Jokes from the Maggots 7-19-18

Thursday, July 19th


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Anybody in John. The feelings can. ASEAN rant radio dot com it's very happy I'm happy she says that. Even shout out random radio. And on the top of the hour contest weird that's. I've heard for you every hour and he's. Are we give you word yet the text that is a chance the thousands box called cherry on just by Roosevelt Hyundai we're gonna do it again in 24 Macy topping out the word word on the top of. Aaron Kathy says though I tried to listen all morning work sometimes get in the way into candidates quit. I randomly caught only one word on Tuesday. And then yesterday morning I got four persistent calls in a row from what I thought was telemarketer. Turns out she was trying to give me my thousand dollar. I number was randomly selected for that hey yeah. That they don't do your chance come up here in just about twenty minutes a rear view mirror call prior to Connie is doctor rob call. We were in matched inside of listener mail that's all RED rad radio dot com we had a we didn't even do the same rehashing his right got to go back could reach you. I'm next one is from just an age estan. That yesterday. We would posted us more pictures from summer vacation and my wife and I getting loose and ready to move into Williams manner. And the process of one of the things that I evident but important we're we ripped out the floors in one room that we're turning into what we're colony utility room. Or mainly it's it's worse than dogs are gonna eat and our early and then there. Golden a special potty area which you're getting just love those pictures we get those done for a nice guy. Com and aunts is still only imagine and so on on the on the heels of the conversation last couple days of my home being 6000 square feet are new manner that we purchased. Justin sent this and says after looking at your pictures I see that within your 60000 square foot home. You have an entire bedroom dedicated to your dogs are ha this is the epitome of the wondrous and I am not Eric Young. It is gonna pay the rest of us will strive to get there are some facts. I'm the real nosy I'm just curious. How many rooms are in that house colleague saying yeah already it as if I'm pretty affiliate there are so ignorant immature serene. For. Behind there's it so it's six bedrooms. Dinner dedicated. As bedrooms one of which is being turned into my walking closets. And then I'm there's two there's tool there's two new books that are technically big enough to also be. Small bedrooms a large closet than my doors and MS and the other side of the wall while. Seem likely Lauren does expect. Six rooms all one that doesn't count the downstairs. Go to air crew had which is stupid word turning that into our home gym but that would technically be the seventh. Bedroom. You're turning that bedroom. Into a closet because there is a closet already in your venture. No they're like there is oldest two are there to walk in closets in the bedroom of those are from my wife. Go down because I have more as. As I'm older and and and actually DNC and so is so I had a bigger ones is yes that's just a struggle by walking across the whole. All it's like it's a four foot wall hate but there's another room she showed me what I remember is this where she's making that to a vanity everywhere she's never able to get ready so is yeah they're all combined OK you're combining connect like some amazing you treat your house or your mansion we'll have heard the you can treated like a home now so that you know one week in your tired and one match dreaming like you know what let's go stay in the south wing. And his other bedroom totally different theme and I treat it like a vacation him and of course ironically was all of this space and because we're both so anti social there's only one guest bedroom and it's in the worst room in the house he's the Jon Gruden right yeah. We actually. We have never have a word you want this is the script is basically not my dad and her parents and everyone else Nadal. That's like once it easier. Now. There is there currently are so different like oh yeah well see what our normal we're never. Does he wanna hear. It is that you can't come over we're not. Otherwise come over. And so while others though there's one side of it and then there's this from Austin chaos and he says. There's no way for me to say this without getting ripped the new ones all is dive right in the can we address the actual question of why rob yeah Eads capitalize 6000 square feet of home. On what I presume was at least half an acre section one acre. He says I understand he and his wife want it and can't afford it. But what of the basic question of why else why can't that money go elsewhere. Rob has been very vocal about how much more he's making after Trump's tax cuts tax cuts. While wages aren't going up for everyone else why can't rob live and house half the size. And give the rest of the money to Britain. What about like this done. What about I didn't seem busier I emails. What. I. What about. Area charities since rob claims to be such a supporter in installments over claims but that's. You claims to be at because otherwise you have got a house a bit. You used all that they are military because there were claims implies that a lie about it. I am not and I'm not a bothered by his email ball backward bothers me a Little League doesn't implies online. Or maybe he believes that I I would just give every free Pandy I would it is okay that's when he got up there. Austin says I'm asking and honestly I'm not not mean we as I just don't understand. How rob can live such a lavish life also many need