Listener Mail 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th


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Hey good morning guys EU. Hey I had a quick question for you I'm little a little still probably my liberal. Furnishings says that dog cannot eat chicken bones. And I think they're he can calm I guess we are contrary we're going to that the stand out schoolteacher good bones. Well first call I appreciate my our phones greater doing my job it's. But yeah she dragged down don't know. No chicken bones ever for dogs no matter the size. Because what happens is they splinter. Inside of their summit they can share their intestines and put holes in their stomach can cause internal bleeding Jesus they can also splints are on the way out terrible terror. And he sized dog chicken bones are an absolute. No no and you hate hearing in this area play your girlfriend is right. For people with a bigger dogs they're stronger jaws German shepherd Rottweiler is great Danes things like that. When you see those big giant bones at PetSmart that are cooked those are terrible to for the same reason. Their jaws are so powerful they will splinter those things to watch for dogs that they like my dogs. A my German shepherds in my black lab. All adds a terrible idea and the antlers using gamblers elk antlers are much harder. It's a splintered and and yet be very careful about that a lot of animals a die that way so loud and clear that up for you but you have to tell your girlfriend she's right now yeah. Seven is Christmas continues as does my. At Roseville Hyundai you sometime to submit a wish. Met Brad radio dot com for neater for agree I agree that yeah you can do agree we are down if you do rap radio dot com as we go to perform just allow you have to thought nothing you can just email us a directly. Armed and please please remember. If you see a a strange phone number in the morning. Calling you know we live in the agent and he or she yes telemarketer or bill collector you might be missing out on your 27 days wish I mean granted we do not leave messages. Because we have plenty of other people don't want their wish is granted and so. We call if you don't answer we might try again that morning come and that's how your wish is getting granite so if you're getting calls in the morning. And you're in the door yeah. You're hurling yourself. Just beware that's how we don't give a heads up we don't action will tell you we're gonna call yet we just call and say. You read you like to talk to you about your Christmas wish and so you're ignoring your own. You're only hurting yourself submit your wishes are red radio dot com what's wary listen. Hundreds. Holes from bill collectors are now returning the phone calls. Are you after this is an American Express my I got into. Hi this hello thank you post man for the radio dot com we have a brand new broadcast exclusive sports right now story. This is Amanda and Brandon harper on the users running a contest if it was say. He talked about everything from drinking in the sex sexual drinking drinking I mean sacks not name. It's hosted for free. At red radio dot com that's also the home of the stupid store super store. In which she the brine is no more. We are all out on lines they have to go to one of our Brian vendors. Which are all listed their red radio dot com we're only nine days. Pain from Thanksgiving is a unit. Smoke junction cafe and pool on antelope wrote in Sacramento California Zander spirits on. In Truckee California and the wash she shoot policy she loves Carson City and Gardiner bell all of those addresses and other vendors and still have Bryan are listed. Do stupid store go to school for ever radius up. First email here this is from Carl Carl's says my name is Carolina no car all stand today in November 14 nine month. And the balance. Today is my 36 birthday. Yeah old man and you realize Karl doesn't mean your parents did it on Valentine's Day it's actually a ten month process is so you've been walking around there is easier Megan fool out of yourself. And George the million us your Martin Luther King Jr. weekend birthday probably. That's creepy don't go around bragging about when you were inseminated yeah I'm real reason. Have I'm Carl says it's not a big milestone birthday but thanks to you and your show yes on your show. He's the I had to celebrate it. When I was thirteen I was diagnosed with type one diet beat us all. Honey and in my twenties I didn't even want to live to see thirty all she driving to her I was constantly imagine just driving in wall wall high speed law. They also say the life saving grace was you and your show yes Don. It's clearly. And he really. For some reason at some point it was stated that suicide was the policies way out and for some reason. That's stuck with me I. I don't know why but I didn't wanna buy a pussy