Listener Mail 10-12-17

Thursday, October 12th


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Love anybody and gone on now I need rock. ERS who gunmen. And dawn show. Called him at any time. The eleven more listen online at red radio dot com. On the go. Lol love the PA us and the the. Larry good morning. I think this just another round of America artificial intelligence he just sort bar code on everybody and everything. Don't nobody gets a plan that yeah names anymore. You now only known him. Even the people the schools Lieberman doesn't mean we can't summit is number in our schools. We have to solve that numbering each of us and we're gonna need longer numbers and one drunk or not so that's where Labarca things and then we just stand each other to find out what to call the other. That's me and I am I know that I am I'm not reload. Religious person that thing bar codes on number never read that some are going to be and yeah do it anyways we're headed that way is it. Seeing him and that happens I'm not doing it means I started at I don't care. Yeah it wasn't serious suggests. Four record and I have just gotten so far on are you concerned by means very got a man announced on easy anyway. Well there rob good morning good. What are what are we doing hey there doesn't Lauren all right hello Chris good morning. Hey good morning I wanted to charity show I don't remember about him. Or anyone who wants to the other thing the playing the National Anthem tennis for the words stand. And campers show that America never disrespect. Our soldiers. Okay we don't win don't entitle for everything and by the way our soldiers makes it stand those. They do V Akron and did that then and he can stand does not see standing here right now like songs I know you just put our soldiers. In Prentice a okay all right. It's. Also he's come today and he's brought us a bunch of emails the website is ran radio dot com where the superstar is also. It's all or business now in the search. Giving Turkey's you can. Either get it online shifts right keep your door for you go to any of our more than a dozen food vendors all of which are listed in the student's score is arsenal are. How could contact information if you wanna check on their hours as well speaking of the store we have another ring tone now available yeah. To go along with the I can't wait for Christmas. And the lose on gains during and the unchanging Powell now hey you can now whistle our people. Who are trying to call me door action news you know that your friends are boring for example. Colleen actually no reason. Tardy he's sat on my songs also available in New York sabres ran radio dot com email us RED I ran radio dot. Let's get to this first ones from Brittany favorite niece says first of all brand and I wanted to tell you I've stopped drinking. You know my last drink was on October 3 and my birthday was on October 4 when I turned and had 28. It wasn't court for her hat even with the little time I haven't been drinking I feel so the I still have a long journey ahead of me sad part was I didn't get to do anything for my birthday. But I'm okay with that because I'm giving myself a gift of not being haunted by always wanting to drink. What's really embraced it my question brand and how do you keep yourself busy when the moments of craving alcohol came about so. I just ended up picking up stuff and I put away. Time bomb went in lieu of drinking so. Mean I sort of playing music Mora started fostering animals without life Muller. I'm so I guess I just couldn't. Means myself more available to the things I was putting off while I was drinking got Britney doesn't say why she chose to stop drinking or whether or not she has a significant other but that was also a big part of it not just doing activities with your wife but you mentioned there were times where. When he got the urge you would just say out loud. Today to have somebody got to bounce it off and mad also some would sometimes take years well absolutely especially if you acknowledge just acknowledging in and making it known. It's publicly to other people and how. It helps because I Scalia I really. I am craving this is real but I don't need it and and sometimes even just going to AS sparkling water will help. On but I was also lucky enough to have my wife. Be sobero is mean during this year long. Period so that also announced isn't I mean I don't mind being around people when they're drinking but in other significant others got a decent and free throw line every Friday night. A Saudi really hard for me not to want to join. An unlucky. We are earlier too about there's this the stigma because he without knowing why Britney shows a drink. Be aware if you haven't told anyone urge you don't care there is that stigma when you tell you Molly I you know I'm not drinking all while I mean you know we had a problem gas. Swear and sometimes that's not why you quit drinking may be just doing it as you want dry out or whatever but. It is helpful to have at least a persons already in Texas. Yeah sentiment Texas and all I'm sitting here alone I really wanna drink text with me I mean if you are quitting because you are alcohol this