so much. Human rights could have a great life with half as much and help an enriched so many others. We choose not to if and directs that is so that's why you don't understand that you just you aren't you weren't just aren't built that way I'd I don't know I learned a long time ago. Bit they're there sometimes you can almost immediately identify. There is no way you're ever going to understand so I don't think it's good for either one of us to waste time with me trying to persuade you. They that works in Indian viewpoints of life politics certain things when you can just simply identify the fact that you're right and I don't mean this in a demeaning way you don't get it. You don't understand and here's how I would suggest you look at Austin. Behalf you don't get it because you clearly think I have no problem with this that I. I am. That's the word selfish which I am I guess I mean. I am I'm part of the consumption. Mentality of America's 1% which I earned my way there. And nothing was handed to me in now that I hear used think that I should give as much of it back as I can to. Either the people help give me your like Brandon and even though he didn't say dormant or maybe I should give it back to the people who allow me to even get their because they're protecting our country the military because I clean. To be a supporter of the military my wife is actually in the army reserves on blood. And but so so given that viewpoint. Be glad you don't get beat grad and use dawns father's advice and it in person. Because you can't relate to me because it means doorknob that person you're not some sick twisted selfish. That day and greedy greedy gluttony is human being like I am. Because if you could understand it is possible you could be coming in since you can't understand it. It just be happy because there's no point in answering your question. About why I quote. Needed 6000 feet truth is I don't opponent and that is the answer you said general I want my wife and I wanted to of the house reward will love it or throw with a and we have no guilt so. Root whatsoever. I like to think in. She's asking you this because he finally has. Someone that can answer this question for him because I hope this is that I knew him. I mean woody say the same thing to Oprah. Oprah does not have any children and she doesn't she has Stedman. She has her friends she does have family but shares at a bunch of people living with her she owns numerous properties her homes RG I. Enormous. So would you say the same to her why is she doing that why why should we saw that money on all those homes are just hit it to anyone who owns. 34 Holmes because obviously they're not living in them all that ones tying the I mean they earn it it's what they wanna do. I mean they script they scraped and they had a hard times this does describe rob I know that's hard to leave but. His family was paycheck to paycheck growing up he didn't have anything great wonderful it was essentially left the house and his father started having my knee jerk and his father never came to his rescue Robby had more bills than what he was making. We call father told him to figure it absolutely. I mean rob is live off the top front and Robby has scraped and saved and struggled and had awful things occur is well on his way up so. Anyone that what when people go through all that they finally a success and money did. A lot of people that go to that do you wouldn't you try you would and that's Pauline. But it'll prob still is generous rob still gives to needy charities. That hasn't changed nor will it. But I just am fascinated by people that expect. I want around me said he was genuinely curious. As to why but I do you see it all the time in the people of weapons are enormous houses elderly. Two parents of one kid at all so what is just that's different preferences that people like and how they lived. Ayers and well everyone that I don't know that that's the idea that's not okay you have to live the way that I say that you live the other the other answer the question is in the is that. No my wife and I couldn't be genuinely happy with with 3000 square feet we couldn't beat. That's why we've worked so hard to get to where we are now because that is what helps us be had because we hate the public we hate beat out in society. So we are building a home that we never have to look or want to leave. And that's not gonna resonate with you either so because you're gonna think well that's terrible boy that's a terrible definition of happiness which goes back to. It's not located people just live the way they wanted to because you have to be you have to be made happy. The way this. Scott is diets this is good guy it is part of the narrative that's out there that you hear all the time and psychologists are constantly saying as many. That hit dead true. That true pet to have peace. He's doing for others. Heard everywhere. That's the that's what they say that's the true path to happiness that is how anyone becomes happy. Not trail good overall different yes we are and solve some people find happiness on the tape all on their way is and that's impossible to. You know I am rob here's the thing you get judged on your side and this is the thing that it baffles my mind. Folks get judged on the other side as well. That that the property of doubt homily had Landon and animals and all of that how swells like seventies I cared ordered my husband. We could care less we love what was on the outside. It was all about the property. And and for us for us personally we can we can find comfort and make it a whole no matter what style the inside of the house this. But we would peep hole I got Archie and update there isn't all