Jokes for Amanda 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th


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Bunny in Don I'm not eat raw. I think they are execute got there. Dawn. And more listen. Every year but don't ask. And emails are great deer ran for you dot com not part of regular girl lauryn was real nice applying lowering the panelists saying man I'll never ending on. Hanging in clubs and alert included Turkey meal and I all they always do this I'm sorry. We have this email says. Isn't the onions celery carrot mix called me a flock. Don't go high season plus means having everything in his plays yeah as me isn't plots can be anything. That's the French term for having everything in your place a laid before you start cooking you have an all out though I know him and use garlic and he's jobs carrots and non U militias are and organize. Example and the French word for and I'm not here. He's an air America but mere plot is onions carrots and celery so yes I'm sorry I Z veggie see that all the time. Below their dale good morning. Good morning got a long tail wonder. There I'm going to be able to buy it I have bet that gear up the dude it's. I'll bring you don't have a lot of things in the words from the international federation sports fan will mailed fake stuff from our store stay tuned. OK I clearly I ambassador does not take it has a theme song all I ever I have a certificate behind me wizards if I can press one now says. It's all Swedish woman well that's some that's up to you if you wanna do that I am the president of the I the commissioner. That was given to me on my birth date. For 701971. By all sports fans everywhere and as it was attest to his umbilical. Pelosi isn't good morning. Good morning how can I realize I'm a girl skirt really doesn't matter yeah my. Played before the Pittsburgh Steelers know of course I supported the dealers. But then he switched over to the Seattle Seahawks how we Seattle Seahawks. Is that a major. No easy it's different when you actually are in first of all you're you're in the elite army you're talking on the top point 0001%. Of football player. Fragile he's in debt to an NFL team you gotta stay true. So your family while their ball there on the scene and so your cousin played for the chargers you're charges and how likely is this the Dodgers Seahawks fan. You get it out for that or remember. When your cousin stops being a football player you have to revert back to whatever team you're a fan of so you grew up for example Venus forty niner fan. And they went to the chargers and see us all as planned once he's retires boom you're back I mean 49ers and you don't get to keep rooting for you teens he was on mastodons. There was the Steelers that he played for him whenever. It was a girl wasn't listening. Damaged well that I hate the ceiling so that dad of the two Sanders slow. Howie Long and no residues on playing in the end zone I shouldn't start talking about things you should start talking hot hot hot. Hers is going to do wireless a remote but the other has there isn't any kind of root for there you go right eBay just had irreparable both of all the teams right now I only have one Super Bowl yet both have to okay summing up damages have been like to the crossings basically or whatever teens are friends are all I'm. When you've got nobody you guys than the tar balls went through that you won the niners played the ravens and their two sons were approaching each team and they they said all the right things so we're not rooting for of course rooting for one because I was. It was like one kid more than the other. I. I don't know about hormones. How shall I'm sorry of course of course in the Manny and we paid he's been golden child and look at you as you like that does well in both of those championships. 'cause his last name was Mae and. Are a couple of more emails the zones from darkened Hagar and says my favorite team has been used to nor there since I was five years old I still like them when they moved to Tennessee and became the titans. Can I have two favorite teams and there is the Houston Texans not only can you polygamous yeah tons this. That's the same team many large that he it's that Tennessee tight yes you can follow your team wherever you. They changed their name completely of fighting your tee you can bottle and the Baltimore Ravens fans to be the Indianapolis Colts either they change names Hilliard to you can bottle them but by you have to stick with them and you can't start bringing in and other women and yeah. Now bringing more one. It's a really share yes and there's no relationship more important than between the fan and the sports T Docomo. The idea assets. Mario good morning let's. Hi good morning and I think the bit about I'm not scared but I'm like you grader and a generator yeah. And just saying it. And that's not that bothered a huge steel band you and I think vowed to do and I love the people that voted that big adaptable. They're not and that's ridiculous. Oh god what do you want well do you want including robbing a 7-Eleven. By your kids dinner tonight. C and it's a criminal activities turn your back on your sports team one more email perfectly timed. God says dawn is the perfect example why men don't like to watch sports with women so. They gloat about the scene they are like Tina. Man in the snowflakes and this is all law. Don't know anything about sports. So and it's always the team to used to suck really bad you know like the Astros this has created a master as yet. Why you let's do a joke. Leonard don't worry it's got a monster movie. I FSF mail tomorrow as dumb jokes her man you can email us sorry dear red radio dot com do not call you don't know how to tell jokes. The whole idea here is to keep Amanda out of her crippling depression which you can hear one of jolly good soul she is now you've done a great job. Usually granted and dawn and I allows Amanda ground source says when mormons true. Let's see we get some chuckles here. This is from Eddie Eddie is in my name is Betty we know me I have a couple jokes firm and the the very beginning I bought some shoes from my dealer. I don't know what you lace them with but I have been tripping all day. I don't. Every year hundreds of kids get shipped off the mines school never to be heard of again. It builds up and granted when it was a big money or my pronounce it means nothing is I hate. Yeah worse than clown. Again one more war isn't about who's right it's about who's left. And you know war Tony other. No luck with a man and there is no. They steal from Cris say Perez says hi this is Chris you know Chris it's like we had two minutes. What do you call sad coffee line. It they espresso. Minsk. This guy thanks how do you make holy water yeah. Boil the hell out of me. The last ones from GCCs. What do you get when you mix and onion and a donkey through. I apiece a massive debris tear your. You can email sorry V ad Brad radio dot com tie for the pressure cooker yeah. Our daily Tribune game we played every single day although we don't get a winner every single day assured a holdout when this morning Michelle already won in its trivia people we either know what are you don't well I break thirty seconds if you do that uniform package tickets to see Guns 'N Roses lives. The concert Saturday November 18 of the gold ones that are in Sacramento California none of which matters unless you're coloring tee right now you didn't do phone numbers to all free from everywhere 8889899. To eleven calorie team plays the pressure.