hunger. And in my early twenties I got involved in volunteer work seen other people who have a worse than me it was Tommy and brought. Out brought me out of my depression that is the way to do it and now years later it's only the way to do if you care about illusion and that's that's very sure I just get back home now. That's stressed her husband welcome. God he says and now years later I am celebrating my birthday is because I tend. With all that said my please may I please get a birthday shout out thanks for all you do. And thank you for keeping all of us involved in your lives you may not meet all of us what you do held more than you can pop song. I you can live a long. Wonderful life the million type finally have a friend who's in his late fifties he's had at same issues and he was little and he wakes up every day at eleven life and think he's alive. Good job a good job do you burn Africa. For getting through that of course at your birds. You're. Jesus Christ people pissed me off to know and I could just run around I'll yet get. You know I look I calmed down a lot the last few years they actually are so proud EM I still have my but it's an honor that's good and I keep those buttons dogs are one of my buttons. And stupidity about dogs just pisses me off to no end. And people who like to go around propagating that here's an idiot named Matt who just email us less like a call me at her. We're those are says that dogs can eat uncooked chicken bones they won't splintered that is absolutely. Please false. It is untrue did not do that. I'm so glad Mac that your dog hasn't died yet of a eating chicken bones chicken bones are not strong enough they can eat. Uncooked beef bones even bigger dogs can eat uncooked beef bones without fear splintering. Chicken bones poultry bones absolutely not stop saying stupid stuff like that. Next emails go back to regular old born the stimulus is some irony that I Ares I just wanted to say thank you as your shows exactly what I needed yes on the shelf come. I really. Eagle eye on Sunday mine that certain auction are. After a long fourteen year life. So it happened early in the afternoon with my daughter of the house she lawsuit his crying almost nonstop while petting the all in her idiot her especially hard as he has been in her entire life since she is not. All. I keep looking at his camel expecting him to come running and every little package of food I. News and it was incredibly heard when I didn't have to do Philip large hard. Hub where. And 10 tomorrow morning and emotional letter I'm just reading what he wrote he wrote it was incredibly heard when I did I heard it was hard maybe carry some hard. Why do you rate HA RD then Kelly yeah. Earnings it was incredibly Hurd didn't have to fill this food bowl this morning on the brighter side of things I turn on your show and it almost immediately made me smile. Is he was just the thing I needed to make me feel a little better after the loss thank goodness I have access to your show. Commercial break even until you die and I smiled during. That in the end it created is it that. They did. Yeah. Okay. Next email from Brian Skinner Ryan is writing about the official Bob Jones. On the red radio Tahoe blue bottle. Which is actually made introduced by CEO Matt who is a fellow mega hit and now oh Lou bond is exploding everywhere thanks to me oddly his hard work. The high seas spreading the word and the quality of the products. If I was telling everybody now be sitting there. Laws often go home win when we do will lose won't do condition cash burn Iceland a roomful vaunted iPhone was only me and Oklahoma will go the Christmas of the American. But the making and until home more water would make people want what is a little bull bottle beautiful. Somebody told people to bring you back. Listen there you look here and loan we don't know trouble do drinks phone. Has grown there's good drink so I don't see your Internet. Brian says I got my Tahoe blue lot different FedEx on Saturday and I were ripped open the box. What would assume oh blue Vonn who I ripped open the box like it was Christmas but. Holy cuss word what I took this tropical. And all the rage right. That's what I envision this. I just sit and does not just like you said rob it tastes like satin the best buy however had all my gosh I love that thank you for recommending this product wow wow and wow. Actually I love hearing that not one complaint yet not one he knows that any news or doing real well you read it I had. You don't we play 100% success record from people who have called email or FaceBook who have tried to oh blue and said it is amazing and thank you so much around. That feels so good well India about profits is yeah. You want somebody to put out on the ice in additional sizzle just how odd will it. Water down she is a way it's they take well to