Jokes for Amanda 11-9-17

Thursday, November 9th


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Back to the rub anybody and don't show on ninety wrong. If they aren't Kim got nest. Paul. The female reindeer ran radio I'm. Bring on more. Some glory and hello. We're in the middle of that segment we have got the Joker and yet and yet this is not part of that feature and get the post man is not coming again I'm. No no I'm. Most of it being done nothing else. They do. This is an email of the mighty mighty refer back to about an hour ago my fiance was on the air she says I had a giant smile on my face the whole time Christina was there. Which probably made me look like a freak. As I network with my ear buds and she's charming professional beautiful and I love her. Laughs because this is such a good person nobody can hear what she's listening you just sitting there on the giants while. That would be great yeah okay child molester ever got. What are the kinds of jokes not. Many months ago when Amanda shared that she was struggling with crippling depression and you magaw said while we must do something app they feel so you started sending jokes firm and a look at it now they may result. Happy he yeah I. Let slip back. Well actually beat Nebraska to keep those jokes coming got to keep your inner as happy as she is right now Alia. Yeah so email us very dear and radio dot com do not call or terrible so. Constitution where you're writing in the meat right to pick up the good. Oh now usually the way this works is Brandon Don and I enjoyed all of your jokes Amanda grunts and groans or explains all you now that's true. And yet one good laughs. I think we average a chuckle and a half and and may be a per day in the maybe two Astro we had keep giants. Craig better jokes people first email this is from emails from Marisa Amer Issa and she says my eight year old son and I listened to you in the morning on the way to school homeboy and the jokes her Amanda segment always gives us a good laugh. Hard to see her ass so he's here early and didn't Sierra. Three year old son does not stand beside us or early. That is until 120 yeah but she had downtown Atlanta. I'm so he told me individually you guys this is an eight year old me me me me. Why do ducks have feathers and all I cry so they can cover their butt quacks. Get it not right it always helps when some kids on the joke is a man is a softy for McCain and if you're if you're typing in your joking and and I don't know American allowed just lie and say yeah John. Now actual. And enjoy all age old an old man is driving down the street. Yeah there's a crowd measured steps. It's free yeah. Sierra. An old man is driving down the street with a car full penguins a hundreds of police officer sees and pulls them over Assam what the Haley thinks he's doing an old man says he's taking the penguins in the Xoom right away the dirt. Any heads off to the zoo next day he also sees the same man with the same carload of penguins he pulls them over in the Els. I thought I'd take these penguins and the little old man says yes sir I did today. He's. Hey easy doggone. Positioning on the ground. Would you diagnose. Well. What do you do. Brandon Knight incredibly. Few people with your you. My legs though. And Golda this is pretty bad opening kick but she writes OK I rather excited this being my first time emailing the show. First time for everything turned Jan. I have. A couple of jokes for Amanda that I heard today my first one did you hear about the superhero with a list. That always works out her niece or. What's the most chronic place to go to the bathroom. Look mobile John. Yeah. Hey that's all I'm. I was finding me in the and that is right and today we are not telling the Holocaust jumpy sands yeah. Even though I know your audience people know Hitler's no no child molestation no dead babies. Everything just is real and that we holocaust jokes but this one won't do. Why do blondes have bruises around their belly button and won't. Bond guys are still can do. The problem now is learn to use him now. Really. Next emails from man to teacher wants her students to use the word fascinate in a sentence. Only a little dirty now Johnny waved his hand excitedly in the Aaron the teacher reluctantly allowed Johnny to include fascinates in a sentence. Little Johnny says might see the hazardous weather and with ten is on it. Infused the teacher said Johnny in no way did you come close to Johnny interrupts and says. Abu sauce Salt Lake she can only fascinating. Marge okay. Did the sister I wanna meet. If this is from do you rob they are what. Jones for a man. Great job and we talk about some policy area and then why do the don't. Joseph Fernandez from rob there why it sucks. What is your jokes firm. He says thought I would try to help Jeremy and avert a crippling depression here are few jokes. How do mermaids wash their fans how have tied it. What do the fried rice in the shrimp and don't you walk away from the watch this and did you hear Steve Harvey and his wife got into a fight bone owe it wasn't manly. Avoided and. Cool or okay yeah yeah. Cool what airline and Marion Joseph's saint. And last one and I can tell at a woman's issue. Mormons Christians pray and I was you were missing from that being an improved anyway remotely funny. God that was they would try it if this is from Trevor thanks Andrea good. And do what's the difference between being hungry and mean more money put us where you put the cucumbers. I'd have shot on. That email sorry V brand radio dot com time once again to play the pressure cooker. This is our daily trivia game that we play every single day although we don't get a winner every single day should. It's trivia people another note you don't yeah announce library in thirty seconds or do you do that for the second time they will have a winner before attacking him. That's you and three friends and you have that many call this big Guns 'N Roses drive to. Saturday November 18 at the golden one senator in Sacramento California none of that matters unless you're color eighteen right now you can do. Numbers told free from everywhere 8889899811. Calorie team plays the.