Listener Mail 10--23-17

Monday, October 23rd


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Back to rub anybody and gone on 98 world. And. You grab radio dot com. Regular old boring this. It will be an American views and after every man has seen unanswered question remember the bingo almost as close at all and the goes and comes he delivers a load of email. Have you ever ever ever ever everybody would bet you he know you do both men did he come here you go boy good meg not in a and I'll let you ring the doorbell. Yeah you. And yeah. You are okay alone. Vanessa writes I can't remember when you all started sending emails where your Christmas giveaway when his own benchmarks mattered. Okay yeah or go back to you and I admire the 27 days of Christmas all. We don't really refer to what is a Christmas giveaway it's not a contest and any kind it's a matter of you writing in letters either for yourself for someone you know. For neater for Greece agree to tell us your story. Com and then eat what we do it's not like a random like we've taken out Matt you O we're gonna grant this one will do is we try to be out can we help this person do we have the money you tell them do we have the resources are we. Partner with somebody that can help we've been doing it. 1112 you know in years like one point two million dollars worth of issues. When grandma and mom I don't have time to put an exact date yet doing yeah I know now it can't be in it was not a born November 1 obviously we're not setting them the answer just. So how long do not send them to descend into a very specifically link. But if you have a story or you know somebody the right story here draft after one and I just wait to hear from us on our FaceBook page on the air an enemy it's it's on the way it's coming soon I'd. I don't see. I just Brad radio jobs. Both than the railroads and in the membership web site. Members not ran radio dot com the animals sick stuff today because of course Brad reader dot com ball bounces of the storm. The Burke Bryant is why am I know the only 31 days to go home and killed Thanksgiving. It can and we're all good emails and FaceBook posts from people who were receiving their brine a little excited. Add up I don't like Leonardo. Don't say don't need per month I got to before. Arms and you can order as many of you were doing we appreciate that you can also oral the other food items that are in there we have gift packs variety pack your one time we have a the red barbecue rub wishes grooves are also two of the espresso barbecue sauce. The bloody Mary mix Iran's present me. You know flowing out of Berlin republic laughter easy ask. And we have the pickle juice is well that's a rash or recipe in mind all moment in order of those and hadn't should. Write your door from the suit store suits her story or when you go to rap radio dot com we have all our vendors listed there all of the us the Larry's northern Nevada location. On the Kerry in Reno. And sparks and Sun Valley they're all listed there was contact your mission longhorn the company and in Auburn California butcher boys meat. They're in Reno on plum lane of course and her spirits on Donner pass road in Truckee and everything they're carrying is listed there. Instead the source is a school record at Bradley in a comedy in Ireland. This gives me put this new memberships he's working and doing something in conjunction junction what's your function and. Because. As promised us that hey yeah. You know these people like the back the hands of people that's after being out on a right along front though witnessing those sort of listen in real life version of the people to call this show. High school house rock. Yeah actually. The funny thing is I almost always get aideed by at least one person when I do right along folks. I told the story about hold. The last place for a moment or hogs are in a guy they're literally hog tying him and he's and he looks over he gets he gets a look at me like. Well you do you draw. Fortunately and so in some of them now one arm but he's always mentioned and they. We've also relatively short of undercover we know we got that you're you're going to barge in the house is drug Leslie every year your cupboard right. And all you see is maybe beyond. He'll lead this dude he recognizes them all god right. But she's covered the dude recognizes voice they went to high school Geddes like her saying that they how. Yeah yeah. The it was lovely guy he didn't he didn't identify and then he he knew me but there was I think our last call and I am almost sure it was a listener. A because of the way he was looking at me and B because you know at what you do it we always see it if you're not aware but after you're done with the call. All the costs stander on MBS for about fifteen or twenty minutes just about what you just Don and everything else now. Ireland and and while we're BS scene. We started talking about my show when you can see the guy who's still