Jokes for Amanda 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th


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Now back to rub anybody and don't. And dawn. Called them any time. Hello John. Sam did god whereas my own search they got out not all you don't have friends. Whoa whoa I didn't do anything to call informing lows not cowards and lose your. Actually. OK so well how old are you. They do one today. And adding you know I have your very first year. Yeah but I'm going out my dad for the first. And yeah. Smaller guys on my bowling team they did that they went out on his 21 birthday is his kids might refer to make sure they had a drink do. Essays he. You realize that's not his first. The Kirkland. First you go to the bar I was any family members finding old enough lead and that's legally what I was gonna Barnes and the members Morrison want. Then you can lump and featured. Won't get a hold hello Mitchell go ahead. I just wanted to get your birthday but they are good okay. Inheritance when he just there's. And what is her name. We'll let. More one. Alex good morning. And it's. I want to give the nation under my daughter count me out people mag returning Kremlin today. How well. And good day here bro Barbara. Yeah and another sign for junk shot. Ari deer ran radio dot com with jokes Amanda begun to a gets. Amanda and crippling depression and it like she's been Sallyann songs Yuriko right now we're trying to keep her out of slipping back into depression with your ongoing jokes don't call. You cannot tell the jokes and his. I will handle that Ari do you read radio dot com were averaging about three quarters of the last per day so far this week I. That's good. Mainly ads and Brandon dawn and I really enjoy. You didn't. Need. It's. True of the chicken crossing. Look look look. Yeah yeah Amanda hears would this one from 88. It says a double shows up in church. And everyone runs out except for Donald man. The devil says why don't you run are you afraid a meal man. No man's there's no I'm urge your sister. I can't open. He's an unaddressed the wrong. Yeah did you feel like I'm not the only Americans Obama. I. This one is from Margie in. Art TV she says where would you learn how to make ice creams like where have Sunday school. Elimination. Anti U. Panthers didn't prevent the. It's not a so are Shannon had a cherry and about 25 he's a well look I don't know I need line and. Unpopular. I know it's nasty emails from Carolyn Kaye careless and what you get if you cross LSD with those controls Coppola. Trent without the kids. Those guys singing. Are near a greater dot com for Jones Sherman and this is from Tony had so they. Teachers says little Johnny gave me a sens using the word geometry. Little Johnny says oh come on world and blew it until five. He'll wolf one day and said gee I'm a. I can't explain it you know. All you haven't staying on the this one's from David. There is little Smart embarrassed she may I'll do it night he would do it now what did one DNA say to the other DNA on the these genes made my butt look back. Hey Jean. Let's let's let's put up a. With the GPU. And then you know two's submissions here from Chris Akers. What did the flight attendants say to the flasher. I asked for your ticket not your style book. It looks and zero. Meaning men we we had. Another one along the same lines what did the nurse say into the patient going in Perth circumcision. But there won't be long now. All right we finished juncture Amanda was three submission. From. Asked him hey stay haunts Clinton name but in the ass and asked them he says what's the difference between lights and hard for us. You can get to sleep with the light on. How do you make adult drink. Now put in a blender. Why networks do it's how you may get dog Shani put you under revised. I had the dot. Are you a woman says the man. I've got acute angina. Man says yeah your boobs aren't even. And you can email us RE DS Brad radio dot. Dawn show.