Listener Mail 11-22-17

Wednesday, November 22nd


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Anybody and don't. I need rock it's Shiites you got this awful awful awful. Idealized or listen on. This you know there are evil and ran radio mom is from Moscow may not know this is not part of regular old boring listener. Carney noted that it's able going to be confused we're gonna wrap up the show that's segments after everything is doing little thing here. A minute when they don't. Post match. Nice being a little bowl thing east he's saying he's gonna bring a loaded emails. And then do we we we we had a JB merely had to go to Indy Yahoo! would go no identity no good so they're gonna give data we digging don't mean. We're on Tuesday Mickelson from the new homeland losing a race or look who took who went about it and all the football tomorrow's Thanksgiving yet three big. And for the first time in his career Steve's not working he's actually in the span the Davis fan so exciting and Bob had a very important questions for me he said. Hey I'm just curious how old is Steve Mickelson Robbie said Steve was going to enjoy his first Thanksgiving in a million years. So out of curiosity how old is Steve or you just using an expression. Plus a handle busy trying to be funny noises as bad as it's your day job Bob falls doing feedings getting a nice and you don't have one ball. All which means Bob you are perfect if someone will loan you some money for whiskey Wednesday widgets today I. We have just yeah with Robert roadhouse or starting a new feature where they will feature whiskey including the radical back is the main event yellow. Whiskey Wednesday specials today include 50% off all whiskey and whiskey drinks from five to 9 PM yeah. While French Fries with rumors yeah. I and all whiskey Wednesday promotions are available in the bar area and then remember we have Friday as Black Friday a day off Friday as a matter they're doing a special brunch featuring our bloody marys garner. Macon has been plays with. It's Grasso barbecues. Look and all that will be added to their winner drink menu and all the Sacramento locations five bucks for the red bloody marries her. This is at Broderick's roadhouse in west sack. Midtown sack. Roseville and available at their newest location which is called the patriots in Carmichael California girl named all of those details. Chris Broderick. House dot com is actually quite a story behind the name of both Broderick's and the patriot. Which has nothing to do with why Don lice and let's get to listen. You can post man the website is grab the radio. Whereas yesterday we post. Episode of our broadcast we're getting tons of love mail. I don't know how much you'll get to today I also don't wanna read all of them. The producers got to a broadcast is that the producers doing it. Oh they do broadcasts may also hot buttons and these guys they just love and great job on their phones remember in the super stores food tires all that red radio dot com the clucking hens Green Zone CNN. Available. Monster storm. It's a superstar you can email us RA deer ran radio dot com this first one is from M hey and the which is how she wants to be known she says I became a listener when I started dating my now husband. During the first few years of college we would each other in the parking lot twenty minutes before school moved into one of our cars and listen you guys before class started. Fast forward ten years and we are approaching our third wedding anniversary. And during that time we have discovered some of our differences for example I'm not a morning person and if I have to get up early. I actually prefer shower in the dark and ends silence to hold on to those last few moments I. My husband I think. First of lights music or even better your show morning. And all the sound of dawns gut wrenching cattle every single morning during muffled tones and makes you pray the good lord takes the in my sleep. I am. The only thing I would you guys are making a starter days with a smile on her face all of a number of milestones of common on over the last ten years for my husband and me. High school and college graduation getting married starting our careers and buying our first home. Yeah and threw it all Brad has been a constant and has given us some of our greatest conversations. Debates and most of all. Laughs and so for that I am truly thankful and thoughts and it was the data say happy Thanksgiving rent. Water paint you know. I like to I don't want nerve back from dark and it sounds like she does praying really but I do prefer. Because there's a window by the shower like I do prefer showering me because he gets so early it feels weird on the weekend if I'm showering. And there's light outside. Don't like it I don't like kick now you're I want it to I wanna get earlier that even on the pitchers we're still dark and I'm Sharry you're after you'll. She hides and it feels like they get away for so why am I showered