standing there and constant gotta look over like Manuel withdraw. Yeah leave me was when we when we called out we have called seed beat couple times or do you I checked chp says shows up. Barely out of their car stand in their next officer pat and the driver of the chp car says. Yeah. Guzman was then fourteen years yeah. You has been in the Telemar Manzi was at brandy speak to people. In the same room together they went to the Georgia at the elephant bar do you eyewear and show. Hardworking of the SL IC was at that one as well holy crap way back when out there and milk he's here he's been out of here's a small world we're gonna try. What was the point that I know I'll be glad we're just now I just got to her and I. All so that's a yes I'm very aware of how stupid people are how little a world. We all have a front row seat every day on the show when I answer phones you're all below on Nolan I'm right where we wouldn't do me and we get to here's the deal Dominique. As promised we oppose today are first of many holiday cooking videos. We're gonna walk you through the whole process and though they're gonna live there forever so you can access them I don't. You can watch the video today about how to Brian your Turkey if you wanna get ready but hitting hundreds you have the 25 days and still. Heidi practicing and we go to the whole process of what you need how to do without making a mess you'll see me drop Brian package into the Bryan. Couple months human man yeah. I do not yeah that's the best way to get off on the front. That nice click here I give helpful tips like make sure you don't get any view on your Rolex and god and I. Well in the nowhere in the first one on 900 ciller flew the blue. It sits in the U. This idea of the I think that's the the opening and every video is gonna work. Yes because the big series as those will be entertaining entertaining and informative like this show except when dawn talked faster car. A long list of campaign. I'm gonna get and you know yeah. Are nearly every dot com first one is from Tel HL says I listen to your show yesterday on your show. Will help lots woods. I love it makes me laugh yeah topics that you talk about and my favorite thing you do is when you make fun of old people. It's not very nice you Woodbridge yeah Jimmy you can do because I want when the number I don't need a shot. Yeah. Should not mind if I heard just a and drugs in my eyes yeah. I don't know. Really shocked at the moment it admitted it's an. You'd also be doing the show only art cards hoping to hear his dexterity. Mariners he knows from 88 JD says Don your laugh is contagious. Even when what you're laughing that is stupid that I lesson everything I know you're laugh alone makes me laugh out loud. Amanda I love open and honest you are with your personal struggles some branding your impressions are amazing all playing out not quit do Jack Nicholson. And yeah. Timing is impeccable. Since they Robert always thought I was crazy for my views and opinions on this world and various situations and after listening to your show for the last four years. I learn I'm not crazy after. I find myself using you as my references to people while discussing topics are debating with the audience around me thank your being so blunt upfront and honest. Girls like you you're out their same old problems ahead of Friday's crowd you know all robs oh. My favorite is a little Weis does that you're a suspect that's good enough and my and even like the show. Yeah for the wrong crowd then drag a curtain. Around and and Dan. I've seen her Matthew came back here says I just want to thank you show for introducing me to dog woods a resort. That's the resorts in the woods. For our dogs heaven on earth elements are we send them whenever mark were on vacation and dogs are coming with us we have all the details and contact information both on FaceBook and read radio dot com. We're operating says dogs and scout maestro. And there's like. It was last week and the week before or whatever rubble and they just looked to have way more exhausted than usual you've run them around. And I went to ask Robin like and I like they were a dog words were thank you thank you ask would just picked up thank you can tell bag. Sasha and Matthews actually got a little bit tidbit about that you're somewhere he says my wife and I hated leaving Joseph Joseph. Our one year old English Bulldog behind us who went on vacation while we were away Teresa as Iran's dog would send us photos of Joseph Jonas. Still we are so relieved to see him safe and having a blast the sweetest her body and one of the photos like instantly recognize three big east circling my boy like sharks around a fat. White baby seal. There's a black lab a German shepherd and a white German. So you know three batters mattered who I explain that I'm rat thing and illusions at all labs matter well I mean you know I was too much right. And actually try to edit myself twice what I. And Wednesday