is what sponsors come in handy for. Your sponsor returned to training and yeah and if you don't believe in the bolster program you can bring your own sponsor and on some other type of system automated. I've given you eat those things you love group was was along for the ride in and any Al. Weighing in on this and ever since he's all these kind of in my sounding board as well so I would say yeah. I would say he's kind of like my sponsor but I'm not necessarily in the steps program or going to a eighth but you know he's a world is constantly bouncing off each other I can sure everything's cool. A little more liberties email on related says also I just want you know I love everyone on the show my dad made me grow up with talk radio and I always. Listening and hit shows but I must be turning into my dad because you guys have become a habit of mind. I listen to your show every morning and sometimes if I miss your show I'll listen in the middle of the day on your apps. Well you all keep up what you're doing you are all amazed. These. Todd Eckstein knows from nick Payne did and it looks like this spring resistance. I'm 45 days until Turkey. So as we get closer more and more emails and questions and calls for comment about preparing the actual Thanksgiving dinner the bird man in those. The stuff and we got the recipes posted revenue video series coming to our website as well. To help you with all of this right now it's all about the Blue Line yeah you can buy ad ran radio dot commons Stephen's story frissora chairman of the Bryant is just one pound package. And dehydrated seasonings and herbs in spite. That we put together you just dump it into a bucket. 68. And the next morning you just printed however you would usually bracket you'll be amazed at how you actually get for the first time in your life a juicy dirt. So good so first one nick says rob and or merger Brian from the rest of historic super sir thank you and I'm waiting patiently for it to arrive at my wife and I are doing Thanksgiving for the first time. And it's my first time ever cooking answer all of got a guy. My question is regarding the bird. I know when using your Brian I wanna make sure it's not a free brine Turkey but isn't it more common to find a bird that is three grind. So where you buy your Turkey. Also being that it's my first time do you suggest I do eat free Thanksgiving bird. I think I'll just order another Brian packet just enthusiast says yes as an actual idea yeah sure feel you minus it's. Seen as is my first bird I'm hoping you can make a suggestion arm there at the I don't know what is more or less common these free Brian Turkey's. Which are injected with a brine solution are more calm and now I think because the popularity of brining has come along and some of the bigger companies like to be able to put on their label three brine Turkey. You don't have to go as far as I do I get free range birds from Srebrenica in farm locally. The longhorn meat company one of our yeah. Partners open Auburn California. On you don't have to go free range they are more expensive there are still some some turkeys out there that don't. You Ryan. And and Ian maybe call some just call some grocery stores in your rather than going to every especially because right now is out of the birds out there. So these are colony had maybe you can find wanna reserve one and most grocery stores. You can call the dummy department it 'cause they'll put they'll put out in the freezer section around in the meat that's an area. The Greek banks are easy you know the butter balls that kind of thing but most of the time and they'll have a budget connection or a local farm like brand and ends. In Sacramento area so just call your local department bomb Yemen in special order and as well usually through those connections now as for your their idea I'm not saying in this. Because it boosts our Brian sales but. Absolutely he should do pre Thanksgiving bird if you never cooked a Turkey. Let alone hosted Thanksgiving the last thing you want on Thanksgiving is to be a record over this. And to be wondering as your as your finishing up the process and your but in the meantime mom and aunt or your cut and for the first time all crap that I cook it long enough. Is it going to be too salty all those other things take a weekend's make a birdie on making huge burden ten to twelve pounds Turkey. Use the less the leftovers an exam which is that we her or pot pies or whatever. And every one do you have me but yeah I think just so you can do it once and it turns out and make great notes. Copious notes that way if it turns out perfectly if you're not then on Thanksgiving Day on our crafts well right. And we Brian is remember we're drinking too much and that's all the data mess up just one. And make notes that I know tennis season is used but yes I think it's just I think it's a good idea for anyone that's either hasn't done in Turkey a long time or has never. Donna Thanksgiving or burn itself. Practice makes perfect at least I know it's not cheap but at least roll out one Thanksgiving bird or a non Thanksgiving bird before. Care about who's coming and yeah. Did I in the blind eyes yeah.