my god how did you live like that we need it we live like having the kids this is good live it we are loving it so it's like. You do you get grief for having too much but if people don't live up to the standards of what society being. You also a personal can't get grief for that did so it is it's a. Weird and it's not weird between humans and humans soccer yeah people absolutely soccer. That is that is the lesson of this show ultimately is now people's socks. And the only thing we've done is we have been bold and everyone now on the believe only you are right. No matter what you think whether you think they had waited this willow added as an American suspects are sexist that's the big house steakhouse to stop that he had gotten and that's the only way he wasn't really happy she's lying. You think you or do you think the only way be happy that constantly yeah every penny candy how everybody every free moment I haven't. You're good you'll all sock just leave people we all grieve all of our. I've done my husband's back I'm from Dixon zoos in Texas and he's here full time and back in California. We have continued art training for Foster care we had a grumbling design. And oh my gosh Britney constantly people are like well I look at it on somebody else's child well why you do it okay. But you know what. You what you can't and so you shouldn't it right at me like why why are you judging us and wanted to make us feel that her parents don't. Like oh my god and again I'm sorry I accidentally Cincinnati. I was talking about you put it to the already. Our next email is thrown Cheryl do it Europe and then takes us to this week's prod cast brought to us a buyer but he's as always at tech. To you they're gonna they're gonna be doing a big old project again for us today urging me here after our. I'm gonna do a great job they are and Brandon has to be here to supervise so Brandon going to be standing in the corner with his arms across nodding going yeah yeah that's it at that spot in this spot might understand that constitutional grew. I mean as well. Somebody he's not here making go I can't go get my my haircut so I'm gonna have my barber come out black hole and then six mile climate. Soledad and he's sending that email yes they were going back as far as I. Bad that is what I like to see in a protege. Of 700. Clark yeah egg and Lou so celebrate embedded like bay 30000. What brings his haircut. Like guys and you'll be just finishing a big project they've been doing for us here in our own studios. And their amazing now in this case they needed to come nor business and they needed to actually be hands on here sometimes they can do things remotely. Of course you know his head to their shops it's tech to UT ECH the number two what are you. Dot com and they sponsor the broadcast which is up at red radio dot com you can get it through some type of map or something I don't know. Oh dollars and ten got around radio dot com news musical Gunner and prod gas there or you can go on what your favorite podcasting apps like iTunes are Google or stitcher and look for Red Cross cross stitcher that's what I was yeah. Literally this is now this down this week's broadcast pretty intense was that that word I don't really miss. I'm ready. Did you upset yes or no I didn't. Really here's what Cheryl writes she says I just finished listening to the prod cast and I mean tears. Or how much I relate to Brandon and his depression struggles I do battle many of battle inside my own head and I as they relate to what Brandon said about not wanting to bother others of my problems. Because in the grand scheme of the world's not really that day. One thing that has helped me is to have that safe comfortable space between myself and my husband. And it sounds like Brandon has the same save space in his relation with this is Brandon. Little later damage talked about what is specifically bothering brand and at that moment for me having that safe space time with my partner allows me to bring my guard down and just my feelings. And then move along instead of pushing them down and beating myself up you are a more beautiful sold and you realize we're. You did mention on the show earlier in the week you've been putting and he used the phrase was you're putting your wife through hell. Yeah last couple weeks while you get it bush is dubbed outs of of self doubt they're how would you describe the. I think seeing these types of things happen in waves and I just think comes kind of final low points and eight is as it comes I mean it's it's certain places like kind of what I am what I'm not working and I'm not super busy then I golden self doubt can licensing exam along with my thoughts in now and so when I had the most of the times on the weekends I'll I'll I'll be putting my wife through hell he's a saint for dealing self because she is my sounding board and she is a line that kind of knock some sense into me. But at the same time I I doubt that she's even giving me that that advice genuinely because I'm Michael you're just married in these so you know you. Have to see who's saying. That terrible little video that you have to Barbara Landis she and I know you do know this to the corridor south. She loves you so much and I'm so happy because you deserve that and she deserves how much you love her you can tell. In the prod cast and I think my facts that. For the prison you put yourself in lycra antibody are doing well. Mentally I just share loving caring wife who just wants to help her buddy you know that it's not just her husband and and lover but it's like her body that she genuinely. Is talking to a given this advice to end and and likes to. Because it's like eat your wife gets