confirmed that it wasn't facts out Italian maestro in the picture. After hearing about rob dogs for years it was so cold receive a picture of my dog playing with that. Jo-Jo had a great time which resulted in the famous dog wounds co. Just everything is just 30 yeah dude it's great they dare list their heads up I noticed on. Walk. Ambassador are you don't always lay here are laying it all I know I ball. He says we'll mostly be bringing him back next time we go away a while Massa all I actually have a message for you for my fiancee Christina. If you ever get tired of Joseph Jonas she wants them because ha ha. When we drop took. Our three dogs off Joseph Joseph was already there. And I don't think juries that made the connection yet that they were red listeners and all that sushi just want us to meet Georgia because she thought he was adorable and Christina was just like. How why we bulldogs are. Anyway he is this fat little White Sox. Yeah what's. It do we have other things that. I eventually want to eventually get all we're going to be that crazy couple that has no kids in ten dollars. And besides I know in my life. Sounds next email is English Jim Baker as stands as I want to wish my beautiful and intelligent girlfriend Cornelia. Well I'm happy 27 birthday and. But Bob ball. She is an army doctor all think it's in his way out of my league but she puts up mean somehow. Everything all right so happy to examine your cornea and are in these kids turn seven. And a cool one year popular and now one yell hey now. Have you heard the. And we please make note in the red calendar out and one year from today and it go to Kandahar. Announce it we'll all remember kids it's also my brother's birthday. Mom you know I yeah. Really is 2000 plus there's an engineer. Alexander well thank you anyway what. Yeah. I don't really easy money and how. I suspect he knows I'm sampling size Stanley meanwhile Stanley's and all he writes happy pre anniversary Amanda. From listening I know that Thanksgiving issues of the day you met Rodney go hurled. And you consummated love and form located your youngest child would be well they didn't so that's how. How it works how words do that you know we gave me so I. I eighty cat that I I don't really have an anniversary bash on Thanksgiving. Even the day the night before Thanksgiving so technically Thanksgiving here in the wee hours I use ran into his room and blamed him by his the first day break. All of probably about one mice and Osama started you sleep you lose in his room and gone to sleep yeah. On top of the key. And AM and that's when we first set did indeed and then we just birdied other posts and spend I didn't get pregnant for like a year after that and then and then so but but so this Thanksgiving eve or Everest eight years now. Oh it's not easily fit me. Team member Tracy or seven. Next email from Jaime I Jamie says my name is Jamie we know Jamie. And commanders still counting yeah. Is what I. OK EE XQ I heard and I know right now let's start over. Katrina veteran Jamie Lynn and Jay I don't. Hope welcome females as. You can't quite make it yeah. And Asia erase my three year old son Tyler has been forced to listen to your show his whole life her. There's a whole lot oh all three feet deep record this year is an. Sets like a lot of us magnets now I know Robin Brendan don't like kids get drilled a hole. You like kids. How old navy base is and formal conversations with you don't have jobs. They're little Jeremy. Well they're joyful cool huh that's setting tennis and I am incredibly endorsing and I think I got losers tells Ali. I that's number one I know he. The I know Robin Randall play kids however I thought I might make Don and Amanda laugh and smile with my son's rat shenanigans over the past year. He drives my dad and husband knotts did is they hate you guys up. Somewhere but well it makes my mom and I smile is the when he decides to randomly yell the first two words he said ever. We're damned annual. And he'll look like dad hates us because it is a dash and forestry worker he decided to build when I introduced him to play dope. Was what he described as a huge football yeah it's been taken. 00. She's been recording images and over the video file was we've done here did you view some of a three year old Tyler. Agree or cancel is this first one is. Him trying to do and anybody shout out man does it like something fall Brandon many doesn't again who now he's playing with a little bear Dyer claim so he's like yeah grass OK okay. And we have to explain why we don't like into tonight's Katie the plain to see here's you. And yeah. Newly. Now have a couple different versions. Christmas lights Christmas time cy. It's Christmas lights I. The. Well one too many. Is that one zoom com a final show on Sony's Tokyo theory is doing his trump impersonation. Now this might be your very last one. Now he's talking about let it get out who I was Elkins do you think they're just not there.