Jokes From the Maggots 6-21-18

Thursday, June 21st


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Now back to rub anybody and dawn on 98 rock. They feel as you got next. You're listening to the anybody and gone show called Robinette. And dawn Saturday. Listen non. I ran radio. Are you read radio dot com. He says what all this talk about whose game. It has me sad and change just where I can't sleep beneath the moves on speeds on home my marriage and PS I'm not really gang she is is one of his often irritate those bitching about it. Maybe you just do the best of show wins nothing but the moves on state song while you're on vacation so you know for a fact you can play in the whole time you're on vacations still crush the greens. Well yeah adding that the lot better than let's talk it out today but it but did it look easy now because I'm not present when I have to do my new job. It's funny we just being a jerk now that's not a legitimate use of the move songs. Space so wolf these sandbags they want us to know mall it's its don't be sad. It's gonna play it for you you know is that by the listening and moves on Gaby do men do with him. I'm aware that we still have to play the second round of the pressure unless we PS we'd we played. Earlier. We're still waiting to play for the primus and mastodons against. And memoranda themed it's just look at dean can sustain this the same thing as the earlier version of that. Yeah so long now. It was so long time ago it was about three hours ago that's a long time is anyway and added that seems obvious the media is do you visit is second you know any you know today is an Thursday thirty Leno just days before we know laughter vacationing old vacation now anyways yes we're gonna play just hold your horses bit first. We got a ring got to wrap up the this whole time we've been doing this man. And we are wrap that up and jokes from the Maggie again. You're listening to us you aren't stadium joking else RED at red radio dot com do not call. You do not know how to tell jokes. I shall handle it. Once the first one hears from Haley hazy says what's the difference between all this this and old agreements worth repeating facts what's the difference between a vitamin and hormone. We'll put a plus you can't hear a vitamin. Well I'll. You just came racists out there. I'm sorry Jimmer is a little late starting game was that there has been vitamin and hormone my big fear of vitamins. So what. The next email is from Jason saved six but the says my GPS told me to turn around now I can't see I'm mean. Not safe. I think a joke. But it is what is snoop dog news why it is you've gone on burlap. Perjury is a on the presentation. I sucked yeah. From Brett didn't drag it says a white squirrels swim on their backs full lives southern Macs don't give way. And one more well you aren't really need to drive the political party was a hundred major its little people. A little get together I. And Graham the gaining an advantage in that politically incorrect saga. Thanks emails from Christina but casinos phone's gone. Why don't battalions like Jehovah's Witnesses looked just fine because the saudis. Don't like any witnesses. As Cleveland's up it's. Really easy easier. Radio the last. Eden zany right when I whacked their children at 28 times of the salami and broken neck didn't see that. Japanese Baseball match says he didn't. Sorry we alien loved ones. We have three or four of them from really card though. It's perfectly innocent posture to wrap things up. First one says I only believe in now this is this is gonna go over the ladies' hands hurt he little mask the real. I only believe in twelve point 5% of the Bible. I'm an atheist. Eighth defeatist. One B twelve fraction percent dumb down it's Matt. I had there he's with easy meaning he's not anti drug it's yards I can talk about France's everyday life. And that's why on this begin shake came up to me and started talking like she knew me. But I never met her before the worker be more urban more aromatic herbal more. You are Lucy Ricardo slow here she lets look. How do Australians know who won the chest game Kyle they checkmate. Let's put our minds. He is a form. We Kabul. Last one. I'm already heard like seven cancer jokes today if I hear two more it's going to be nine. It may be knocking out. Jokes from the magazine knows RED a red radio dot com let's play the pressure cooker right now again this is our daily trivia game who do we bring you we played every single day sometimes twice a day like today the winner every single currently share down that we get a win early this morning doesn't need to. To the right. You got to get five right in thirty seconds if you do you get compared biggest deceit primus and mastodon lives can. Saturday June 30 at the thunder valley casino resort's outdoor into theater in Lincoln California none of that matters unless your caller eighteen right now could do. Phone numbers to all free at 8889899. And dawn. And staunch.