it that's good because I think some people go to Mary just think everything's supposed to be rosy and great. And no we're supposed to have baggage it's like you're white kids that we all go into these relationships and we all have our baggage or were there to help each other through it and it's not a burden or anything like. That now part of it in industry's front guest do as part of this helpful right Brennan is that mrs. Brandon has had her own challenges with anxiety. And other things and apparently she preferences in this week's been having such a I'm laughing it's funny Gerri Jesus the anxiety so battered woman when she's throwing out. Oh yeah and at her previous job. She was. She is so anxiety ridden days she would wake up in the morning that not even getting to work. And you start throwing up right there you and and it was. Specifically caused by the work in a lot of the toxic environment that was created around that self she eventually got out of that but. Not by her own she has actually ordered to by her psychiatrist is taking a medical leave the man. Nothing in the past she's much better off now and always he's not a good place yeah she's okay now pick it's so does he's upset thrown up every morning that that's not every morning. Or did I. I guess yeah. Relatable email from crystal. Who says thank you for having this is Brandon on again it'd on the front cash used talking about our anxiety was so bad that she was throwing up every day. I'm at that point in my life to. Every day I'm exhausted from the time that I wake up until the time I go to bed. I throw up almost every morning in a year for leaving my house so maybe I guess stuff on the couch during the bed where I feel like they can't move or speak my house is a mess and gotten lectured from missing work on the bread winner so it's not like I can just stop work dean's so thank you for me you realize I need to get help again it's made me realize I need to reach out to my psychologist again. And readjust my men's may be it's hard and I feel so weak and Murray on May heads. That I need to change again thanks. Brando doing this is our with your broadcast companies people pushing on the. Iraq again I you know it's a very fair gates in just kind of discusses an end in guilty head on but the same time it is working and it's not something you just talk about Miller god got that off my chest so now I'm gonna feel better. So it's a constant struggle I think talking about a kind of can humanize is everything in and I have I am not discounting anybody it is written in by then giving getting a lot of great advice from people who actually seen psychiatrists and and therapies for this type stuff and I've gotten a lot of great tools and I'm and actually put inaction I have already started putting the action so it's been very good so thank you very much I'll. And the new prod cast available I ran radio dot com we do you want every T is a student. You're listening to us right now you are. And a joke email us sorry dear friend trader dot com do not call you cannot tell. There is a couple years minerals from a mega Dini hi Tammy a couple jokes in the Xena felt. I actually. Start with one dad's Ford on in this is that there's a voice is like dog I goods he denied that any day now. This is like the most adorable way start listeners are first started they jokes in the maggots. What's the best way to get a message to god. Both clients email. How you get. Here's another one. Of a totally different vein Bodine says I was smoke some weed with this Mexican girl. It till I asked her for some papers and she ran off. Ice. Transcripts. It's it'll always makes the go from Shane takes days ham sandwich walks into a bar and order a beer and the bartender says sorry we don't serve food here. K that there's nothing just Ricky I'm very key there is no chance that this first I'm gonna tell it because I think it's fun. All there is no chance that. 99%. Of you are gonna get this and it's not normally is Smart not call me stupid. I'm just saying even if you did even if you once knew this I don't even know how many people are gonna get the stuff they say maybe a surprise. Why are Christians not able to do trigger not a tree why because Jesus took away their sick and. You know like seeing constant hand you know tangent the other hypothesis I partners have to try although he's an he's an unsigned note in Eugene shorthand it's seen costs. And hand signing co signing tangent but short hander went oh. On the street yeah Italy which argues so deep right now becomes Sandra Hughes a market now SI and the right word rather short Orleans deciding how. I was like algebra BP okay. Well that tests showed it was so portly or whichever you want to make its algebra to throw with a wholly Melanie and other jokes or. I know face off for me and I'll. I ain't all they get out of the garbage and save it for tomorrow. Don't write a brand and that was our eye on the street this is from Brittany Britney how do you deal the red heads temper. Gingerly. It's my. The last two if you're the first one says that what do you call a Communist sniper we'll call it a marked man. Good enough and the my wife hates it when our hot eighteen year old neighbor sunbeam's topless in her backyard. Personally I'm on the census. From the magazine they're not about stricken on entry you can email me. Sorry to here Henry dot com top of the hour time for your chance of a thousand bucks right now yeah. We need to keywords. 7881. All this brought to aspire Franz Roh's build on the work. This hour is where about. When the web you leave WEB's. Ice though web idiots masterly detects that the seven C 88100. Chance that's how the plot. Eat and gone.