people Friday morning if all that water. But could never sticks around long enough snow ice to water tower yeah. Urban and whisky on ice also brings out another level OK labor in fact my column Pena go probably about it that I may result in small thing of peppers overnight thing is behind I freeze that. At and then serve it ice cold the myself. The pump and the ice cold with the peppers actually may so it and I just a wonderful by Todd. I don't know I look so much the only complaint I have is the UN decided to have Donald blue vodka beer sponsor. When I was taking a year off Harrington thank you know Brian Sears good news if you decide to start drinking again when she got another five and a half months that's right and in April. I promise you Tahoe blue blood you'll still be around to. They are having they are and they are having such success. Or already partnered with them well in this one we can't wait to try and maybe you guys if you want I want there's. Could be finally the one vodka because I Nixon was staffer I am always a mixed a mix are. That I can actually feel my husband if you have vodka is just like street allotted time. It has almost been so I feel much Fermi. But US to do woman. No straight Bob good for you I know right now like vodka you could me made me eat ice. Surprises me about you and Annika sure you're tough when it comes like whiskey and I'll I'll also fully ski house in do you in Powell said. Does he love see those stronger to me than not for a guy who can't for some reason I can't sit admit it could be. That I just had not had the right time can and there are. There are also just some liquors that just won't ever appeal to somebody's palate and Lex there unless there watered down or mix but. The look Matt knows. Prior to finding Tahoe blue like I was a kennel one guy. Army kettle one was the only bucket like you drink it straight straight and then you can and now Tahoe blue I can't other Bob because I can't demonstrate in the so I mean it's. You gotta try this everybody destroy not U Brendan but ever since I'm I'm I'm calling them the wrong person sends you know always drink to get drunk crashed. I'm for yeah. Me. You're keen eye wanting behind. Otherwise I'm not. Going to journey by the way because I threw a bit ten minutes ago. Just read a couple more emails that came and others is not part of great girl born with terminals support her or in the middle left segment obviously they're the banged on the he's not gonna come again and I'm gonna re Ding Dong everybody who grew Britain widely known to Ding Dong multiple people in the I'm doing that. Clinton and these came in as a result of the of other things were saying of the start of the segment this from Joseph age oh he says hey my wife is a vet tech and has told me many horror stories involving chicken bones. Tell Mac or Max or whatever that idiot is that he is a blank. And should give his dogs away tour responsible adults say that did you spend lucky so far and then there's this email from name withheld says how the hell can you. I'm dummies are words. I think it's okay to feed dogs chicken bones go grab a damn state like the rest of us don't befallen your dogs do do. Wow what a punishment but it's. That'll show mentally also wondered if you can hear is pat is dawn and insulting people back. I'm OK okay oh. A Mac and Mercury yet but cat island BT yeah. OK couple things you can go to the Tahoe blue on the web site and you can put in. Where you live and we'll get your store locator they'll show you all look good listeners locations they are at demo I was just that memo yesterday it was a day and then why are armed and there was right there on the shelves and they are total wind as well. We've been having listeners post pictures also from various places Safeway I know I think is carrying a no safe way in Mount Pleasant and my dad lives right grip on the gay area and it. Some innings posted was it was also safely and do. Do good in. Right next I isn't. It adds a nice kid he's now. In the but we have a lot of nuggets at the local grocery store tonight is that considered Roosevelt PR chocolate heroes and I see that there aren't doing analysts there rate in NC found a Trader Joe's yes. It is also a Trader Joe's as well and Costco we've heard I am not per. And Berman I think it is at Costco as well get out there and trying to get out from under the Iraq. I'd seen NO RED Iran reunite come this is from name without papers in these as an hour back to regular Obama's gonna mind. Says I need your guys' opinion on debate going back and forth with my wife fourth dispel wrong. We are mastered the house when you know that it has the email to use force like the number like the place like fourth place not. FO RT Ali. I says my wife is pregnant you are the yeah. And we are having a boy dole you're born I'm sorry for your loss