the flight outsiders dirty be out there next emails from Shelby vibration is let me. She says as I write this is my husband Meyer honeymoon in in Maui. They're awesome and we are sitting in a little Mexican restaurant. And half mix and the Huey Lewis song power of love just came on. And we're sitting here seeing the Huey Long group lyrics. And it's the power of law. Laughing out loud in there. New motion wanted to. Small memory. Head and mouth eyes as to how. Quincy Mac is back what endeared. Our senators lead the team seventy we have via Huey Long group. Julia Louis Le Groupe pull that information out there a scenario so the thirteenth inning and Kevin he. We will be back to your law questions are next emails from please don't use my name me a person he says I work at The Home Depot behind the smoke junction cafe you yeah but I didn't get to meet you guys because on Saturday morning because we have the very lovely and polite sacraments ends investing in our store well for starters. They had just bought our in two weeks ago like any sane person I would have been able to meet you didn't have. We're bringing on business all of those the videos in the pictures are posted between red radio dot com and the membership site. Members that red radio dot com we did Brian blues the last Saturday is smoke junction cafe in the long one the company both of them by the way do you still have Brian. For any last minute Brian he's times today where you you just found out or realize that tomorrow's Thanksgiving football. I got to get on and this will be the first time ever we have some Bryan for the Christmas holidays aside as well that's all listed in the super store. The first story on this is from our Sara pace Sarah she says hey guys I greatly enjoyed the video this morning. This is his arm when the movie is about Bryant losing. She says it looks like today it was so much fun for everyone except for your security guard pat. Pat look to board found he should look bored and sees he's here. Do security. Bombs she says I have to admit I am a bit jealous that I was unable to attend. All in fact I probably can't ever attend because of my extreme social anxiety all of so if I ever planned to go I would become too ill to attend yes I know that stupid and Ali. Us not that this is this is your this is real free ill in any case I really appreciate the video so those of us who can't ever do these things can experience some of the fun. I ever am able to attend I will be so excited to especially need Brandon I love all. I'm Brandon personality makes me want to just hang out with them. And they Serra that need to. Can relate to that this looks good crowds sometimes push a stupid. Oh my gosh that's. Especially with the crowd thing because that is it that you didn't I don't does that make you feel better Sarah. That's always been a real problem in today's day and age more and more people are getting crowd anxiety for a variety of reasons. Everything going on in the world. Next email is from although they alto says my name is Al though yeah. Well how old I just wanna say how thankful I am for your show yes it on your show. Schuler is although. I yell. Oh yeah I and my high heels there. And yeah you're waiting 28 words after he said the word album and now to throw sand that the issue without. You think on your show is an airline now. Al little issues as I make you guys through the third time at the smoke judging cafe in this past Saturday. As you can tell I am a huge fan as I am bad at all. Well though if you remember me rob I was towards the beginning and told you that no matter how many times they get to meet you I'm just as nervous as the first time. All plus I had my name to a list of maggots that have this new found confidence and cooking turkeys for Thanksgiving. Especially after your videos and the visual for the teens for real triangle. So just pausing that's part of the recipes that when you read it in and sounds a lot of people so we have on our YouTube channel all these videos. We do everything again you still have time we brine the Turkey. We cracked the Turkey. Heroes that journey. And we car venture. Mashed potatoes stuffing to pumpkin cheesecake homemade whipped cream all available on YouTube channel red raider dot com get their next. And he was slain enemies like I never back could never figure out the info they need until you showed me how to do it so he's very excited this year. Don then piped into our conversation. And all I heard in the background was but my. When an annual security team trying to quit premiere race known like you recruit her eagerness there. The final line that I said was no dawn doesn't coaching is somebody there who. And god damn it I. We took our pictured on in the show and came as a shock to me. Rob said that she was just guessing that which made me chuckle. And I awkwardly wish you all happy now. Have my nerves were an all time. Heard they're all right guys talkie shoe we were so excited and keep.