enabled try that out of defense we still on you and your likes like what I was saying is does it matter might business that like Howard brain works like the stating your brain and had cob webs that we cannot miss I. Hello I'm thinking is that left brain right protecting I think all three of us have. Had left brain right brain people hello I don't think horrible all just one side Boston Boston. Deadlock and I've. I'm able to switch assume all of the viking like focus on the low frequency and high frequency usually had whatever radio I only cheered moral. So even when you use this super power and you have where you can switch between high end and low where my superpower is a radio dial in my head I know. That now. I'm dismissing you entirely. Hey they can't folks I. I can get I can see on. How he could do that because it's similar to how you adjust the focus of your eye easy if you have that type of concentration you can't focus on certain frequencies and I am I am one of the best I am the best pair of ears and I know. And I can't do it you can't hear you need him out of your hands so I prefer. Sarah got. I am freaking out. When you first played it I heard nanny. Yeah it pretty good and it was tomorrow and then it will be handled it gagged and now it's the ball. Tapes I can and that this so you're having the same experience that I had. It is the success there so when we played it live on near ten minutes ago I heard only moral and I started freaking out that was certain. But I heard you any before and then I confirmed that. Because of the way that we set this up I this morning it was you and it was Indiana and he was no way it was laurel you were interviewed I was more on how many dickens' a moral. You Rhode Island EU a particular rob ruin my theory. My theory is people that have heard bold third or yea NE 880 point urges people that are easily swayed that you're not easily sway. And this morning I was I it I heard it or making any any give everybody on the TV this morning on the particular channel I was watching was you know nearly citi's first canals. I can't hear Danny no matter what I might be old I've done radio for 28 years you won't talk about Goodyear's got really good here they're like Taylor yeah. No way it was ever GMT Arnold it's clear well on my father's hearing in my own. He was he says hello Nancy your morning. Yeah it would Danny Parrish and we'll and then tomorrow oh my god he is now now you call your dad just because. Just experiencing a it it was Danny the same clip not when I played the second clip and we took out the high end and all that it would do the same clip was Jeanine and then laurel. OK so that's that's this one laurel and. Loral on W yeah your dad oh my god he need to fly again I don't. And he wakes up on the he's got a least I read about hastily implement a uploaded these sleeping he hasn't heard this and it's good taken time to wake and then we're gonna blame him waking up let's give. Homes are let's let's ask him like a different types of let's have a listen on the happen then listen on Islam this not as fancy stereo I'm sure he's got. And NIC and says tomorrow lets you send emails are ideally at media dot com Dana writes I have heard this multiple times each time I hear laurel I don't know how anyone can hear you any Alicea Jonathan says I am tripping out the first two times you played the clip I very clearly heard yeah Danny. And could not understand how you could hear laurel but then the third time you played it I clearly heard laurels what the blank I thought for sure you've played two different clips I. News. Hello there Shane good morning. Martyred I think it barely. Are required under her collar blue floral and Americans after you mentioned year he had just heard you Annie Annie Annie Annie. Signaled that certainly would be a version and not as I mean is going to try to encourage athletes like cyclist cinematic thing but. I don't think that makes sense to me I think it's a mental thing absolutely I think that I have my feet so. Far into the sand on this one that I won't surprise for big mind brain to even process anything else. I think if power lock away and just kind of hear this in the background without even thinking about I'd say who's then you're back there what will be tried again later like Elvis honest I admit it won't even warn us. I'll just play it later on in the show mostly weird didn't. I think are here just a sound mind. I I didn't even. Here's this on the news I was they were part of it. My mind couldn't take any anti or laurel and the minute play I was like dumbfounded right considered on a cool could ever think it was anything. Other than lore. Hello Taylor good morning. Hey good morning guys. No I'm good. Almost hole yeah neighbors are all playing the last time I am a girl reported hanging out and shoot you later on her arm and I heard any clear today. And a way to work she has played and I heard the wall like yeah. Mike rob I'm sure reaching out. We'll see now okay so it's a bit that lessen your freak out factor it doesn't work furry but blessing your freak out factor Taylor that. Would be what a lot of people are explaining their saying that people who hear yeah any are listening in on it listening on a a lower. And speaker system look as great as our phones are they're nothing like a really high quality system like what what we have even if you have a cheap speaker. The quality of the audio that we send out your fury more likely to hear. Moral so that see that makes sense for Q what does it make sense for me. Is that I heard this morning on my TV which is run through my surround sound system which is very high and the high end in terms of nodded cuts out the basement in terms are very expensive very very big. Good to. And then I heard it in our studio and the only thing the only thing is that is that the authors vermin the British tried. Is if we play it during a commercial through what we call our cues speaker which is not nearly as high quality. If we hearing Danny I am leaving. That's it yet you know what advice here I heard. Yeah every game and he guided us in. And Tehran that. That that purple or gold dress thing where you saw Bernard glue uncle wound. All were an Afghan either way Don. Your next answer. Numbers. 8889899. Year eleven hello Stephen. Around and hi week. Wheeler certified cyanide swear to god aired any several times but I this morning it's being that a lot of radio I cared laurel Brady just plays it's over yourself on parish coroner Ricky any of the members Laura. And explain it to the laurel and all yeah. Laurel all that are there is saying here's an early Ani here's an email are the red radio dot com is from Christina hikers CNN says my boyfriend are listening to your show I hear you need any. So does he and we aren't just saying it doormat how come you says yeah that your. Mind. Terrific break a hundred little experiment at off the air and any LB who can you will report back to you. We do all that we've got to get a chance at a thousand bucks Cilic. The hour greens key word you will text the keyword 7881. For your chance of 2000 dollars brought you by rose bill Hyundai. Your keywords this hour is valley valley valley herald and I hope you heard these same battling. Yeah it LL wise what you Texas that you want your jeans and a thousand dollars. And gone. And dawn show.