Jokes for Amanda 6-16-17

Friday, June 16th


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Sorry I mean. And ran radio. As I would like to wish my wife Sarah happy birthday ball. All asleep every birthday is a little more bittersweet because this year she turns 25 and out and then he wrote that yeah. But we both know that only gives her five more years until she pages now. I'll stop there I really like this one and we have grown attached to another but rules are rules stuff. And all we can do is live in the now. Or as Gandhi put it you low. Show comes to fix it let that aren't well it's loose errors 15 all right great. For now. There's Liz who gets that assay and there's this from Jamie they'd save me she says you made my husband crime. Wednesday was my husband Ben's birthday oh I sent you a birthday shout out email and you maybe look like a horrible why if you didn't even read it. Government figures show ended mall that would make sense yeah I've got beaten up here she wrote minuet and my and yeah DT she mad men it. She did you why you're right now I don't know wasn't as is and her here. There it this should. The minuet your show and admit it my husband whipped his head around and says yeah there's. All. And I should add in the absolutely loves you people yeah. He's a magnet for life so he was out. Broken that he didn't get the one thing he wanted to for his when he gets her so your since hole. So if you could do you movies and later yeah I am crazy husband the only bird they well never wanted to. If so stand. In his minuet destroying lives and that. Sarah is also Tony five amazing how quickly stopped her and Larry. Happy birthday now. You have to understand we can't read every birthday wish email they come as a birthday show and they would just be this over and over again. Well we can when we can't. Like having dinner and a family restaurant we can't do that yeah yeah every table and to catcher rob on her really really you really really. You're. Then we got this email from Riley it rightly says oh MJ. I am seriously sitting in the office having an argumentative discussion with a coworker about suicide being against the law she says and I quote. Suicide is against the law and they will charge you you are breaking the law my Canadian side. Are you going to insinuating. I'm flabbergasted by her stupidity she's currently Google YouTube proved to me that she's right. Meanwhile I'm sitting here pondering suicide because I'm so mortified I helped dom is first and as you're interested I actually I actually got I remember this argument and it's great. No Joseph bill. Each item does speak of and you suicide what's so it's hurting we were having my fifth grade teacher this fat pig this is now bulls shot. Oh I love recipes. I love but but when we did the parent teacher conference sheets of seats and ten minutes tale telling my mother. How great I was except for one thing. But I would tell other kids that shot up. That sounds like she did find one thing and I put a because they were just Cubans aren't they show up stupid. We clearly see you value in Korea. Is an argument I remember what could be they cardinal. What I remember bringing as Obama how stupid is this really suicides a legal tactic may did you kill yourself what are they gonna charge you win you're dead so dumb. Do you try to kiss I. He Hamptons and her right here force somewhere right yeah we've had. Some experience with somebody you know committee trying to commit suicide. He's bitten people get you know sent to weigh in again total money then they get there are some rights taken away so you are you gonna get stars if you attempt suicide. I mean I remember error on that might be the same person I'm not sure aren't that. You had to talk sent people. To see if they wouldn't go there but you still lose like a loony but now. Right call that a mental home on the. Yeah any day he had like intended. We have meg evaluate or whatever but yet you get rights taken place I mean would you. Let's elite although I don't want to call it used to be illegal it's technique. They illegal but how do you charge a dead person mother crying again if you actually do it needs they should have been arguing over Ernie Els attempted suicide. Strategy you're the manager crippling depression people emails Ari the red radio dot com we appreciated please don't call your horrible telling jokes all handle all of this one is from a troll. Hey troll yeah OK Ellie. So it's there'll be a nickname what is the best way to cut pizza line with. Little sees thirds. He's there he is a little easier and then there's this from. It's pretty jammed says brick and jam go to the beach both like to Wear speed does Jim notices when Rick walks up to the water all the girls flocked around them given in nice looks so Jim asks Rick. How do you get all these girls look at you like that Rick says Jim I'll tell you is sacred I use a little potato more. Now arm this knowledge the next day Jim walks out of the water on the beach all the girls flee with looks of disgust. I don't know alone so Jim goes to Rick and says what happened. Rick looks jammed shakes his head and says you moron you're supposed to put the potato in the front. A permanent heads radiant red radio doesn't. And dawn show.