Jokes for Amanda 9-22-17

Friday, September 22nd


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Back to rub anybody and Don 98 rock. And Don show. Paul Robinette. And her name. Hillary can't do it ain't gonna happen. Yeah. And what's his name. Gabriel Powell is Gabriel the day. Here yeah. Oh man I don't know all of a daisy knows that old. Happy Earth Day. Back a listener mail RED Iran radio doc promises from nick says hi my name is nick we. He says I was dying husband sample C in my twenties I don't know and one time I had a seizure they had to put me in end game in and induced coma for three days him. I remember saying goodnight to my wife before had a seizure. Rolling over to go to bed and then win here three days later in the hospital. Is the most bizarre feeling and when I think back it's just a black spot and a false sponsor matter. My family said that I responded while it was under but I have no memory whatsoever as easy. Makes you Alex had sounds like. Aimed and that's and that's why I'm you hear all the stories about the doctors and the nurses claim on your genitalia when you're under because they know tonight yeah you never really seen pictures of it. Processor at the moment. Yeah are all talking about. Just remember I before. I wrap before you go hundreds or is this euphoria I don't know NN. A blast drilling forces that. Linux and how to save fly under our this is from Jim Beijing and says hey rob my way. And I were chatting about this the other night because we're exciting like that for. Was all of these hurricanes lately and all of these reporters who seemed to go from storm the storm. Some form of combat pay for reporting from these dangerous storms. While some of their colleagues are still on comfy studios doing their regular reports yet you guys are fun coupled with us. He doesn't come. On this is an reporters and there were four other contracts are written like the local reporters they had nothing. These national people's and CNN and Fox News and things like that so their contracts usually are structured is it's based on the screen time total hours and a year. And that's all lunar base there's a limit to how much they can work or they get and the consumer December overtimes already pre judge but they're not being paid. To be in harm's way usually I don't I don't know anybody as a contract like that but they are getting paid. Extra for doing all of that extra time report catastrophes things if they go over their allotted annual limit. Before hard he had done the flooding damaged I had flooded some areas. I met this person was more closer to the the goal for the reporter and I mean he's not. But why hasn't the rain this but the wind is still backed the yes oh hold on to something right in everything is wearing is blowing and and they're having trouble hearing him in the light. Pull it seems were going to be having technical difficulties and get yeah. It's as it. That's my that's my favorite part pork when I'm hurricanes or it might get up early on Saturday morning just to watch the reporters and harms way. And generators can fly ball in the hand. I never heard Rick it's mom this is from Michael. I am Paul says since you all have various food debates ranging from as hot dog a sandwich wrap an old lots. Does do is it called suit whether or should season us troops land there. Eric thank you look I have a quick question when you cut pizza on the part that was cut is it called a piece of pizza or a slice of pizza slice oh. Doesn't this stupid class we had a family debate about it and we were split 5050 are you peace and these perhaps. It's a slice they sell it by the slice to his idol label it is a slice their. Piece of pizza and bread box at. That hit the right there yeah so I I I honestly don't care I mean I really try to get ginned up down a fight about business either one. Slice for sure no I mean if somebody says man of peace speeds are mediums like speeds and not really more recent months. I would go it's a slice you slice it doesn't I was ran a little piece I just can't give a couple birdies then could I just one to me it's just like the Steven toilet paper bag. I really don't care CDE and take this literally if you are. Are going to have pizza place because you see in the sign and then says. He says pizza they can legally give you just a little square pizza but a safe slice of pizza and then you're guaranteed a full slice of pizza okay. One of my favorite pieces the pizza joints when I was drunk after the bar was called pieces downtown are mantown. And so that pieces see aides say oh wow this idiot he says let's fight about it and that's why why is that it's here that the peace or a slice of pizza calm now and email. They certainly are. Things people debate now. But here's how am I being boring they actually thought about it and came up with a 5050 split over the course where they needed to email us. I really. So this is his hand sidebar globex. One mice shows I watch with my kids that I love is called again place at L one. And Ted Danson yeah sorry I currencies it did this season superior just premiered yesterday or maybe even in front they're. And a good place is the thing. Well they aren't you and been preaching is that the kids enjoy it all. Hawaiian pizza me. God I know. Those are my town is awful isn't it okay. And depression email us RED at red radio dot com does it people. You can you cannot call us though because you don't know how to tell jokes. Com send you jokes we read undone and Brandon Knight generally enjoy them. And I usually kind of bronze yes we had a good day anyway gets you out loud laughs. You know this so we just been kind of good because I I feel like there's been at least one and they give me. I call let's see if we have any today. First one is from Scott pace Scotty says this is a joke from my six year old son. Oh great what do clouds where under their close ranks underwear and okay that's that's yeah. Don't mean mean. I never even occurred in the this from show army shun. What do you get when you drop your toaster waffle on the beach client you get a San Diego. I'm Amanda on sucks yeah after a game. This is from days fight game play is the most embarrassing thing for guitar player flag. Yes breaking their G strings. Pop sort of Hamlet. I'm Pope though shares of you for Michelle image shows. Why did the beat not hear what people were saying why he had whacks in his ears. How do you make this list roll back. I'll push amount amount. What you'll administrators need before a race play flat nothing they fast. Faster. Here's my favorite this bunch of its Jamaican hairstyle they work tomorrow then I'm dreading it. Yeah I heard you talk. Hi Larry how he. The this is from pristine acres dame. I'm my name is Christine me how crazy and I joke Hernandez pretty short putt dyslexic man walks into a brawl. Yeah. Yeah wondered laughter. About. Our new disabilities I looked. I know. Here's gentleman from Jonathan exotic than I walked into a liquor store and bought a few condoms after ringing up the Kirk the clerk says Steve paper bag service said Mac and AM OK she's ugly but not bad and and whenever I mean a woman for the first time I tend to shake hands of my lesson and and I don't like to introduce her to her competition so early on and. Ansari the Iran radio dot com.