so 10 us. Our first child of god don't have one. And zest just front. Some people like to plan to have so overall Jesus. Our first child was easy for us to agree on a name it was a girl who cares man and always. This turnaround I am much more stubborn about Maine. Of course my wife wants an MR sung lead by which I feels terrible name I mean really genes. My first choice is Janus and yes like the whiskey blue I. That's a strong name I know. Her we will see what the red show has to say so can we take a panel vote we Marion B easy where we all stands no lead before we dissect their relationship Amanda you have to choose who would you do not literally but that's backside and you have to Jews. The end game boy Levi or Jamieson. I don't like either does and you have to choose one I just just layup and yes he did so the light you light a little more. Levi Brandon James and dawn sounds manly to me Jamison I would vote for. And isn't as well given the choices arm and then also add in Wallace funny oh Levi's Jeans and yes that is what a lot of people think I don't know this has anything to do. With your wife's desire to name and we might remember that leave I was actually it's it's a beautiful names from the old testament he was the third son of Jacob and Leah. That may be you should know your wife and if there's anything middle Quinn might wanna talk about because that would maybe have a bigger means we're but it's just about the genes that Steve. I didn't know I'd hardly violence in the Bible. But he can take that out of it Levi kind of sounds like as spaghetti spine may. Merz Jamison is good strong and if you want to break it down again I'm Jamie. Now James. It Jamison sounds like I did lifted. Neck tattoos. Much better than a spineless and trying to do earlier in the really diet high school and he was a very nice try did he give up your Alley no lull a little as it was in 1990. He tosses one. I pay taxes men on many nights and tough and had no idea if you're an eighteen year old goalie you have to choose an open ended up. Some different name and number. More oh Mike I mean even today is biblical for her kid and I'm a Christian that girl that it's not very. Little giggle yeah. It's like the confederate flag and everything else just because that's word comes from doesn't mean it might not be perceived now as kind of a Weiner name I the fact. Let my San Cisco forty niners play in Levis stadium ready and so Stoops all. Change next year I'll ask her tonight. Yeah it listens to picked it. Our Gap jeans and he. They got worse than actually you know this is from Chris your response here amazing I'm here as we love you yeah that's a folder in logo are Smart. Thursday's show when you had rob fiancee Christina live on the air shifts go the air is the chase scene of the MRE is that the troops have to endure when you mention that robs dad would be on the earning couple weeks. We tomorrow actually you would be taste testing the Thanksgiving ice crack. But the number but and yet we and the other and yeah it's at one of the flavors are sweet potato casserole with maple pecan. Buttered mashed potatoes and gravy. What apple cranberry stuff thing. Salted caramel things giving her to calm and my favorite spice to go to these. Oh yeah. Our own there'll unopened bottle when my father has now. Agreed to participate but I'm sure he is like a human garbage disposals were tried those live on the air. Next witness day and but here's why Chris is disappointed he says. Rob is mentioned many times I was dad is from Pennsylvania and I remember once yeah how old got into a conversation about us grapple. Then I got I got excited thinking that you would finally be doing a live taste test on it. My family is from Philadelphia we love games grapple any chance we can could this possibly be on the table along with the Thanksgiving night. Let's scrap and that's why does that again I did my time as a child does grapple is that it is is how. That is the scrambled dot com defines it the C website okay. They must shop. Of pork scraps combined with cornmeal and spices and formed into income G you'll blow off salads fresh pair of year old aunt and remember my father was a child during World War II it's it's like here's the times for me. It there it in my dad and price is is heresy and we can ask him next week. I grew up eating fried spam channel. Bright and and I loved it is a TI haven't had a rally in thirty years half extra apple was just no Bueno. It just there's just something and about and opens the corn meal limit my dad loves my dad hasn't shipped in from Pennsylvania because. Because as you can't find the right scrap or something law. Yeah clearly the greatest generation and America yes but we'll also talk about how they didn't have problems with obesity because they lose so much now the food side. And once he struck the.