Jokes for Amanda 9-13-17

Wednesday, September 13th


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Bunny and don't. Now he's wrong. We are skewed our next. All right. Or listen on. And radio. You know sorry you read radio dot com your business floating over the vacuuming now by a red ring tones yeah. And Mordechai. They don't ever. Your favorite says benchmarks aren't like that you go to the stupid store so rivers still are red radio dot com we made a really easy for is only so they're right now but trust me is a lot more in the pipeline. You get a cristina's. Chris if I can wait for Chris Resop. That was the sell out and moves us gave us. A limited time supply. Yeah I must. Can Charlene Wright say surely I just wanted to let you guys know I saw the post on FaceBook about the ring tones right when I got out of sight instantly bought the Christmas lights one yeah. Since I love that song my husband called me an hour later and it scared me in the different sound. He's a long and missed the call. Great Britain. He's thinking this is from Trisha pacers that would get a lot of request ran into Melissa she says would you please add the pressure cooker trivia song it's my faith that was already rife in the blames all her ninth did trivia. Countdown clock. I was slender legs somebody really wants. Have you seen some good enough. Okay the theme song is an opportunity and everything yeah Italy to make you actually listen to Michelle is so mature on the shelves and then a tyranny says I done I love Amanda's Washington's eighty songs. I hope that will be available. Yeah we can do a special coverage of a special version because Brandon. As has recorded his clown laugh. And I recorded you can and add. And again Amanda oh it's a baby songs. All the I missed maybe not I don't know. I didn't want my girlfriends who have won her kids later like ghettos are older. As she loves children that by that time she was damaged babies and she made a person on the merits sees things I heyday he did. They beavis you know I did well. The only down there may problems yeah our rhetoric from. I'm her coach. No man out any broad crippling depression announces working at all because your. It email is our duty at Bradley dot com or call you can't tell jokes are. The idea here is the amended until switch rarely happens usually is Brandon Don and I and I. It's a high priority first ones from Michael and Michael. How many Californians hesitate to screw in a light bulbs how many none we screw and hot tubs so. Your eyes yeah. Some neighbors. They are overtaking. And yeah I'm IRA this is an oldie but goody I can't what did the leper say to the prostitute all black keep it. Couric good laughs there. You do all right this is from Kelso and they. The money and I remember cameraman O'Lakes. Larry Kelsey says rob you have to fix these because I'm a girl and I can't tell jokes. Well all argue that. Our dry as what did one not say while chasing another nut. But I'm going to sue them. And cash use her right. Permanent non interest and a strawberry walks into a bank and yells everyone put your hands up this is a strawberry. Really hey yeah yeah. There is zero for three. And jam. Her mental please. The morning. Your order on how are you guys today down. Dude go to war well I hate years ago you guys and bad days skid dawns laughs for Halloween. What are the chances you still have that sound bite you can't let that at a retail. I'm willing to that was that's way old school that is so long we even have things are recorded we sure. Yeah they're a bunch of dawns laugh and I think we did we put it over the Halloween is it was your idol pass. I think your kids are freaked me out that's going to be tough to follow suit I I in New Orleans on laugh as the yeah. Those together and every day I can actually perform for you already did you bring any deal and I gag you. Next email jokes Hernandez from Steve from. Man is driving down the street he sees a sign that says talking dog fur sales. Curious he pulls over and walks up to the door when the owner answers the man asks so you have a talking dog. The owner knobs and leads into the backyard where his dog is lying down the man sarcastically looks at the dog and says so you can talk time. The dog looks up and says yes. The man isn't complete shock and says oh my god is incredible you know your story. And it all goes on to say well when I first learned they had as a newly enlisted in the army so I could be aspired to bullet in my last mission but I was able to run on three legs to my sergeant who are the moment invasion. I received several combination I got a purple heart from the president after my tour decided to keep servants were the police station. What are Biden dance deals that would triple the drug arrests didn't even keep the city this. And then I'd been working part time at the airport detecting bombs and other contraband. But now I'm retired putting out my golden years here. The man can't believe what he's heard he says oh my god this is the greatest dog ever how much you want form they are says ten bucks. The Kansas ten bucks why so cheap humor says because of god damn why he didn't do any act perhaps. See it's a talking dog. But the owner says no liar Dan yeah see so that's why so she could not do it the no I think guys around. And I cut it I added that a lot you can. I did a lot of things the dog had done it or not I'm here punchline not how you present you know I know this area dads never myself. This time on. My Connor fake and why can't you starve in the desert. Why I think because all the sand which is there. And now doubled our way. Rules Mac. This is from Ian Ian. If a man who doesn't take care of his kids is a deadbeat dad what do you call the woman. Pro choice. I told you it was dark. Can a little regard for human handy as she does seem to laugh at those well. I'm hoping Harlow about this kind of why can't orphans played baseball I'll. Or why they don't know where home is. Email RED I read radio dot com.